Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Get Your Lies Straight Before Telling Stories. #BB18

The first set of pictures here are from yesterday afternoon.  Paulie brought out the HoH camera, but the general reaction to that was very lukewarm by the house guests.  It seems like the thrill of the photo session is already gone for much of the cast.

Paulie "got the selfies out of the way" first, and didn't really push people to pose or appear in the pictures.  In fact, I kind of forgot about the HoH camera myself, even though it is usually kind of a big deal out there.

Da'Vonne spent countless hours undoing and redoing her braids in the last few days. She told the group that she had about 170 braids to start with, but I think she combined them to make larger braids, or something like that.  It just seems like a lot of effort, but I guess Da'Vonne has to fill all of that time in the house doing something.  I remember Da'Vonne telling Big Jeff last year during her exit interview that she took pride in the fact that her "weave was flawless" the entire time she played BB17.  The risk of a flawed weave this season will probably grow exponentially as Da'Vonne's time in the house grows, right?

(Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head to get her extensions off quickly?  And when she attacked a car with an umbrella?  Just a few suggestions for Da'Vonne, to spice things up around there.)

Being a Have Not is really getting to Da'Vonne and Zakiyah.  Apparently the excitement over having unlimited berries to eat along with the slop has been a big let down.

Zakiyah:  I told them that we needed more berries!  And they said didn't we get you some, and I told them we've all been eating the berries off the display and they're gone!  So they said they would work on getting more for us, but there is only two days left!

Nicole took a picture of Paulie and Zakiyah.  I'm not sure what is going on with that whole situation.  I've heard Zakiyah kind of back off about it, telling the girls that Paulie spends way more time talking with Tiffany than he does with her.  But then she heard that someone else heard that they heard Paulie say that Zakiyah was his type.

Or something like that.  Da'Vonne advised her to pursue it out if the house, not in it.

(Like in the Jury House Da'Vonne?  Is that what you meant?)