Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Race to the Bottom. #BB18

It happens every season, doesn't it?  House guests think that the live feeders will be entertained by their "putting on a show" inside the house.

Never mind that we want to see a show about them playing Big Brother, rather than some stupid "talk show".  Natalie, who doesn't fool me for one second, was the "host" of this "show", and talked into a wooden spoon while she interviewed her roommates and "entertained" us.

This round of questioning featured unique characteristics, like Bridgette's birthmark that "looks just like America, but without Florida".

If you say so, Bridgette.  Many people might like to actually envision a version of America without Florida.  But I can say that, as a Florida native.  I don't know if you ever watched America's Most Wanted, but just about every murderer or rapist they were searching for was suspected to be in Florida. People on the run just seem to drive until they run out of road to drive on, which leads them to the Sunshine State.

Bronte can do splits.

Oh, I know!  Let's grab Paul and make him come in here and appear on our show!  Oh my god this is so funny!  And fun!  And entertaining!

Frankly, I couldn't switch live feed camera views fast enough.

I think they all have enough drama going on in there with their shaky alliances, their never ending paranoia, and the constant plans for backstabbing each other.  We don't need to see any halfassed attempts to make a television career happen.  Besides, Jozea already booked the gig to host the Grammys.

Nicole seems to be in a good spot.  Sure she was the first HoH and broke apart one of the most delusional minority alliances in recent history, but that fact seems forgotten now.  Nicole has even been making friends with people on the other side of the house. She doesn't seem to be high up on anybody's radar anymore.

That's Michelle sitting next to Da'Vonne on the couch.  She seems to be in a good spot, too, even though she has a public feud going with Bridgette right now, albeit a one-sided feud.  Bridgette doesn't know that Zakiyah went right to Michelle last week and told her that Bridgette joked about shaving off Michelle's eyebrows.  But that's old news.

They can't use that B-Roll on the CBS show, though, because they didn't cover the story of Michelle passing out after the first Road Kill competition.

Da'Vonne is paranoid about someone 24/7.  She has been saying that she wants Frank to leave, and thinks that the ongoing Tiffany-Frank battle will take care of that problem for her.  Because Da'Vonne wants Tiffany out of the house, too.  Da'Vonne stirred up some trouble with Production by reporting to some of the 8-Pack members that the DR gave her some sort of hint that Tiffany is coming after her.

But of course, we know that Tiffany is not currently targeting Da'Vonne.  The DR people called her back in and then made her clearly tell everyone that the DR DID NOT give her any inside information about Tiffany.

But let's face it, the damage is done. Tiffany is in a really bad spot in the house right now, with Frank boldly telling the guys that if he wins HoH, he's putting her on the block, not even waiting for the Road Kill competition.

If Victor is smart, and that is a big "IF", he needs to get to work on that right now, because Thursday's live vote is at least three years away at this point.  I find it hard to believe that all of the newbies don't know that Tiffany is Vanessa's sister, or maybe they don't even know who Vanessa is, but if that information was broadcast to the newbies in a certain way, I think some votes to evict would swing her way.

Even Paulie has stopped saying he supports Tiffany now.  Instead he says that he can't deal with her paranoia and freaking out all of the time.  I think we all had high hopes that Tiffany would play the game using the best traits of her sister, and leave her worst traits at the door.  I don't know about you, but I don't have any of those particular hopes anymore.

I do particularly hope that we don't have to see anymore of those stupid pranks on the CBS episodes.  Those pranks really spotlight just how low CBS perceives the collective intelligence of the Big Brother prime time audience.  I just can't dumb down far enough to find any of the pranks watchable, much less humorous.

I'm insulted by it, actually.

Someone has finally figured out that the phone in the HoH room connects to the phone in between the England and Anime bedrooms.  Wouldn't that be one of the first things you would try, if you were stuck in that house?  Particularly for the vets, and the handful of other players who have watched the show before and would be expected to notice a new feature like a landline phone.

So, this is James calling down to talk to Natalie about "their relationship", or some crap like that.  I just can't with that whole concept.

He passed the phone over to Paulie, who was expected to help with the conversation and "the relationship" somehow.

Paulie thinks that Victor is a nice guy, but he made his bed in the house, and now must lie in it.  Paulie says that he and Corey made friends with Victor right away, and could have pulled him over to their side of the game, but Victor chose a different route.

Paulie:  I still can't believe he chose that side....maybe it's a Spanish thing since he and Jozea spoke so much Spanish on the first day.  Or maybe it was Natalie, even though that relationship didn't work out.

(That doesn't stop Natalie from talking about the way Victor dumped her just about every day.)

Paulie:  They just segregated themselves so much.

The guys say that Tiffany is a ticking time bomb right now.  They just can't take her mood swings.  Tiffany told Paulie about the 8-Pack alliance, too.  I think Paulie may have suspected that there were alliances he was not included in, but it can't be a great feeling to have it confirmed like that.

So that little loose-lipped disclosure was booked into evidence by Frank, James and Corey.  Tiffany's file is getting bigger and bigger.  She is going to need to win some competitions real soon.

Paulie told James to stop looking at the picture of his sister.

That is Paulie on the far right.  He says his hair is darker during the winter because the sunbleached part gets trimmed off.  James says it is a very good looking family, and it is, of course.

James says he likes the Texas girls who drive big trucks with their hair in a ponytail.

Paulie:  Oh, when they have the hat pulled forward, with the pony tail coming out of the back of the hat?  With Ray Ban's on?  Dude, I like that too.

Bridgette came in to hang out with the guys.  She just painted her nails to look like tomatoes, she says.

Frank got a good buzz on yesterday, after doing some day drinking.  They had sangria mixed up in the fridge for their July 4th celebration, but Frank and Nicole started drinking it on the sly and poured in Sprite to hide the theft.

Anyway, Frank ended up spilling his guts to Bridgette about his whole game plan, and the boot order.  Frank really has no idea about the girl's alliance---he doesn't even think it is a possibility, and his ego refuses to even acknowledge the risk.

Bad move on Frank's part.  The minute he finds himself on the block for any reason, I think he is going to find himself sitting on the couch with Julie Chen.  Does Bridgette know yet that Frank is the person who won the first Road Kill competition and put her on the block?

The minute Bridgette leaves a meeting like this, she goes straight to Bronte and/or Natalie and reports what she's learned.  If Frank would take his head out of his butt he might see that he needs to do some damage control with Bridgette.  And maybe remember what personality traits brought him down during BB14, because it's happening again.

You can't run from who you are.  You can try to hide who you are, though, but 99 days is a long time to have to do that.

The house guests have officially entered the slow part of the BB cycle this week.  The three nominees for eviction are going to stay that way until one of them is evicted on Thursday night.  (Victor, Bronte and Tiffany)  And the backyard will be open all day today, Tuesday, and maybe part of tomorrow.  Then Production will lock down the backyard to build the HoH competition set for Thursday.

Nicole wants to catch some rays.

And that is Tiffany, Nicole, and Bronte in the picture below.  I didn't hear much chatter between the three of them.

Frank and James are having some leftover barbecue for lunch today, just like millions of other Americans.  Frank says a little prayer before he eats, silently.

Then he launches right into some low-talking with James.  Frank can't believe that Tiffany told Da'Vonne about her plan to target the guys in their group, and that she is now working with Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette.

(I saw that conversation, and that's not exactly how Tiffany phrased it, but Da'Vonne is looking for any reason to cause trouble between Tiffany and Frank.  She just wants to stand by and watch them attack each other.)

Frank:  Can you believe that Tiffany is that stupid to think she can trust Day over me?

James says he is going to be in a "throwing competitions" mood for quite a while in the game this year.

Frank:  At least the first part of the season!

(i.e. so Bronte and Natalie can go on the block, since they are on James' team)

Paul is a Have Not, and came over to see what the guys are eating for lunch.

Frank:  Oh, it's terrible.  It tastes like rubber.

Paul: Yeah, I'll bet.

*** ALSO ***

Paul has heard that Frank's dad was a professional wrestler, but says he can't believe it.  Da'Vonne jumps into the conversation and says that there was a  family segment that aired during BB14 that featured Frank's family.

Frank has said that he is the small one in the family, that his little brother Gunner is several inches taller than Frank.  I found these old pictures of Gunner and Frank's dad Sid on a wrestling website.

That Gunner is a big, big boy.  To give you an idea of the scale we're working with here, Frank's dad is listed on Wikipedia as being 6'9", so Gunner looks to be in that ballpark, too, height-wise.  I think Frank is only about 6'2" or so ---that would make him a shortie compared to big hulks like Sid and Gunner.

Gunner was trying to enter the Professional Wrestling world at one point, but I'm not sure if that is still the plan for him.

Gunner looks like he would fit right into the Florida scene, if he wanted to wear something like this.

Wil Heuser Presents The Saga - Episode 2 #BB18

Wil has released Episode #2, and still has some things to say about the departed Messiah Jozea.

I like the song, and the pixelated back up dancing by Frank and Paulie.

I had to turn down the volume on Bronte's voice, but what else is new......