Monday, July 4, 2016

Liars, Aren't We All? #BB18

Michelle eats of lot of PB&J in there. It seems to be her go-to meal -- always available and it fits into her vegetarian diet.  As far as the game goes, Michelle's name comes up here and there, but for the most part she is playing way under the radar.

Michelle used to spend a lot of time with Tiffany, but I think she realized that this was causing chatter about the two of them working together, so she's tried to back off a little, to take the heat off.

Tiffany is still on the block, of course, but I don't think she's in any real danger of leaving.

This Have Not room is too cluttered for my tastes.  When you glance at it, the sleeping situation doesn't really pop out as uncomfortable.  It just looks like a mess in there.

Victor wanted a banana, so he ate a banana.  That's how Victor rolls.

Maybe he can get a gig on Telemundo after this season is over.  The season is about to be over for Victor, so....

Tiffany went up to the HoH and wanted Paulie to study the days' events with her.  She knows that Paulie has been working on learning all of the information on his own, so picking his brain is probably not a bad idea.

They drilled the days for a few minutes, and then started talking about the BB seasons their siblings played in.  That really does give them a stronger bond that even former cast mates like Da'Vonne and James don't have together. Paulie told her that both Cody and Victoria planned to take Derrick to the end and Tiffany is surprised about that.

When Paulie first jumped in bed with Tiffany, he kind of jumped on top of her but Tiffany pushed him off saying she needed a shower.  Paulie disagreed with her, but later admitted that he could use a shower, too.

(And I heard Zakiyah say later to Da'Vonne that Paulie spends A LOT of time with Tiffany, talking to her A LOT.  And obviously Zakiyah was not trying to compliment Tiffany in her discussion...she was plotting...)

I keep seeing new tattoos on these people.  I don't know what this particular tat is all about, but why the need for such a large, bold script?

Later, Corey assumed a similar position when he dropped in on the girls sitting in the Nairobi room.  Da'Vonne and Zakiyah said he looked like a fitness model with his arms up like that.  As soon as he dropped his arms they said, "not now, though".


Tiffany and Nicole have been using some sort of acne medication at night.

Da'Vonne:   I've been watching Nicole though.  I think that acne medication is making things worse.

Michelle spent some quality time sitting in the Have Not room with Da'Vonne and Zakiyah.  They were basically badmouthing Tiffany.  Michelle admits that she's tried to step back from spending so much time with her, since people were noticing it.

Da'Vonne knows they need to get rid of Frank, too.  They all notice how tight his relationships are with everybody.

Da'Vonne: And if there is a buyback, I'd rather Frank win it and come back in here instead of Victor or Jozea!

Michelle:  Really?  You'd want him back?

Da'Vonne:  Over those two?  YES!  He could go right back out after that.

Da'Vonne thinks they are doing a great job of letting the other 8-Pack members win the HoH's so they have to be the ones to target people.

Da'Vonne:  So now Paulie is the one who will get blamed for targeting Victor.  What we need to do is to let Tiffany and Frank go after each other.

I'm sure Zakiyah likes that idea.  They also discussed how Paulie is sitting so pretty this week.

Zakiyah:  He's got to feel like he's running the top of this game.

Pretty sure Zakiyah would like to be standing at the top with him, right?

The house guests were more harmonious with the Sunday night delivery of booze.  There wasn't as much tension as last night, when Victor started aggressively drinking, and effectively drove off the other drinkers.

(Nicole:  I want to drink with my friends...)

So they started brewing up a batch of sangria, chopping up fruit and letting it all marinate.  They planned to add some Sprite later, when they are ready to drink it.

And Frank talked about how they used to stockpile alcohol back in his BB14 days, for like, the 854th time.

Paul is a Have Not, but has been counting on Production relaxing the rules for he July 4th holiday so he can eat.

Paul:  I might not be able to drink, but I'm gonna eat.

Natalie: Maybe I can make my famous buffalo chicken dip!

Paul: Yeah, mix it up.

Victor helped Frank make some room in the fridge for the Sangria.  So they can all keep an eye on it, I'll bet.

Frank and Corey went outside to hang out by the pool table. They were the only people out there for quite some time, so they discussed a number of interesting topics loudly, and at length.

*  Corey thinks this season might be boring for the viewers.  Frank said that the big blindside of Jozea was probably interesting to watch.  (even if Frank kind of ruined it).

*  Frank said that sometimes he thinks Victor can be a nice guy, but he doesn't feel too badly about sending him out this week because he is so difficult to live with.  Corey agreed, and said that Nicole was going from room to room last night to get away from Victor.

Corey:  I just want to say Victor, you know Nicole tells me every thing you say to her, don't you?

*  Frank mentioned how dirty Victor always is.

Frank:  Just now, when he stood up in the kitchen, he left a big wet butt crack puddle on the bar stool!

Corey:  Ewww.

*  Corey says he knows guys who always make comments about other people's unhealthy habits, but he tries not to be that guy.  Apparently when Natalie was talking about her buffalo chicken dip she was saying that it has healthy ingredients "like chicken, cheese and sour cream".

Corey:  Victor was saying that he was biting his lip to stop commenting on those ingredients, because he was on the block and was trying to not be a dick.

Frank:  He can't help himself.

*  They discussed how they think Paulie really likes Tiffany and told them that he thinks they should trust her.  Corey reacted strongly to that---both he and Frank feel very differently about Tiffany right now.

*  Frank thinks it is funny that two nice girls like Michelle and Bridgette hate each other so much.

Frank: Michelle just hates Bridgette for some reason, but it's funny because we're on the same team, and they can't do anything to each other.

*  Frank wants Tiffany out---but thinks he can wait until after the next two week's evictions (Paul and Bronte, apparently) to make the move.

*  Corey thinks it is ridiculous how everybody thinks he has a thing going with Nicole.

Corey:  She cuddles up with all the guys, but if we talk then people think we're talking, but we're not.

*  Frank said nobody in this house intimidates him.  

(I wonder if Frank is aware about the buzz with everyone trying to figure out who the "shot caller" is in the house....and they know it's Frank.)

These three girls had another whispered session that sounds like every other whispered session.  Basically about what they've heard other people whispering about in their own whispering sessions.

Bridgette heard again that Victor is still the target.  Bridgette knows that Michelle hates her guts, but doesn't know why.

I never remember anything Natalie says five minutes after she says it, but she definitely said something crafty here.  I think they were discussing how Frank was the leader, and the shot-caller. the Spy Girls are caught up with the news through last Thursday, basically.

Tiffany joined Zakiyah and Da'Vonne in the Have Not room and was bubbling full of energy and plans for how they could work the game to their advantage.  Tiffany told them how she was stringing along the Spy Girls for information, and telling them she didn't talk much to Nicole, etc.

Tiffany:  If they win HoH, they would never put one of us up.  They want a girl to win! And they say that all of the time.

Tiffany thinks they can use the Road Kill competition to target the guys in their alliance like Frank and James, blaming it on the Spy Girls.  Da'Vonne and Zakiyah just "uh huh'ed" and "mm hmm'ed" through all of the news.

Which seemed believable, by the way.

Tiffany didn't think the bumper car bed seemed that uncomfortable.  Zakiyah said that Paul was farting a lot over night in the Have Not room.

Da'Vonne:  Um hmm.  Paul went in last night!  He went in.

Tiffany:  Oh, is this his bed?  Uh.....

Outside Paul and Victor played pool.  Paul said everybody could be bullshitting him, he has no idea.

Victor:  Who knows, Paulie might be bullshitting me, and I'll go up on the block tomorrow.

Paul already knows that this is indeed the plan, and has for some time.  So he's quite the bullshitting liar as well.

Also, I heard Victor tell Nicole that he didn't want to have romance with Natalie because he realized they have nothing in common.  And now everything he says or does around Natalie makes her mad.  It's like high school, he says.

Victor: It's petty.  That's what I don't like about it.