Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cruising for a Boozing. #BB18

On Saturday afternoon, the following house guests played in the PoV competition:

Paulie - HoH
Bronte - Nominated for eviction
Paul - Nominated for eviction
Tiffany - Nominated for eviction (Road Kill)
Zakiyah - Paul's house guest choice
Da'Vonne - Randomly drawn to play

Paulie won the PoV, so he has all of the power, and is expected to carry out his mission to evict Victor by using his PoV to save Paul, and then put up Victor in Paul's place.

You want to see fireworks?  You might see them after that happens.  I'm not sure whether the PoV Ceremony will take place on Sunday or Monday, but sparks should fly either way.

Last night Corey entertained the HoH group with stories about his college pitching career.  He was a pitcher at Texas A&M along with three other guys who were really good.  One of them was his roommate Michael Wacha (now pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals), Ross Stripling (now pitching for the L.A. Dodgers) and some other guy who was also talented.

Corey kept making constant derogatory comments about Wacha, saying he is a slob who never cleaned a dish, or his sheets.

Corey:  He would get out of bed, and take a bowl of cereal and play video games for hours, then just leave his cereal bowl on the table and go back to bed.  It makes me sick because I'm such a by-the-book person who trained hard and took care of myself, and all he would eat is cookie dough.  And now he's about to sign a contract for at least $250 million dollars.

Corey said that Wacha's agent just negotiated a $350 million dollar contract for someone else, so Wacha's price might even be higher as a result of that.

Bronte:  But he's got a pimped out place now, right?

Corey:  NO!  I went to visit him and he's not spending any of it.  I looked in his fridge and there was half a cake in there that he said was leftover from his birthday.  And I said dude, your birthday was six months ago!  And I found some pots and pans that were new, so I thought maybe the kid is trying to cook for himself, but it turns out that those pots came with the apartment, and hadn't even been used once in 8 months.

Bronte: What does his girlfriend do?

Corey:  She doesn't do anything.  I think she teaches or something, but all I saw her do is go on the Nike website and buy stuff on his account.  I looked in the account history and she bought the same shoes and shorts in every color you  can think of.

It turns out that Wacha has a contract with Nike where he can spend $25,000 per year on Nike clothes and gear, but he never has the appropriate clothes to wear.  Corey was angry when he visited him and Wacha only had one wrinkled shirt to wear out that night.

Corey:  And when we go out....all the girls are all over him.  It makes me sick.  And now with that contract, I can't even think about it.  He doesn't give a crap, either.  All he wants to do is put on headphones and play Call of Duty and play against teenagers and give them shit.

Corey explained that he was a closing pitcher (or something like that) but he had a few really impressive outings where he struck out every hitter. The Coach wanted Corey to start pitching more innings, so he had to be in the bullpen to warm up much more frequently.  But then the other pitchers were having such great games, too, that Corey didn't get to play much, even though he was throwing hundreds of pitches to warm up.

Corey: Wacha would be pitching a no hitter, so they would leave him in. It was his year, so what was I supposed to do?  And then if you don't start on the weekends, you have to play during the week, too.

His arm was in a lot of pain and he needed to undergo his fourth surgery, so he told the coach that if he wasn't going to play, he wanted to go ahead and have the surgery so he ended up quitting baseball.  Frank asked if Corey had any scars, so Corey showed everybody the massive scars on his arm.

Corey started explaining the surgery in detail, but it was hard to listen to----it involved ripping out tendons and "cleaning areas out".  It even seemed to gross out Frank a little bit.

Bronte started asking a lot of very detailed questions about what it was that made Wacha so talented, since it didn't sound like  he works that hard or takes proper care of himself.

Obviously this line of questioning is not one that Corey would enjoy, since he is obviously so bitter about the situation.

Corey:  I hate that guy. It makes me sick to think about it.

(I don't think Corey is kidding.  But he obviously feels comfortable talking about it with all of us listening...)

Frank has two middle names---his full name is Frank Patrick Willliam Eudy.

Now that Jozea is gone, Natalie and Bronte are always lurking around, trying to become a part of things.  I heard Bronte complain a few days ago that she had only been in the HoH room once, for the unveiling.  I guess she was waiting for an invitation and a red carpet to join in the conversation.

Corey described some of the bars he goes to in Dallas, and how much fun he has at some place with "life sized beer pong".  

Corey:  It's a great place to be in your 20's.

Frank:  I'm not in my 20's anymore, so I won't be there.

Bronte made some sort of comment about being in her 20's, but they were almost over since she was already 26.

Frank:  I thought you were about 29 Bronte, mainly in the face though.

(Ha ha ha.)

Frank misses living in South Florida sometimes.  Bronte has never been to Florida but would love to visit.

Nicole and James found a little pyramid of beer cans plus two bottles of wine in storage---one red and one white.  They considered hiding one of the bottles of wine to drink later.

Nicole:  Or maybe we can keep it all for the eight of us.

Tiffany came in and was excited about the idea of stashing away as much as they could, but in the end Nicole thought the right thing to do to take all of the booze upstairs.

The Have Nots can't drink---that is Paul, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah.

Natalie doesn't drink, and Frank wants to save up his drinking so he can catch a good buzz on July 4th.   He says that there is a big holiday party just outside of the BB compound, so they will be able to hear music but usually have to go inside before the fireworks start.  The Have Nots are hoping that they will be allowed to eat the pizza or barbecue that Production will bring them for the holiday.

This is the party that is held every year on the CBS Radford Lot, which is where the BB house is located.  You can expect for the live feeds to be down for a few hours tomorrow---usually Production seems to take a break and just play loud music in the house.  Sounds like a good occasion for a buzz, I guess.

Paul:  Your boy really got screwed this week.  First I got covered in cow shit for that competition, then I had to wash it off in a cold shower, then I slept in bumper car and now I can't drink beer!

OK, so there was A LOT of conversation about who would be drinking, and how much they would be allowed to have.  They seemed to want to decide as a group how to plan their partying for the holiday weekend.

Frank:  In my season we used to hide a few beers in the back of the fridge, or in our suitcases, and then drink 'em when we had three or four to drink.

While they were discussing the arrangements, Victor burst into the room, made a comment about no one inviting him to the party, and grabbed a can of beer and started chugging it.

People just looked at each other like 'what the hell?".  And then a few minutes later, while the group was saying they should save a beer for Paulie when he comes back from his DR session, Victor jumped up and ran over and grabbed a second can of beer.

He popped the top and started chugging.  There was tension in the air.  People didn't say what they wanted to say to Victor, but I'm sure they were all thinking it.

Frank mentioned that he is going to miss the Summer Olympics this year, and he missed it last time since the last Summer Olympics were held during BB14.

Michelle:  That's just like Dan, because he was on BB14, and also on BB10, so he missed the Olympics twice, too.

Frank:  Really?  Dan was on BB14?

Michelle:  Yeah..and there were four vets who played on that season too.

Frank:  Four?  Really?

Michelle, who is admittedly buzzed after drinking one beer, started to list the names:  Dan, Janelle,


They decided to save the bottle of white wine, since that would be better for daytime drinking on July 4th, and people who wanted it could drink the red wine now.  Frank and James inspected the labels on the wine to see how much alcohol content there was, etc.

Paul likes to drink high-alcohol content Belgian beer, and is not impressed with the American beers that the other guys like.

James opened up the bottle of red and poured glasses for Corey and Victor that were right up to the rim.

This is Corey's glass.  He actually had to lean forward to sip off the top of the glass before he could drink out of it in the usual fashion.

Victor ended up having four beers and two glasses of wine, showing a TOTAL DISREGARD of how everyone else was obviously trying to be diplomatic about fair consumption.

Frank and James moved down to the Nairobi room to discuss the situation.

Frank:  I think Victor knows something is up.  There was something off about his energy when he came up in that room....and the way he started chugging those beers?  Like he knows and he's getting depressed maybe?


Frank:  Damn. I wish that eviction would happen tomorrow.

They both chuckle.  They know that things may get ugly in there in the next few days.

(If Victor doesn't care about being polite about the booze now, how will he feel once he  knows he's going home?)

Paulie came in and they told him how Victor grabbed and chugged the can of beer they were holding for him.  Paulie took the news in stride, saying he didn't want to drink, anyways.

Victor came in the room a few minutes later and gave Paulie a very full glass of red wine, saying he can't drink the whole bottle by himself.

Before I forget, let me mention the painful scene between Paulie and Zakiyah that played out on BBAD last night.  Paulie was laying on his stomach on the HoH bed, and Zakiyah was sitting next to him stroking his back and arm.  Paulie's head was turned the other way, and it was obvious to me that Zakiyah was trying very hard to get something going.

At several points she touched his butt, using the back of her hand and kind of bouncing it around.  Each time she did it, the cameras closed in on her hand.  I kept thinking that Paulie was going to say something to her about keeping things light and friendly, but if he did, I didn't see it.  He did not appear interested in advancing the relationship to me....I wonder if Zakiyah picked up on that.  I wonder if she will admit to herself that he's not really that into her.

At least not on TV Paulie isn't....  Cody wasn't interested in a TV showmance, either.  He just flirted a lot.  It's what they do, those Califiore boys.

The cameras kept shifting to a conversation between Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette.  Natalie swears that she thinks Frank, Paulie and James are working together.

(Really, you think?)

They also think Tiffany threw the PoV competition because "they told her to".

I kept changing my camera view, because I didn't want to see or hear from Bronte, and the cameras kept moving back to their conversation.  One thing about this I remember clearly is Bridgette kind of stumbling through presenting an idea about what they should work on...something about splitting into two groups and getting out the vets in each group.

Bridgette, to Natalie:  Why are you smirking?  What ideas do you have?  Should I not have said that?

Tiffany played dress up with James, putting glasses and a beanie on him, as well as one of the girls' hoodies. Michelle got all involved with it and kept saying how cute James looked, like a hipster.

They paraded him in the Nairobi Room where everyone laughed at the new look.

And then over to Natalie, who supposedly has said that James is "her type" and implied that she might like him.

I think she would like to stay in the game, let's put it that way.  To his credit James got out of this little costume as quickly as he could.

*** ALSO ***

The latest Jokers Updates popularity poll has some interesting results.  According to Jason Roy, the daily voters usually vote on who their favorite house guests are, and also the ones that they do not care for.  Everyone else just floats in the center, according to Jason.

Why is Natalie sitting at #4, while her friends Bronte, Paul and Victor are clustered down at the bottom?  What is she doing in there that the fans love so much?  Is it the rumored showmance with James?

(Which is a joke if you ask me.)

It's funny that Glenn has a higher rating than Bronte, Paul, Victor and Jozea.