Saturday, July 2, 2016

Road Kill: Why Did the House Guest Cross the Road? #BB18

As the new Head of Household, Paulie was pressured by BB to make his nominations bright and early on Friday morning.  It seems like Production will be filming the Road Kill competition on Friday afternoons this season, with the PoV events remaining for Saturday afternoon and/or evenings.  Since each of the house guests will be competing in the Road Kill competition separately, that eats up a lot of time now, with a full house of players.

Paulie nominated Paul and Bronte, but the 8-Pack target is Victor.  At least, that is the plan now.  The group started gathering in the HoH room right after nominations to review the situation.

They said that Victor was visibly relieved after nominations----he was expecting to see his picture up on screen.

James:  Victor was over there smiling.  He couldn't help it.

They are fairly certain that the newbies aren't aware that Victor is a backdoor target, and might not even realize that is a possibility, due to their proven lack of knowledge of the game.

Please lose the braids, Tiffany.  You're going to get a lot of camera time this week so you might want to look your best.

I'm sorry but Boy George is all I can think about here.

Halloween is in October, Tiffany.

Either Zakiyah or Da'Vonne braided Tiffany's hair for her on Thursday---I think keeping it for three days is long enough to be polite, isn't it?  It seems like that would hurt your scalp after one day and who needs an extra headache in that house?

Paulie looks over at the fish tank, and announces that the "fish are eating each other again", which seems incredibly apropos at the moment.  Apparently one of the small fish is dead and the larger fish are bouncing it around as they consume it.

Victor joins the group, and he watches the carnage in the fish tank, too.

Victor:  Those smaller fish are terrified.

Paulie:  The fish are savages!

Not a trace of irony in any of this conversation, by the way.  I don't think Victor realizes he is the smaller fish this week, without a big school to protect him.  When we see the HoH competition air on this Sunday's CBS show, we should see James sabotage his own Team Unicorn's chances to win HoH, to prevent Victor and Bronte from having any safety this week.

Victor and Paul both discussed it afterwards, and had their suspicions, but Victor seems to have wisely chosen to let that topic of discussion drop.  He's trying to "go along and get along", by the looks of it.

Victor:  I really want Monday afternoon to get here so we can just relax, and sit outside and drink some fucking beers.

(After the PoV ceremony on Monday, Victor may want to drown his sorrows, all right.)

Frank was cooking up some sort of pasta dish made with bacon.

Paulie stopped by to get a look at what Frank was cooking, but really to mutter an update that Victor seems to have no idea that he is the target this week.  All of the group efforts are focused now on making sure Victor is not picked to play in the PoV competition, clearing the way for him to be backdoored this week.