Friday, July 1, 2016

Hurricane Tiffany Was the Real Category 4 Storm in the #BB18 House Yesterday.

The first live show is in the books now.  We didn't get the drama we were hoping for after Julie read the vote count, after all of the threats about punching each other if this or that happened.

Well, this AND that happened, but everything seemed to go really smoothly.  No one even gave a shout out in the DR as they voted, or even seemed to make any special hand motions or signals for the folks back home.  Production must have given them all a stiff talking to, a real Come to Jesus meeting about what being on live TV means and who is in charge around there.

(Frank and Paul had some funny jokes yesterday about Les Moonves yelling at someone over the phone about "getting that bearded freak" off his network if Paul got to answer one of Julie's live questions.)

Here a a few things we learned last night on the live show:

1.  The pre-season rumors about Julie not revealing the vote count were apparently a load of hooey.  Although I guess they could introduce this concept later in the game, if they need to.  I think the main point of that rumored concept was to try and prevent the dreaded "house vote".

2.  The returning evictees will compete in the "Battle Back" competition, that will apparently be broadcast in a "special episode" on Friday, July 22nd.  But that is all we know....we don't know where that event will be held, or if the house guests will get to see it.  We don't even know the sequence of the Battle Back competitions, for example, will there be four competitions, one right after the other?  Will those occur "live" or will they be pre-taped?

That is an awfully long time for people like Glenn and Jozea to wait around to compete.  They might even be sequestered together somewhere.  During BB13, Brendon said that before he competed to return he stayed in a nice house with a family who lived there.

Oh yeah...if we had had this Battle Back competition last year.....coulda, shoulda, woulda for our old friend Jason.  And Da'Vonne, too.  And all of the other early BB16 boots.

3.  The HoH's entire team is safe from being nominated by the HoH this week.  So Category 4 team  members can't be nominated by the HoH, nor as a PoV replacement.  (I think the Road Kill competition is a different story though.)

3.  Production really flipped the script on the live feeders last night, by not letting us see ANY of the live HoH competition.  I can only assume that they had to block it out due to constant communications between the cast and crew, which can't be broadcast on the feeds.  I hope this is not a sign of what is to come this season.  Because I actually had to SCURRY to get my dinner ready and SCARF IT DOWN so I could SCRAMBLE back upstairs to get to my computer to watch the HoH competition and cover it for you.  But instead I had to wince through Jeff's live feed break commentary and videos.

But this isn't about me, of course, it is about Paulie, who is the new HoH this week.  And trouble is brewing in the house, my friends.  Just add water and stir...