Thursday, June 30, 2016

Please Cover Up The Cookies. #BB18

It's Wednesday, and all of the house guests are like rats in a cage now, because the backyard is locked down until it's time to play for HoH during Thursday's live CBS show.  So now there are 15 people trapped inside that house, with only so many places to hide or to try and avoid each other.

I want to talk for a minute about those huge white "ribs" that start on the ceiling, run behind the "Departures" sign, and continue right on down behind the Nominee Loveseat to the floor.  When I see these "ribs" I am amazed by them.  They are HUGE.  Where would production obtain something like that?  Are the "ribs" extruded from aluminum or plastic?  Are they carved out of wood?  However they made them, the measurements have to be so precise, to be such an exact fit in the house.  I'd love to hear about the origins of these "ribs", if anyone  knows about it.

So this is Paul entertaining a group at the chessboard.  I forget the little story he was telling them, but as you can see he acts it out with hand motions.

The Spy Girls are downstairs in the kitchen making snickerdoodle cookies because Paulie requested them.  The premise being that Paulie will be leaving the house after being evicted on Thursday, so this is sort of a last meal for him.

James has been up to more pranks, and he has made Victor very angry.  In fact, they had some sort of confrontation, and Paul told James that Victor was muttering to himself "don't threaten...don't hit him.....don't threaten....don't hit him" over and over.

James doesn't seem afraid by this though...he seems energized, and "jokes" about getting Victor to take a swing at him so he gets cut from the game.  Apparently the "funny" pranks that James played were actually targeted at Corey, rather than Victor, but Victor is kind of a control freak around there and has a big official problem with James now.

It sounds like one of the "funny" pranks involved James putting a bunch of slices of bread into Corey's pillowcase.  I think he also scattered graham crackers under the covers.

Corey:  Dude, I could smell the bread right away.

These pranks compounded James' prank from earlier in the week, when James put mayonnaise in the bottle of sunscreen, causing several house guests to get a sunburn (Natalie, Frank, etc).  Victor is very offended by James messing with their food like that, wasting it.  He is also unhappy about any actions that might invite the millions of BB ants in the house to invade the beds in the England Room.

The mood now is that James is not afraid of Victor, and seems to want to fan the flames by going to find Victor and talk to him.

James:  Do you think he'll let me hug him?

Paul:  I'd just let him be for now....give him some time to cool off.

James said that if Victor hits him, he's going to play it off with some wrestling-type reactions like flying over the couch, since he knows better than to strike back.  James does wonder, however, if he would get in trouble for defending himself. He plans to hold off before acting out, though, in case Victor wins HoH this week.

Nicole described what happened during BB14, when Willie Hantz headbutted Chef Joe and was ejected from the game.

Nicole:  Willie wouldn't go to the DR, even though BB kept asking him to go in there.  And Ian Terry was in the shower you know who Ian Terry is?

Paul and Corey didn't know who Ian was, which is a sad state of affairs indeed.  If they don't know who Ian Terry is, then they probably don't know Willie Hantz.  And how Willie Hantz went home after getting kicked out and was promptly arrested.

Paul is playing chess with Nicole here, and is trying to challenge her with questions as he coaches her.  Nicole asked him if he's actually a tournament chess champion, but Paul says that he just teaches kids how to play chess.  James is actually a good chess player, too, and he advised Nicole several time to put pressure on Paul's moves. or something like that.

Nicole:  James, do you want to play?

Nicole wanted to hand it off to someone else, but didn't have any takers.  At one point Bridgette was downstairs stirring something with a wire whisk and the sound was very irritating to Paul.

James thinks Paul should play Tiffany, too.  James said he played her once and was really just testing her, to see how she reacted to certain moves.  She's a good player, he said, but when they played a second time he he stopped holding back and had a quick victory.

Nicole thinks James and Paul should play each other too, sometime, since they are both good players.  Paul says he loves chess and could play it all day, so he's up for a game anytime.

I don't  know where this stuffed animal came from, but Corey has been playing with it for awhile.

Downstairs Bridgette is unloading a cookie sheet full of snickerdoodles on a large serving plate.  I remember making Snickerdoodles when I was a Brownie Scout.  I think you roll them up into balls and then they spread out into even circles while they are baking.

Victor was surprised that Bridgette can continue to turn out baked treats every day with just the ingredients that they have on hand.

Victor:  We don't have much food, so I don't know how you did this.

Bridgette:  Well, I don't have everything I need.  That's why some of the cookies are flat.

So far, I've seen Bridgette bake about a 1,000 cookies on the first night of the live feeds, and I've heard about coffee cakes, and of course that Monkey Bread, so she is working miracles in that house.

Bridgette:  What else do I have to do in here, anyway?

And then a second cookie sheet of Snickerdoodles is moved onto the serving plate, if you're keeping score at home.

Meanwhile, Bridgette has mixed up a HUGE bowl of what I think is peanut butter cookies studded with plain M&Ms.  This is at least three dozen cookie's worth of dough.  Maybe four dozen.

Who is going to eat these cookies?  I think Bridgette should address the cameras, and tell Production she is putting together a plate for them and leaving it in the storage room.  I'm sure they would snatch that plate right up and scarf them all down.

I watched Bridgette form these cookies.  I'm sure she has one of those little cookie scoops with the release lever at home, but today she used two spoons to form these, in the same fashion as making a quenelle.  If you watch Top Chef then you know what I'm talking about, but if you don't, don't worry.  The cookies will taste the same either way.

Bridgette: I don't like touching all of the greasy dough.  It grosses me out.

And here is a peek behind the pixel suit, so to speak.  The Category 4 team somehow had the impression that they would be able to ditch their costumes at midnight, and would already be free.  But no one from Production has discussed the timing with them, so they really have no idea how long this is going to continue.

This bothers Bridgette and Michelle more than it bothers Frank and Paulie, but more on that later.

Nicole finally finished her game of chess and was free to leave the loft.  She went downstairs and enjoyed a delicious Snickerdoodle.

Frank woke up from his nap, and enjoyed one too.

Natalie was just sitting there at the counter.  She didn't plan to eat any cookies.  Michelle came in and saw all of the cookies and was obviously conflicted about it.

Bridgette:  I tried to make these healthier, but they're probably not healthy enough for you.  Each batch has one stick of butter, so I don't think that's too bad.

Michelle:  No, it's not.

(I think the Toll House recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag calls for two sticks of butter, right?)

The camera crew showed us this, and made me laugh.  I can only guess that Jozea was talking some trash on another camera view.

When I think about Julie Chen having to interview him tonight in front of a live audience of millions of people, I get really hyped up.  I think Jozea would appear tonight in his undies, if CBS would let him.  I"m pretty sure he will be wearing this ridiculous fucking hat.

Nicole spent some times making tuna salad, and added in a lot of celery, and also some grapes.  She made herself a wrap sandwich out of it, and Da'Vonne did, too.

Don't point at us Da'Vonne.  We didn't do it, whatever it is.

Paul came over to Victor while he was washing dishes, and spilled the beans about what was said upstairs at the chess board.  He says it is obvious that Corey is working with James, based on him laughing about what James said about taunting Victor.

Paul:  You just have to stay cool.  For whatever reason, you're 'that guy' right now, so you just have to stay cool and let it roll right off you .

Victor:  Absolutely.  I got it.

Natalie cooked some food for herself, and also Victor, proclaiming that her days of eating unhealthy foods in the BB house were over.

Natalie: I have gained so much weight....I am so big right now.  I couldn't even do one pull up, I'm so heavy.

(These girls all have HORRIBLE self-images and maybe some body dysmorphia, too.)

Or maybe Natalie is just fishing for compliments, wanting Victor to tell her how beautiful her body is...we've all known girls like that, right?  (And hated them, too.)

Victor complimented how Natalie looks in his sunglasses, which he bought at H&M.

Victor:  You look so classy in those glasses.

I watched Victor train both Bronte and Natalie in the backyard yesterday.  He was good at it, giving direction and being firm about what he needed them to do.  He didn't yell at them, but he was stern, which is what you need when you are asked to perform a painful motion over and over again.

Victor:  Did I tell you to put your legs down?

He kept them both busy out there, doing different exercises like lunges and "Superman" lifts.

Frank and Paulie came in for a snack later.  I included this picture so you can see that even after a number of people have been munching on the cookies for quite some times, they still haven't made a dent in that platter of treats.

Note that Paulie has said that on Thursday, after the last house guest returns from their trip down the hallway to place their vote on the live show, he plans to turn towards Jozea and tell him to "say hello to Julie for me".

If we're lucky, we'll get to see that little exchange go down.  I can't imagine Jozea won't have something to say back to him about it, too. Now THAT would be delicious.

And then something interesting happened.  Frank walks by the Nairobi Lounge and finds Michelle covered up with a blanket, weeping.

Frank:  What's wrong, Michelle?  Are you all right?

Michelle, in a teary voice:  I'm just so over having to wear this.  I'm the fattest girl in this house, and I'm getting even bigger....I can't do it anymore...

Frank:  Aww, Michelle.  That's not true.

Michelle:  Yes it is. And I'm gaining so much weight. You even said that you've gained at least five pounds.

Frank:  Yeah, but I've been eating like a damn animal in here.

Michelle:  I HAVE TOO!  I've been eating too much too.

Frank, choosing words carefully:  Well, the guys end up gaining 5 or 10 pounds in here, because we're bigger, but the girls in this house don't gain weight like that.

Michelle:  I can't work out in this thing.  I just feel so fat.  I don't think I'll be able to wear my shorts after this!  They're not even going to fit!

Frank:'re beautiful!  That's why your name is the only girl's name I remembered on the first night, so I picked you first!

Michelle:  But they haven't told us....I don't know how long I have to wear this...we don't know....

Frank:  As soon as James is out of the DR, I'll go in there and talk to them.

Michelle:  You will?

She wondered what kind of fitness equipment Frank had during BB14.  Frank explained that they just had an elliptical trainer in the backyard, but in earlier seasons the room they are sitting in was a separate work out area.  (It was a whole gym, with a Bowflex machine, and also a sauna.)

BB:  Tiffany, please go to the DR.

Frank immediately jumped up and told Michelle he was going to run down the hall to get in there for a minute before Tiffany started her DR session.

Of course this made Michelle feel better.  Frank is very good at being comforting in situations like this.  I don't think I've mentioned it here, but Bridgette also had a pixel costume breakdown, but it was early in the pixel costume week.  Frank came to her rescue, too, telling her to go upstairs and tell Nicole she was using "Frank's Pass" to spend time in the HoH and maybe take a shower to get some time alone.

I think Bridgette was getting her period, so any females reading this can imagine how uncomfortable that could be in there, even without being forced to walk around in that ridiculous costume.  I have faith that Frank can fix the situation, and I think Michelle does too.

I think this picture of Michelle is beautiful.  She knows we're watching.  And no matter what she's said on Reddit about overweight people, she has some body issues, too.  I'm sure that in Michelle's wildest dreams about being cast to play Big Brother, she didn't expect to have to walk around in her underwear for a week.

And within minutes, Frank was out of the DR and they got the word from Production that it was time to "shun" the pixel suits.

Because Frank Eudy gets shit done, people.  He's the man in there, and Production knows it.

Frank reports they were told to "make something up" and have a little ceremony in the living room.  The plans included dropping their blankets and saying a little poem.  Frank and Paulie were both totally nude under their blankets, but the girls had on shorts and tops.

Frank and Paulie hurriedly came up with this rhyme, due to the lack of words rhyming with "pixel".

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We were nude for a week
But now that's through.

They were going to have the girls drop their blankets after that by saying "And the girls are, too", but they ended up scrapping that plan, so they would all drop their blankies together.

And here is the scene after the blankets dropped.

Frank and Paulie covered up their junk with hats.

Frank:  Now nobody will be borrowing my hat anymore!

Ha ha ha.  The girls hugged each other to celebrate and promised to put the comforters back on the beds where they belong.

Michelle's shorts did fit, and she looks great.  Problem solved.  Crises over.

*** ALSO ***

I talked about the "ribs" in the living room, but let's talk about those "transportation panels" on the wall outside of the HoH room.  I didn't like them when I first saw them, but now they are growing on me.

They've grown on Derrick too, apparently.  But unlike all of us, Derrick can apparently just send a tweet to somebody to call dibs on them.

And now this guy from Production has to send Derrick "a few" of them, because Officer Derrick now has the evidence of the promise.  And he plans to use all of us as witnesses.

Derrick wins again.

*** AND ***

For some reason, the live feeds were down when BBAD started last night, and remained down for about 15 minutes.  Were there technical difficulties?  Because I can't think of any other reason why BBAD would be showing the pre-season house guests interviews.  Like this:

Notice how they have a live shot of the fishtank in the frame.  That's part of the POP TV contract, apparently, for Production to have a live camera feed available when BBAD is on.

After the interviews, we just saw the fish tank, with a few little cartoons floating by occasionally.

Like this:

And this.

Sometimes the PoV competitions run really late on Saturdays, so we see something like this on BBAD when it begins.  But I can't think of any reason why this happened for the first 15 minutes of last night's BBAD, other than some sort of technical snafu.

If you know, please share.