Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Smile and Say Cheese, Please. #BB18

It's Tuesday, so this is yet another day with no scheduled events in the BB house....just hanging around and enjoying the scene.  They will likely lock down the backyard sometime tomorrow, or maybe even tonight to build the HoH competition set for Thursday night's live show.

The feeds will be down for much of the day on Thursday for rehearsals.  First Production will lock them all in the HoH Suite sometime in the morning so they can test the lighting and camera angles downstairs.  Then in the afternoon they will actually practice voting live in the DR.  They usually have to evict either Britney Spears or Madonna, or whoever.

Although it would be fun for us to watch all of this, there are good reasons why they can't broadcast it for us over the live feeds.  There are some sort of entertainment union rules that say if they broadcast someone's voice, that person needs to be paid as a performer.  And Production can't afford to do that.  They also can't afford to let us hear the morning wake up music, because they would have to pay for that.  There was a juicy incident last year when we heard nearly all of Missy Elliot's "Work It" on the feeds before someone in the Control Room noticed what was going on, and shut it down.

I was amazed to watch several sleepy house guest stumble into the storage room while the song was blaring to change their batteries and go right back to bed, without even shaking their ass one tiny bit.  Incredible.

Frank woke up on in his usual chipper, cheerful mood, and started with the verbal zingers right on schedule.

Paul is also someone who likes to chat it up in the morning, so that's nice to have on the live feeds.  Bridgette made monkey bread last night, which as I understand it is a bunch of little biscuit balls glued together with glaze or frosting, and sometimes various fillings.  I think cream cheese frosting  was that ups the game right there, doesn't it?  Here is an example of somebody's monkey bread...I can't imagine having a buzz on and being presented with this...

Frank was in bed and missed the monkey bread, but Victor and Paul said it was incredible.  It's impressive that Bridgette seems to have so many recipes committed to memory, because baking is so precise.  It's like a delicious little chemistry experiment.

Frank says he would have had a good night's sleep, but some people weren't using their inside voices. Paul and Victor admit they were loud.

Frank:  I went to Myrtle Beach recently for a few days, and we went to this restaurant and there was a sign that said "Remember to use Inside Voices" and I knew I hated that fucking place.

Paul: What's your favorite pastry Frank?

Frank, without hesitation:  Oh, that would be a cinnamon roll.

Frank likes to go to brunch at a little spot near his house where they get some, big gooey cinnamon rolls.

(Speaking of cinnamon rolls, this place was featured on Shark Tank and recently opened up a location here in Atlanta. It's on my list of things to do to trek down there and pick up a few yummy treats.  Yes, they are vegan, but the owners got a deal on Shark Tank, so I think the taste will speak for itself.)

Paul is making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but runs into a snag when way too much jelly spilled out.

Paul: I was pouring it because I didn't want to peanut butter up the jelly jar, if you know what I mean, but it backfired..

Nicole came in the kitchen and talked about all of the ants in there. Nicole washed her hands and Frank lobbed a zinger in her direction.

Frank: Nicole, why don't you use three whole paper towels to dry off your tiny baby-like hands?

Nicole, laughing:  You're a jerk!

Frank:  I can't help it...I'm at my best in the morning!

There's Tiffany, getting ready for her day.  I think she's kept a low profile for the last day or so, or maybe that's my imagination because I didn't really see her yesterday.  Maybe she stepped back from the fray on purpose, after she learned that the other side of the house wanted to target her first. I think their target probably changed five times since then, so I think she can relax.

After all, everybody can't be evicted next week.  Just one person, and there are plenty of people in there that are pissing people off and drawing some heat.

Tiffany does a good job with her daily makeup.  She doesn't need much, but it all looks very natural.

Tiffany missed The Frank Show in the kitchen, but maybe she planned it that way.

Natalie was very self-conscious about her hair, for some crazy reason.  She didn't want to wear it down like this, and planned to go inside and fix it.

Natalie:  It looks so gross straight like this.

All of the guys said that no, they love her hair like that, it looks great.

Tiffany:  Natalie!  There are four guys here that are telling you they like it!  It looks good!

I hate to spoil the ending for you, but Natalie went inside and put her hair up. The moral of this story is that even girls like Natalie don't like things about themselves.  And it seems like a waste of energy, and ridiculous, to boot.