Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sorry, Not Sorry, That I Have to Tell You I"m Sorry. #BB18

The last few days have been a relaxing treat for many of the house guests.  Sure there are three people on the block, but there are 12 people who are safe from eviction so they can exhale.  We've seen some hangovers, a few people sleeping all day, and some people slyly trying to set up their game for the next round.

Paulie, Jozea, and now Bridgette are on the block for eviction.  Lines are drawn, allegiences have been pledged...things have kicked off quite nicely to set the stage for the first live eviction on Thursday.

But Bridgette is still the first girl up, just about every morning. She brewed a pot of coffee, and then saw all of the ants running around.

She cleaned the kitchen herself the night before, so she's very annoyed and maybe a little bit amazed at how the ants have returned so quickly.

You can see that Bridgette has taken to wearing her own undergarments under her pixel suit.  There was a bit of a revolt yesterday by Frank, at least, about having to wear the same costume two days in a row, and also about the poor fit of the briefs.  I think what Bridgette is wearing now is a short-term compromise while a few changes were made.

You can't see from this angle, but they got Frank some nude-colored longer briefs that will be more comfortable, but Frank is having trouble getting his rear pixels to stay on due to a missing bobby pin.  The pixel cards had velcro attachments that worked for a few days, but aren't so sticky anymore.

I guess there is a big difference  between wearing a Halloween costume for about 5 hours, and wearing it for one whole week, during every waking moment..

FYI This may be where Production got the idea for the costumes. They are apparently "naked and afraid" costumes, and there are a few websites that suggest do-it-yourself costumes for this. That does kind of look like Frank, a little around the edges.

Wil Heuser is Back with The Saga #BB18

If you don't know, Wil was one of the newbies cast for BB14, so he's an FoF.  Friend of Frank.

CBS has given Wil plenty to work with this year.  I dare you not to laugh.