Monday, June 27, 2016

The True Value of a College Education. #BB18

Twice each day Big Brother asks the house guests in the backyard to adjust the awnings.  Usually the same person ends up doing it in the morning, since only certain people tend to get up early enough to do the job.  And apparently it was a late night in the BB house---it was Paul's 23rd birthday and they were up late celebrating and pulling "funny" pranks on each other.

It's usually a two-person job, because it's tricky.   Victor starts off strong....

But then runs into trouble.

Still struggling.

Bridgette came over to lend a hand and things seem to go much easier.

It's kind of rare to see the microphones in the camera shot like this.  Personally I didn't expect to see them placed so closely together,

And here is a good look at the table made from a jet engine, or whatever that piece is that sits under the wing.  I used to fly over 40 weeks each year for my job, and one time I overheard a conversation between two flight attendants as we were landing.  One of them said she always looks out of the window at whatever this piece of equipment is---she said she looks to see if it is on fire.

So that was comforting...

I guess Bridgette likes to do house work naked.  I've heard of maids that will come to your house and do that, if that's your thing, but I'm sure Bridgette is more thorough than those girls.  The table is squeaking as she wipes it down.

I mean, now we're talking with this whole nude cleaning concept.

You missed a spot, Paulie.  But I don't think anyone will care.