Sunday, June 26, 2016

It Doesn't Take a Village to Have an Idiot. #BB18

I heard that there was some big house meeting convened by the Messiah Jozea on Friday night.  I've watched some of it, but later in the night, he sat alone in the bathroom, sipping water from an orange cup.

Everything was so quiet you could hear Jozea swallow.  He has a big plastic jug of water that he refills the cup with.

*** glug glug glug ***

Paulie walked through the room and Jozea put some water in his cup, too.  Jozea was slurring a little bit when he spoke.  He seemed very emotional and made a few statements to Paulie that indicated that not only did he think he would be going home, he was looking forward to it.

Jozea:  This's not right. What is going on, it's not right.

It was all too sad for me, so I decided to watch the live feeds on Saturday in real time, which works out nicely here on the East Coast.  Da'Vonne and Zakiyah sat in the HoH suite and chatted lightly while Zakiyah did her makeup.

Zakiyah:  Why am I taking the time to do this when it's just going to melf off outside anyway?

I've heard both of these girls comment on how Natalie always compliments both of them on their appearance.

Da'Vonne:  That's her strategy, complimenting all the damn time.

And sure enough, later in the day when Da'Vonne appeared poolside in a bright pink bikini, Natalie started yelling to us that Day is the hottest mom in America, and that "this is what a Mom looks like", or something like that.

It was a little too too, as they say.