Saturday, June 25, 2016

Will Tempers Flare When the Cupboard is Bare? #BB18

Like most Saturdays in the BB house, preparing for the PoV competition takes up much of the day.  Because you have to pick the extra PoV players, and then you have to run around and stress about it.  And then talk about how you are running around and stressing about it.

Here are the PoV players for the first PoV event of the season:

Nicole - HoH
Paulie - Nominated for eviction
Jozea -  Nominated for eviction
Paul -    Nominated for eviction (Road Kill)
Da'Vonne  - Random pick
Corey - Random pick

Paul ended up winning PoV, which involved wearing cute dog costumes.  Michelle hosted the competition and she got to wear a fire hydrant costume.  There had been a little bit of drama earlier in the day regarding Nicole's pick of Michelle as the host.  At least one of the newbies was upset not to be picked to host (Victor, I think.) and Nicole had to break it down for him.

Nicole:  But Michelle is a big fan of the means everything to her to be the host.  I never got to host a competition in my season and I regret it, so I understand how she feels. And the fans really like to see a fan of the show be the host.

(That last sentence is what motivates house guests like Victor....because he wants to pursue an entertainment career, apparently.)

If Paul uses the PoV to save himself (as he should), then Frank will be the one who makes the renomination, since he won the Road Kill comp.  He has said he'd be putting Bridgette up on the block "as a scapegoat", but they certainly think they have the votes to give Jozea a well-deserved boot back into Sequester.  (Because one of the early boots will get the chance to come back, but the house guests don't know that, yet.)


Earlier in the day, everyone sat around and waited.  They could hear banging sounds in the backyard, so they know the competition set was still a work in progress.

I recognize that white chest of drawers from an earlier BB season, but I'm not sure which season it was.  But that chair that Jozea is sitting in....can't say I'd want to sit in that spot.  Wouldn't that leave striped indention marks on your legs if you were wearing shorts?

Jozea has a new hat today.  Or maybe his old hat shrunk.  He's stressed about today, and it's starting to show.

Both Jozea and Paul are on the block right now, so both of them need to win it.  There was some drama earlier when Paul was telling people that if he won the PoV, he planned to take Jozea off the block.

Frank:  I'm gonna have a little talk with Paul, and tell him that if he does that, he's going home, son.

(Not sure if that conversation ever happened, but I think Paul is all about Paul right now.  I'm sure he's happy about the camera time though.)

You can see Paulie's tattooed torso there in the background, getting some beauty sleep.

James kind of slipped in the room as he does and joined the conversation.  He's good at doing that, but his team has been safe for two eviction cycles now so I think he feels like a non-game factor in there.

Jozea talked about music with James. Before James got into country music, he used to listen to all types of artists, but now he just mainly listens to country music.

Jozea:  I really like Arabic music.

James:  What?

Jozea:  Arabic music.  I like their voices.

(So....Jozea has said he hates July 4th, and also the military.  And now he likes Arabic music?  Paging Homeland Security.)

As someone with 6 years of military experience, I think James is controlling his emotions well at this point.  He has a good poker face, but I'm sure that James knows Jozea will be saying bye-bye later this week, so it's an easier pill to swallow.

Jozea said he's met Ariana Grande before at some sort of video shoot, and that she is a "pedophile's dream".  James wondered what he meant by that.

Jozea:  Well, she's so tiny, and she looks like she's about 12, but they have her all made up, and she's wearing little crop tops.  It's disgusting.

Note that Jozea also knew who Frankie Grande is, but did not know he was related to Ariana.

(I just want to point out that I "joked" in my Jozea intro post that he met Ariana at a video shoot.  And I also "joked" Jozea would end up being a Raul in there this year.)

Victor was tossing something way up in the air and catching it here.  I'm still not sure who the true owner of the Bunny Hat is at this point.

Natalie helped Michelle get ready to host the competition.  I have to say that I don't like that Michelle is covering up her pixel costume with a blanket all of the time.  I get that she might be cold, but as a Super Fan she needs to be a good sport about wearing the costumes.

Just ask Frank.  And Nicole.

The seating in the bathroom looks really uncomfortable compared to previous seasons, but maybe Production wants to encourage conversation in other areas of the house.

Michelle says she is often told she looks like Ariel the Little Mermaid when she wears a flower in her hair.  Zakiyah says she would love to be told that she looks like a Disney Princess, particularly Jasmine.

I told you about the "8-Pack" alliance yesterday, but there is a sub-alliance of girls within that group, and their game looks strong right now.  That alliance is called the Fatal Five, as named by Tiffany.

Fatal Five = Nicole, Da'Vonne, Tiffany, Michelle & Zakiyah.

Because they have a mixture of veterans and newbies, they are able to get A LOT of information about what is going on in the house, from all corners.  And so far they are undetected by the three guys in the 8 Pack alliance (James, Frank & Corey), and everyone else, too.  Even Da'Vonne is in high spirits right now---her frown has turned upside down.

You'd think two of the nominees (Jozea & Paul) would wonder why Day is in such a good mood, since both of them are on Team Big Sister with her.  It's easy to forget about those teams, with everything else going on in there.

HERE'S THE THING:  These Fatal Five girls may be well-positioned if someone on the other side wins HoH next, and puts the 8-Pack players on the block against each other.  Because the boys are probably going to be the 1st targets.  I predict some mayhem once the power flips a few times....

The Fatal Five girls seem to think that Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette are in an alliance called the Powder Puff Girls.  Or maybe they made up that name to make fun of them---not sure.  But I have heard them imitate Natalie's voice and flirtatious manner.

So they're on to Natalie not being quite so sweet and innocent about how she's playing.  And they think Bronte is the brains behind that group.  And they would be right....

Michelle went upstairs to sit with Nicole in the loft area.  The couches up there are new, so that is a pleasant change from last season.  Production built that new sky bridge last year but it wasn't used much, except for an exciting Whackstreet Boys performance.  They also played chess up there last year, but always talked about how uncomfortable the chairs were.

The interesting thing about sitting on that couch is that no one from the kitchen area can see you, but you can clearly hear them talking

I'm not sure that red flower in Michelle's hair will go with her fire hydrant costume, but she doesn't know that yet.

They heard Natalie chatting in the kitchen about not kissing Victor, saying something about how she wasn't attracted to him like that.  Then they heard this:

Natalie:  I did kiss James though.

Jozea:  Yeah, in his head you did.

James came up there with a bowl of pork and spanish rice and Michelle told him what she heard.  James laughed and said he never did kiss Natalie.  James said he was going to call Jozea out, so he leaned over the railing and called out to him.

James:  Jozea...what about my head?

Jozea:  What?

James:  I heard my name, and thought I heard something about my head?

And that was the end of that.  Personally I don't think James should have done that, because now the newbies know that they can easily be overheard from the loft, and also that they can play that game, too.  Nicole was hungry, but didn't want to go downstairs to get food.  They didn't invite me to eat their food, she says.  James went down and got a refill and gave it to Nicole.

Nicole:  Thanks for feeding me James.

(James' social game is on point.  With everyone.)

Note that Michelle is a vegetarian, and might even be a vegan, too.  She was going to have a "tofu dog" or some peanut butter for lunch.  Contrary to her intro video though (and what we know from Reddit), I have not heard Michele preach at anyone about what they're eating.  She's provided information a few times, but has not hounded people about their diet.

(I would be a vegan, too, but I occasionally eat "real" cheese and also sour cream.  I don't care for the Tofutti sour cream.)

That Bunny Hat looks good on Corey.  He's really pumped up to play for the PoV.

I just remembered a good conversation about the pre-season sequester that I know you will all love.

Frank:  On that day we did the green screen thing, I had to wait around for hours and I never got to eat!  I told 'em I was hungry, but they said I could eat later. I said look son, it's been 8 hours without food and I weigh 200 pounds! I need to eat something!  So they brought me a Subway sandwich but it wasn't fresh---that sandwich had been sitting around as long as I had!  I took a few bites, but the bread was so soggy I just picked the meat out and ate that!

Da'Vonne:  Yeah, I had one of those Subway sandwiches...

Frank:  And they said we could spend $20 on room service?  What?  Everything on the menu was more than that!

Someone, Nicole I think:  I spent $21, but we used to not have a limit.

Frank:  I KNOW!  Chef Joe in my season was living it up in the hotel.  Joe had an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and a cocktail at EVERY DAMN MEAL!  He was an alternate so he was living it up in sequester!

Nicole:  And no alcohol, either.  Corey said he ordered a glass of wine but they took it back.

(Oh my god.)

Frank:  Yeah, they said we couldn't drink, but I didn't want it anyway.

(Budget cuts in the reality department, I guess.)

Paulie's junk is still blurred.  Thank god, because we sure wouldn't want to see that, would we?

I just checked Cody's twitter to see if he's tweeted anything about the situation since yesterday, but he hasn't.  I know he did a few You Now broadcasts, but I can only watch a few seconds of those before they want me to log in to the website.  And I refuse to do that.

But Cody still looked good.  I can confirm that.  It's not like he was up all night stress eating and now has under eye bags and pimples.  Cody probably knows that Paulie will have the votes to stay, but he can't be happy that Paulie is just hanging out on the fringes of the 8-Pack alliance.  From what I've heard, in the early days of the game Paulie was clinging to Glenn, which did not help his image with the returnees.

The 8-Pack wondered if Paulie would realize that he's not being included in all of the plans.

Frank:  I think after this week, Paulie will just be happy to be here.

(Frank needs that muscle on his Category 4 team.  By the way, that is a great team name, because when there is a Category 4 storm, you need to pack your car and get the hell out of there.  It's a severe situation.)

Frank had to put Jozea in his place yesterday.  Jozea wanted to get in the storage room, and he kept ringing the bell frantically.

Frank: Don't do that.  They don't like that.

Jozea:  But why?

Frank:  Well, would YOU like it if somebody came to your front door and kept ringing the doorbell like that?

(And THAT is one reason why Production loves Frank.  Besides the sincerely funny DR sessions, the good natured sporting of ridiculously embarrassing costumes, and Frank's "leave it all on the field" competition style.)

Bow down, you Rude Newbie.

Zakiyah went in the barren storage room where Paul was hanging out.  They keep going in there and hoping that more food will be delivered, but they keep getting disappointed.  I heard Nicole say that maybe they were waiting to deliver food because the refrigerator wasn't working.

What?  Just buy a new fridge, Allison.  And get some more food in there so I can talk about it.

I mean, they are almost hungry enough to eat those two sad cantaloupes over there on the right.  Frank said that in his season, they "stocked the peanut butter up on the reg".

I would like Paul more if he would calm the Eff down and not try to be the star of every scene.  Another thing I don't like is the voice he uses in many conversations.  It's like a fake ghetto voice, and I'm offended by it.

Shouldn't Zakiyah be offended by it too?  Maybe she is, but she is playing it really smooth right now.  She is in control of her emotions so far, and that is a great sign of what's to come.

Zakihay braided the side of Nicole's head, but Nicole was rather horrified by the sight of it.

Nicole:  It looks like I'm bald! It looks great on you two, but I don't have the face for it.

Not when you scowl like that, Nicole.

Zakiyah and Da'Vonne told her that it looked great, but Nicole kept pushing back.

Zakiyah:  Go in there and see what the guys think.  They're gonna love it.

Bronte:  I've never dated a guy who didn't want me to braid my hair. They love it.

Earlier, when Nicole had wet hair in the HoH room, the guys had a talk about it.

Frank:  She's got a lot of hair.

James:  I know.  That's one of the best things about her.  I like it.

Frank:  My old lady can have a big head of hair, too.

Like Frank should talk about having Big Hair!  Has anyone heard him speak in more favorable terms about his "old lady"?  Maybe she doesn't want to have her name out there.  When Frank still lived in Naples Florida he was dating a nurse from the Memphis area.  They were both pretty public about it, with pictures, and trip plans all over Twitter.  Maybe Frank learned a lesson from that about keeping things more private.

Frank did tell Big Jeff in his re-intro video that once he cut his hair, no one recognizes him now.

Da'Vonne braided the other side of Nicole's hair in what seemed like 5 minutes.

Nicole:  Oh!  I look so bald!  I like it, but not with my face.  I think braids look better with dark hair.

She admired her new pigtails for a moment, and then rapidly started un-braiding them.

Victor:  She's not listening to me!  Because I said she should keep it!


Please enjoy these pictures of previous PoV winners in the Big Brother house.

Back in the early days of BB11, the PoV necklace had a substantial chain.

And who could forget Jenn City agreeing to eat slop for the rest of the BB14 season, but for no apparent game reason.  I guess she wanted to make a Big Move.

Jenn was so hungry when she was evicted that Julie Chen gave her a peanut butter sandwich, right there in front of the live audience.

I also want to say that I listened to a story Jenn told Wil on the BB14 live feeds about Donald Trump owing her money.  She used to DJ on a weekly basis in one of the clubs in a Trump building, but weeks went by without her getting paid.  She told Wil about how she took some guy with her who was HUGE and showed up in Trump's office to demand payment.  I think the feeds were cut before we heard the end of the story, but Jenn City did say she got her money.

Interesting, right?

Jeremy McGuire left our TV screens way too early, in my opinion, in the aftermath of bogarting an entire bottle of red wine.

Helen Kim cried for weeks over that.  What a drama queen.

Janelle always let the live feeders know what happened during the PoV feeds blackout.  Preesh Janelle.

The Memory Wall is so old school, but it was from Frank's original season BB14.

We can't forget this important win for Austin last year.  This was the PoV where Jessie Godderz put the necklace around Austin's neck.  And the same night that Austin told Liz that he "ruined his life for her".

Ian Terry won a special PoV gold ball in BB14, too, out of that "claw machine" in the lounge area.  Ian went ham to win that, and had to step on a few toes, which was fun to watch.