Friday, June 24, 2016

Hate the Game, Not the Players. #BB18

I turned my live feeds to "go live" and ended up seeing an interesting conversation between Frank, Da'Vonne and James in the HoH suite.  They were talking about Tiffany, so Frank knows the secret, too.  It might not even be a secret at all anymore, at this point.

Frank:  I like Tiff, but she's not as smooth as her sister.

Da'Vonne:  No, she's not.

Frank gave the example of newbies coming in the dark bedroom and Tiffany makes some big elaborate excuse for being in the room, like having a migraine, the lights bother her, etc.

Frank:  I was like, baby you're doing way too much.  That's not necessary.

James says that the resemblance to Vanessa is uncanny, with her face, mannerisms, and even her hands.  He has to keep reminding himself that he's not playing with Vanessa.  He and Da'Vonne agree that Tiffany is more social then her sister.

Day:  Uh huh.  Vanessa wasn't going to talk to you --you had to go up to her, but Tiffany isn't like that.

James says that Tiffany "stares at people" just like her sister does.  He's been watching her and it's obvious.

James:  I think she's trying to play her sister's game, too.

Da'Vonne wonders what is going on between Tiffany and Paulie, because she has seen them together talking quite a few times.  Frank and James haven't noticed that (but they will now).

Day:  Maybe they're just flirting...

James:  But Paulie is flirting with all the girls.

Frank feels like they can trust Tiffany though, because she "knows so much, and we would know if she told everybody else about it."

Frank:  And Paulie, too, because I haven't heard anyone talking about how we asked him to be a pawn or anything.

Don't Tell Nana, But Frank is Naked. #BB18

Just kidding.  Frank and his Category 4 teammates "won" the MysteryLand punishment, which apparently includes wearing a "pixel suit".  I'm sure BB is calling it a catchy name, but that is just the name I'm using.

You can see that the costume entails some sort of nude briefs, with a "pixel" cover for his back and front.  Paulie is also dressed in this attire, as are Bridgette and Michelle.  It's a funny costume, and I'll bet it will actually look like a blurred-out screen on the CBS show---it kind of looks like it's pixeled out in that top picture.

Here's cute little Bridgette, in her naked pixel James' camo visor.  I'm sure Bridgette's family panicked, turning on the live feeds and seeing their girl looking like a nudist.

The house guests all gathered at 1:00 am to eat a big feast that was prepared to celebrate the end of the first Have Not week.  Da'Vonne, Jozea, Zakiyah, and Paul were all ravenous, watching the clock and waiting to chow down.

Natalie and Victor did a lot of cooking for the event---barbecued chicken, macaroni and cheese, as well as some potato dish that Frank really liked.  This is Bridgette gingerly eating a chunk of that chicken.

Bridgette baked a bunch of cookies last night, too, setting them out on a huge platter to prepare for the end of the Have Not week.  You can see she's sitting next to Paulie, who is also "naked", and that's Corey with his back to us.