Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome Back Da'Vonne Rogers. #BB18 (Point Blank, and the Period.)

Da'Vonne Rogers is probably the most-controversial of the four BB18 players who are returning for her second season.  The fans loved Da'Vonne, and enjoyed the show she gave us during her time in the house.

But she was the 2nd person evicted, which is not a proud achievement for anyone who is a fan of this game.

It was obvious from the moment that we saw Da'Vonne sit down for her Big Jeff interview last year that she would be something full of life, swagger, and slang.  But those same qualities that made us love her, also put her at risk in the game.

Da'Vonne was best known in the BB17 house for the following:

*  Figuring out the Twin Twist before anyone else in the BB17 house
*  Blabbing that info all over the house, rather than using the information to gain power
*  Threatening Julia Nolan with the Twin Info, while brandishing a butter knife
*  Going off on Audrey in front of most of the house (one of the best BB fights ever, in my opinion)
*  Randomly winning the "secret power" to negate votes through the Kathy Griffin phone call
*  Totally wasting the "secret power" to negate votes through the Kathy Griffin phone call
*  Being hilarious BFF's with her main Apple Scrapple Jason Roy
*  Having some of the best Diary Room sessions ever

Well, other than the last two bullet points there, everything on that list is entertaining, but a horrible game move.

Once all of that information is absorbed, it is easy to see why Production asked Da'Vonne to come back and give it another try.  That is certainly A LOT of action to happen in just two broadcast weeks, right?

One of the most frustrating scenes I watched on the live feeds last year involved Vanessa trying to get Da'Vonne to come clean with her about being a poker dealer.  (Austin already figured that out somehow.)  Vanessa clearly wanted to forge this bond with Da'Vonne and work with her.  What might have happened if they had an alliance?

And how would this impact Da'Vonne's approach with Tiffany, now that she knows Tiffany is Vanessa's sister?  I'm frustrated already, thinking about all of this.

Da'Vonne's Pros:

*  Long-time Big Brother SuperFan
*  Highly observant about details
*  Not afraid to make big moves
*  Willing to share info

Da'Vonne's Cons:

*  Highly emotional
*  Lack of control over emotions
*  Combative with others
*  Willing to share info, a little too willing
*  Lack of Poker Face


I would really like for this to be Da'Vonne's year, because I really like her as a person.  However, after watching the first premiere episode last night, unfortunately I have to report that this will not be her year to win Big Brother.

You can see that she was ready to BLOW already having to work with those newbies.  If she could keep those feelings to herself, and save them up for the Diary Room, then there might be a chance for her to make a run for it.

But....she can't.  I know that Da'Vonne knows what her issues are, and I know she wants to change them, but Big Brother is designed to push your limits to the point where you can't conceal who you really are.    I want you to note what I said about Paul Abrahamian when I wrote his introductory post:

Well, that was Da'Vonne I was referring to when I wrote that. Yep.  And clearly that is going to happen.  It's inevitable.  It's destined.

And it's unfortunate.  Point blank and the period.

Welcome Back Nicole Franzel. #BB18 (America's Sweetheart Part Deux..)

Nicole burst out of the suitcase on the BB18 premiere episode, looking svelte and a little different without her trademark glasses.  Nicole first captured America's attention by playing BB16 with her heart on her sleeve, as well as her Michigan-tinted accent.

Nicole came into the season that year as a Super Fan, vowing to play hard. And she teamed up with another girl who also fit that description in Christine Brecht.  They giggled and laid out together, but when push came to shove Christine had to vote her friend Nicole out, where she joined a Jury that already included Nicole's crush, Hayden Voss.

Nicole had the chance to return to the game later, and winning a suspenseful competition on the live show.  That competition was a crap shoot,  a real squeaker that gave all of the fans cardiac arrest, when it looked like Jocosta Odom would be the juror returning to the game.  When Nicole did rejoin the game, she was full of tales about how Hayden made breakfast for her every day in the Jury house, and about all of the kissing.

Hayden and Nicole were a solid couple in the last two years.  He even moved to Chicago, and I think she did, too, so they could be together.  There were recent rumors about a break up, but I don't think anyone knew for sure until Nicole said it herself on last night's show.  She's single now, and doesn't expect romance to distract her from winning again this year.

I got the sad vibes, big time from Nicole when she said that she was single.  I think Nicole needs to make lemonade out of that situation, and discuss her broken heart with all of those vengeful newbies.  It will make her seem more human, and will emphasize weakness.

Nicole is known for having to wear two different costumes in BB16, a German-tard and also a Frog Costume.

I knew Nicole Franzel would be in the running for America's Favorite Player after wearing these costumes in such good spirits.  The fans always love that sort of thing.  (See AFP Frank Eudy.)  She was one of the top three AFP vote-getters, losing out to Donnie Thompson, who apparently had the support of the BB Facebook group.  The biggest story there, of course, was that Frankie Grande wasn't even in the top three, much to his chagrin.

Nicole's Pros:

*  Fierce competitor
*  Long-time BB SuperFan
*  Arguably the least-threatening returning player
*  Considerable fan support
*   The only BB16 player to really see Derrick's game

Nicole's Cons:

*  Difficulty hiding emotions
*  Rumored to be a Froot Loop Dingus
*  May tend to give up when her chips are down
*  The only BB16 player to tell Derrick that she recognized his game

One of the more memorable Nicole BB16 minutes is when Victoria collapsed in the wash closet, and she yelled for Derrick to "get help for Victoria".  Now,there's nothing wrong with that...I would have done that too.  But I'm not a REGISTERED NURSE like Nicole.  The fans had a ball with that information.


Clearly there a few loud-mouthed newbies who are out to get the returnees. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Paul.)  Nicole's team, the "Freakazoids", had a poor showing in all of the competitions on the premiere episode, even with strong players like Corey and Tiffany.  It's too easy to blame it all on Glenn, and you might say they could have avoided being at risk tonight if they had listened to Glenn's feedback about the puzzle piece at the base of their castle.

But in any case, there is a competition on the 2nd premiere CBS episode tonight and one of the following Freakazoids will be the HoH, and one will be immediately evicted.  They've all been in the house for a week at this point, but whoever gets the boot will be gone before the live feeds start.

*  Nicole Franzel
*  Tiffany Rouuso (displaying some horrible judgement on the 1st episode, I'm sorry to say)
*  Corey Brooks (who has probably NEVER been a loser three times in a row)
*  Glenn Garcia

I saw a sneak peak at tonight's competition -- it's not my picture so I won't post it, but it looks like an endurance competition, which would not bode well for Glenn's chances.  That fact, and the way that the first evictee is not determined by popular vote, is probably going to save Nicole from the disappointment and embarrassment of being the first house guest evicted.

I did hear some information that pretty much solidifies that the first couple of evictees will have a chance to return to the game later.  Rob Cesternino was told by Production that instead of being able to conduct a live interview with the evictee, he will submit written questions instead.

That's a dead giveaway to having someone re-join the game, so who knows, depending on how the next few weeks go, Nicole may be in a position to come back to the BB house for her 4th chance to win.

I hope not though.  I think her sweetness and how adorable she is will gain some favor in there.  I think Nicole needs to be ready to flirt it up, too, since she has the advantage of being the only blonde.

And check this out:  Nicole loves Frank Eudy, too.  This is a snippet from her CBS Bio.  I'm sure she's putting out feelers to Frank, maybe even right at this minute, to see if there is potential for a stealth alliance.
Fricole?  It has a certain ring to it....

Welcome Back, James Huling. #BB18 (New Haircut, Old Visor.)

So, James is back in the BB house.  Sometimes the year flies by too fast, doesn't it?

A lot of fans were on the James Huling train last year---he won America's Favorite Player, in case you didn't hear the announcement on last night's premiere episode.  I think most of James' most ardent fans were fans that just watched the CBS episodes, because James got the Star Treatment from CBS during his last weeks in the game.

For example, James' frequent,"funny" pranks.  You know, like jumping out to scare someone, after hiding in a closet.  Apparently America found those pranks "funny", because we saw them over, and over, and over.  We saw them again last night, too.  And I suspect we will continue to see "funny" pranks as long as James is in the BB18 house.

(I've always said I would have been a lot happier in life if I were 93% more stupid, and 43% more naive.)

Don't worry though, James Fans.  I will cover his game in a fair manner, and will be open to changing my mind this summer.  From here on out, I will strive to report facts about James, and not opinions (if they are unfairly personal).

James' Pros:

*  Fierce competitor
*  Has fans on the Production Team & the BB audience
*  Not afraid to make a big move
*  Good sense of humor & social skills
*  Physique is well-suited to Endurance Comps

James' Cons:

*  Spends a lot of time napping instead of trying to win
*  May have let the Star Treatment go to his head
*  May pledge loyalty to weak players in the game


So far these twists have played out well for James.  For one thing, James' team, Team Unicorn, won two rounds of safety from eviction.  And the team seems like a strong one for James:

*  Victor Arroyo, muscled athlete, Latin hottie
*  Natalie Negrottie, physically fit, Latin hottie
*  Bronte D'Aquisto, lucky Mathelete

One caution here is that we are certainly being set up for a Victor-Natalie showmance.  That would put James in a Third Wheel situation since they would likely evict James over each other.  But I think this is a very strong team, and a good place for James to be in this game.

Some of the CBS-only fans might not know that James did a lot of drifting last year, and appeared very lonely for much of the early weeks of the game.  He hung around a lot with Jeff Weldon, until Jeff was evicted, and then kind of skirted the edges of groups until he found a position in Meg's group of mean girls, slipping into Jason's spot for the rest of the season.

This season's team concept works well for James, because he will have a ready-made group to hang with while he establishes himself with people.  Bronte will be a strong person for him to align with, too, since Production pointed out that she's one to watch now.

If these other players are smart, they will target James before some of the endurance challenges factor into the game.  Because James can win those easily, based on last year's results.  I think James could have a shot at this, if the Returnees can squash the Newbie Revolution in the next few weeks.


OK.  Before Team James gets pissed at me, these are facts I'm reporting here.

1.  James seems to have lost some support from his BB17 friends.  I know there are two sides to every story, but James has made a bad name for himself with Meg now.  Meg put on a big charity event last year to raise money for her arthritis cause, inviting scores of reality stars for a weekend-long event.  But something happened with James----Meg publicized his appearance, but then there was some sort of situation there where he didn't show up for her.  The story was that James wanted his plane ticket paid for, but that can't have been the only reason why he didn't show.  I know he got a day job recently that he really likes, but he's already said they are very cooperative when he needs time off for Big Brother events.  (I mean, obviously, right?)  Jason Roy went on a Twitter rant about James last week, but I'll let you find that yourself.  No need to get Jason Roy riled up about me now, too...(keep reading, please).

2.  James seems very salty now towards Meg.  This may result from #1, but maybe there are a lot of other factors involved, too.  Meg has been pretty tight-lipped about it, but admittedly I haven't been scouring the internet for the details.  (Please share in the comments section, if you have the scoop.)  One thing James did to hurt Meg is to disclose who Meg was dating, even though Meg and her boyfriend didn't want that information out there.  But now that the tea was spilled, Meg seems to be coming clean about this relationship.

It's Mike Holloway, winner of Survivor Worlds Apart, and frequent attendee of drunken Big Brother house guest events.  Mike is a Texas country boy, so that does seem to clash with Meg's "style and city-obsessed" persona.  Maybe opposites attract.  Who knows?  Whatever they're doing, it seems to be working, so good for them.

It seems like Meg is taking the high road here, tweeting out support for James during last night's premiere.  Good for Meg.

3. some news about James and me, the FeedWatcher.  Just like every Big Brother house guest, I watch their intro videos several times and document my reactions.  I watched James' interview with Jeff at least TWICE last year, and that is what I had to work with.  James provided very little insight into his life, about his job, etc, but did name names as far as his "family" is concerned.  James said what he said, and I reported on it.

But suddenly, out of the blue last February, James started trying to get in touch with me, and continued that effort right through March.  I was busy.  It was tax season and I have hundreds of tax clients to take care of.  James took issue with his mugshot photo that I posted.

I was thinking, "Why the hell does James care so much?  When the new season starts no one will ever look at that again."  But then I wondered if James was having trouble getting a job or something, so I did go back and delete the picture and blanked out some of the opinions about what he said about his "family".  I guess I was being nice that day.

Clearly, James had begun his casting conversations for BB18 at that point, at some level.  I have to say he was very gracious to me, and thanked me afterwards by "liking" a bunch of my Survivor tweets and tweeting something at me like "Get at me @FeedWatcher", or something like that.  I didn't know what that means, and still don't, but you can see in the comments of the post that he came back and thanked me.  So that's cool.

Re-reading it all now, I wouldn't have been as nice to me as James there's that.  I'm pretty sure James will come back and read this post, too, once he's able to do that.  (I also discussed being blocked by Caleb in that same updated post---I must have been exhausted from tax preparation because I don't remember typing that....)

James:  I admire the way you DGAF, but you don't put that attitude on display.  And you do have manners, so those are two good traits that will help you throughout your life.

Welcome Back, Frank Eudy. #BB18 (Preesh, Allison Grodner.)

It's been too long, my friend.

Because that's what Frank feels like to me, after all this time.  Frank and Mike Boogie were my favorite players in the BB14 game.  I loved the way that Frank totally committed himself to Team Boogie.

He played the game with heart and soul, and passion. Frank was a tall Tower of Power in there, which made him an instant target in the game.  In fact, Frank was either the HoH, or on the block for eviction for six out of the eight weeks he played that summer.

And Frank was funny as hell to watch on a daily basis on the live feeds.  He's not one of those people who sleep all day in there.  In fact, Frank was often the first person up, brewing up a pot of coffee (Frank:  I love the coffee ritual.) and then sitting in the backyard, talking to the live feeders while enjoying a cup of joe.  I love Frank's accent and his colorful turn of phrase.

For example:  You can stuff your sorries in a sack, son!

Frank Eudy seems to be a polarizing Big Brother player.  Some of the BB14 fans hated Frank with a passion, and others loved him.  In fact, he won America's Favorite Player, taking the $25,000 prize.  I think how you felt about Frank may have depended on how you felt about the other players in the game, and their relationship with Frank.

Frank got stuck with two memorable costumes during BB14, but he was a good sport about it, even though that cheerleader outfit didn't even zip up all of the way.  Cheerleaders don't come in Frank's size, apparently.  But the Carrot Costume fit just fine.

Frank's Pros:

*  Fierce competitor
*  Loyal teammate
*  Long-time BB SuperFan
*  Gift of gab on the live show
*  Julie Chen is his home girl.

Frank's Cons:

*  Physically intimidating
*  Lack of subtlety
*  Tends to be a hothead
*  Lack of self-restraint during disagreements

Here's a taste of Frank losing his temper as he berates Ian.  I'm proud of the way Ian stood up to him, challenging the Killer Carrot.  And it's funny to see Dan Gheesling smirking and loving the whole thing.


I liked what I saw of Frank on the premiere episode.  He's older, and seems to be quite a bit wiser about this game.  It certainly helped Frank that most of the newbies didn't even seem to recognize him, so they don't remember his wrecking ball run in BB14.

He got a GREAT TEAM to work with in these early weeks, too:

*  Michelle Meyer, who already approached him as a SuperFan
*  Paulie Califiore, who was a STEAL in the 3rd round of the draft
*  Bridgette Dunning, who is SUPER LUCKY to be on this STACKED team

Yes, Frank cut his hair.  He's been in medical sales for a few years, getting transferred from the Fort Lauderdale area to Charlotte North Carolina a year or so ago.  Frank is smaller now, physically, which is great for him since there are so many muscled men in there.

I think Frank can play the "old, tired athlete" role right up until Jury, when the newbies will find out too late that Frank still has PLENTY OF GAME.

I can't help it:  I LOVE FRANK and am SO HAPPY for the opportunity to watch him play again.

*** ALSO ***

*  Here is my Frank Eudy intro that I wrote before BB14. Frank was in a different stage of life at that time, but hey, times change.

*  Longtime readers know I love to talk about what the house guests are eating.  Here is Frank adding some TLC to a sandwich he was building, as two drooling Have Nots watch his every move.  Frank was NEVER a Have Not in BB14...we actually tweeted back and forth with each other about that, and about this sandwich and also some Chex Mix that Frank tried to make.  It was too salty, he said.

*  If you are a Frank fan, too, you might enjoy this BBAD recap.  Back then BBAD was on Showtime, a pay channel, so I used to write detailed recaps of BBAD every day.  They seem rather boring now without pictures, but I did have a pretty big daily readership for those posts at the time.  Anyway, on this episode, Danielle was driving Frank crazy by telling him that Janelle said he was "touchy feely" with her.  Frank started OBSESSING about this so the other house guests started piling on, too.  When I read this back, I read Frank's lines in his voice in my head, and it makes me laugh all over again. Ian also discusses Pokemon here, too, Frank's potential penchant for cougars, and Dan discusses the cereal he has on auto-order from Amazon.

Here is a snippet from the action if you don't want to go back and read that long BBAD post.