Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Production Reveals New Details and Inside Info About the New #BB18 Season.

Once again Production has teamed with The Hollywood Reporter to get the scoop about tonight's premiere of the new Big Brother season.

It's a great Q & A with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, that apparently took place in the last few days.  The house guests moved into the BB18 house on June 15th, so the first cycle of the game was well underway at the time of this interview.

You can read the entire article here.  I plucked out a few notable comments to discuss here, but trust that there are a few more where these came from.

Allison lets us know that they're not going to wait until Thursday to spring the four returning players on us...we're going to see them in action tonight!

Who is the bi-sexual woman?  Do we know that yet?  I'm kind of drawing a blank on that---I can't even venture a guess.

Anybody know?

Based on this, I'm pretty sure we'll see a DR tonight of Victor extolling Natalie's physical virtues.

And about Bronte....apparently she's giving good DR so far....

And Michelle is getting some Producer love, as well.  I'm glad about that---I was kind of worried Michelle's bark was going to be way worse than her bite.

Alliances forming!  Sparks of a showmance! And more comps on opening night than ever before!

This indicates to me that we might have someone leaving tomorrow night (Thursday).  It's not exactly getting "Jodi-ed" if they got to unpack and sleep there for a few nights, but if that happens it will mean we never get to see one of them on the live feeds.  (Because the BBLF start after Thursday night's CBS episode ends on the West Coast.)

So we'll see someone win HoH, and maybe see the new competition take place, since it is supposed to be so crucial to changing up the game.

Lines drawn in the sand!  A fast game!  SHIT TALKING IN THE DIARY ROOM!

Hmmm.. Did they finally invent a method of Floater Prevention?  Not to be a buzzkill, the the Battle of the Block was supposed to eliminate floating, too.

America will participate "in a way they've never done before".  Once again I caution you not to get too excited about this.  (Remember this?)

Note that Allison and Rich really pushed both Bronte and Michelle in this interview, even going so far as to say they may look the strongest for winning at this point.  I'm not being pessimistic....more like realistic, that this means it looks like our siblings (i.e. Tiffany) and the returnees may be in Big Trouble already.

But maybe Allison doesn't want to confirm the existence of the returnees yet, saving that for tonight's CBS episode.  I have a bad feeling about Tiffany though.....hope I'm wrong.

Let's All Ogle the Newbie Swimsuit Pics. #BB18

You know the new season is here when when CBS releases the swimsuit pictures.  Every season, after a day or two in the house, a photographer arrives and does a photo shoot in the backyard of the BB house.


 In BB14, the Coaches picked their teams of four right after entering the house, and we launched into the first HoH competition, where they had to grab big teddy bears and carry them across a treacherous course.  One team won, and one team lost.  The last place team was Dan Gheesling's team, so as Coach, he had to select someone and give them the boot, right then and there.  And that was Jodi, of course.

The backyard photo shoot took place the next day, or maybe the day after that. I heard Britney and Danielle talking on the live feeds, and they said that when Jodi showed up in the backyard wearing her swimsuit and a floppy hat and sunglasses, neither one of them recognized her.  They were like, who the hell is that?

It sucks for Jodi to have to revisit the scene of the crime, the very backyard where she was so cruelly eliminated from a game she worked so hard to enter, and to have to wear a swimsuit, to boot.  And then to not even be remembered by the house's just all too much. I heard Jodi say on a podcast later that as a Super Fan, she was so excited to meet Britney Haynes, but Britney just walked by her when she entered the house and never even spoke to her.

But Jodi was remembered frequently, if not fondly,  by a number of the BB14 house guests due to the many offensive comments she was able to make in  just the approximately 2 hours that she was an actual house guest.

For example, she called out Jenn City for being a lesbian by pointing at her across the room and saying "she's gay!"  Then she called out someone's fake front tooth---but I can't remember who that was.  She also famously threw shade on Frank Eudy, saying that he must be lying about being unemployed because he had such nice luggage.


Here's Paul Abrahamian.  Clearly he "invested" in a lot of new ink in recent years.

I know some of you have different opinions, but I just don't understand why someone as seemingly confident as Paul would hate themselves enough to actually PAY SOMEONE to do this to them.  I actually think Paul is a very intelligent person, and obviously very creative---there are plenty of ways for him to get attention aside from mutilating his skin like this.

And the shoes.....what the fuck is that.  Those look like shoes my dad would wear to work with Sansabelt slacks or something. Is Paul hiding something on his feet?  Does he have some sort of foot syndrome that didn't pass medical?

I mean, at least wear Converse high tops or even a cheap rubber flip flop.  He's supposed to be "in fashion", too.  Good lord.

And here is Jozea Flores, who also chose to sport an unfortunate accessory.  The fucking hat.

And as I've just told you, the backyard photo shoot is held days after the Diary Room interviews with Jeff, so it's not like Jozea had a bad case of Hat Head that would have required him to keep on wearing it all day.  At least he had the good sense to go barefoot, the way man was intended to be.

I like the choice of swimwear, because with muscle tone like that, you don't need a wacky print.  You can just put it all on display without a lot of unnecessary decoration.

I love the pose, too. So far we're two for two with poses that seem like an extension of the house guest's personality.

Maybe Marc Jacobs gave Jozea that hat after their "encounter".  And maybe Jozea is trying to let him know that he's still thinking about him....maybe carrying a torch with the hat.

And who knows, Marc Jacobs might indeed be watching this BB18 cast of newbies closely.  I'm sure Marc would find PLENTY to look at, at least in the first few weeks of the season.  Because everybody who is all muscled up can't go home the first week, right?

Next up is Bronte D'Aquisto, who is the second cast member to make a dreadful Shoe Error.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH GOING BAREFOOT, PEOPLE?  Were they under the impression that only their torsos would show?  What the hell?  If she's trying to go the quirky route, I think a pair of black go-go boots would have been cuter.

Other than the shoes, Bronte looks cute though.  Note that the backyard continues the BB18 house's "travel theme", by displaying a backdrop of the African veldt or something.

(Shout out to Ray Bradbury.)

And now let's give Corey Brooks a gander.  Corey is looking fine.  I heard someone say that Corey is very tall...maybe 6'6" or so.  I wasn't able to confirm that, but if he's that tall, that is good news for Frank Eudy, since he won't be the only giant in there towering over everyone.

Corey actually looks like he's in the middle of a workout here, so the choice of shoe and short work together in a casual, sporty manner.  This is why you don't want a lot of body tats, even if they aren't as ominous as Paul's.  So you can see the definition...and admire his smooth skin.

I suspect this is what many baseball players look like under their unis.  At least, I hope so.

And here is our new favorite math teacher, Tffany Rousso.  Tiffany lives in a Florida coastal town, so she knows how to rock swimwear.  I probably would have hiked up the sides of the bikini bottoms a little bit, but whatever.

And she's going a little Love Boat with the choice of shoe, but I understand what she's going for, even if the pose looks a little awkward.  I'm actually trying to read her facial expressions to see if there are any clues there about who is HoH, and just how fast her "secret" got revealed to the cast.

What I'm Getting At:  I hope Tiffany didn't get Jodi'ed, and that this is her brief return to the backyard before heading home to Florida after filming the three hours of premiere-coverage we will be watching tonight, and tomorrow night.

I hope not.  But you know what they say, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

I know some of you bitches want me to say, "speaking of the worst...", but I won't say that about Glenn Garcia.  Glenn is staying in his lane, here, and I think we can all be thankful for that. At least he had the sense to go barefoot, and I like his "pointing at us" gesture.  It feels natural and spontaneous.

Do you think Glenn brought those clothes with him, or did Production run out to Target to buy him a colorful outfit for the pictures?  No shade there....Production does a lot of shopping at Target for the house guest's competition costumes, as well as the punishment costumes. I can't decide if a 50 year old from the Bronx would buy that ensemble on his own or not...

Last year Production had to buy Steve Moses a plaid shirt to wear for his opening sequence, and also his memory wall picture.  And Becky got a new top to wear, too, because Production wanted her to wear a different color.  I know they try to balance out their looks so they don't all look the same.

Not much chance of that for Glenn.  I think Glenn can either relax and scarf down the chicken wings this summer, since he has no prayer of competing in the body department, or he can take advantage of all of the knowledge and experience of the athletes in the house to get in shape a little.

I'm sure Michelle Meyer will be giving Glenn some nutrition advice, whether he wants to hear it or not.  Michelle is one hot bitch in that bikini, especially with those shoes.  They work because of the color---they aren't screaming to be seen, but are lengthening her already long legs and making her look even better.

The tattoo is probably an exercise in poor judgement though.  Who knows what it is a picture of, but the placement here is an unnecessary distraction.  It looks like a birthmark that you'd want to cover up with bigger bikini bottoms or something.

Michelle's sister is tweeting for her, and they already have merch on sale.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  And the T-shirt rendition of Michelle's face looks a lot like the Frank Eudy T-shirts that his buddies made for him during BB14.

Interesting, huh?

And here's Victor Arroyo, sporting only a few visible tats, and some very toned body parts.  I applaud the lack of accessories and shoes in this picture.  Victor is ready to jump into the new BB backyard pool and float for about six weeks.

Yes, I just called Victor a floater.

But I have no idea what is going on in there, of course. I just expect Victor to be a cool customer and not make himself more of a target than a few others, who will find it difficult to live under the radar.

Victor is going to hook up with somebody in there.  But with whom?  Or how many?

Will Zakiyah Everette fall victim to Victor's latin charms?  Only if she wants to, because Zakiyah is enough of a hot tamale on her own, right?

Clearly, Zakiyah is a freaking KNOCKOUT.  She also knows the secret of wearing a nude heel with swimwear to get the maximum photographic benefits in a rather stealthy manner.  I've seen people online say they think Zakiyah will have a showmance with Corey, but I think he's going to be way too bland, too Plain Vanilla for her. She needs a little spice, I'll bet.

I think Zakiyah is going to be a beast in the physical comps.  She's the way she's going home in shame the first week.

(Let me repeat, I don't even know if there will be an eviction this week....just free styling here.)

And here's "look at me" Natalie Negrotti.  The pose is good, but let's face it, it's not Natalie's first, or even her thirty-first time taking professional bikini photos. She also knows the Nude Shoe trick, to the extent that you have to look closely to even see her shoes.

Of course Natalie is gorgeous, and her body is sick.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  I'm not really liking the ruffled part of her swimsuit bottoms---that sort of thing is usually there for modesty.  And god knows Natalie doesn't feel the need for that.

I've learned from my years of watching Big Brother that many women do indeed wear hair extensions.  Back in the early years, I might have thought all of that hair belongs to Natalie.  But now I know that she's added some volume and length with clip-ons.  Or whatever.

I actually had some pictures of Shelli changing out her hair extensions last year on the live feeds, but out of respect for a fellow Atlanta girl, I did not post them.  It was right after the PoV where they were all covered with paint, and Shelli was trying to be stealthy by going up the HoH bathroom to take care of it privately. I respected Shelli, so I respected her right to that privacy.

I don't think I will show Natalie the same courtesy.  So, go ahead and look forward to that.

(I'm the one, who had the semi-famous Victoria hair pictures, of course.)

And here is Bridgette Dunning, the friendly nurse.

I know, it's not good.  Bridgette has plenty of great assets to work with here, but I think Production really let her down by not optimizing them for this photo.  Obviously something went wrong with her bikini bottoms.  Or maybe they didn't fit, or she didn't like them.

That's what the Target runs are for....I was in my local Target yesterday and the ladies department was CHOCK FULL of colorful swimwear pieces that were all sold separately, for mixing and matching.  (And they were having a buy one, get one half-off sale, so run out and shop if you want a piece of that action before the live feeds start.)  I'm sure Production could have found something she was happy about wearing.

Or she could have worn an athletic bra with those bottoms, and also some workout shoes, and that would have been a more cohesive look.  Bridgette is too busy saving lives to keep up with the latest in slutty casual backyard pool looks, so I blame Production for this outfit.

And would you want to stand around  nearly naked and be judged next to the likes of Natalie and Zakiyah?  No, I wouldn't either.  That's why people like me sit on their chubby asses all summer for the Judge Fest that is the live feeds.

I saved Paul Califiore for last here, for two reasons.

1.  I know some of you may be here only to ogle him.


2.  We've all seen Paulie's goods before.

But by all means, let's ogle Paulie again here.  Of course he looks good.  Of course his abs are ripped to the gods.  We all expected that.

The guys can't all do this pose, of course.  I wonder if Paulie called dibs on it, or if Production assigned the poses.  Obviously Paul was no Jodi when this picture was taken.  He's on top of the world in there, running shit but probably trying not to look like he's running shit.

I have to say:  I don't care for the name Paul, and I dislike the name "Paulie" even more, but we have to be able to distinguish between the Two Pauls somehow.  When I think of "Paulie" I think of a more Joe Pesci, Good fellas type.  You know, like Paulie Walnuts.

Note that Paulie's previous tattoo choices aren't egregious enough to get in the way of our enjoyment of his various ripples and ridges.  If you must go under the needle to be cool, or to keep up with The Jones, or whatever, this is probably the way to do it.

Before BB14 started, CBS released the following picture "teasing" who the coaches would be.  It gave us all something to do, analyzing those calves and knobby knees to confirm our early guesses of who the coaches may be (from the left, Mike Boogie, Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, and Janell Peirzina).

But I don't see any pictures like that for the BB18 "mystery returnees".  But get a load of how Jodi elbowed her way right into the front row of the shot, right next to former Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco.  That's confidence, baby.