Monday, June 20, 2016

Let's Discuss the Rumored Twists. #BB18

Just a few days left until the CBS premiere of the new BB18 season---this year there is a two-night premiere, but the first night is two hours long on Wednesday night.  The Thursday episode is just an hour long, though.

Does that mean we will see the first eviction on the Thursday night show?  We've never had a two-hour BB episode before, that I'm aware of.  Even the finale is only 90 minutes long, so a two-hour episode to kick off the season is indeed big news.

Here's what we know, or what we think we know about the twists in store for the players this season.


Four returning house guests are joining the cast of 12 newbies that we've already met.  Don't let the silhouettes drive you crazy....CBS has a history of using unrelated shadow people to tease all of their shows.  (Apparently they used Ian Terry's silhouette to promote a recent season of The Amazing Race.)

There were a couple of sources who were spreading rumors of various house guests who would return for BB18.  A few of these sources were spreading total crap, but I think they might have actually been in cahoots with production, to draw attention from the names of the actual returnees.

I don't know when these rumors started, or exactly who started them, but the list below is generally agreed-upon in the Big Brother community, based on various snippets of information available online.  For example, certain former house guests have tried to call certain other former house guests, and their phones say they are "not accepting calls".  And there were pictures of one of them on a plane taken by a fan, presumably embarking on a trip to Los Angeles.

Note that these four returnees likely know all about the rumors of Tiffany Rousso and Paulie Califiore being on the cast, because they left for sequester well after that information had been chewed up and spit out all over the Big Brother subreddit.

Will the fear of Vanessa cause them to target Tiffany right away?  Or will they scramble to be the first to pull her into an alliance?  I don't think Paulie will cause any fear, but I'm sure they would like to align with someone like that, who can play hard in comps and just might be loyal to a fault like his little brother Cody.  The returnees will either rush to recruit those two, because they need numbers, or publicly target them if their backs are against the wall.

The four rumored returnees are:

*  Frank Eudy, BB14
*  Nicole Franzel, BB16
*  Da'Vonne Rogers, BB17
*  James Huling, BB17

I'm sure we'll be discussing how happy or unhappy we are with this list for the next few weeks and months, but this is the news we are all working with now.