Sunday, June 19, 2016

They're Watching..... #BB18

Look at this crazy picture CBS has on their website now---it fades on the left side so this is the best grab I could get.

To build this collage, they mostly used pictures of the BB17 house guests, along with  three random pictures from past seasons, along the right side of the page.

I wonder if they used my website to find the pictures from the older seasons?  Because all three of those pictures were posted right here, back in the BB16, BB15, and BB14 days.

For example:

Cody Califiore had many model moments on the BB16 live feeds.  He made it very easy to capture an attractive angle or pose.  Like this....holy smokes Cody.

Aaryn Gries' (BB15) bikini top was loose after being on slop for a week or so, so she had Jessie tighten things up back there.

And BB14's Danielle Murphree was having a Lolita moment here, closed observed by everybody's favorite screaming chef, Joe Arvin.  The promo left Joe on the cutting room floor though...