Saturday, June 18, 2016

Meet Corey Brooks - Get Ready For a Fratty Summer. #BB18

Please allow me to present Corey Brooks, who is 25 and was born and raised in Dallas Texas.  This picture of Corey kind of weirded me out, because I once dated a guy in Atlanta who looked just like this, including that TinTin haircut.

But that was like, in 2001 or 2002....

I'll give Corey a chance anyway.  Maybe his hair style is like a retro nod or something.  If he had just sat up a little big straighter for the camera, I may not have noticed how pointy it looks.

Corey tells Big Jeff that he is from Dallas Texas, and he is "in real estate, and also a baseball coach".

Well, being "in real estate" could mean any one of a number of things.  Is Corey a residential agent, helping Texans find their dream homes?  Or is Corey a commercial leasing agent, reaping commissions from lucrative long-term leasing contracts?  Or does Corey own rental properties scattered around the Lone Star State?

Or does Corey just live in a house, which can be considered being in real estate, I guess....

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of Big Brother?

Corey:  I've watched it on and off over the years, and I watched a few seasons on my own, but yeah I love the show and am excited to be part of it.

(The results of the recruit test were inconclusive for me.  I do think Corey was recruited, but I believe he's watched the show before.  Maybe he watched Clay's season, for example.  Even if he doesn't personally know Clay, they both went to Texas A & M, presumably around the same time, so I'm sure he knew an Aggie was on the show last year.)

And speaking of Clay, Corey's voice sounds just like Clay's voice, but with 74% less mumbling.

Jeff:  So, are you single?

Corey: Yeah, I am single.

Jeff:  So, are you ready .....(he stops himself just in time)...for a summer of lovin?  Or not lovin', but maybe just foolin' around?

Corey, taking the high road: Uh...maybe just flirting around...ha ha...I'd say flirting around.  I'm straight up fun, so we'll see where it goes.

I don't need to point out the dimples on Corey's left cheek, because you can see for yourself right here.  And I like looking at him from this angle, because you can't see his pointy hairdo.

Jeff, as Captain Obvious:  So, you're a good looking guy---are you going to use that to your advantage in there?

Corey:  Yeah.  If it helps me.  I'm planning on using my charm in there to help me, or to just get me votes, or whatever.  Whatever I have to do to win, I'll do it.

Jeff:  I like it.

Jeff:  What are you going to miss most in there, because you're planning on being there all summer, aren't you?

(i.e.  You're not going to quit and leave like Clay did?)

Jeff:  So, what are you going to miss about the real world while you're in there?

Corey:  Oh, my roommates.  I'm definitely going to miss kids that I coach...goin' out on the weekends and just hanging out and having fun with my friends....I'll miss that.

Jeff:  So...who do you live with back home?

Corey:  I live with three or four guys...right now one is just sort of temporary first roommate is Dylan.  I've kinda known him since high school, and baseball.  There's Charlie---we played baseball together at Texas A&M.  We've lived together the past year and a half, or two years now...

Jeff:  Well what I'm gettin' at is actually that you live with a couple of guys.  How do you think that's gonna prepare you for live in the Big Brother house?  Do you live in, like a college party house?

Corey:  Yes, absolutely.  We call it the Frat House.  There's already a bunch of guys living there, and every week we have a whole new group that comes and stays with us...guys and girls...It's like the Big Brother house out there in Dallas.

Jeff wants to know what Corey would like to be known for in the game---will he be a physical threat?  Or more of a mental player?

Corey:  I think my biggest threat would be my physical threat.  You know, I'm very competitive.  I want people to know that I'm going to be very competitive.  I'm going to go out there and win competitions.  I'm very sociable and likable.  I'm definitely going to depend on my social game as well.  I think people are going to see me as an all around player of the game.

He thinks his downfall might be being too nice, but he's not even sure that he has a big downfall.

(Um....maybe lack of humility?)

Jeff:  You played baseball--you have to make an error sometime.

Corey:  Yeah, every once in awhile I might slip up here and there...we'll see.

Well, it turns out that Corey's baseball position is Pitcher. The fielders are usually the ones who make the errors, aren't they?  I don't know that much about baseball statistics, so someone more qualified than me can analyze his pitching stats, but I do see that his ERA is 0.0.  I wonder how many seasons are incorporated into these statistics. Is there a way to tell how many games he pitched, maybe over his entire college career?

Because my ERA is 0.0, too.  Just sayin'.

Jeff wonders how far Corey will go to win the money--is his reputation important to him?  Corey says it is, but he's willing to do "just about anything to win $500,000."

Jeff:  But you coach kids who are 13 or 14 years old, doesn't your reputation mean a lot to you?

Corey admits that he wants to set a good example for those kids, so that might impact some of his decisions in the house, but other than that, it's free reign in there...anything goes.

Jeff launches into his Stoopid Kwestions segment, and asks three of them, but I am too tired of typing to recount that here.  One of them was kind of a brain teaser though, and Corey got the answer correct.  Jeff slaps him on the back and says, "BOOM".

Jeff.  See!  He's got brawn, brains and beauty!

(And the booty, too, apparently.)

Then Jeff asks the Big Question about being hated or loved, yadda yadda yadda. Corey admits that he would rather be loved, and that his reputation is important to him---it's worth more than $500,000.

(But that's not what he said 45 seconds ago...)

Corey:  After I'm off the show, what I do after is most important to me.  I want to win the money, but I think I'll make more money after the show.

(At least he's being honest about that part.  **cough cough***  ***famewhore***  ***cough cough***)


OK.  I usually don't post so many pictures from the house guest's social media, but Corey had a veritable treasure trove of interesting people running through his pictures, some of them famous.  So I picked out a few examples for us to enjoy.

Here he is with a few of the kids he coaches after running a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race.  No doubt these impressionable young boys will be watching this summer.  Maybe they'll even turn into BB Super Fans.

And it looks like Corey's crew were Minions for Halloween.  That's fun, right?

And I'm assuming these dogs, Rory and Diesel, live in the Frat House, too.  They're chillin', ready for a party.  One of my friends had a Golden Retriever named Rusty, and we'd spend all afternoon throwing a  plastic Hawaiian Tropic bottle in the pool and Rusty would jump in there and fetch it every single time. Over and over and over, with a big smile on his snout every time.

Truly man's best friend.

This is interesting.   I think that's Frankie Grande's half-sister standing on top of that cloud on stage. She's wearing her trademark kitty cat ears, or whatever she calls them.  I'm kind of wondering if the BB set decorators can take a tip from this and make a hanging cloud chair for the HoH room next year.

And Corey is thanking "@myfanwish for the opportunity to be there".  And that's Charlie, Corey's roommate that he played college baseball with.  Corey doesn't post too many pictures that feature girls in them, just his bros, now that I think about it.

From browsing Corey's postings, I think he actually owns the FanWish app, which apparently allows fans to buy or bid on exciting experiences.  There are posts out there from disgruntled people saying that FanWish was great at first, but has been dormant for a few months.

Suddenly this all makes sense.....maybe Corey isn't just another run-of-the-mill famewhore, but he's trying to create some buzz for his business. (Not unlike Paul Abrahamian.)  So I'm cool with that, actually.  I'm kind of sorry for accusing Corey of being a famewhore, but I guess I need a few months in the rear view mirror before making a full apology.

And here Corey is with the fam at a Van Halen concert.  Yet more fun, huh?  Corey's dad looks like a riot, actually, and look at his mom making the devil longhorn (or whatever).  That pointy hair though....

And this might be one of those big parties at the Frat House, full of bro-ey guys watching sports and swilling the booze.

You see what I mean?  I could probably post another 15 or so interesting pictures from Corey's account, but I'll just post one more.  The picture isn't as high-quality as the others, but this is Corey with the Saint Louis Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha, who apparently went to Texas A&M with Corey.  Or maybe we have to say that Corey went to Texas A&M with Michael Wacha, since Wacha made it to The Big Show.

Like many Bravo channel fans, this is the Wacha that I know and love.  I actually talked to Andy Cohen one time when he was in Atlanta about Wacha and his penchant for chewing up things on the WWHL set.

OK, about Corey and Big Brother... I think he will fit right into that atmosphere and will be showcasing those famous Texas gentlemanly manners.  I'm sure he'll have the ladies eating right out of his hand, and will buddy up and bro down with the likes of Paulie Califiore.

I can't imagine Corey being an early target in the game unless he really messes up badly in an unexpected way.  I do think it looks like he's used to virtual chaos in his living situation, so having to share two bathrooms with 15 other people shouldn't be that big of a deal to him.

Since he obviously hasn't studied BB history very much, he might be the type of person who goes all out to win the first HoH competition. That's not a game-ending event like it used to be in earlier BB seasons, but it's all in how you handle your power if you are the first HoH.  (Case in Point:  Willie Hantz.)

Corey might wish he locked up his Twitter account so the likes of nosy people like me stay out of things.  Apparently some Super Fans went back far enough to find some pretty offensive tweets that Corey wrote in 2012.  He was in college then---I'm not excusing it, but sometimes people use a particular term out of habit, or because they hear it around them all of the time.  I don't think they necessarily mean to make slurs against humanity.  I'll give Corey the benefit of the doubt for now, but know that I'll be watching.....and listening....and typing, too.

Let's peruse Corey's CBS Bio to see what else he has to say.  Right off the bat, I don't like two of the three adjectives that he used to describe himself.  They're great words, but not the kind of terms you use to describe yourself, particularly if they might be true:  Extraordinary and Lovable.

(Sort of like Natalie Negrotti calling herself "beautiful.)

On second thought, maybe Natalie and Corey are a short-term match made in BB heaven, with those sorts of attitudes.   He mentions Cody being his favorite player, because they're so much alike, and also Zach Rance.  That's shocking, to hear someone admit that.  Corey must not have watched the entire BB16 season and Zach's painful aftermath.

And speaking of that, Zach really flubbed it up with CBS, didn't he?  He could have had any number of opportunities to extend his reality TV career with a major network, but he really screwed it up for himself.

There are a number of other nuggets of info in Corey's bio that I don't like, but that doesn't mean he won't go in there and be a big star this summer.  I suggest he get a new "life's motto", though, because most of the time I'm pretty sure Corey Brooks knows exactly what he's going to get.

Whatever he wants, of course.

One more note:  In his CBS Bio, Corey mentions going to see his friend Ross Stripling play for the LA Dodgers.  He indicates on Twitter that he watched the game in San Francisco, and then planned to head down to watch Ross' first home game in LA.

Here's the Thing: Robyn Kass scouted Clay Honeycutt in LA at a Laker's game.  Would it be too much of a coincidence if Robyn or one of her operatives found Corey at Dodger stadium?

Meet Natalie Negrotti - She's All That and A Can With One Chip. #BB18

This photogenic young lady is Natalie Negrotti, who is 26 and lives in Franklin Park, New Jersey.  (Isn't that where the RHONJ are from?), but she was born in  Caracas, Venezuela.  Are there Valley Girls in Venezuela?  Because to me her accent tips more to that side, then the Venezuelan side.

Natalie is obviously a beauty, but she is also gifted with a bright and bubbly personality. She says she is an event coordinator for a non-profit company.

Natalie loves the color pink and says that "pink and glitter" are her favorite colors.  Big Jeff is confused about that, but Natalie swears to him that glitter is an actual color.

Jeff:  So if the walls were glitter, you would love it.

Natalie: Yes, I'd move in.  I'd go get my stuff, bring it in here...

Jeff:  Well, you are moving in here!  You're here!

Natalie:  Wait...this is the Big Brother house?

Jeff points over to the door to the living room while Natalie adapts to this exciting information.

Natalie:  I'm so excited!  Is this the real Diary Room?

Jeff assures her it is.

***sigh**  You know what's coming next....

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of Big Brother?

Natalie:  Yes, I am!  But I have to be honest...I don't watch a lot of TV.  But after watching a few seasons,  I got hooked.  And my aunt used to watch the show, so I used to sit there and watch with her.  But, like, I don't know every season, and like, the show is so fun!

Natalie thinks not knowing everything about the show might actually give her an advantage, because she won't be so nervous.  She won't know what to expect, and she'll have a fresh take on it.

Jeff:  That's how mine was, so there are some advantages to that.

Natalie:  I won't over-analyze every situation.  I know people come n and they've watched every episode and they know everything, and that can kind of mess with your head, too.

Jeff:  So, do you have a strategy?

Natalie:  I do.  I want to create an all-girl allowance....I mean, I want an allowance, too...ha ha ha ha ha.

Jeff: If you win, you'll get an allowance at the end.

Natalie corrects herself and says wants to have an all girl alliance, but she doesn't want them to be catty or mean.

Natalie:  I'm a really sweet girl, but I do have a backbone and I don't let people walk all over me.  I mean, I'm a Latina, so I can kick some butt, and I do have a really strong personality, so if I start an all-girl alliance, I'll make sure it's a really nice one, and that they kick butt.

Jeff:  What would the name of your alliance be?

Natalie:  I'm thinking Team Fuego, or something really fun, but I feel like I need to see the dynamic of the girls before I make it up.  I need to get the energy going, and see the chemistry before we can come up with a name.

Jeff:  So, I gotta ask you, are you single?

Natalie:  I am totally single, single as a Pringle!

Jeff:  As a Pringle!  That's a new one!  I try not to say "single and ready to mingle"--that's the first time I've said it, but "single as a Pringle"...I might use that.

OK...wait a damn minute here.  If it's one thing I know about, it's Pringles.  Pringles are no good by themselves---you have to eat a stack before it counts.  And the Pringles actually spoon each other---they are actually the very opposite of single---they are committed to one another in a very orderly fashion.

In fact, a "single Pringle" would be one that you probably don't want to eat. Maybe you let the dog lick it, or maybe it just fell on the floor...who knows?  But you definitely should think twice before eating it, because someone rejected it, and that is abnormal here in America.  Because if you're going to eat one Pringle, you might as well eat one hundred of them.

Natalie:  So I'm single, and I don't know what to expect.  I might have a showmance, I might not have a showmance...who knows?

Jeff, finally thinking smart: What about Pringles Singles?  Would that work?

Natalie, stumped:  No...not really.

Jeff, getting his flirt on a little:  Well, don't listen to me, Natalie.

Natalie:  Oh..ha ha ha ha.. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Well, even the Pringles Singles package has more than one chip. It's probably like 10 or 12, so this girl doesn't know what she's talking about.  Clearly.

Maybe she should leave the snack analogies and comparisons to people like us, who know all about that, and she can just focus on whatever it is that she does.  I mean, even Big Jeff knows her analogy is a crock of shit.

Jeff:  So you're gonna use your looks, and get the girls together, but what are some downfall in your game?

Natalie:  I'm very physically active, and I have like, no patience.  Well, that's not so bad, but I feel like I might be a target because I'm super-girly, super energetic, and I'm super physically fit.  I think I'm gonna kick butt in these challenges...the physical ones.  I think that may make me a target at times, so I have to play my cards right.

Jeff's Stoopid Kwestion isn't actually that Stoopid.  He wonders who she would tweet, alive or dead, and what would she say to them, if she can only make one Tweet?

Natalie: I would Tweet my aunt, who passed away from cancer last year.  She was my best friend, my Auntie TT, she knows all of my secrets..the good and the bad.  So would tweet at her, and hope that she's proud of me.

And here's the big question--the "hated or loved" question.

Natalie, rambling big time: That's such a hard question, because I don't want America to hate me.  That's like my number one thing.  I'm a sweet person...I do care what people think, but not to an extreme like I have to live my life trying to please everyone.  But I don't know.  It's so hard!  I mean, in this game you have to lie, you have to connive, and you want to win this half million dollars, so that' like a tricky question.  It's so hard!

Jeff:  There's no right or wrong answer!

Natalie, starting to answer AGAIN: It's so hard, um...let's say..

Jeff, trying to make it stop:  NO!  There's no wrong answer.

Natalie, forging ahead:  I'd have to say I don't want people to hate me.  I mean, it's a show, and you kinda are acting too, in a way I feel like, so I'm sorry if America hates me.  I'm sorry, I want America to love me, but I would take the money.  I'm in here to win the money.

Jeff:  How far will you go though?

Natalie;  Definitely whatever it takes.  I'm not gonna be sleeping with anybody though. If I have to lie I'm sorry Mom, I'm sorry Dad, I'm sorry everyone, but I will lie.

Jeff:  Smash that.


OK.  Because Natalie is so beautiful, she's used to guys being totally mesmerized by her and kissing her butt constantly.  She thinks that every word out of her mouth is spun gold, and that we want and need to hear it.

Natalie is indeed a pageant girl.  She participated in the 2016 Miss New York pageant, but did not place.  I found a list of all of the contestants, but am not including it here because it's a LONG list.  Apparently there is a lot of competition in the local pageant world.

(Fun Fact:  Britney Haynes was in pageants for years.)

I'm pointing out the pageant part because she has obviously done the drills on answering questions for pageants.  She repeats the question, and even after rambling and changing directions a few times, she circles back around and you can see her reviewing the original question in her head to make sure she answers it.  That is why she returned to that last question, after Jeff pointed out inadvertently that she never did answer it.

I debated about including this YouTube clip here.  I didn't want to imply that Natalie is this stupid.....I actually don't think she is stupid at all.  I just think she hasn't needed to be smart yet in life.

What the's only 49 seconds and it fits the theme here, basically that these Pageant Girls are trained to give an answer to any damn question, whether they know what they are talking about or not.

Natalie was also a New York Jets cheerleader at one point.  She's not on the roster now, but she can check off that Professional Cheerleader box on her resume.

I have a new thought about Natalie now, after scanning her CBS Bio.  And that thought is:  Natalie is a total bitch.  Sorry if that offends somebody, but based on the evidence, that is my conclusion.

Look at her three adjectives to describe herself....she says "beautiful", which is not only narcissistic, it's totally unnecessary.  If you look like she does, and probably never had a physically awkward day of your life, there is no need to point it out.  In fact, it's impolite to point it out.

And she also says that "women suck at this game", and that she will allow men to join her alliance because "everyone will want to be in an alliance with her".

I say every year I'm waiting for some shrewd player who knows how to perform the Dastardly Deeds in there, but there is zero self-awareness here.

Unfortunately I do not have a high rating for Natalie, nor do I have high expectations for her in the game.  She will love all of the camera time, but she is not cut out to win a competition like this one, for just a few obvious reasons:

1.  Natalie is going to be bossy.

2.  Natalie has already appointed herself head of a non-existent alliance.

3.  Natalie thinks her "strong personality" will ensure that she can keep those bitches in her alliance from being catty.

4.  The house is fucking stacked with women who are highly educated in math and science.  I would even say a few them are brilliant.  They are not going to stand for Natalie's act and are going to see right through it.  This is the kind of conversation Tiffany will be having with Natalie in there---I can just see Natalie's blank stare now.

5.  History shows that whoever dares to bring up the term "all girl alliance" is the first girl out of the door.  (Yes, I'm looking at you, Joey.)

6.  And being pretty is going to compound that issue for the house guests.  In fact, the stunner is often the first player evicted.  (For example, Kara Monaco)  And although Natalie probably won't admit it, there are plenty of pretty girls on the cast this year.  It's not like the guys have no chance for romance if Natalie isn't there.

OK.  This is harsh, but I'm calling it:

Natalie will be the first out.  Somebody has to be the first evicted, and I think it might be her.