Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meet Paulie Califiore - You Can Hate Him Now, But You'll Forgive Him Later #BB18

You might already know him, but this is Paulie Califiore, who is 27 and hails from Howell, New Jersey.  Why would you know him?  (And better yet, why doesn't Paulie have a damn shirt on?)

Because he's BB16 Cody's brother, and started making a name for himself with the fans way back then.  Paulie was very active during BB16 while Cody was in the house.  He did interviews, he visited California a few times and made the BB rounds, and he was very social with his media.  For example:

He was photographed with Brittany Martinez, Cody's semi-boo in the BB16 house, after she was evicted. I think they watched a few of the BB episodes together, as recall.   I remember thinking, "who's having the last laugh now?" as Brittany obviously got all liquored up and had her paws all over him.

And he was somehow involved with that Ryan Carillo, doing god knows what.  I don't like Ryan Carillo because he is so self-important and condescending to some of the BB house guests that he and Rachel Reilly interview together.  (Like their interview with Donny Thompson.)  I don't know what was going on in this studio when this picture was taken, but I have to think Paulie had his reasons.  

I'm going to try and forgive Paulie for associating with Ryan. And that's all I have to say about that.

OK.  Big Jeff actually looks big next to Paulie right now, and that's not what I expected.  Maybe it's because Paulie is hunching over a little bit.  The minute I heard Paul speak, I immediately heard Cody, my BB16 Boo.  Cody was very humble about his looks, and was so sweet, but I didn't expect that to be the case with Paulie.

But I think it might be.  He has kind of a thick New Jersey twang, that comes off sweet instead of tough.  Just like Cody.

Paulie tells Jeff that he owns an entertainment company, and a "sports specific" gym.  Now, what in the world is that?  I can only assume that BB is preventing him from specifically describing his gym.  For example, if it is a Cross Fit place or something.  No free advertising for them, apparently.

Jeff invites Paulie to just come right out with it and tell us who he is.  Paulie proudly tells us that his brother is Cody Califiore, who was part of the Hit Men alliance and took that all the way to the finals "with his boy Derrick".

Jeff:  Boom.

Paulie is obviously very proud of Cody.  In fact, everything I've ever seen or heard from Cody indicates that his family is extremely close.  I don't think they even razz or tease each other.  That's kind of amazing to me.  I also heard Cody discuss how big of a BB fan his dad is----he is a live feeder.

Paulie thinks it would be stupid to lie about his brother.  He's going to just "feel out the house" to see how soon or how much he will be discussing it.  Some people think he looks and sounds just like Cody, and other people don't, so he's not sure if they will recognize him or not.

Paulie:  You know we got matching tattoos, don't you?  Over on our ribs, it says "Califiore".  Both of us.  The same.

Jeff wonders how he'll handle discussion of that, if it comes up.

Paulie:  Well, anybody that's a fan of the show is going to notice, and I can't just say I got the tattoo because I was such a big fan of that guy and I love him so much.   I'll just have to tell 'em who I am.

Jeff notes that they have matching abs, too, and Paul says they worked on them together.  Jeff even calls back to an episode of BB17 where the cameras visited Cody and Derrick at Cody's house.  Jeff remembers that Paul was doing something sporty with his shirt off, and says that he noticed Paul's abs were putting Cody's to shame.

(What the hell?)

Jeff, trying to get a grip:  But this isn't about your brother, Paulie, it's about you!

Jeff asks what Paulie will do to separate himself from Cody and his game.

Paulie:  First of all, I'd like to play just like him.  He had the best social game around...out of anybody.

Jeff:  Oh no, I think he played a great game.  I didn't mean that you needed to improve on it.

Paulie:  Cody's the man.

Paulie then alluded to doing a few things differently at the end of the game, if he goes that far.  I'm kind of confused about what he actually said.  At first I thought he was saying he wanted to be the strong one in the finals, but then he said that the jury might resent him if he takes a goat. And then Paulie started weaving a tale about the final five knowing that whoever wins the comps moves forward, and that all of them will be in it for themselves and the "best man or woman" would win.

Paulie: And then it will come down to who can talk better....do you think you can talk better than me?  (gesturing to an imaginary opponent).

Jeff:  Wow.

Maybe Paulie  should be topless when he describes his plan in the BB18 house, so it will sound better when he's pitching it.  And maybe he can try to hide his gift of gab from them, as long as he can.  Because Paulie can talk.....I know he and Cody used to work for some sort of party promoter where they would MC a crowd and work the audience, keeping the party moving along.  In fact, at one point, Cody was kind of recruiting Zach for a job with them.  You can read about it here, about halfway down the post.)

Jeff:  So if you go all the way to the end and get the 2nd prize of $50,000, would you be satisfied with that? (actually, "with dat")

Paulie says no, he would not.  He wants to use the money to help some family members who "are struggling right now".

Paulie:  I've just visualized paying off my parents' mortgage for so long now.....I would love to manifest that for them.

He also says he has a sister who is "killing them trying to be a doctor of psychology".  He says she's got a long way to go, but the student loans are very high already, and he'd like to help her out.  Every penny would go to a good place, he says.

Paulie:  We'd like to live the kind of life we'd like to live, we'd be debt-free, stress-free....just take care of everybody.

Finally Jeff asks Paulie the Big Question, about being loved or hated by the fans.

Paulie:  You can repair relationships with people over time, and you can repair your image.  But I'd rather be hated as a winner, than hailed for being a loser.  You can always repair your image later.  Look at Tom Brady---people hate him, but he wins. And then he goes home to Giselle.  He has no need for social media or all of that...he's a champ!

Jeff:  I always tell people that there's no right or wrong answer to that question, but if there's a right answer, he just gave it!

(Please take a look at Jeff's note card in the picture above.  Does that look like dripping blood to you? Is that a theme of some sort?)


OK bitches. You say you want eye candy?  Well, Paulie will step right up and volunteer.  He knows he's like a piece of meat, but he still seems so humble and sweet.  Maybe he realizes that he can't help looking like that, so he doesn't blame the world for gawking.

Or maybe he's just getting paid?  I'm not sure who would be footing the bill for these type of photo shoots, but I guess someone is writing checks.

So that's what we're dealing with here, people.  But contrary to his model poses, he seems just as precious as our sweet angel Cody.

Hot Take:  Having a famous Big Brother sibling will boost Paulie's game.  Big time.

(As opposed the cross Tiffany Rousso will have to bear this year.)

Cody was known for being fiercely loyal, and making the team his priority.  He didn't bitch and moan, and was even a good sport after losing to Derrick, who kept a few big secrets from Cody along the way.  I think people who watched BB16 will assume the same is true for Paulie.  And let's face it, it probably is.

The guys will want to be his friend, the girls will want to be his very good friend.  I think Paulie will be able to just go with the flow.  And I think there are going to be quite a few people who will need to leave before anybody thinks about giving him the boot.

So yeah, I think we'll be hanging with Paulie for a good long time.  But we can't forget the rumors about the four returnees who will show up premiere night.  Rumor has it that one of the returnees may have played with Cody during BB16.  I don't see that as a problem for his game, though.  In fact, that may be a boost for both of them, having that connection.  

I don't know what Paulie's romantic scene is like, but I'm sure we'll all be experts about this by September.  I just found an old post where Cody was discussing how his brother was dating a Knicks dancer.  Yep.  I just re-read the post and was horrified to find that Cody also said that he was hooking up with a "smoking hot girl who looks 12".  What the hell?  I don't remember being horrified at the time so maybe he didn't mean it like that.  But how else can you mean that comment?  Right?

But I digress.  I think Paulie has potential to go as far as he wants to go.


Last year, it was a big deal for Little Cody to meet Big Jeff.  Cody was as giddy as a school girl.  In my intro post for Cody, I actually included a picture of Paulie in my analysis.  After I figured out my error a few weeks later, I left the picture in there, because it was so damn hot.

Meet Tiffany Rousso: All I've Heard All Day is Marcia Marcia Marcia! #BB18

So.....the rumors were true.  Vanessa Rousso's little sister Tiffany will join the cast of BB18.  Tiffany is 32, and she lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  And this is what I'm referring to in the title of the post, if you don't know.

The SuperFans all know that Tiffany Rousso had a strong possibility of being in the BB18 house, because Vanessa already spilled the beans.  Accidentally, I'm sure, but this was a spill that you can't just wipe up with a paper towel.  Last week it looked like she wanted to do a web search of "Tiffany Rousso and BB18", but she tweeted that instead.

Oops.  She deleted the tweet, but it fed right into Facebook, where it stayed for several hours.  I think the most damning part is that Vanessa never commented on it, to deny or deflect, even though there was a whole thread on Reddit about the subject.

But here's the problem:  If any of the other newbies, or even the 4 remaining returnee players were online doing any type of Big Brother research or reading, they surely know Tiffany is going to be in the house.  Because this rumor caused a little FRENZY for the Super Fans as we all scoured the internet for clues about casting.

I'm already stressed out about Tiffany and her not-so-secret secret.  Let's see if Big Jeff can make sense of it all.

Tiffany tells Jeff that she is a high school math teacher.  She certainly doesn't look like any math teachers I ever had.  The tone of her voice sounds a lot like Vanessa---its kind of eerie.

It's been awhile since I went to high school---what is high school math, exactly?  I remember taking geometry ---is that what it is?  Calculus maybe?  Algebra? Word problems about the square footage of the grass area around the pool?

Well, enough of this small talk about employment --- Jeff wants to jump right to the juicy part.

Jeff, smugly:  So, you watch a lot of Big Brother? Are you a fan?

Tiffany, not taking the bait:  Totally.  I've been watching since I was a teenager, but off and on since then.  More recently, I've been watching more of it.

Jeff, looking confused:  What was your favorite season?

Tiffany, pretending not to notice that Jeff is confused:  Hmmm, favorite season?  Um...  I liked Season 10.  Season 10, for sure.

Jeff is all like, what the fuck is this?  I swear Jeff just aged 10 years in the last 10 seconds.

Tiffany:  So Season 10....and 12 and 13.  (gives Jeff an elbow nudge)

Jeff:  Oh...nice....nice.  I'm fishing for other reasons though, not just compliments.

Tiffany;  Oh yeah, I know.

Unbelievably, Tiffany keeps going on and on about not having an absolute favorite season.  The way she feels about a season depends on the characters who played, blah blah blah.

Jeff finally has had enough of this business, and tells Tiffany that this little chat won't be seen by the other house guests.

Jeff:  They're not gonna hear any of dis.  This is just me and you...and da fans.

Tiffany still refuses to cooperate.  I wonder if Alison Grodner is banging her head against the wall backstage, in frustration.

Vanessa:  Are you asking me who I know?  Who I've met from the cast?

Jeff:  Yes.  Yes.

Tiffany:  I've met a few of the cast from last year.  Because my sister is.....Vanessa Rousso.

Jeff:  There you go!  You scared me for a minute.

Jeff has to tell her that is what he was getting it, and says she is a "tough nut to crack".  She acts like this is a revelation to her, like maybe she thought Jeff actually gives a shit who she's met from previous casts.

(No way, right?  No way Tiffany isn't smart enough to get the drift here.)

NEWS FLASH FOR TIFFANY:  I hope you're not already tired of talking about being Vanessa's sister.  I'm sure Media Day is long and grueling, but damn.

(Although, a little hostility can be fun to watch sometimes.)

Tiffany doesn't plan to go in the house and just "throw that out there", that she is Vanessa's sister.  She's going to play it by ear.  If she's confronted with it, she won't lie about it, because that will make it a much bigger deal than it already is.

Jeff thinks Tiffany has some of the same mannerism as Vanessa, except he pronounces it "man-yer-isms.

(Ha ha ha.)

Tiffany is going to try to play the game less emotionally than her sister.  She says they talked about it and Vanessa realizes it was an issue for her, so Tiffany is going to try and tone that down.

(It suddenly feels like they are both tiptoeing, walking on eggshells to avoid being critical.)

Jeff says it is a different story once you're in there (actually, "in dere"), so it's easy to get caught up, but he's sure Vanessa has told Tiffany all about it, so she knows what to expect ("in dere").

Tiffany says she's super-competitive, and that might be her downfall.  Something comes over her when she competes, so if she doesn't need to win it's going to be hard to throw a competition.

Tiffany:  I'd kind of like to lay low in there for a few weeks, and not win, especially the first one.  Unless it all comes out and it makes me a huge target and I have to win.

Getting cast on the show is a great accomplishment for Tiffany, but her biggest accomplishment to date was starting her "first business" last year.

Tiffany:  I started an SAT prep business for students and enrolled a few classes, so that was pretty big for me.

Jeff "jokes" that he took one of those classes, but his SAT score only increased 2 points.  Tiffany assures him that it's better than the score going in the opposite direction.

Jeff:  If you win this, is it just for you, or are you going to dangle it over your sister?

Tiffany:  What do you mean, dangle it over her?

(Oh C'MON.)

Jeff:  You know, be like "I won and you didn't".

Tiffany: No, that's not me.  But I see what you're getting at though.  Even just getting on the show is an accomplishment at this point, so I want to enjoy it.  But winning is my biggest goal.

Jeff says it will be interesting to watch her, and he hopes she has a great summer.


I do think that Tiffany is just as smart, if not more emotionally intelligent than her sister Vanessa. I also think that a gorgeous, brainy math teacher like Tiffany could get cast on Big Brother without a famous relative.

But can she win?  I'll be honest and say I have some concerns.

*  First of all, it is highly likely that several of her cast mates not only know who Tiffany is --they already know that she will be part of the cast this year (as discussed above, from Vanessa's tweet).  They've been expecting her.  In fact, Tiffany probably already knows about that stupid tweet.  Maybe she's mad about it, and that adds to her irritation about having to talk about Vanessa today.  That's understandable.

*  Tiffany says she won't lie about Vanessa being her sister, but even a whiff of trying to keep it a secret might spell trouble for her.  For example, do you think she will use her real last name on the show?  I don't.  And I think that is going to make her look sneaky.

*  Tiffany actually just played in Audrey Middleton's new online "Sequester" game, which is apparently some sort of Big Brother competition, but you play from the comfort and safety of your computer at home.  And Tiffany won.  And that makes her a threat, too, although I have no idea what the caliber of competition was, or who she was playing against.  (Or even what its all about.)

You know, if Tiffany didn't have the whole Rousso situation on her shoulders, I might pick her to go far in the game.  Or if her casting secret had actually been more of a secret, I might be more high on Tiffany.

But on the bright side, maybe only the true geek Super Fans on the cast will be the ones who know who Tiffany's sister is.  And maybe they will try to keep that information to themselves, in order to weaponize Tiffany's strengths.   Because aligning with someone who is brilliant, and knows a thing or two about how Big Brother works could be an asset in there.

I know everyone loves to rag on Jeff's interview skills, but he really dropped the ball on this one.  He didn't ask Tiffany any other questions about her life, or background, such as her romantic status, or how she feels about teaching.  Or how her teaching skills might help her in the game.  Or even a super-honest question about how irritating it is to live in Vanessa's poker player shadow.  Or how painful it was to watch some of last year's show.  All interesting topics to allow us to get to know her better.

For Tiffany's sake, I hope the rumors of the four returning house guests coming in as PLAYERS (and not coaches) will take some of the heat off of her, and give everyone someone else to focus on.  And if the names of those returnees are true, then two of them played Big Brother with Vanessa.

Or should I say:  They played against Vanessa.  And maybe they will try to correct that mistake this time.  Or maybe they will want to get her before she can get them.

There's only one way Tiffany can beat Vanessa's Big Brother track record, and that is to make the Final Two.  I hate to say it, but it's going to be hard to do that when you're voted out before Jury.

While We Wait, Let's Chat About #BBUK

Today is day we are scheduled (actually re-scheduled) to meet the new BB18 house guests.

Will we meet only newbies?  Are there any newbies?  Just how deep is Production going to go to cast returning players, IF there are returning players?

Are we ever going to see Frank Eudy again?

These are questions that may be answered by the end of the day. If we're lucky, or unlucky, as the case may be.

No matter what, I will still be here to perform my annual FeedWatcher duties, so don't worry about that.


Let's have a quick chat about BB UK.  Or a chin wag, as they say across the pond.

Every year I've been watching the kickoff of the BB UK summer season, but I only get a few episodes into it before I have to abandon it for the BB US series.

What I've seen so far is SHOCKINGLY eff'ed up.  And let's just say it's not easy to SHOCK me. Is anybody in charge over there?  What in the hell is going on?

Let me give you a few headlines about what has happened:

*  The season kicked off with a houseful of players who had some tenuous connections to being famous.  From what I understand, a few of them have TV presenter roles, or are journalists, or had sex with some famous people.  (Sounds like Celebrity BB UK, doesn't it?)

*  Then they brought in a group of house guests called "The Others", who are living in a separate section of the house, and are supposed to be secretly targeting the "normal" house guests for eviction, in some sort of flimsy scheme to get inside the "normal" part of the house.

*  The Others appeared on screen wearing some creepy masks, and matching blue jumpsuits that make them look like auto mechanics.  I was excited about this part---it was scary.  But admittedly I had been doing a little pre-show vaping, so really, who the hell knows if it was actually scary or not.

*  It turns out that a few of The Others are associated with the "normal" house guests, but they were as surprised about this as we were.  The Others get to see selected snippets of the live feeds, and then they are shown snippets from the "normal" house guests' casting videos, where they specifically discussed their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends.  As you might guess, the comments were not flattering.  Not at all.

*  For example, "Sam" described his most recent ex-boyfriend as a smelly bitch who smeared spray tan all over the sheets.  "Ryan" from The Others stood up and had a screaming hissy fit about it, as he was clearly the smelly spray-tanner.

*  Previously Ryan had a tantrum in the DR, saying that he didn't want to be An Other...he wanted to be in the main house, getting all of the the attention.  He wanted to wear his real clothes, too.

*  And a "normal" house guest named ________ (?), who is a stuntman, talked about how he had a hard time getting rid of his ex-girlfriend, and made some very ungentlemanly comments about the whole business.  The ex-girlfriend (Charlie?) was quite distressed about this, and obviously humiliated.

*  Needless to say, there is a lot of tension in The Other camp.  They all seem to hate each other and have screaming fits about it.  At one point, the fracas was so loud that the "normal" house guests could hear them on the other side of the wall.  Clearly they are not going to function as a team, as Production hoped.

*  Meanwhile, I'm certainly not a religious person, but it seems like the "normal" side of the Big Brother house is doomed.  I expect the floor to crack open at any minute and suck the entire studio into the depths of hell.

*  There's this guy:  Marco.  His dad is a famous chef, apparently.  I googled him and saw that he does some shows with Gordon Ramsey---the type of shows where they terrorize local restaurants and shops in an attempt to "help" them.  Marco probably started out life as a nice young man, but something went wrong on the factory floor after that.  He told a story about going to some island or something for a month, and spending $250,000 on hookers and drugs.  He softened this by saying that he just talked and hung out with most of the hookers though.  Which is even more fucked up, if you ask me, wasting your dad's money like that.

*  Marco can say what he wants, but clearly he is a victim of extremely low self-esteem.  He does say he loves his father, though.  There are clearly some family issues though, I'll just leave it at that.  Here he is below with "Sam" who had the stinky spray-tanning ex-boyfriend.  Marco reminds me of a demented Dave Navarro.  Maybe that's the look he's going for.  Marco has little respect for Production, and seems to just ignore Big Brother when he's given any sort of  instruction or warning.

*  Marco is engaged, but claims he has an open relationship and is free to pursue whatever strikes his fancy this summer in the BB house.  And that would be Laura.  As best I can tell, Laura has no tattoos, and with the proper attire could fit right into the PTA meeting or Teacher's Lounge.

*  But Laura likes bondage, and rough trade.  She actually debated how she wanted "it" from Marco, before making her decision to just get it "hard, from the front".  In just a few episodes, I have seen his hands all over her, pulling down her bottoms.  I saw him put his hand down the front of her pants.  I heard them dirty-talking about rough sex topics.  It was graphic.  GRAPHIC.

*  And note that I've only been watching the PRIME TIME NETWORK SHOW.  Not the live feeds.  Not the highlights.  The PRIME TIME show.

OK.  Before I make myself sick, and rethink the way I've chosen to spend my summers, I will try to wrap this up.

*  On the first live show, The Others nominated a bunch of house guests for eviction, and decided to evict the two most popular and friendly guys.  Neither of which I have discussed because they are relatively normal.  You know, compared to Marco.

*  But the two house guests were not evicted---instead they were sent to live in The Others' side of the house.  These two guys are visibly miserable now, missing their "normal" friends and hating being in the middle of this pack of vengeful, screaming lunatics.

*  The British public voted to send two of The Others into the "normal' part of the house, to wreak havoc of some sort.  The two most volatile and scary Others were chosen, including Alex, the smelly spray-tanner who wants vengeance.

*  And let me say that Emma Willis had a hard time discussing what was going on with both sets of guys during the live show.  The two popular guys were shocked to be evicted first, and could barely understand what Emma was telling them about where they were going.  The two Others were being told that they had to keep The Others secret when they were in the house, as they had a mission to accomplish.  (Emma:  Do you hear me?  Are you listening?  Will you put your game face on?  Are you listening?)

*  (Just quit, Emma.  You're too good for this.)

*  It was hard to watch what happened next.  The two Others went in there like a tornado.  Alex, the smelly spray-tanner started YELLING at his ex-boyfriend Sam, who was trying to maintain his composure on live TV.  It was clear that Alex had seen Sam's audition video disparaging him.  And then the other Other who went into the "normal' house named Andrew had to find a way to top that.  I find Andrew frightening.  Something about him is just terrifying.

*  Andrew is from Chicago and has an American accent, although he does use British slang and has a few British twists to his pronunciation of certain words.  He is obviously extremely intelligent, and is a professional kickboxer.  Andrew is also the kind of guy who believes rules don't apply to him.  And he doesn't give a fuck, obviously.  About anything.

*  Andrew went into the "normal" side of the house and said he knew that out of 10 house guests, 8 of them were snakes.  This sent the house into  uproar, right on live TV.  There was shouting from the men, and some of women lost their minds.

*  There were two young female twins playing as one that started banging on the windows and doors, yelling "get me out of here".  They broke through a door and we could see dark footage of them running through the hallways of the Production office, with a security guard chasing them.

*  Shortly after that, Marco the Tattooed Demon started saying that he didn't need all of this---he'd already been in the house and been on TV, and he was ready to leave.  He kept calling out for Big Brother to bring his luggage, and got another house guest to agree to leave with him.  This is a guy named Chelsea, who is an older Indian gentleman who frequently brags about how rich he is.  Marco and Chelsea started yammering about how they were going to fly immediately to Miami and party.

*  Marco ended up BREAKING OFF A DOOR HANDLE and leaving the house with Chelsea for parts unknown.  (Marco:  Fuck it.  I'm rich and I'm leaving.)

*  And THAT is how the first week of the season ended, folks.  So let's not be too quick to bitch and moan about the US version.  I'd love to hear Alison Grodner's comments on this whole fiasco.  It really is the definition of a SHIT SHOW.

*  Oh, one more thing you need to know.  This Andrew character, the scary smart kickboxer, was ejected from the house yesterday.  The rumor is that he tweeted out some racist stuff in 2012, and the house "just learned about it".

Well, whatever.  Here is what Andrew looks like, so you can run the other way if you encounter him in the normal "normal" world.  Kind of like James Rhine's evil cousin, without the feels.

Oh, and somehow one of the Twins, and both Marco and Chelsea ended up returning to the house, without any sort of satisfying explanation as to what transpired behind the scenes to make that happen.

And the TV ratings are PLUMMETING.  Let's all be glad that whatever happens this summer in the US, it won't be a disaster like BB UK.