Monday, June 13, 2016

CBS Pulled the Plug on Today's Live Event #BB18

Well, today was supposed to be Cast Reveal Day.  Jeff Schroeder was scheduled to start his series of hard-hitting interviews with the cast, live from the DR at 11:00 am EST.  The newbies from the cast, anyway.  

(In the past any returning house guests have entered the house separately from the new players, to make their entrance more dramatic.  The first big twist of the season, actually.)

But just after midnight on Monday morning (today), CBS sent out the following tweet:

So not only is the Cast Reveal pushed back a day, the tweet is worded as if the interviews will not be streamed live on All Access.  If so, that's a real shame, because the live reveal for BB17 was very exciting for all of the Super Fans.

(Do you remember who Jeff interviewed first last year?  It was Fan Favorite Jason Roy, who was shot out of a cannon and got the festivities off to a rollicking start.)


The Big Brother fans will take any opportunity to analyze rumors and gossip, some innocently and some not-so-innocently.  Some are saying that one of the house guests must have family that were impacted in some way by yesterday's tragic mass murder in Orlando.  Some are saying that the delay must relate to troubles with the house guests, resulting in the need to shuffle the deck and make some casting changes.

In past years, there have always been alternate house guests on hand to join the game in the event of someone leaving, or being forced to leave.  For example:

*  McCrae Olson was packing up to fly home after being sequestered for a week as an alternate before BB15.  He got the call, and the pardon from Production after some other guy dropped out.  And the rest is history, as they say.

*  Chef Joe Arvin got called up from the alternate ranks to join the BB14 cast after "Mike the Sailing Instructor" sailed on out of there.  This incident may be the reason why CBS doesn't broadcast commercials starring the new house guests until they're already locked in place.

*  According to Austin Matelson, he was a finalist for BB16, but left sequester voluntarily, which led to Hayden Voss being promoted from alternate status to a full-fledged BB16 house guest.  We all know Austin has a vivid imagination, but Derrick later confirmed the fact that he had seen Austin lurking around during the casting process in his season, as mentioned in the linked post.  (I still can't imagine having two hulks like Devin and Austin on the same cast.....)

So the Cast Reveal delay may be related to some house guest casting issues, but I'm more inclined to lean towards technical issues, particularly if they won't be live streaming the interviews tomorrow.  Last year the house guests were all interviewed on "Media Day" by a number of media outlets, but only Jeff's CBS interviews were released immediately.  All of the other interviews could not be made public until a few days later, giving CBS a natural exclusive.


Like the rest of America, I'm gutted over the senseless violence that ended the lives of 49 innocent people, and injured 53 others in Orlando yesterday.  After college graduation, I moved to Orlando to start my career.  I lived in Winter Park, and worked in downtown Orlando for five years.  They were among the best years of my life----I made a lot of friends and we all worked hard and played hard, too.

It was an exhilarating time to be alive, in my 20's with the world at my feet.  Starting my career and dating up a storm, out in the bars, clubs and sports bars at least 4 nights each week.  If you're from a small town like I am, Orlando is just big enough to give you the options of a big city (i.e. professional sports teams, multiple malls, a world-class airport), but with the chatty friendliness of a small town.  So many of the deceased were in their 20's too, enjoying the weekend and feeling free to live the way they wanted to live.

It's a wonderful community. And I'm still shocked and a little numb about what happened.  I was glued to CNN all day yesterday, watching what felt like a nightmare unfold.  I wasn't really looking forward to the Big Brother machine cranking up today, so maybe Production felt the same way, and pushed back the festivities to allow more time for America to grieve. 

 If so, I support that decision.


Apparently the Cast Reveal was delayed as a show of respect, which is appropriate.

And it is appropriate that they gave this explanation, to prevent some of the speculation and rumor-mongering about it.


I used to love posting all of the pre-season rumors and spoilers, but there are so many fakes and opportunists out there now, it's just not fun anymore.  Yes, we all think there are former players returning this year, but the sloppy fabrications that are coming out now don't deserve our attention, in my opinion.

I'll just let those trolls crawl back into the woodwork where they belong.


While I was looking for the Austin post linked above, I found this one highlighting how smelly and dirty Austin was in the BB17 house last year.  It's an action-packed post, and had some funny parts.  It feels good to laugh again.  

(Sorry Austin.)

And this is an interesting, timely post from last year, as we see Jason Roy explain how the Jokers Updates house guest popularity polls work, including information regarding how fans may change their pre-season opinions about the house guests after watching the first CBS episode.