Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Countdown to #BB18 - Get the Corner Office Gossip While You Can

We all know some gossip is true.  And some is just bullshit.  That's what makes it fun.

I'm really trying to ignore the gossip and get as much of my real work done this week as I can, before the cast reveal on Monday (six days away).  But I was wondering if the "Corner Office" was spouting off yet, so I peeked.

You may know that there is a twitter account that seems to pop up every year to sling a bunch of BB info in the week before the cast reveal.  Sometimes of the gossip has been ridiculous, and was obviously someone from Production trying to yank our chain.  But some other things that were reported were true.

If history repeats itself, the Twitter account will disappear in a few days.  The last time I got in on the Corner Office preseason action was for BB15....you can see that here.

Note that there are some "fake" fake Corner Office accounts on Twitter.  At least, I think they are fakes of the fake Twitter.  But the gossip I'm seeing is interesting, so I'm reporting it here for our enjoyment.

This year, there is a different tone to the tweets.  The Corner Office seems irritated, fed up with all of the lies and misdirections.  The Corner Office wants to set things straight.  (Or do they?)

I wonder why "fluid" was written in quotes.  I think I understand the "taken" part, but not the "fluid".

Maybe that indicates that the Production crew is drinking heavily, while they still can.  I sure hope that the Sound Department is receiving the training and rehearsal time that they so desperately need, after all of the sound fiascos during BB17 (several of which occurred on the freaking LIVE SHOWS).

And I have to wonder how big of a BB fan The Corner Office may be, if he or she thinks "the trolls will go into hiding" after the cast reveal.  The Trolls will just be getting started then!

(And some of the BB fans are clearly NUTS.)

(No offense to any NUTS who are reading this, of course.)

Hmmm.  This is interesting.  Does that mean that we will have house guests with names that have not been used before on Big Brother?  Or does that mean that the names themselves are unique, like Beauregard or Penelope?

Sometimes the Corner Office is chatty, answering questions in a sarcastic sort of manner.  Unfortunately the following Twitter exchange leads me to believe that there may be some returnees who did not play the game well.

That fills me with terror and dread, but I will try to keep an open mind.

(But I am tired of the "real" legends appearing over and over on the show though, so in a way this makes me happy.)

Someone asked if "fluid" mean a Blood vs. Water season (like Survivor).  The Corner Office says "no" to that, but says there  will be "blood".

So.....some siblings, parents, or children of past contestants?  There is a big rumor out there now about Vanessa's sister being cast this year, based on something Vanessa typed and then deleted on Twitter.  But I think the sister (Tiffany) just competed on Audrey Middleton's online BB game....I don't watch that stuff, but I think she won.

Surely CBS wouldn't cast someone who just played a two-bit Big Brother ORG game.  (Sorry Audrey. )  But of course, they did cast Audrey, who was a big part of that ORG world.

I'm even more confused about this comment now.  But I did notice that Vanessa is following The Corner Office on Twitter, so I guess she wants to hear the scoop, too.

 Here is some simple math for all of you.  I wonder what it means.

Coco The Bear has a good guess, but I am having flashbacks of the Pax brothers on BBCAN4.

The Corner Office tells us that no one from any other CBS shows is involved, so there won't be any Survivor or TAR crossovers.  (Not that we would care about the TAR people, to be honest.)

But apparently "fraternal", "twins", or "siblings" does factor in to the discussion, per The Corner Office ramblings.  Although twins are siblings, and can be fraternal, so maybe more than one of the words will apply.  So The Corner Office may indeed be wrong about that part.

There was also a tweet about there being no international contestants, but I don't think I included that here.

And with this tweet, The Corner Offce was done for the day on Twitter.  Maybe the tweeter works in Production,  and had to get back to stocking the Storage Room, or scrubbing the inside of the kitchen cabinets to prevent an early ant infestation.

(Ha ha...we KNOW that's not true.  I heard the BB17 house guests say that there were ants all over the plastic-wrapped snack tray that was provided on the first night, along with champagne.)

That last Tweet pictured says a lot.....it directly implies that there will be returnees, but they are all second-timers.  A second chance for them, if it is true.

This might all be a load of crap.  Time will tell about the accuracy of The Corner Office's musings. We will get the cast reveal on Monday June 13th, of course, but I don't expect to get the identities of any returnees then (if this info is true).

For the seasons with just a handful of returnees (BB11, BB13, BB14) the newbies entered the house first, with the threat of additional house guests hanging over their heads.  Then the returnees (or "coaches"...whatever) came in later, with a flourish.

We might be in the same boat as the newbies, worrying and waiting.  Biting our nails, maybe drinking a little too much.

I can't wait.