Monday, June 6, 2016

Countdown to #BB18 - Seven Days Until the Cast Reveal

And no matter what you've heard, no one really knows anything.  Every year there is chatter about All Stars, but I have a hard time believing this will be the year for that.

As the fans know, BB7 was the first (and maybe last) All Star season, and there was quite a bit of pre- promotion relating to the cast selection. Some of you will remember that the All Stars "competed" to get votes to join the game.  It's hard to remember that era now, but there was virtually no social media back then, in the summer of 2006.

Does anyone remember how the BB7 house guests campaigned for votes?  I have some sort of vague memories about Janelle doing appearances in a mall or something, but I'm sure only the most diehard SuperFans were involved in those type of events.  I don't even remember if the voting was online, or if we voted using telephones.  I don't even remember if I voted or not.  It was a long time ago.

So I have to ask....if BB18 was going to be big, splashy All Stars season, wouldn't CBS be hyping that up now?  Wouldn't they expose the plan, and the players, so that all of the fans could get get more bang for their buck?

Last year Survivor had the Second Chance season, where millions and millions of fans (or bots) voted for the players they wanted to see on Season 32.  It was wildly successful, and I fully expected Big Brother to take a tip from that.  But so far, not a peep.

But we all have questions....for example.

1.  Isn't CBS waiting for the June 13th cast reveal to ramp up the All Stars promotion?

Maybe, but I just think that ship has sailed.  Every year, CBS has urged the fans to get involved with the show outside of the television arena----they want us to "talk" about the show using their hashtags, They want us to visit the CBS website to see the house guests' HoH pictures, and to vote on whether to give the house guests donuts or muffins (or whatever).

An All Star vote would have been a great way to drive traffic to their website, and to hype up the fans.

2.  So-and-So said on Twitter that the season is for sure going to be All Stars.  What about that?

Well, as Derrick said in a recent group interview with The Hollywood Reporter :

I know a bunch of people who work in production, and we’re going to see something really special this year. I don’t care how cool you think you are with production, unless you’re in production you don’t know anything.

(Couldn't they find a better picture of Jason Roy than the one they used in the header of that article?  He looks like a portly country boy.  What the hell?)

3.  BB is usually only renewed one year at a time, but after BB16, CBS signed on for both BB17 and B18.  What about that?

Well, as you might know, the last time Big Brother US was renewed for multiple seasons, it was right after BB5, when CBS signed on for both BB6 and BB7 (the All Star season).  So...that must mean something, right?

Maybe, or maybe not.  All sorts of business topics might be involved in the renewal negotiations.  It might be the case that Production (Fly on the Wall and AGP) needed some long-term assurances before investing in major changes to the BB soundstage.

Last year they supposedly re-wired everything so that the show could be broadcast in HD, and they added the sky bridge.  This year you may have already seen the extensive renovations to the back yard  (new pool and in-ground hot tub).

Maybe Alison Grodner wanted to get some papers signed before she started writing checks for all of these renovations.  Or maybe not.  Who knows.

4.  What do you think, FeedWatcher?

I have no inside information, but I have some hunches.  I do think that there is certainly a chance that there will be at least some returning players this year.  In fact, that thought has been filling me with dread, because some of the rumored returnees are not people that I want to spend this summer with.

They have had three solid seasons now with all newbies--I'm hoping that they go with the flow and continue that trend (although admittedly Les Moonves was not very happy with all members of the BB17 cast).

Alison Grodner tweeted that we should "expect the unexpected", but who knows if she really means that.  Because of course, they say that every year.

And I am smart enough to know that the decorating scheme of the house has little to do with the actual theme of the BB season.  This year the theme is "Cities of the World".....what if they take a tip from what BB Canada did (BBCAN4) and bring in a few international BB house guests?

That certainly would be unexpected.  I think there are some rules preventing non-US citizens from competing in our game shows, but surely the CBS legal team could structure the deal in a way to avoid that.  It is tempting to get lured into to an idea like this by looking at the decor of the BB18 house via the tour Julie Chen gave the Entertainment Tonight correspondent.

Check out the British pillows on the beds in this room, as viewed from behind the wall, where the camera crew lurks.

And this bedroom has a Japanese anime theme.  I think this is the room the crazies will sleep in.  Just a guess.

The doorway between the bedrooms is sort of like a British telephone booth, too.  Hmmm.

And get a load of the Eiffel Tower perched on top of the refrigerator.  Do you think that will keep the house guests from putting boxes of crackers or cookies up there?  I hope they glued that down tightly, because I know someone is going to get tipsy and do something crazy with that.

The airplane wallpaper is a little busy for my tastes, but I'm sure I will be ignoring it in no time.

And check out the compass thingy (or whatever) in the middle of the dining table.  And those look like little suitcases, don't they?  Are they going to play Suitcase Ball this year with those props?

And this is outside of the HoH Room.....all of those planes and cars on the wall are also too busy to me.  And they are just begging for someone to pull them off and throw them.  Right?  I'll bet you could hurt yourself, too, if you got shoved up against that wall the right way.

Nothing about that wall seems camera-friendly to me.  I would not be surprised to learn that that wall has already been replaced with something more colorful and pleasing to the eye.

And this is the HoH room.  I'm hoping that the fact that they moved the fish tank back into the room means that we will have no need for the second HoH room, and that the Battle of the Block is banished forever.

Other than the faux skyscraper view, this room looks like a normal bedroom.  Somewhat like a room at the Hilton.  Maybe it's supposed to look like a hotel room, to fit into the travel scheme.

One thing is for sure....they WILL NOT have a sandy floor in the bathroom when the show kicks off.

I mean, HOW COULD THEY?  That house gets filthy enough as it is, without people with wet feet tracking sand all over.

Meanwhile, the BB UK house is redecorated every season, and their team comes up with outstanding ideas.  For example, this is their new Diary Room chair.

Holy cow.  That is some chair.  The new season of BB UK kicks off tomorrow night, in case you'd like to see that chair in action.

I'm not saying I'd like to sit in that chair for any length of time, but it is fun to look at.

NOTE:  This is my first post of the new year.  And as usual, I had to FORCE MYSELF to type.  I'm rusty, and trying to get into it.  It's hard for me to get started every year,  but once things start happening my creativity and enthusiasm will return. I promise.