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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 31st - PoV and Halloween Party #BBOTT

Really, the whole Sister situation is so obvious, if you watch them.  Everyone else must be just looking, but not seeing, because it's right there in front of them.  I know some of these people are smart, so maybe they're just incredibly naive, or unobservant.

Yesterday they got locked down in the backyard in preparation for the PoV competition, and Morgan made a shitty comment to Alex that only a sister would make.

Alex, in her baby voice:  I just wish Big Brother had given us tiny pumpkins this morning, since it's Halloween.

Morgan:  No, because we're not in kindergarten.

Shelby:  Oohhh.  That was harsh!

And then the two of them sat together like this.  It's just so obvious to me, but then again, as Justin would say, "I already know".

Yesterday was Jason's third day without cigarettes.  BB has provided nicotine patches for him, which you can see sometimes on his left bicep.  The patches are clear and must be chockful of the stuff, because on the first day he used them, Jason said he could tell that it was a continuous stream of nicotine in his system, rather than just feeling it as he smoked.

He says he's bored without being able to smoke, and that's the hardest part.  He even did some weight lifting to keep himself occupied, and has been taking up various cleaning projects, as well. I've heard him say before he ran out of smokes that he was excited about quitting, because the nicotine patches are expensive and he wasn't able to afford them at home.  Plus, I think he said his mother and friends all smoke, too, so that makes it extra-hard to even think about quitting.

But now that he's well into his first series of patches, I've heard him "joke" about BB giving them some cigarettes, and say he "can't wait to start hurting himself again" when he's out of the house.  I used to be a "party smoker", and it was VERY difficult to quit.  Some people say that the habit is even harder to kick then heroin, but I'm not sure how reliable that information would be, given the circumstances.

Apparently the patches are used in a series, gradually decreasing the nicotine provided over time.  Scott didn't use the patch, but said he quit smoking at least a week ago.  But I heard Jason say that Scott kept coming over and asking for a hit off one of his lit cigarettes.

Jason:  But his mouth was so slimy...I could see that the filter was wet so I just told him to keep the whole thing.

Soon it was time for the PoV, and whatever they were expecting, it wasn't what happened.  Scott has been saying for DAYS that he was "sure" it would be a gross food-eating competition, and the other house guests started to believe him.  Justin, a Have Not, proclaimed he was down to eat anything in the competition.

Justin:  Roaches....bugs...whatever the fuck.  I'm eating it!  I can throw up later.

Jason also thought he would do well if the competition involved eating gross things, because due to his own admission, he's put plenty of gross things in his mouth already.  But the competition involved a long, involved video story about how the Big Brother house is haunted.  We saw this clip of Michelle and Bridgette talking about scary noises, and also heard Nicole going on about being scared of "noises behind the walls".

(Well, no shit Nicole.  You're in the BB house.)

So there was a LONG story about "Clementine Bryant" and her family.  Clementine had A LOT of problems.  I'll admit the story didn't really hold my attention, although at first it seemed like knowledge of the story details would play a role in the comp, similar to a few Survivor comps in the past.

But it turns out that the story had no connection at all to what the competition involved.  I think they may have set Danielle up by having her read such a long, rambling story.  Because that's her reputation in there.....telling long, rambling stories.

Justin looked very disturbed as Danielle described details about murders, bloody messes, and hauntings.  I wasn't even sure he would agree to participate, but he did.

Basically the PoV players were all corralled in the Yoga Room while the non-players convened in the HoH room to watch the action on a special screen that allowed them to see the bedrooms, too.  Each PoV player would take a turn looking for three of Clementine's items--a hairbrush, a doll, and something else.  Justin later said that "Heath" told them that the items would be in the three bedrooms downstairs, and that the special box where they were supposed to deposit them (on top of a pentagram!) would be "in plain sight".

The three nominees for eviction will play for PoV, of course, along with HoH Danielle.  Whitney got to pick House guest's choice, and raised a few eyebrows by picking Justin.  (Because everyone thinks Justin would use the PoV to save Whitney, if he could.)

Alex, Kryssie, and Morgan were the only house guests who weren't playing.  They could hear Heath talking to Justin in the living room, so they knew he would be going first.  They were eavesdropping until BB told them to "STOP THAT".

Justin was required to read the instructions aloud, and then a loud scream signaled it was time for him to start.  You can see he wore a little headlamp to see, and how dark it was down there.  Justin immediately started talking out loud, saying "OH GOD", and "DON'T HURT ME",

I changed the view so we could see the HoH group watching him, but it messed up the watermark.  You can see a body encased in plastic in the above picture.  At the time, we thought the Nolan Twins, Austin, and Lawon were the "people" in the house, but it turns out the people who were alive were P.A.s  And Jason said he touched some of them and the ones covered in plastics were "definitely mannequins".

But upstairs they screamed when they saw "a little girl" walk towards Justin when he had his back turned.  It seemed like Justin's turn ended in seconds, and we saw him appear in the HoH room.  I thought he quit.  I really did.  But it turns out his fear propelled him to a very low time of about 1:52, and he later said he didn't even see the guy wearing the "bunny mask" hiding behind the door in the London Room.

Justin:  I didn't even look up.  I just went.....ya dig.

Then Justin sat and grooved to Danielle's Frank Ocean CD, singing along and performing various hand motions.  Kryssie doesn't look happy here....she probably wanted to compete in this PoV, since she loves Halloween and spooky stuff.

Jason:  You would have wanted to stay down there and live with them, Kryssie.

Scott went second, and seemed very scared.  His time was around 2:08, so the live feeders knew he didn't win, and we actually thought Justin would win, after we saw Shelby blow it with a time over 5 minutes, and Jason with a time just a little longer than Scott's time.  Whitney's time was also horrible--she spent much of the time crawling around on her hands and knees.

But then Danielle went last, and totally smoked the competition with a time of 1:22.  People online are saying Production "told her" where to find the items, but of course that is a bunch of sore loser hogwash.

After they were able to go outside again, Justin went over to Scott, who was laying alone in the hammock, to let him know everything should be okay this week.

And note that Scott was alone....he's suddenly become a pariah in the house.  But maybe he has always been a pariah in the house, never really belonging with any group, but he had so much confidence when announcing his presence when joining groups.  And maybe he's just stopped doing that, laying back to see who would come and talk to him.

Jason ate what looked like leftover pasta.  Or maybe some sort of chicken dish.  I expected Justin to be much more "cheffy" in the house, but I've only seen him cook chicken dishes, and also to painstakingly cut chicken filets up into uniform-sized triangle strips.  Justin said he doesn't like seafood, which is rather strange for a fisherman like himself.

He probably differentiates seafood from shellfish, because I've heard him discuss eating shrimp dishes from his oyster bar in the French Market.

Danielle was so excited to win a competition.

Danielle:  It just feels so good to win!

Jason:  You won two comps bitch!  You're in control!

Meanwhile Shelby was crying because she was sad about Whitney leaving.

But Shelby might be the one leaving...who knows.  It seems her Care Package prize of eliminating three votes might not be so easy, after all.  At the time, the Ball Smashers were expecting Danielle to use the PoV to save Scott, which would leave just Whitney and Shelby on the block.

And with a few days left until the eviction, there is plenty of time for voting deals to be made.

Morgan seems carefree, not knowing what Danielle's true plans are, energetically shoveling a handful of Puppy Chow in her mouth.

I've never had Puppy Chow, but I'm sure it is delicious.  I never even heard of it until I saw Dani Donato make a batch of it during BB13.

Danielle told Whitney what her plans are...to save Whitney and nominate Morgan in her place.  Danielle wants Scott to go, and has a very sassy speech planned that involves discussion of avenging Shane's eviction.

All of the BB "fans" started going crazy (again) this week, saying how horrible it is that Whitney flipped on the Ball Smashers.  But did she?  Wasn't the Ball Smasher's plan this week to get Scott evicted, so that the four of them could remain intact?  And isn't that the plan that Danielle has shared with Whitney?

I predict that depending on who wins HoH next, we might see Whitney go right back over to the Ball Smasher side, because she's never really left.  She's just playing the middle as best she can.  The Misfits thinking that Whitney will win one of the remaining Care Packages to help their group just seems stupid to me.  They need to break up those four girls, and that still may happen, with Morgan waving bye-bye on Wednesday.

Unless Shelby makes the wrong choice with her eliminated votes.

And then it was time for the VASTLY over-hyped Halloween party.  BB made a big point of saying that they were the very first BB cast who was in the house for Halloween.  They were told that their costumes were in storage, and they had about 90 minutes to get ready.

Everyone started running around, eager to see what they would be wearing.  This is Shelby looking at her "Day of the Dead" costume.....a spangly dress with skulls on it, shaped like a Square Dance dress.

Alex is looking at her "mummy hat' here, while her sister gets a load of the green wig and makeup that she is a part of her witch costume.

I hate to spoil the surprise, but the Willett Sisters refused to wear their wigs, and Morgan did not wear the green makeup.  I think that's a very bitchy move, particularly for someone so attractive.  And I'm referencing Morgan with that comment, of course.

Everyone clustered together with excitement, comparing their fortunes with everyone else's.

Justin loved his "Zombie Fireman" costume, particularly because the fire hat said "NOLA FD" on the front of it.

This is Alex's "mummy" costume, which I will likely rant about later in this post.  Alex insisted on curling her hair....apparently she thought this party was going to be on TV or something.  In fact, the entire group had to wait for her to finish her hair before they could go downstairs to start "partying".

Justin spent lot of time applying various stick-on scars and tattoos, along with tubes of "blood".  You can see Scott in his werewolf costume back there, and also Danielle, who was hot-to-trot as a Vampiress, if that is indeed a real word.

You can see Kryssie's "spooky doll" costume in the picture below.  She was VERY upset about the dress, saying she liked it, but it was a size too small, and because the sleeves were bare, she had to wear her cardigan over it to cover her tattoos.

(Kryssie should be mad at no one but Kryssie for those tattoos.  And she is COVERED in them, even on the backs of her legs.  Don't do the crime, Kryssie, if you can't do the time.)

Kryssie's dress had been personalized on the sides---those white panels say things like "HoH", "BBOTT", and also the name of the HoH competition she won.  I'm thinking that someone added those panels of fabric to a chopped-up blue dress, expressly customizing it for Kryssie, but do you think that made her happy?  (Hint:  No)

Kryssie:  All of you girls got dresses that fit you....

You can see Whitney in her Devil Dress back there.  She didn't say much...she probably didn't want to say or do anything that might change Danielle's plans with the PoV.  I hope Danielle says something about "the devil made me do it" before saving Whitney with her PoV, but of course she won't.  That phrase is too short and concise for the likes of Danielle.

And Danielle's super-skimpy short dress.  Jason was the Evil Doctor, or something like that, with blood-splattered whites and fun accessories like a stethoscope, an operating headlamp, paper shoe covers, and also a large chef's knife, smeared with blood.

I assume it is a fake knife, since I saw Jason toss it to Justin so he could take a look at it.

Finally the HoH lockdown was over, and it was time to go downstairs, and Justin could hardly hide his excitement about eating.  You can see his costume has a prop ax, but there was no blood smeared on the blade.


After being released into the living room for the "party", they immediately pounced on the Chinese food and sushi that was laid out for them, as well as a large assortment of cookies and candy.

Earlier, Kryssie repeatedly whined that her dress was so tight, she wouldn't be able to eat or drink at the party.  But of course, Kryssie was wrong about that.  She ate and drank just fine in that dress, as well she should have, as a Have Not.

You can see Alex's ugly "mummy" costume on the right, too.  What type of mummy wears a Jr. Prom dress from the Pompano Beach mall?  Because that's what it looks like....too tight, too short, and too shiny to ever be mistaken for a mummy.

Alex also caused a minor stir when the others discussed how she took the initiative to clean off the white shoes that had been scuffed up to look like a mummy.  And of course, she refused to wear the mummy hat, or mummy veil, to be more precise about it.

Justin got right down to business, eating bowl after bowl of Chinese food, using chopsticks.  When Liz Nolan burst in as the first of two Trick-or-Treaters, Justin later said he didn't even really look up from his food.

Jason:  Justin, how come you weren't going after my girl Liz?

Justin:  Who?  That girl? Nah, I was busy over here.

Someone asked Justin if he knew who Jason was when he met him, and of course the answer was No. Justin ate for nearly an hour, I think, finally saying that he was full.  He was also spotted stashing candy and cookies in the pockets of his fireman trousers, but it was no secret.  Everyone was openly discussing how various pieces fell out on the floor. Justin wasn't fooling anybody, and he knew it.

 There were bottles of Pumpkin Ale in a bowl of ice for them, and of course the girls started complaining about it.

Shelby:  I hate beer, but I like this because there is alcohol in it.

There was a certain measure of alarm when they discovered that the beer did not have twist-off caps, and they started rooting around in drawers, trying to find a bottle opener.  If there's one thing we know, it's that Big Brother contestants like to drink hard and fast, before the booze is all gone.

(In Jason's season, I timed the drinking one night.  I think all of the wine and beer was gone within about 20 minutes...)

 As you can see, there is food laid out everywhere.  Danielle ran over and housed a crunchy egg roll immediately.  Kryssie was still salty about her tight dress, and didn't eat or drink for a few minutes, giving everyone who did the side eye, a sour look on her face.

People were trying to figure out what type of sushi they had, and after hearing Alex flail around trying to pronounce "California Roll", Kryssie finally pointed out the various pieces so the picky eaters could pick what they wanted.

Scott's wig is too much, but yet just right.  He has big monster shoes that are fun, and also furry pieces that cover his arms and hands.  He applied the makeup himself, with a focused determination.

Note Kryssie is noticeably P.O.'ed in this picture, watching Scott load up his plate and grab a beer.

And she's P.O.'ed here, too, staring at Morgan's striped green and black tights.  Morgan later said Kryssie could have them, which cheered her up a little.

Whitney also told Kryssie that she could have Whitney's red fishnet stockings, too, as soon as the night was over.  At one point I could have sworn that Whitney had applied the sparkly devil makeup on both sides of her face, but one set must have fallen off.

Scott sat silent for at least an hour, watching all of the activity around him.  At one point, they were reading their fortune cookies aloud, and Scott stood awkwardly holding his, waiting his turn to read it.  I think he started to announce it, but then someone else cut him off or maybe the doorbell rang.  In any case, I never got to hear Scott's fortune, and no one  in the house seemed to give a shit about it.

Whitney's fortune said something about her "plans working out", so I think hearing Scott's might have been interesting.  They were rude to ignore him, I think, but they've been around each other so much, it must be like family.  And you know how RUDE some family members can be during holiday gatherings...

Shelby did her own makeup, and I think she did a good job.  It's a drastic difference in Costume Dedication between Shelby and The Sisters.  Shelby really went for it, and it worked.

Note that Kryssie also called dibs on the flower in Shelby's hair, if Shelby doesn't want it.  And Kryssie wants to keep the two hair bows in her own hair, too.  Duh.

After about an hour of constant eating, Justin went and got a black T-shirt, carefully affixing his Fire Department credentials to the front of it.  The girls gave him a hard time, saying what kind of sexy zombie fireman wears a shirt?

But if I ate Chinese food for an hour straight, or maybe even just for 10 minutes, I'd want to wear a T-shirt, too.  And Justin ate like his life depended on it.  It was a good week to be a Have Not, since they all got this mid-week break to chow down.

Even in the costume makeup, Shelby's various facial gestures still translated.  We see you, Shelby.

OK, so look at these two girls.  I've already told you Morgan refused to wear the green witch makeup and wig, so she looks just like herself, but with a big witch hat on.

But Alex tried to go glam, caking on club-type makeup, with only a few brushes of white powder on the sides of her face. So Alex looks a lot like Morgan here, doesn't she?

There were only two Trick or Treaters, which was a HUGE disappointment for the house guests, and also the live feeders.  Liz told us via Twitter that Julia couldn't make it because she "couldn't get off another set" in time, but I don't know what happened to Austin's appearance.  Lawon did show up, dressed up in his usual colorful clothing, but he was the last one to ring the bell.

This morning, I heard Alex muse that perhaps Big Brother was so desperate for people to appear, they told Liz and Lawon they didn't have to wear a costume, and to "just show up".

Alex:  And maybe everyone else bailed, and didn't show up.

(Or maybe Big Brother wasn't going to pay them, and they damn sure wouldn't have been on TV.......)

Big Brother gave them each a pumpkin to carve, along with a pumpkin-carving set, but Justin was the only one to give it a go.

Is that even a good idea?  To get all liquored up and try to carve a pumpkin?

They did all stand in a circle and chug their second bottles of pumpkin ale, before cracking open bottles of wine and cans of "regular" beer.  But all those Chinese food carbs and all of that booze obviously made everyone tired.

They played Never Have I Ever, and we learned that Scott has committed one act of self-pleasure in the HoH bathroom on his last day as HoH.  And that Morgan has smoked pot before.

I was hoping so hard that someone with a buzz would look up and see these two girls sitting together, and tell them they look just like sisters.  I wanted to see them handle that.  I think Morgan would be the one to come up with some sort of graceful diversion, but Alex would start stammering and speaking baby talk.

(Sorry.  I know everybody thinks Alex is so great and all, but I can't stand her fake baby voice and and all of the hand waving and compulsive hair-arranging.  I wish someone would challenge Alex to go through an entire day with her arms tied behind her back.)

They finally found a "Spirit Board" in the living room after nearly 2 hours, and played with that for a while (basically a generic Ouija Board). It was just as interesting as it sounds, I assure you.

***And A Few More Things***

1.  They didn't notice the bowl of candy on a table by the front door until after Lawon left.  They realized they had been giving out their own candy and treats to the Trick-or-Treaters, and went to examine what was in the candy bowl by the door.  They extracted items they wanted to eat themselves, like the Reese Cups, leaving the discards for their guests.  But the joke was on them...there were no more guests.  Even though they were dreaming big, about having Rachel Reilly or Dr. Will show up to ring the bell. They keep forgetting that this is BB Budget, and that they aren't on TV with real people watching them.

2. Shelby was chanting "Clay Clay Clay", hoping he would show up, but Jason told her that Clay isn't even a former house guest, he's "just a model who was in the Big Brother house", and "even Shelli don't care about seeing Clay".  (ha ha ha)   While we're on the topic, I also have heard Jason talk about that Halloween weekend at Vanessa's house where it became apparent that the Shelli-Clay relationship would not last.  Jason said Shelli had a flapper costume, and wanted Clay to dress in a matching gangster costume, but Clay wanted to be Superman instead.  Apparently they fought about it.

3.  Morgan then chimed in that she knows Clay, because "a friend of her's had a thing with him".  That certainly doesn't shock me....Morgan was a UT Cheerleader, right?  And didn't Clay play football for UT?  Everyone knows everybody around there, I'm sure.  Jason "joked", "how do you think Morgan got cast on here?", and Morgan "joked" right back that she was cast for her "winning personality".  (I'll say it again...Morgan is the sister to watch, the stealth player, but she might indeed be the one going home this week....)

4.  This morning (Tuesday) Morgan opened the WC door while Scott was in there, and appeared to witness something she didn't want to see.  But at least she spoke with Scott as he  came out to wash his hands, so Scott should be happy about that.


  1. Clay played football for Texas A&M.

    1. Yep, you're right. It was Texas A&M. Thanks.

      I wish they had asked Morgan if she knows Corey. I'll bet she has a story to tell about him, too.

  2. Did no one notice the real plans at the beginning of the week? Where Danielle wanted to get out Whitney?? "Americas sweetheart" and Alex and Scott kinda threw her under the bus saying they would vote her out? Then when America nominated Scott she was even going to take him down.. Then after veto it completely changed... Danielle and Jason told Whitney that Alex through her name out too so that's why Whitney was so willing to work with Danielle.


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