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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - November 7th - PoV Competition #BBOTT

I don't know how this picture ended up on top of the whole stack.  Sorry Danielle.

Although you look great, to maybe you should be thanking me, Danielle, for putting your booty on blast like this.  You're not just a pretty face, Danielle.

Kryssie has been keeping a pretty low profile in the house, staying relatively quiet, with no major outbursts that I can recall.  Is she doing it on purpose?  Or is she just comfortable with the way things are going?

At the time I took these pictures on Monday, everyone was just laying around, waiting to find out who America's Nomination would be.  Certain corners of the BB Fandom certainly put a lot of energy into the whole idea of Kryssie being America's Nomination.  They were very LOUD about it.  But what they don't understand is that not every BB fan and voter participates in all of that.  Many of the BB fans don't even participate in the constant polls that are out there to gauge our voting plans.

And it's not that the people who DIDN'T vote for Kryssie DON'T want her to be nominated.  We just wanted SOMEONE ELSE to be nominated instead.  It had little to do with Kryssie, actually.  But I can only speak for me, of course.

Jason was worried about who would be nominated by America.  He told Kryssie that if America nominated someone from their group, one of them would likely go home.

Jason:  And then I would have won the Care Package for nothing.  And I'd be going into the Double Eviction without being able to play for HoH.

These two house guests have one of the most entertaining and effective relationships in the house.

Danielle is no joke, even though some people would like to think she is a joke.  I think Shane leaving was the best thing for her game, actually, because it put her down low, under the radar.  She's been able to reinvent herself in the game, and calm down a little.  People still complain about her long-winded, overly-chatty stories, but sometimes it just seems like an old habit, to complain about Danielle.

Kryssie cleans up a lot around there.  She hunkers down at that kitchen sink and scrubs, scrubs, scrubs.  I can't recall a BB season where they've eaten so much fried food---that grease spatters all over everything and floats through the air.  I was watching Justin make onion rings last night, and he said he had to stop because the grease was getting too dirty to use effectively.

Can you believe they're frying chicken and onion rings in that kitchen?  And I haven't heard one word about ants.  They seem to be storing most of their snacks in the storage room---maybe that's a new requirement to keep the ants away.

Morgan was a little worried about being nominated by America.  She was nervous about it.

Shelby is the HoH, of course, and has not exactly been welcoming to Jason using the room as Co-HoH.  Jason put some of his toiletries in the HoH bathroom, and has been showering up there, but otherwise has continued life as normal in his usual spot.

This is a strange picture of Shelby, isn't it?  I predict Shelby will be PISSED when she finds out about The Sisters.  The Sisters told each other that whoever leaves the house last (assuming they don't make the Finals) should drop the Sister Twist Bomb on their way out of the house.  Can you IMAGINE how Shelby will take that news?  We might even get to see that on Wednesday night's Double Eviction episode...who knows.

(SPOILER ALERT:  The Ball Smashers already shared their own secrets on Tuesday afternoon, while the end of their run in the house looms over their heads.  Shelby wasn't mad, after all.  She thought her secret was just as good as the sisters' secret was.)

I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake to see it live, but I'm going to try.  The Weekly Recap starts at 8:00 PM EST this week, two hours earlier than normal, but it will take hours for everything to play out live.

Finally Shelby and Jason called everyone to the living room and the nominees took their seats.  Danielle obviously just woke up, or something close to it.

Jason read the announcement, with Shelby making some of her trademark mouth movements while she checked his work.

Only four house guests were eligible for America's Nomination this week:  Justin, Kryssie, Alex and Morgan.  As usual the screen scrolled slowly through all of the eligible house guests, with each one of them put on the spot at least twice, before the screen finally settled on Alex, enlarging her photo to make America's choice clear.

Alex raised her arms and made a "Whooo" sound when she saw her picture, but I know she was upset about it.  Then it was Shelby's turn to read the BB card, launching right into the player pick for the PoV.

Only one name was drawn, and it was Alex's name, so she picked Morgan to play PoV as Houseguests's Choice.

Alex immediately wanted to see the BB cards, and wondered if she could keep it.

Shelby:  I don't know.  Just take it. That's what I did.

And it sucks to be a Have Not at a time like this, I'm sure.  Because Alex is a Stress Eater, and her choices for snacks are very limited at this time.

She's eating some sort of slop cookie here, leftover from last night, maybe.  Justin has been making slop-fried pickles for the Have Nots, too, which actually sound pretty tasty.

The air was heavy after the PoV player pick.  Jason was very, very worried about the situation, since it was just him and Danielle playing to save their side, since Kryssie and Justin would be sitting on the sidelines.  (Justin hosted the comp, actually.)

Jason:  Watch it be a gymnastics competition or something.

Jason felt hopeless since Shelby, Alex and Morgan would all be playing to save Alex.  He applied a new nicotine patch -- I'm not sure which version of the patch he's on now.  Supposedly it's a gradual step down, in stages, as you wean off the smokes.

Danielle was very confident, though, saying she planned to beat all of their asses in the comp today.

Danielle:  They've never seen this Danielle.  The Danielle who is the track star, the NCAA competitor.  They've never seen that version of me.

Kryssie and Danielle tried to pump Jason up, but he sounded defeated already.

Jason:  I was a good competitor in my season, but not this time.

Danielle:  You won that first PoV, though.  You win when you need to win.

Jason:  I really need to win it this time.

The Ball Smashers seemed to feel good about it.  The odds were with them, and sometimes numbers are everything.  If Alex was able to get off the block through the PoV today, that would leave just Danielle and Whitney on the block, with Danielle being a sure bet for eviction.

I just want to note that Danielle is well aware of this, and she even VOLUNTEERED to be Jason's nomination this week.  She is a fearless competitor, and we should reward her this week with the Care Package during the Double Eviction.  We will only have ONE HOUR to vote, so please watch your Twitter for the indication that it's Go Time.

Instead of playing for PoV, the Care Package will be awarded, with the winner getting the PoV.  We need Danielle to win that PoV.  Jason needs Danielle to win that PoV.

Of course, you may have other ideas about it.  Morgan, Whitney & Justin are also eligible for the Care Package.  So vote for who you need to vote for, but you'd better be quick about it, because we'll only have an hour to impact the game.

And I'm sure you've heard by now that RACHEL REILLY  is hosting one of the HoH comps on Wednesday night...so that's another reason to cancel your plans and make new ones.

At first I thought the camera's intense focus on Alex meant that someone back there really likes her, but now I'm not so sure.

I find it a little disturbing, actually.

More faces from Shelby as everyone waited to play for PoV.  I had already heard the rumor that the PoV would involve some sort of balance skills, so I must admit I thought that The Sisters had a HUGE advantage in the game.

Doesn't a gymnast practice doing cartwheels and flips on a balance beam?  And don't cheerleaders balance on one leg all of the time in various peppy poses?  Not to mention all of those spirit pyramids.  Jason later told the girls that he was cursing a blue streak when he walked outside and saw the balance beams, thinking "this shit is rigged!".

We had a brief (and much needed) FISH break while everyone went through the rules with Production.  I also heard Jason say that they did a practice run---it's the conversation with Production that we can't hear.  It's a union thing---if their voices are broadcast a certain amount, then they have to be paid as performers.

Then we heard Justin read the rules.  And they were LONG and BORING.

Basically, each of these tubes holds 10 balls.  They have to fill each tube with 10 balls by carrying two balls across the balance beam without dropping them.  Once they have filled one tube with 10 balls, then those balls are "locked in" after they return to the other side of the balance beam.

But if they fall off the beam, or drop a ball, then they must "reset" any balls that are not "locked in", starting over to fill that tube.

You can see part of the course is in the shade.  Jason and Whitney were on the far right, in the shade.  Jason later said he was glad he was in the shade, but Whitney was in the shade, too, and she was easily the worst PoV player.  There is speculation that she threw the comp, though, so there's that.

You can see Alex below on the red beam, using that big tube to place her two balls into one of her tubes.  She was the first one to do so, but later had to reset that tube after a ball dropped.

Jason had to reset his first tube at least twice, and Whitney had to do it countless time.

BB:  Whitney, please reset.

Whitney:  But whaaaahhhy?

Then things started popping out there.  When someone got 10 balls in their tube locked in, then someone (Heath?) announced, "Alex has 10 balls".  We heard that Shelby was the first to have 10 balls, then Jason, then Danielle.

BB had said that there was a two-hour limit, but this comp didn't even take 30 minutes.  People got into a groove and started getting work done out there.  Then Shelby had a tragic incident after just filling up her second tube.  She forgot that she needed to return to the start on the balance beam, but stepped off on the grass instead.

BB:  Shelby, please reset.

Shelby was VERY upset, and re-lived this nightmare over and over later.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

The big tube is what made this so difficult.  You had to drop two balls into the tube, and then manage to get down the balance beam without those two balls slipping out of the open ends.  Morgan was having a very tough time with it, and exclaimed loudly that she "HATES THIS COMP" several times.

Danielle talked softly to herself as she worked, saying, "slow and steady....slow and steady....only two more....keep it moving...slow and steady".  Apparently Alex could hear her, too, and complained later that this is what messed her up, and that "they put her next to Danielle on purpose".

(Um....pretty sure this comp was tailor made for Alex to win....so I don't get why being able to hear Danielle encourage herself would totally derail her chances.)

And this is how you get your balls in the tube, slowly and carefully.  Each player had their little space fenced off for them, with different color balls for each of them. They had 40 balls in areas, but no one ever had to run around and shag more balls to use...everything went much too quickly to make that necessary.

This is probably the best that Whitney every did....just a few balls in her first tube.

And Alex was working on her second tube, but I think she got psyched out when she heard Heath announce that "Jason has 20 balls".

Jason started feeling confident, making chatter and keeping everyone laughing.

Jason:  I should be good at this, because I've been playing with balls since I was 13 years old.

A few minutes later he cautioned any kids watching that 13 may be too young....they should wait to play with balls until they're a little older.

Then Danielle was the 2nd player to have 20 balls, so that must have been a bad, bad moment for the other players.

Then suddenly, Jason filled his last tube, and Danielle encouraged him to get back over to the other side, fast.

And then Jason won PoV.  I don't think anybody saw that coming.  Jason wins when he needs to win.  It's true.

Jason: EAT A DICK!!!

(Apparently he was going to address the Ball Smashers as "cunts" if he won PoV, but I'm glad he changed his mind.  He was just trash talking, I'm sure, when he made those crazy claims, because he was not confident about his chances of winning at all.)

Alex has lived a lot in in the last month or so, hasn't she?  Lots of ups and downs.

She lost.  It hurts.

Jason and Danielle did a little dance in the storage room, trying to be quiet as to avoid what happens when the Ball Smashers celebrate.

(Everyone heard what Shelby was saying about "you motherfuckers are going home" during her storage room celebration when she won.)

Shelby cried up in the HoH room after the loss, of course  Shelby is a constant crier, if you don't know.

Shelby: And now Jason can break the tie, too.

Alex seemed to accept defeat, but pointed out that they would need to start pitching deals to Jason, in hopes of changing his choices with the PoV.

Alex:  We'll have to find a way for him to do what we want him to do.

Shelby:  He'll never do that!

Alex:  We have to try.

Downstairs, Jason's mind was already on the Double Eviction.

Jason:  Now we'll only be fighting against Morgan for the HoH, since Shelby can't play.

(And Jason can't either.  And he can't win the Care Package PoV, so he's totally at risk during the second eviction on Wednesday night.)

Meanwhile upstairs, Morgan was getting HEATED about Whitney flipping on them.  At one point the three remaining Ball Smashers were sitting in the lounge loft area, and apparently Whitney didn't know they were up there.  She was in the kitchen with Justin, and told him that they needed to fix a nice dinner "to celebrate".

This set Morgan off, letting her know that Whitney had indeed flipped on them.  (Duh.)  She went downstairs to confront Whitney about it in a semi passive-aggressive way, but all Whitney could come up with was to say that they were celebrating that they weren't Have Nots anymore.

Morgan:  That happened three days ago!

(Later Whitney told Morgan that she was glad that Jason won the PoV, so that Justin didn't get backdoored this week.  That's pretty honest.)

Jason went up to the HoH to brush his teeth, and ended up getting drawn into a long strategy session with the girls, as they pointed out ways that Whitney would be a danger to Jason's game, since she was getting so close with Justin.

Justin listened to them carefully, and reflected on what they were proposing.  He didn't shoot them down, but he talked through each of their ideas as they studied the faces on the Memory Wall in the HoH room.  Alex was pushing for Jason to take her off the block so she could vote for Whitney to be evicted.

(But what they were actually going to do is to vote out Justin or Kryssie, whoever got put up in Alex's spot.)

Jason: But that's great for a vote, but I know I can never penetrate your circle, because you're like a school of fish and I'm not included.

They swore up and down they would protect Jason in the Double Eviction.  If I didn't know better, I might think that Jason was going to take their offer.  But of course, he isn't.  Jason actually planned to make some sort of deal with Whitney, to get a promise of safety from her, if she is the winner of the HoH next week.

Later, Alex was hopeful that they could make a deal, but they told Jason that they wanted Danielle to come up and talk with them too, so they could seal their agreement and make sure she's on board with the plan going forward.

Jason went outside and gleefully reported what happened upstiars.  Kryssie, Justin and Whitney were included on the conversation, too, so they knew what was going to happen.  Jason seemed particularly worried about Justin.

Jason: Look, there's nothing going on.  Even if it looks like we're talking...nothing's going on.  We're just having fun and trying to get information.

After another meeting with Jason and Danielle, the Ball Smashers fell for the story hook, line and sinker.  They celebrated, saying that they couldn't believe that Jason and Danielle would agree to something so stupid.

Shelby:  Let's just go with it!  Don't question!  Just go with it!

I'm not sure why Alex believed all of this.  I thought she was smarter than that.  She's trying to say now that she knew something was up, but I can assure you that she didn't.

This morning, the day of the PoV ceremony, I saw Alex and Morgan discuss how Alex was really the one to pull off this Big Move, and that they had to be sure that Shelby didn't try to take credit for it if they all made it to the Finale.

Enjoy the celebration while you can girls, because good fortune can certainly turn on a dime at any moment.  For all of us.

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  1. Great recap as always. Just one little note, if Jason had removed Alex, the America nom from the block, there wouldn't have been a replacement nom. If AN comes down, only 2 remain on the block!

    Thanks for your wonderful blogs!


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