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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - The Most Important PoV Competition (Until Next Week) #BBOTT

As usual in a lively season of Big Brother, yesterday's PoV was the "most important of the season".  I know I say that every week, but it's true every week. The house guests were hoping for a more traditional PoV competition format, where they all competed together, but that was not the case.

Each house guest pulled their PoV placement from a bag that Shelby carried out from the Diary Room.  To summarize, we are down to the Final Six, and as HoH,  Shelby nominated Jason and Danielle.  America nominated Morgan, so at the time of the PoV Danielle, Jason, and Morgan were on the block for eviction.

The name of the PoV comp was "Domi-Knows", and it combined both mental and physical elements.  The players have to build a trail of dominoes that stretches from he beginning to the end, flowing through three obstacles (or "gates") along the way.  Each obstacle has two choices for the answers to the questions, but only one of them was correct, of course.  Once each house guest was ready, they pushed over their starting domino and nervously watched the trail, hoping to see the final domino fall on the end mark.

Once that happened, their time stopped, but each incorrect answer would add three minutes to their completion time.

Jason went first, and he wanted to win this one.  Or at least make sure Danielle doesn't win it, because Danielle is supposedly the target this week, to eliminate the potential of her winning the final Care Package next week.  Each contestant went over the rules in the DR with Production, as usual, and then read the directions aloud on the live feeds, standing behind a partition.  Once they were ready, they dinged a bell and then started moving.

Jason started running immediately, carrying two of the dominoes at a time.

Jason:  These dominoes are heavy!  And they picked questions that none of us studied for.

The questions were the sort that would have made great tiebreaker questions, the type where they have a little chalkboard to scribble on.  For example, which of two competitions lasted the longest?  Which HoH host was with them the longest time, Jeff or Paul?  And how many attempts were made to win between the two HoH comps hosted by Jeff and Paul (the golf one or the rolling ball one).

We watched Jason run around, but the live feeders weren't sure what the right answers were.  But several industrious feed watchers eventually flashed back and checked to calculate the correct answers.

Tragedy struck for Jason when he realized he went the wrong way with his dominoes, and he had to re-route them when he saw that he didn't have enough dominoes to reach the finish line.  At one point he started running with three dominoes in his arms at a time, commenting that he is glad he quit smoking.

When he finally pushed the domino at the start, they started slowly dropping, which made for an exciting moment as I was watching live.  When the final domino fell onto the finish line, a bell "dinged" and we were all confused about what that meant.

Turns out it just meant that the domino portion of the competition was complete, so Jason trudged back in the house, hoping for a win but knowing he made a few mistakes placing his dominoes.  His final time was around 11:58.

Jason: Good comp, BB.

(Yes, it was a good comp, with no breakable mirrors or obvious shady business.)

Then it was Shelby's turn, and she carried the dominoes one-by-one, but with speed and purpose.  Once again her logic skills kicked in as she easily routed the dominoes in what was probably the most efficient and fastest path.  She didn't even use all of the dominoes, and when she pushed over the starting domino, they all fell very quickly.  Much more quickly then Jason's dominoes.

Shelby's time was about 9:38, but she did answer one question differently than Jason did.  So right from the beginning, there was tension on the live feeds about who may have won.  Because after the first two contestants, the results could go either way.

Then Justin took his turn, and it was immediately obvious that Justin didn't want to throw this one.  He was running very quickly, carrying four and sometimes five dominoes at a time as he built his string of tiles.  I don't remember him stressing about any of the answers to the questions, but there was some drama when he pushed over his first domino.

The dominoes started falling, but the chain fell apart near the 3rd gate, stopping short by about 8 tiles.

Justin:  I have to set them all up AGAIN?

(No, not if you don't want to win, Justin.)

What you see below is Justin scrambling to set up each tile again, and changing the spacing so that he would be successful next time.  It worked this time, bringing Justin's total time to around 11:19.  Ironically, we later learned that Justin got all three answers correct, so if his domino chain worked the first time, he would have easily won the competition.

Kryssie came next, and was obviously in no hurry to finish.  She talked to us frequently, carrying three tiles at a time, but never going much faster than a power walk.

After she placed the first few tiles, she tested them by pushing them over, to see how much space she could allow between each tile.  I don't think anyone else took this precaution, but it was a smart move.

Kryssie's final time was over 13 minutes...not long enough to make her look like a quitter, but certainly not fast enough to win.  Not enough hustle for that.  As Kryssie strolled back in the house she told us in a low voice that she didn't throw it, but she didn't try to win, either.   (No way does Kryssie want to be faced with the decision to take down either Jason or Danielle, leading to Justin going up on the block.)

Then we saw what Justin was up to...he was sitting across from Stacy, enjoying a snack.  Maybe you know Stacy...she makes pita chips.  Justin enjoyed some of Stacy's Pita Chips with a fresh tub of Sabra hummus.  Yum.

(Did you know that Pepsi Cola/Frito Lay owns Stacy's chips?  Stacy cashed out on that sale, big time.)

I watched Danielle's turn on my Chromebook, because it was time for my dog's dinner and a short walk.  (ie. no pictures taken)  It gets dark so quickly now that I could only procrastinate so much about that.  It was clear from the start that it wasn't Danielle's day to win.  In short, Danielle sucked at this comp.

She didn't pay attention to the directions, creating two different streams of dominoes instead of just one.  And there weren't enough dominoes to do that, even if the directions allowed more than one line of tiles.  And after she got back on track, there were NUMEROUS occasions where her domino tiles didn't fall correctly to the finish line, requiring her to make more changes, and set everything back up.

It was painful.  Danielle cried at one point.  But she didn't quit, finishing at a time over 20 minutes.  She knew she lost the comp, and knew she lost Big Brother.  Unless something unexpected happens, Danielle will be leaving on Wednesday.

Then it was Morgan's turn.  And Morgan knew she needed to win, since she was on the block and could easily go home this week, particularly since America could vote for her eviction.  But Morgan doesn't look like she's in any big hurry, does she?

After reading the directions aloud, Morgan simply strolled around, reading the questions and pondering the answers before even seeming to consider having to place all of the dominoes.  At first I thought, maybe Morgan is using strategy here to carefully consider what route her dominoes must take.

But no, that was not the case.  Once Morgan got around to moving the heavy dominoes, it was clear that she was placing them WAY TOO CLOSE together, and would soon run out of tiles.

Morgan:  It's a DEFECT if there aren't enough tiles.  The game has a DEFECT  if there aren't enough pieces!


Morgan:  These dominoes are so heavy.  Shelby is going to suck at this!

(UM....NO...NO...and HELL NO.)

What they all want, and some of them really need....so close, but yet so far.

Then we waited.  And they waited.  And we all waited some more.

Jason fretted.  He has reason to be cautiously optimistic, as long as Danielle didn't win the PoV.  But the competition did seem to be suited for Danielle--she is an athlete and knows the game.  I guess we all assumed that she could figure out how to set up the dominoes.  But reading those pesky directions seemed to be the tricky part.

Finally they were called outside by Shelby to learn the results.  I think the body language here says it all.  Nerves, indifference, and regret, all in one photo.

Actually, if Kryssie served up some fire in her live DR sessions, and took credit for intentionally putting herself under the radar the last month, I think the fans could really get behind a Krissie race to the end this season. But she doesn't.  And they don't.  But that doesn't mean it can't happen.

By the time Shelby announced the results, the live feeders knew the results, because we knew the time spent by each player, and a few feeders went back and calculated the answers.

Jason missed one question, adding 3 minutes to his time.

Shelby got all three answers correct, and shockingly, Justin did too.  That's some good gris gris for Justin, because we all know it was luck and not knowledge of the game.  Let's face it, he hasn't even paid attention to the game half of the time.  That doesn't mean he won't win, either.

Shelby:  So, I guess I win PoV!

Shelby and Morgan have learned not to blatantly celebrate competition wins, so they did so quietly, in a corner of the bedroom.  Justin skulked up to them to say congratulations, and to confirm that the plan to evict Danielle is still in place.

It is, they told him.  But Shelby could actually do anything now this week....the control over who is on the block is totally up to her.

But Shelby plans to take Morgan off the block, leaving only Danielle and Jason up for eviction, since America's Nom is never replaced after PoV.

Morgan doesn't want to be "like a Victoria", getting dragged to the end of the game.  She knows she needs to win PoV next week to ensure both she and Shelby survive to make the Final Four.  They've played a good game these last two weeks, with a little luck here and there, and they know it.

The plan now seems to be that Morgan will try to convince both Kryssie and Justin to throw the HoH to her, so she can evict Jason on their behalf, so they don't have to get their hands dirty.  She is considering telling Kryssie that Alex is her sister, and she wants to avenge Alex's eviction by taking Jason out herself.

(But, without a Jury, why wold Kryssie give a shit about getting her hands dirty?  It's not like Jason will be on the Jury.  And wouldn't she think that America must be pulling for The Sisters, giving Morgan an advantage to win in the end?  So many variables here.  But Jason better show up for that HoH comp....it's DO or DIE for him.)

(And Kryssie HATED Alex.  She said in a live DR that after Alex promised not to nominate her, and then did nominate her, Alex never spoke to her and barely looked at her for the rest of her time in the  house.)

(If Kryssie wins HoH, then Jason might not need to win HoH....but she may not even want to do that...she certainly doesn't need to win HoH to stay in the game.)

Yes, Kryssie still has all those tats.

And Shelby is very pleased with herself, of course.  She's already trying to grease the skids with Justin for next week, saying she needs his help to stay, because she'll be a big target if the Misfits win HoH.  But Jason and Justin have already discussed that, saying that with all of her comp wins, Shelby needs to get the boot ---no one can win against her, they say.

Also, before I forget, while Shelby and Morgan were sitting in the Yoga Room yesterday, Clay Honeycutt's name came up.

Morgan:  I met him when I was a sophomore, in a bar.  He hooked up with a friend of mine.

Shelby:  WELL?  WELL?  How big was his dick?

Morgan:  Oh, I don't know.

Shelby:  Can you find out?

Morgan:  I guess I could ask my friend after this is over.  But she's engaged now, so I don't know if I can ask that.

Shelby has very basic taste in men, it seems.  Does she just look at physical appearance, with no points awarded for swagger or personality?  For example, she spent the first few weeks of the season gushing over how hot Monte is, and now this whole Clay inquisition.

Even if deserted on an island, I would never even consider getting with either Monte OR Clay.  They both have that "Sears Catalog" look.  I don't go for that.  Too boring.  And at some point, you'd have to talk to them, wouldn't you?

This is a typical "Sears Catalog" look, if you don't know.  Totally bland, if you ask me.

And about that last Care Package, to be awarded next week.  This is what the CBS website has to say about it.

It's not just a gift, but a challenge.  Whoever wins this Care Package has to "complete a challenge given by Big Brother".  So, what on earth will that challenge be?

*  Something that involves knowledge of days or events this season?
*  Some sort of lame "prank" or other "challenge"?
*  A queso-making competiton?

It looks like Justin will win the Care Package, so it's really up to Production if they want to give him a free pass to the Final Four.

Unless Justin wins HoH, and is then ineligible for the Care Package...and who knows if a Justin HoH Win is even possible.  The Care Package rules state that once all of the remaining house guests have won a Care Package, then anyone can win the Care Package a second time.

I know that Jason will figure that out....right?

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