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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Life After the Election #BBOTT

Last Thursday everyone gathered in the living room for their weekly chat with Julie Chen.  As usual, Justin was late, so Julie started without him.

Julie: He's already disrespected me by calling me Boo, so...

Shelby thought that was hilarious.  Given that parts of this little Sit Down with Julie Chen went viral on the internet, even featured on the front page of the CNN website, I think Shelby might have gone for a different look today.

The "cold shoulder" top, the choker, but most of all that off-shade lipstick didn't present Shelby in her most-attractive light.  More like Erin Brockovich than Erin Brockovich's lawyer.  Just saying.

Julie brought up the fact that at the time, there was still not a new HoH yet, as Jason and Shelby would be facing off again to compete for HoH.  Julie asked Shelby about losing Alex in the game, which immediately set Shelby off on her trademark tears.  Well, maybe not tears per se, but the traditional sobbing sounds and motions.

Shelby is going to get in trouble with a lot of judges if she can't get control of those emotions.  And no jury will have confidence in her presentations if she falls apart at the slightest hint of bad news.

Kryssie took the time to put her pinup look together.  Julie asked her some question about BB being more than just a game to her.  Absolutely, Kryssie said.  She knows how to turn it on when it's showtime.  

Even if the show is just a web series.  I'm pretty sure that CBS will sell it in other markets somehow though.  They put all of those commercial breaks  and bumper logos (or whatever they're called) into the weekly wrap up episode.  I know they insert commercials into the show on the CBS website, but I still think they have other plans to extract revenue from all of this after-the-fact .

(P.S.  If you have a live feed subscription, you can just watch the nightly and weekly "episodes" directly on the live feeds by flashing back to 10:00 PM BBT on the air date.  No commercials there, but availability of the BBOTT live feeds will surely be limited soon, as soon as a new season starts.  But more on that later, maybe.)

Finally Justin ambles in and other than saying hello, Julie made no special mention of him being tardy.  She just kept right on going, turning next to Morgan for a question.

(This is probably the correct way to handle children, right? Not to give them any special attention when they act out?  I'll bet Justin will try not to be late this Thursday.  If he can remember, that is.)

Julie told Morgan that her eviction speech the night before was epic, honest and harsh, but she wondered if Morgan regretted saying any of it.  Morgan doesn't regret it,

Although I'm sure Alex regrets flubbing her lines at the end of her eviction speech.  I'm sure it's nerve-wracking to be in the situation, but I've actually had to make numerous speeches and presentations in front of large crowds, and I prefer just memorizing the "bullet points" I want to hit instead of memorizing complete sentences.  It comes off more genuine that way, and it's easier to recover if you lose your way.

Morgan did a great job on her speech though.  As usual, she was poised and kept her emotions in check.  Game time, baby.

Then it was Jason's turn.  Julie asked him a rather shallow question about which house guests he'd like to see visit the BBOTT house next.  I'm sure Julie wanted him to say Da'Vonne, but he didn't. Instead he said he would be happy to see just about anyone, even Ronnie from BB11.

But of course, Production isn't about to fly a former house guest across the country to visit anybody in that house. They need someone local, who is a friend of the show.  I just checked Da'Vonne's Twitter feed to see if there was any hint that she might be visiting, but instead it sounds like Day is having issues with her tonsils.  I used to enjoy following Da'Vonne on Twitter, but she retweets her own compliments too much, and also that GIF that we've all seen a thousand times.

Julie asked Danielle what it felt like to be the HoH during the Double Eviction.  I also wish that Danielle had spent some time getting ready for this meeting with Julie.  Not that she isn't naturally beautiful, but she actually had a somewhat starring role in the CNN clip, with the most camera time and lines spoken.

When Danielle even spends just 10 minutes getting ready, she looks like a magazine cover.  And MILLIONS of people AROUND THE WORLD watched the CNN clip, because it was a unique twist on a story that had been poked and prodded to death already.

(Because at the time this little chat occurred, they were the last six people in America, or maybe much of the world to not know the results of the election.)

It seems so empty in there, with only six house guests left in the game.

Justin got a boring question about what it felt like being on the block.  Justin didn't enjoy it, of course, and worried he would be going home.

Julie is over Justin, I think, just like many of the fans.  She's not taking him seriously at all.  Whitney is the one who always painted Justin's nails for him.  I'm sure you know by now that Whitney's boyfriend Winston surprised her with an engagement ring last weekend.  Twenty-two seems very young to be married to me, but in a small town it's not unusual at all, I guess.  He seems like a great guy who will be a loving husband for Whitney.

During Whitney's exit interview with Julie, she had the best reaction to learning that Alex and Morgan were sisters.  You could just see her wheels turning as she played back the last six weeks in her head.

Whitney:  Julie, I don't want to believe you.  I feel so stupid!

Then Julie hit them with the old One Two Punch.

1.  There is only one more Care Package, to be delivered NEXT week.  (i.e. whoever is HoH this week won't have their plans ruined by some crazy Care Package power)

2.  After DRAGGGING out delivery of the election news, Julie announced that the new President of the US is Donald Trump.

And when I say "DRAGGGING", she took a poll of those who think Hilary Clinton won, and when Danielle was the only house guest who did not raise her hand, she got to explain herself, which was included in the CNN clip.

Julie:  Goodbye house guests.

Shelby was very shocked, immediately announcing that her uterus doesn't "belong to her anymore".

(I know she's surprised and unhappy with the results of the election, but that's a tad dramatic, even for Shelby.)

Jason:  Where were all the gays at?

I think CNN could have included that in their news snippet, but they didn't.  Needless to say, this little announcement by Julie caused a lot of concern in the house, with a heavy dose of disbelief.  They wanted to believe Julie was kidding, but they knew she wasn't.  They joked about staying in the BB house for the next four years, and Justin "joked" about building a bomb shelter.

(Unfortunately THAT part may not be so dramatic...)

Later that evening, Jason and Shelby competed again for the HoH, playing the same type of competition, which had been configured differently for the occasion.  This time Jason lost big time, spending twice the amount of time that Shelby spent to solve the puzzle.  Jason knew he was losing, and wasted valuable time and mental energy announcing it to the live feeders.  He lost the edge he had  the first time around.  And wouldn't you know it, he also had issues while he was competing with "broken mirrors".  But his time was nowhere near beating Shelby's time, so Production awarded the win to Shelby.

So it was messy.  Needless to say, BB will likely not use this same competition again.  And the timing sucked, as the whole snafu happened on the tail end of a string of embarrassing errors and screw-ups. I really think the Election had an impact on the entire business, both inside and outside of the house.

Get your shit together, people.  Poor performance is your fault.  Stop blaming it on everybody and everything else.

(If you're LA-based and want to work in Production, I'll bet this is a GREAT time to submit your resume to AGP.....they need to make some personnel changes over there.)

Jason moped around for a few hours, and then got out of bed after Justin announced that the queso dip was ready to eat.  I really want to make some queso dip after watching this.  Basically Justin begins with a roux, and then adds various cheeses to the mix, along with spices like cayenne pepper.

Justin:  This is going to be spicy tonight.....I put tons of cayenne in there.

Kryssie tasted it and said she liked the way the heat built in her mouth, finishing strong.  Justin was glad that the four of them could share it without being attacked by everyone else.  (Only two potential "attackers" exist now though...)

It does look good, right? Cheesy and delicious.  But there are probably over 5,000 calories in this bowl, though.  And I'm not being dramatic about that---cheese and butter make for a delicious but fattening meal.

In reality, you should want to share it with as many people who are interested, to limit self harm.

As long as no one is a double dipper, of course.  But if the queso dip is spicy enough, no one should be tempted to double dip.  You'd need that plain part of the chip in your mouth to cool things down.

Too bad they don't have cold beers, though, because chips and queso would taste even better with an icy cold glass of beer.

OK so there have been a lot of conversations churning in that house after Shelby's HoH win.  It all depends on America's Nomination though, and who wins the PoV, of course, but it certainly looks like either Danielle, Jason, or maybe Justin will be evicted this week.  But of course we know that America can still ruin Shelby's HoH plans, even without a Care Package this week.


1.  Jason was first up there, pitching a deal for him and Danielle to work with Shelby and Morgan to evict Justin this week.  Shelby was skeptical, based on Jason's track record.

2.  Danielle went up to the HoH afterwards, along with Jason, and pitched the same deal.  Shelby was still skeptical, based on the Final Five Shenannigans carried out by Jason last week, and let them both know it.

3.  Justin trudged upstairs, and it seems Shelby and Morgan want to work with him and Kryssie to evict either Danielle or Jason this week. Justin pledged that he will win a Care Package, and seemed shocked when Shelby explained there is only one Care Package left this season, and  either he or Danielle will get it.  (He really seemed to have NO IDEA about this.)

4.  Kryssie went upstairs, too, and agreed to the plan to evict Danielle this week.  Kryssie and Justin both agreed later that they wanted to save Jason if they could, but Justin seemed to have no problem turning his back on Jason if necessary.  Justin also seemed SHOCKED when informed by Kryssie that if Morgan is nominated by America this week, they have the votes to send her home.  Justin agreed to vote Morgan out in that case, but he really wants Danielle out of there, and in the minutes leading up to the PoV comp re-affirmed that with Shelby and Morgan.

Shelby got a Chopin CD in her HoH room this time, a far cry from N-Sync's Greatest Hits.  But now that Shelby shared her secret with The Sisters,  I don't think she cares that much if anyone finds out she is indeed a law school graduate.  They want her out anyway, no matter what her true occupation may be. Shelby was actually SHOUTING OUT Ruth Bader Ginsberg after the meeting with Julie, a clear indication that she's ready to come out of the Legal Closet.

The Late Night Jamboree has been getting crazy in the wee hours, as the season grinds towards the finale.  Jason was dancing for them in this picture.

And then he wrapped himself in a blanket, and Kryssie said he looked like one of the penises they fashioned out of napkins before Halloween.

Then he did some sort of interpretive performance where he "birthed" himself out of the blanket.

I don't know where this wig came from, but Danielle put it on and did some dancing, too.

And Danielle and Justin are sleeping in the same bed, too.  Morgan and Shelby told Justin that they predicted Danielle would start sucking up to him now that Whitney is gone.

Justin:  If you didn't choose me first, you didn't choose me.

Jason went outside to eat breakfast wearing his underwear, giving Jozea a shout-out for it.

Although, if you saw Jozea in his undies, Jason's attire is extremely modest in comparison.

Yesterday Justin made breakfast for everyone, and a whole lot of it, too.  He cooked a ton of bacon and also eggs.

I guess Danielle couldn't wait, because she ate a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles, staring intently at the back of the cereal box while she ate.

I don't understand the whole sugary cereal craze.  Every year I watch these kids eat bowl after bowl of the stuff, with house guests like Britney Haynes sometimes eating nothing but cereal all day long. I guess it depends on what was in your house as a child.  My mother never bought stuff like Lucky Charms or Froot Loops. We did buy Rice Crispies so I could make Rice Crispie Treats for bake sales and such.  But other than that the only cereals in our house were Grape Nuts or Shredded Wheat.  I still enjoy Grape Nuts today, though, with sliced banana and a shake of cinnamon.  I love the crunchy texture.

I hope this puzzle is harder than it looks.  Because it looks fairly simple.  I guess we don't want to challenge anybody while they eat their morning bowl of candy.  Let's keep those American IQ scores low!

Justin also made some banana fritters that everyone was RAVING about.  Per Justin's description, he mixed up bananas with what sounds like a pancake-type batter mix, and everyone ate them with powdered sugar and syrup on top.

Lots of rave reviews for the banana fritters.  I wish I had one right now.  I tried to make something similar with some left over mashed sweet potatoes recently.  They turned out rather ugly, but they tasted great.

So Justin wants to win this thing.  He didn't even understand he was on the live feeds until the second week of the season, but he wants to win now.

I'm not sure the fans will vote for him to take it all, but I guess it will depend on who else is sitting next to him.

The Late Night Jamboree stayed up late together again last night, too.  When Danielle was inside the house, Justin did some trash-talking about her.

Justin:  If she comes to New Orleans, I'm not even going to answer my phone.

Kryssie:  How are you going to hook up with her friend Alexis then?  You need to be with Danielle if you want to meet up with Alexis.

That was a good question.  Justin was stumped.  When Danielle came back outside, Justin wanted to get Alexis' details again.

Danielle:  Alexis?  Well, she's mixed...***FISH***

Earlier today, we learned who America's Nomination is...and the only choices were Justin, Kryssie, and Morgan.

America voted Morgan, putting a damper on all of the festivities in the HoH room this week.  Danielle and Jason went right back to the bedroom to finish getting dressed (Jason), or to get back in bed (Danielle).  They barely emoted at all, except for Jason muttering that the result was the best it could be for them.

Kryssie didn't react, either, even though she had been mighty concerned that she might be nominated by America.  They seemed to think that America would not want to nominate Morgan, since she just won the Care Package last week.

(But those voting demographics are very, very different.  There was only one hour to vote for the Care Package, and it was fairly late at night for the East Coasters.)

I only took this picture so we could see all of the cookies and other treats that are sitting on deck in the Storage Room.  I think Shelby went in there to get some chocolate milk, an item that often results in fights among the house guests on any season.

Shelby and Morgan were both making breakfast, but Shelby had to take over kitchen duties when Morgan got called to the Diary Room.  She is making a spinach and egg white omelet.

And she had plans for those avocados, too, but I'm not sure how they ultimately fit into the meal.  On the plate are three or four Morningstar Farm Veggie Sausage patties, which Shelby chopped up to add to the egg mixture.

(I make little sandwiches with those veggie sausage patties, myself.  NO EGG though.  Hell no.  Duh.)

Shelby was upset that Morgan got nominated, of course.  All Justin did is pop his head in to ask how they were doing, and Shelby burst into tears again.

Justin wanted to affirm that he wants to carry out their plan this week.

Morgan:  Anybody but Danielle can win the PoV. Anyone but Danielle.

Justin assured them that he would give it his all, and really try hard to win.  But then he came back in the room a few minutes later, wanting to make sure they weren't planning to screw them over.

Because of course they would be sure to admit that to him if it were true, right?  And Justin also told them that if Danielle wins PoV, he's pretty sure Morgan will go home.  (He shouldn't say that to them, because he can go on the block in Danielle's place very easily...)

I watched Justin go up to the HoH on Friday night under the pretense of talking about their deal, but what he really wanted to know is if he could have some of Shelby's wine.  That was his primary concern, and it was obvious as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

Shelby:  Well, we're waiting on midnight, so Morgan can have some. Do you want me to sneak it to you in a coffee cup or something so they won't know?

Justin:  Oh, it don't matter.

And just a few minutes later, he asked AGAIN about the wine, already forgetting that they were waiting until midnight.

Morgan:  Alex, if you're watching this....I don't know if you're watching this...I NEED to win today.

(Duh.  Alex knows.)

Justin and Jason shot the breeze while they waited for the PoV to begin.  They kept hoping for a PoV where everyone competed at the same time, but as soon as Shelby came out of the DR, they saw the gray bag in her hand and knew they would once again be competing separately.

Shelby went around the room with the bag, letting everyone draw for their competition spot and holding area.  Kryssie got 4th, with the Storage room.

Jason got first, going straight to the DR.  Morgan will be going last, which is probably not the best spot as far as anxiety goes.


Someone started some rumors that a new season of BBOTT will begin in 2017, perhaps as early as January.

I sure hope not.  I am SO READY for BB to be over until next summer. At least until next summer.  This has been fun, but I am burnt out on all this.  And some of the fans are so damn nasty about it all.  They seem to think they are competing, too.

Here's The Thing:  Why is BB bringing back all of the BBOTT house guests for the Finale?  After a season where we don't even see the evictees on the opposite side of the door when they leave, I can't imagine what sort of finale festivities might be in order.

My Suspicion:  IF the rumors are true, and IF we have another BBOTT season starting again just after the holidays, I suspect some sort of casting tie-in during the Finale.  Another fan vote to cast someone, perhaps.  I can't imagine any of the previously-evicted house guests wanting to come back and play again so soon (or EVER, for a few of them), but BB Budget isn't playing around when they spend money.

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