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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash: Let's All Give Thanks That This is Almost Over. #BBOTT

OK I know I am late, but this will likely be the last post for the BBOTT season.  I did not plan to watch BB after September (since a second season was unprecedented), but for the most part I have been interested in this season and have enjoyed keeping up with all of the action, even if I didn't post about it every day.

If you are a longtime BB fan, I don't need to tell you how ugly and nasty the fans have acted in the last few months.  There has only been one season in recent memory where the person I originally picked to win ended up winning.  In most other seasons, I end up shifting my allegiance to whoever was still in the house that I felt like I could still root for.  And in at least one season, I walked away from the finale totally disappointed, with not much to cheer about.  But in every BB season I have found something to talk about on this website, even if I am just focusing on the action in the kitchen.

And I have NEVER posted hateful things about ANY of the house guests.  I have NEVER attacked the house guests, or their family or friends on Twitter.  And I just don't understand the people who do, particularly all of the HATERS on certain websites.

LOOK:  I'm probably older than you are, and I have had a full life, both work and personal.  You are all going to have to deal with disappointments.  You are going to lose out on jobs, and also promotions, and you probably won't feel like it is fair.  You might even hate your boss, and his or her boss, too.  You are going to lose loved ones, and will probably feel the sting of rejection in a hundred different ways .  But it is HOW you deal with these events that defines you a a person.  You can choose to have a POSITIVE impact on other people, or you can be a HATE-SPREADING wretch that other people will want to AVOID.  The choice is up to you, but everyone faces karmic retribution at some point.


When you see the Jenga game or a deck of playing cards, you know that Production is winding things down, and that most of the action of the game is over.  And that is the case with BBOTT, too. If you haven't been watching, I will try to bring you somewhat up to date.

*  Shelby was evicted last week, leaving the Final Four of Jason, Kryssie, Justin and Morgan.

*  Shelby had been practicing and practicing what she thought would be a SHOCKING eviction speech, that disclosed her law school status.  But as often happens when you memorize speeches, she fumbled her words, but eventually got her message out.  I'm not sure if she got the reaction she hoped for, but it did give everybody something to talk about after she left.  (Kryssie told Morgan later that she heard Shelby's DR leak about taking the LSAT, but didn't discuss it per BB's instructions.)

*  After Shelby left, Morgan came clean about Alex being her sister, and they all enjoyed a lively discussion about that.  Jason wondered if Alex told Scott about it, and Morgan said that Scott had no idea that Alex and Morgan were sisters.  If fact, Morgan told everyone what Scott said to Alex about Morgan being "too basic to win the game", and they all had a good laugh about that.

*  The Final Four played their last HoH competition last Wednesday night.  Julie told the house guests that the big, GAME CHANGING situation was that the HoH would be able to pick one other house guests to take to the Final Three.  The remaining two house guests would battle it out in one final competition to decide who would be evicted in 4th place.

*  Jason didn't just WIN that HoH competition, he ANNIHILATED it.  Each house guest had a large playing board that looked to be at least two stories high.  Their objective was to put all 12 HoH winners in order by rolling a ball into the appropriate spot from their place on the ground.  They could not see the other contestants while the competition played out, but they could hear them huffing and puffing, and could hear balls dropping off the playing board.  For some (stupid) reason, Morgan, Kryssie and Justin all started at the top, which required them to maneuver the ball to the highest spot, around a number of obstacles and potential pitfalls.  But Jason's strategy was to start at the bottom, which seemed obvious to me.  He was able to get the feel for moving the balls around by finishing all of the lower items first.

*  When Jason won, I don't think either Justin or Morgan had even one ball in place, and Kryssie only had three. So it wasn't even close.  It was a decisive win, and the other house guests were SHOCKED that Jason won so quickly.  Kryssie can say that she "almost won" as much as she wants to, but there was no "almost" about it.

After a short time, Jason got access to his HoH room.  He received several new pairs of underwear, and lots of root beer that apparently contained alcohol.  And also a still-warm bucket of chicken wings, which are one of Jason's passions.  He invited everyone to enjoy the wings with him, and Kryssie and Justin both took him up on the offer.  I think Morgan had gone downstairs at this point--not sure if she's a wing girl, anyway.

At some point Jason announced that he would be taking Kryssie to the Final Three, saying he knows Justin understands that, and he would probably do the same if he had won HoH.  Justin said it was "all good" and that he understands.

But like with much of Justin's actions this season, that understanding attitude turned out to be all an act.   If you watch the live feeds, then I'm sure you saw Justin thinking deeply after Jason won that last PoV, when he realized who would be competing against him in the Final Four.  He stated OVER and OVER to Kryssie that he needed to win the HoH comp.  It was obvious to me that he knew he needed to evict Jason, or that's what he wanted to do, at least.  In the end, Justin just couldn't execute, but that doesn't mean he can't win the final comp to take himself to the Final Three.

Justin ended up having a little hissy fit, telling both Kryssie and Jason that he had a Final Two deal with Morgan (the "Terrible Twos") and that before Scott left, Justin was "running the game" with him.

Um...okay Justin.  I guess you can call it that if you want to.


I have always enjoyed Rob Cesternino's podcasts, even dating back to the days when he was a part of The Fishbowl.  But the RHAP podcasts this season have been EXTREMELY disappointing.  I don't mind the "LFC" (Live Feed Correspondents) having an opinion (for example, I LOVE Brent's tirades.) but their ONE-SIDED presentations have been just a BASHFEST against anybody who wasn't part of the Ball Smashers.  We know all three of the LFC are butt hurt about their nerd-goddess Alex getting booted from the game, but that is no excuse for presenting such a WARPED view of the season in almost every podcast, particularly in the back half of the season.  Rob even used the BBOTT coverage as the backdrop for what could have been an exciting contest to find a 4th member of the LFC, using a Voice-type format with coaches and public vote-offs.

But because the RHAP fans were voting on who to push forward to the next round each week, it didn't seem like any of the contestants were willing to say ANYTHING that differed from the current LFC opinion.  So to me, it was a BOREFEST of epic proportions.  I hope that whoever wins the final vote is open to presenting different ideas in future BB seasons, instead of the fearful RHAP-fandom butt-kissing that occurred in recent weeks.  I just listened to the latest RHAP BBOTT podcast this morning, and that is the reason why I decided to post today.  To put the facts out there about Thanksgiving, and what REALLY happened.

Here is what was said on RHAP about Thanksgiving, after they started with the usual SOUR GRAPES about how now they are apparently so bored and over this BBOTT season, primarily because they don't like the predicted outcome.  (Waaaahhhhh.)

Alex Kidwell said something along the lines about the house guests not being happy with Justin on Thanksgiving.  I"m paraphrasing the following.

Jordan Parhar:  Why, because everybody wanted Justin to do all the cooking for them?

Alex Kidwell:  Yeah, after he cooked for them all season.  He was just homesick, and wanted to be alone for awhile.

Alex later admitted that he didn't watch the ceremony over the weekend where Kryssie was "saved" by Jason, saying he "didn't care", because he "knew what was going to happen".  OK dude.  Maybe Rob needs to replace your LFC spot with someone who is going to follow through on actually watching the season in order to accurately report on it.  It would have taken 10 minutes to watch that "Game Changing Ceremony" on Flashback, so if you didn't do that, you probably didn't flash back to watch the Thanksgiving action.  But I did.


On Thanksgiving morning, everyone was locked down in the HoH room while Production arranged the day's project on the dining room table.  The crew had spent hours shopping for holiday cooking ingredients, and the table was laid out with laminated cards with recipes submitted on behalf of each house guest who played the game this season, arranged with the necessary ingredients to prepare the dishes.  The crew even put an extra oven in the backyard for them to use for the occasion.  (I don't think the cameras ever let us see that extra oven, but I did see the house guests going back and forth through the sliding doors several times over the 3-4 hour cooking time.)

They also each got a letter from home.  When the HoH lockdown ended and the house guests went downstairs, as HoH Jason read a card which wished them a Happy Thanksgiving, and pointed out that they are the first BB cast ever to be in the house on the holiday.


*  They could prepare any or all of the house guests' recipes, as they wished.

*  They were asked to read their letter from home out loud, so everyone (including the live feeders) could enjoy it.

Everyone was excited.  Except Justin.  Justin went back to bed, refusing to even OPEN the letter from his family.  That letter just SAT THERE all day, and Justin ignored REPEATED requests from BB to get out of bed.  He even put cotton balls in his ears so he wouldn't have to listen to the action in the kitchen, and to better pretend to IGNORE Production speaking to him.


It took the house guests a while to figure out that Justin had no plans to participate in the holiday cooking.  The turkey recipe was even from Justin's mother, including three different Creole sauces to inject into the bird before cooking.  They kept going back to the bedroom to ask if Justin was okay, and to see if he wanted to help them get the turkey in the oven, but he either ignored them or said NO.

If you've ever cooked a Thanksgiving meal, then you know what a huge job that is.  Because Morgan and Jason don't cook, Kryssie became the defacto Executive Chef in the BB kitchen.  She admitted she had never cooked a turkey before, and was very squeamish about touching raw poultry.  (I actually became a vegetarian on Thanksgiving one year, after being the one tasked to unpack, wash and prepare the turkey in my house.  It's not just gross to touch all of that, it's that the turkey resembles my dog when she lays on her back so I can brush the fluffy fur on her belly.  No more animal eating for me.)

Kryssie was impressive as she realized what she needed to do.  She read each recipe, reviewing the ingredients and putting them into piles regarding which oven they should be assigned to, based on cooking temperature.  She also organized each pile into cooking time, so that they would know the order each dish should go into the oven.  Kryssie realized that the turkey would need to be cleaned in the sink, so she directed Jason to wash all of the dirty dishes, and then to scrub the sink to prepare for the raw bird.

Kryssie:  Because it's raw meat, we are going to need to scrub the sink after the turkey is cleaned, too.

Kryssie even noticed that her nail polish was chipped, and made a point to remove the polish before she started the cooking process.  Does she need to win the game due to all of this?  Of course not, but they were assigned a group task, and Kryssie stepped up to lead them, even though they had "a chef" on the cast who might have been the more obvious leader.   Morgan and Jason also agreed to take their orders from Kryssie, and both spent a lot of time washing dishes throughout the entire process.

Justin did nothing but lay there.  And change my whole opinion of him, actually.  I knew he was going to be the rat in the end if he had the power to evict Jason, but that didn't bother me. That's the game.  But his behavior here was surely a disappointment to all who ACTUALLY watched the live feeds.  And also for Production.  They built up Justin's unique personality all season long, and in the end he screwed them, too.

This dish was "Whitney's Sweet Potatoes", and they had fun reading the recipe in Whitney's accent.  They loved the fact that the recipe called for just dumping the ingredients in a dish, not even using a mixing bowl.  Kryssie poured the canned yams into the dish and added butter, while Jason measured the sugar.

And it required A LOT of sugar.  To me, sweet potatoes are already sweet enough, but I know this is a traditional Southern recipe.  Someone always brings something like this to any holiday potluck party I've attended.

Then the recipe called for topping it with mini-marshmallows.  Kryssie read aloud from the recipe, that if you can still see the sweet potatoes on top, you're not using enough marshmallows.

Jason:  This looks like diabetes.

(Lots of that in the South, too.)

They ended up making every dish except "Cornbread's Cabbage", because they knew that cooking cabbage would make the house stink.  (Cornbread made that dish when he was in the house, and they remember it well....)  Shane submitted some sort of gravy recipe, and they snickered over the title "Shane's Gravy".  (Later Kryssie admitted she'd never made gravy before, either, but was quite pleased that what they made did indeed resemble gravy.) Danielle submitted a mashed potato recipe that they suspect was written by her mother, because at the end it said that you could add more butter, and shredded cheese "if you wish".

Jason:  Danielle knows we want butter and cheese in here.

Monte submitted a cranberry sauce recipe that didn't make sense. It seemed to be missing a few steps, but they fixed it by adding A LOT more sugar.  Neeley submitted a Macaroni and Cheese recipe that included a lot of different cheeses, including smoked gouda.  They all remember Neeley saying that Texas "doesn't play" with a recipe like this, and they all looked forward to eating it.

Scott submitted a Corn Casserole, but I think we call it "Corn Puddin'" in the South.  It was pretty easy for them to prepare.  I think this is the recipe...they all said it was quite tasty in the end.  There was a little drama with Morgan having some extreme difficulties using the can opener.

Perhaps Production could spring for a new Oxo can opener next season, if the budget allows.

All of them (EXCEPT JUSTIN) went back over to re-read their letters a few times over the afternoon, wanting to read certain parts again after thinking about it while cooking.  Jason's letter from his mom said she was excited to see Jason quit smoking, and she hoped that he would continue that when he returned home.

Jason:  The first thing I'm doing is going to buy a bunch of cigarettes when I leave here.

(Jason has commented frequently about the low cigarette prices in California, since they don't have the sky high taxes that Massachusetts imposes on cigarette purchases. But I'm pretty sure California just voted to jack up cigarette taxes significantly.  I don't expect this to stop Jason though, even if the new CA taxes are in place this week.  Jason is gonna do what Jason's gonna do.)

Morgan's mother submitted two different dessert recipes to cover both Alex and Morgan.  Both recipes were no-bake desserts that seem to keep well in the fridge. And everyone said how tasty they were.  I think I found the recipes for you.  And maybe me, too, eventually.

*  Chocolate Eclair Cake  (I am all about any recipe that includes graham crackers)

*  Strawberry Jello Salad  (although Morgan added crushed pineapple with the strawberries..Kryssie LOVED this recipe)

Shelby "submitted" a brussel sprouts recipe, but they all suspect it was just the broccoli recipe that Shelby made frequently in the house, substituting one green vegetable for another, and then adding bacon.

Jason:  Yeah.  If they asked Shelby for a recipe after they evicted her last night, she'd be like FUCK YOU!


Shelby pitched a HISSY FIT in the DR the night before being evicted, likely over her DEMAND to be sent home to Arizona on Wednesday night, so she wouldn't miss the holiday.  

Shelby, to Morgan: I went through four different producers in the DR...I really let them have it.

Also on Tuesday, Shelby was a TOTAL BRAT to production when asked to tape the little Final Four message that CBS planned to air during their coverage of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which was co-hosted by Julie Chen.  Apparently Shelby refused to wear the little costume that Production bought her, and made a BIG STINK about being asked to film the version that assumed she would stay in the house over Kryssie.  Someone named "Chris" had to chastise Shelby in front of the group, saying that many people would have loved to be in the BB house over the holiday.

And once again, I'm sure the Production crew was excited about seeing their little web series appear during the traditional annual parade coverage.  MILLIONS of households tune in to the parade coverage as they toil away in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.  But of course Shelby had to shit all over it.  I wanted to include the CBS parade clip that aired on TV in this post, but I can't find it on You Tube.  Basically it was about 15 seconds long, and each house guest got to give a little message to the folks back home.  Whatever Shelby ended up doing or not doing never aired, of course, since she wasn't part of the Final Four.  But that doesn't excuse her shitty behavior.  Yet another poor sport, right along with Justin and selected members of the RHAP LFC.

(Which of course didn't discuss ANY of this on their podcasts.)

The night before Shelby was evicted, I watched Jason in the HoH room telling her that she played a good game, and was a fierce competitor in the challenges.

Jason:  I think you'll find I'm different when I'm not in this house, and you might actually like me. We could be friends.

Shelby, smirking:  After my speech, you'll see that I'll be WAY too busy to have anything to do with any of you.  You'll see....

Well, Shelby, you'll probably be very busy trying to find a job.  Because the legal field has been hit very hard by the economic downturn.  This info is from the April 2016 issue of "Above the Law".

I know Shelby is extremely intelligent, and can think on her feet.  She'll need those skills to get around the discussions about her BB persona and online presence in those interviews.  It's not that Shelby has done anything too bad in the house, it's just that law firms (even the DA's office) won't want their clients to be wary of having Shelby assigned to their case.  They want to feel adequately represented, and may not want to have someone from reality TV billing them for hourly work.  And before you start yammering about the sex traffic victims, you must realize that Shelby needs to work on a team to gain experience before she can hang out her own shingle successfully.  You don't want a doctor fresh out of med school to operate on your heart, nor an accountant who just passed the CPA exam to prepare your tax return.  Every licensed professional needs experience to be effective. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know what they are doing, risking malpractice claims or re-trials.

So Shelby may indeed be way too busy to be social with her BB cast mates.  Apparently she did pass the bar exam though, so that's one thing she can stop worrying about.  Here is Morgan starting on that delicious brussel sprout recipe.

And Jason tackled Danielle's mashed potato recipe, using the red skinned spuds.  Jason's mother sent one of his favorite recipes, for some sort of Portuguese stuffing. Jason thinks that the recipe was one that only his grandmother knew for sure, and that his mother tried as best she could to commit to paper for him.  Jason was shocked to see that the recipe included two cups of bacon grease, as well as chicken livers.

Jason:  How could you do that to me, Mom?  Chicken livers?  Right in front of everybody?

Kryssie bravely tackled that one, too, having to touch the nasty livers in order to cook them.   The crew also had to perform at least one of the recipe steps themselves, since it had to happen the day before (breaking two loaves of bread into pieces, and letting it dry out overnight).  Once they tasted the finished product though, they all said the dressing was delicious, and pretended not to know what the ingredients were. (EXCEPT JUSTIN, of course.)

Morgan, about the chicken livers:  La la la...don't know what's in la la.

Morgan put extra bacon in the brussel sprouts, since they had a lot of if from Cornbread's cabbage dish ingredients.  They were professional and business-like as they prepared the meal, saying several times that they were glad they got to cook since it kept them busy all day.  The three of them were a good team, and once again I will commend Kryssie for taking on the most distasteful chores.  Once in a while one of them said how much fun it would have been for Justin to cook with them, but otherwise they avoided that topic as much as possible.

They decided to take the time to shower and get ready before they ate.  After all, they cooked for at least 4 hours.  And washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen for at least an hour, in total time.

Justin FINALLY appeared in the kitchen when they were almost ready to eat, and took the carving knife out of Kryssie's hand so he could do the honors himself.  He also picked apart one of the turkey breasts with his fingers, shoving pieces of meat and skin into his mouth as he sliced it up.  He complimented Kryssie's cooking, and fixed a plate with only the turkey and some of Neeley's mac and cheese.  He just sat down and started eating, without waiting for anyone else (a MAJOR pet peeve of mine...such POOR manners).  In fact, when Jason was sitting down with his plate, Justin accelerated the shoveling so he could get up and leave the table, obviously salty about Jason's Final Three choices.  I watched him fold over a full slice of the breast and shove the entire piece into his mouth before getting up from the table.  Luckily for Justin, he didn't choke on it, because I think Production may have taken their own sweet time calling the medic.

(Also, the next day Justin got called to the DR, and told Kryssie later that Production wanted the carving knife back.)

Kryssie's recipe was a date nut bread recipe that her sister Amy sent, but after putting it in the oven Kryssie realized that Amy forgot to include the nuts on the recipe card.  Or maybe someone on the crew neglected to type it up on the recipe card, but in any event, they did not have the necessary nuts in order to include them.  Before going back to bed, Justin asked where Kryssie's bread was, but it wasn't finished baking yet.

Obviously Justin wasn't going to eat Jason's mom's recipe.  He did ask what the corn casserole was, but turned his nose up when Morgan said it was Scott's family recipe.

OK, so where are we now:  Justin will compete against Morgan at some point, with the winner advancing to the finals.  I think it's anybody's game, because we have no idea what the competition will entail.  But I'm pretty sure Production would prefer that Morgan advance, after Justin's shitty behavior over the holiday.  Just a guess.

Since then, there has been a lot of bad-mouthing on both sides, but personally that doesn't bother me.  In fact, I fail to understand the outrage.  So people called each other names?  Who gives a shit?

Obviously Jason Roy has the advantage here, since the public is voting. And he knows it, although I did hear him tell the cameras yesterday that he knows that some of the fans will want a newbie to win.  I think Morgan has the next advantage, since the Ball Smasher fans will all vote for her.  At one point this season, I thought Justin could win if he makes it to the end, but now I'm not so sure.  He stopped having interesting things to say weeks ago, and his performance this week is one he may regret.  He did end up reading his letter, but waited until Jason left the room to do it.  But then he later denied that, saying he would have read it in front of Jason.

But we saw you, Justin.  We were watching.  You can't bull shit us.  He also said that he thinks he has more followers than Jason, and that he thinks "they" exploded the levee in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit the city.  ("They" is the government, or George Bush, apparently.)

So that's what we're dealing with here, at this point.  It's almost over, and I'm glad.  I'm not proud of the Big Brother community as a whole right now, and am not proud to be part of it.  Whether I feel that way next summer remains to be seen.

I will be tweeting about BBOTT through the end of the season, and might have a short post with the finale results.  I'm ready for the healing to begin.

Thank you for visiting and I hope everyone can stay positive and enjoy good food over the holidays.


  1. I really appreciate the work you do on each BB season. So thank you!

    And this post was great as usual. I’m a relatively new RHAP listener, and so I’ve been having a lot of “ist it just me?” moments during their BBOTT episodes. Last week’s episode with Scott was astonishingly, and unlistenably one-sided. The Kryssie hate, too, has been, well, over the top. And frankly, though I enjoy Jordan, and the live feed correspondents, I get the feeling that Rob isn’t really very invested in Big Brother himself. Or maybe it’s just that his jokes are repetitive, and wear on me. Last but not least, I’ve never watched Survivor, so assume that any name mentioned on RHAP that I don’t know belongs to a former Survivor cast member. I guess that’s an understandable perspective over there, but it’s confusing to a BB-only listener.

    I loved the recipe/letter idea from Production. Clever, and could have been lots of fun if Justin had played along.

    I initially had some sympathy for Justin on Thanksgiving, thinking that perhaps the holiday was hard on him for non-game related reasons. But it went on too long, and he didn’t do anything to make things right with the others, which I think he owed it to them to do, even after Turkey Day.

    One question for you, and I wouldn’t blame you if you chose not to address it: the RHAP boys were talking on last night’s show about the #glenexposed thing on Twitter. I’ve looked it up, but am having trouble piecing it together. Another of RHAP’s weaknesses is an assumption that everyone reads the same swath of Twitter they do, and thus not explaining things they bring up. So what’s this thing all about? Again, if you don’t wanna, I undersand. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. And for those of you who have contacted me to say that you've tried and tried to post comments here and it didn't work, I had the same problem myself and learned you have to "allow 3rd party cookies" in your account privacy section. Even I had to do that, to post on my own damn website.

    OK. Yes, Rob is obviously more concerned with his Survivor coverage being fair and balanced than Big Brother, probably due to his affiliation as a previous Survivor contestant. (One of the best to never win, actually, along with Cirie Fields.) The Big Brother coverage really went off the rails this season, and with Alex as a guest on their Tuesday night episode, it won't stop anytime soon. (Supposedly Danielle was upset that RHAP didn't invite her to appear on a podcast, but don't look for that, either.)

    I was actually going to comment on the BB18 scandals, but forgot, so thank you for reminding me.

    1. The "Jatalie Thanksgiving Engagement". What a vomit-inducing cluster this "funny prank" was. Natalie even tweeted joyfully later about how she "fooled everyone". You didn't fool me, Natalie. Not one bit. Someone needs to tell these two that TAR is not only in production right now, they have a whole season in the can with no current air date planned. Apparently the list of people who want to appear on TAR is much longer than the list of folks who watched the show on CBS. The key point is that Natalie thinks it is hilarious that any fans believe that she would actually accept a proposal from James. So mean, actually. I see you Natalie.

    2. #GlennExposedParty Readers can probably just type this hashtag into TWitter and then spend a good half-hour enjoying the results. Apparently a sharp-eyed BB fan discovered that Glenn set up AT LEAST ONE fake Twitter account that basically exists to talk about how great Glenn is, and how BB should bring him back for another season. And this Twitter account also made a few lewd comments about Glenn "hooking up" with Natalie in the house, and also some potential naughty behavior with Glenn and Gina Marie.

    (Sorry if you're eating while you read this.)

    Glenn's deception was so sloppy, I think the fine folks in NYC should be glad that he's not wearing a police badge anymore. I don't even think I'd let him groom my dog because I think he is such an attention whore that the scissors might slip if he gets a Twitter notification or a text or something. (It might be from Gina Marie!!!)

    When I wrote Glenn's HG intro at the beginning of BB18 (about a million years ago), I actually discovered that Glenn had left fake reviews on his grooming business, and was blatantly obvious about it. I posted proof of it, if you want to go back and look. The BB18 intros are still indexed in the sidebar for easy reference.

    Glenn was so messy about all of this. I think the only way Glenn should return is if he is playing a BBOTT season that consists ONLY of former HG who were out before jury. Then we'll see what he's really made of, and the fans can quit bitching about who has an advantage. But fans will always bitch.....what am I thinking?

    1. Also wanted to add that the Glenn thing started when a younger girl on Twitter posted some direct messages he sent her. He was complimenting her appearance and it made her uncomfortable. It spiraled from there as people started to try to dig up things on him. His dead give away for fake accounts is that he does not know how to use punctuation. He believes there is a space before and after every comma, period, exclamation point, etc.

  3. Yay! Glad you are back and seemed to have a good thanksgiving. I love your blog and pop in everyday hoping for a new entry. Thanks for all your hard work. It made BBOTT interesting and worth paying attention too. I really hope you have a finally post. Thanks and happy holidays! :)

  4. I love your posts. In fact I stopped listening to RHAP and reading Jokers Update because you are very thoughtful and insightful about every house guest. I also like how you point out when you don't agree with issues or situations or statement house guest put themselves into. But you are never mean or rude about it. I know that when you post you will include all the days happenings even the very boring ones. I should mention that I have never watch live-feeds but I do enjoy reading your blog.

    I hope next BB season you are willing to continue but I understand that everyone may need a break. Thanks again for the wonderfully entertaining updates and thank you for all your endless hours of BB time, information and knowledge. I truly hope to continue reading your wonderful blogs in future BB seasons!

  5. What an eloquently written post!! Thank you for your insight! I must share that I am a long, long time big brother fan, and seeing the negativity going on outside the house was shocking!! I also want to thank you for your honesty related to Thanksgiving and Justin's behavior. As you shared many such as RHAP crew are blinded by their love for the BS's. Lastly, you mirrored my feelings, thoughts, and opinions exactly. I truly appreciate you!!

  6. Since I canceled the feeds at the end of Oct. I appreciated your thorough updates.

  7. Just wanted to add my thanks to you for all that you do.
    The fandom this year has really gone in the shitter. I'd like to think that it's mostly young kids who don't know better but I know a lot of them are grown ass adults too. I started to see the negativity last year with Nicole and Corey. The hatred for them was unbelievable and unwarranted. This season has just taken it overboard. The "fans" that hate Jason say worse things than he has ever said.
    Justin's actions these last few days have left a really bad taste in my mouth. He is acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum because he didn't get his way. For those that say he doesn't celebrate thanksgiving, according to his sister, that's a load of crap. They do celebrate and his letter even mentioned that. And when RHAP says Jason and Kryssie are only mad because Justin didn't cook, that's also crap. When Kryssie eventually spoke with Justin, she specifically told him she didn't care he didn't cook, she would have been happy if he just sat his ass at the kitchen table and watched. Also, he has made some homophobic comments the past few days. He's actually made them throughout the season but they were overlooked. His whole "friendship" with Jason was a farce from the beginning.
    That being said, how any true fan of this show can vote for anyone besides Jason to win is beyond me. He is the only one left that has actually played the game. Fans always get mad about bitter juries but that's what people who don't vote for Jason are.

    1. It's easy to agree with someone who feels the exact same way I feel, but when you're right, you're right.

      Thanks Jackie.

  8. I think the BBOTT has exaggerated elements of fandom that was already there. It's only pointing out things I've noticed over the years, where a fan, rage online about the outcome of the show. I've admitted I've hated a few of the winners but I've never harassed online anyone FROM THE SHOW. And usually, when I wrote something in chat it was to piss off some cult that was obsessed about the group or individual. I will say this, none of the house guests had some great social game and basically sat around and bitched about each other.

    I think the WORST thing that can happen to a show is when they have a steamroll, which the BS'ers were looking to do - but fortunately with the wrong people who put their foot in their mouth(Monte & Cornbread). I couldn't stand another brigade in the show.

    1. During the season, every BB podcast and most websites had polls each week to try and predict what America would do with their vote. And as hateful as some of those organizations were, most of the time America voted another way. (Rob C. is smart enough to know that, I hope.)

      Personally, I found that if you watched the BBOTT chat room conversations, that told you all you needed to know about who America was voting for. The shit talkers were just talking to themselves, and the group wasn't big enough to beat the entire system.

      I may have admitted this at some point on this website, but I did some of my own shit-talking in the BB chat rooms (under a different name, of course). It was fun. It felt naughty. I only got one warning from the mods, but it was because I used a "bad" word like "shit" or something.

      It's not something I did every day, just once in awhile. It felt cathartic. I'll bet I did some chatting with YOU at some point...ha ha ha.

  9. While I think Shelby was entertaining (I heart Jelby!), she was far from the strategic player that some of fans are suggesting. Shelby had a shit pokerface. In fact, at one point during the feeds, Shelby made a "joke" that if Shane even knew she was a lawyer he'd shack up with her... I always got the impression that she never liked Danielle because Shane was the only hot guy in the cast. And Shelby likes hot guys and was told they'd have a lot of them in the cast this season...LMAO! SIDENOTE: I think it was more strategic for Shane to jump ship from the BS'ers and Monte's Pythons since they were so undermining of each other. Shane took up with Danielle to get entry into the other side of the house.

    1. I was always hoping for a stealth Jelby alliance, but it just never happened.

      I did like Shelby, but after she shared her secret with Alex and Morgan, her attitude really cranked up a few notches. She became much more mouthy, to the point where I did not enjoy watching her on the feeds. Too many tantrums for me. She's a foul-mouthed brat who was a little too proud of herself.

      But I will say, Shelby is the one on the cast that I could relate to most, due to her scholastic background and some of the things she said about growing up. When I was her age, I was probably a lot like her, but with only about 25% of her self-confidence (unfortunately).

      I hope one day there is a BB Production "Secrets Revealed" episode where they talk about some of the house guests who gave them the hardest time.

  10. The other thing i notice with the seasons, especially with casting, is that they choose people on the basis on several things one leading to a major story line they HOPE will happen...they'll plan it out in advance. But more often than not it doesn't pan out...

    He's what I suspect Production wanted:

    A Shelby Jason alliance
    Jason discovers the sister twist(unlike last time, doesn't blabber on about it, and uses it to his advantage)...
    Jason Shelby and Justin make final three...

    But Jason's unpredictability and use of strategy was all over the board...despite these things one thing would persist: would a Morgan and Jason win have a consensus for fans? - I think not, either candidate had more than enough chances to turn their games around and make plays for other people to join alliances. The line in the sand was crossed and none were interested in erasing it. Morgan just did better PR towards the end because ironically she was resigned to her fate and wanted to leave on good graces. To Alex's point, Jason didn't do very good jury management...


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