Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - The Final Five Face the Facts. #BBOTT

Last night the festivities started at the new time, two hours earlier than it usually does on eviction nights.  This was MUCH appreciated by all of the East Coast live feeders, since the HoH comps have been starting well after midnight for us all season.

Last night Danielle was evicted by a unanimous vote, and left without seeming too salty.  She looked gorgeous, and everyone gathered at the Memory Wall to watch her picture turn to black and white.  It's funny, because after the first eviction, when Cornbread left, only Jason and Scott stood at the wall to watch this BB tradition.  But now everyone does's a rite of passage in the game, sort of like attending a funeral for a comrade.

The HoH comp started around 10:00 PM EST, after a short FISH break to give the house guests instructions.  This was another good comp, although it was rather uneventful to watch much of the time.  Basically, they started with Shelby asking the players seven different questions about gender differences in the game, questions that were difficult to anticipate or prepare for.  Questions like, "who placed more votes to evict this season, males or females?"  Shelby asked each player to lock in their answers, and then we went to the next question without learning that the correct answer, or who answered correctly.

There were some long pauses while Shelby waited to be prompted after each question, dragging out the process somewhat.  But I'm sure Production was checking to be sure they had the footage they need, and noting the recorded answers before continuing.  Once all of the questions were completed, it was time to start the balance portion of the competition.  BB asked them to wipe their shoes off on a special mat each of them had in their booths, so they wouldn't be too slippery.

Then it was Go Time.  Each player had a series of pegs to stand on, getting smaller and smaller the further they got from their booth.  They all started balancing on the first peg, until BB decided it was time to reveal the answers to the questions.  If they got the answer correct, they got to stay on their current peg, but if they got it wrong, they had to step forward to the next peg.  They were not allowed to crouch or bend their knees, unless they needed to catch their balance for a second.

Kryssie and Morgan both got all of the questions correct, so that kept them on the largest peg for most of the competition.  Jason missed one question, and Justin missed three, so they had to move ahead while the girls stayed where they were.  Justin ended up way out there on the smallest peg, where he could only stand on one foot, lasting about a minute like that.  Jason fell off first, though, moving to the next peg.  He later said that he thinks this comp was meant for him, and he blew it by overshooting the distance between pegs.

This left just Kryssie and Morgan out there, balancing in the cold air.  The comp rules stated that once all of the questions were completed, BB would ask the remaining players to step forward to the next peg every five minutes, until each player was at the end.  Then it would just be balancing...something that Morgan was built for, as a cheerleader for over 10 years.

Shelby wore one of Morgan's summer short sets and her highest heels that she has trouble walking in (the ones from Premiere Night), so she was cold out there, even wearing this jacket.  She told Jason that she wanted to dress up in case Clay Honeycutt came in to host the HoH comp.

Jason:  Your mother has a better chance of walking in here than Clay does....sorry Clay.

This competition was another low-budget, but quite comprehensive challenge, mixing game knowledge with physical skills.  There were no moving parts to malfunction or screw up, and Production could easily budget their required man hours needed to staff the event, because once all of the questions were covered, it was only a matter of time before it was all over.

The players had 10 seconds to move from peg-to-peg, and we saw this screen as the time counted down.  But between movements, it was very quiet, and wasn't exactly interesting to watch on the live feeds.

Spoilers about Survivor were already starting to hit Twitter, making it obvious that something BIG happened on last night's episode, so I actually started watching it on the DVR while this comp played out.  (The Survivor episode did not disappoint...the tribal council was riveting, but we also got to see the starving Survivors eat and drink with abandon, and I always love to watch that process.)

Jason and Justin murmured on the sidelines, worried about what would happen next.  There wasn't much cheering at all, in fact Jason, Justin and Shelby only seemed to voice support for Morgan and Kryssie after they successfully moved to the next peg when required to do so.

Both girls had a few shaky-looking moments in the early stages of this comp, but by this point they had hit their groove and looked steady up there.  I don't think anyone expected Kryssie to hang in there as long as she did...even though her feet are small, she has a lot more weight to balance.

I don't think Morgan expected Kryssie to be a contender, either.  At one point Morgan tried to make a deal with Kryssie, which to me is a sign of weakness.

Morgan:  What do you want to do, Kryssie?  Do you want to make a deal?

Kryssie:  What do you want to do Morgan?

Morgan:  Please, please let me have this one.  I just want a letter from home.  You can have the whole room to yourself all week long, and you can have a say in my decisions.

Kryssie didn't take her up on that, and they stayed up there in silence until Shelby announced it was time to move to the last peg.  Kryssie stepped to the next peg and announced that she stepped on the hem of her pants.  Once she got both feet on her peg, she held it for a second or two before she fell.

So Morgan won, but only she and Shelby were truly happy about it.  Shelby cautioned Morgan not to cry and mess up her makeup.

Everyone came over to hug Morgan, who announced it was a hard-fought battle.

Later, both Shelby and Morgan mocked Kryssie, saying that whenever Kryssie "does bad in a comp" she always makes excuses for it.  I don't think Kryssie "did bad" in this comp.  On the contrary, she did so well that Morgan tried to make a deal with her.  Jason said that if Kryssie could have lasted on the final peg for a minute or so, she may have won because he saw Morgan shaking.

Shelby ran over to try the pegs, after abandoning her Clay Eff Me Shoes.  Morgan also stood on the last peg and did a classic cheerleader move of standing on one foot and holding the other foot in the air by her head.

It was impressive, and demonstrated the athleticism that cheerleaders are required to have at the top levels.  And not just that, but answering all of the questions correctly had a big impact on Morgan's win, because getting the answers wrong is what eliminated the guys when they had to move forward at least 30 minutes before she did.

The girls were so happy, as Shelby announced that Morgan made the Final Four.

Morgan:  I'm taking you with me!

Shelby:  We'll see....

Shelby already knows that Kryssie and Jason will be nominated by Morgan.  If either of them come off the block after the PoV, Shelby will then have to be nominated, with neither Shelby or Morgan voting to evict unless Morgan is called on to break a tie.

This assumes that Justin uses his Care Package to get to Final Four, but he must complete some sort of challenge first, probably on Friday.  (They don't know that yet, though.)  If Justin wins the Care Package, both sides expect him to vote with them, but as we all know, Justin can be very unpredictable

In the wee hours, Jason and Justin had a pretty deep chat about life, which was interrupted occasionally when they discussed topics that might cause legal trouble.  Here are some tidbits I remember from this conversation, but be warned, some of this is heavy.  And heartbreaking.

*  Justin was encouraging Jason to stay positive, and that one of them can win the PoV to save him.  Justin thinks Jason should consider prayer, since it always helps him get through rough times.

*  Jason said he respects that, but he remembers praying to God to help him as a child, asking God to keep the person who was molesting him from doing it again.

Jason:  I used to lay in my bed and pray to God that the person wouldn't touch me again, but God never did anything to help me then.  God wasn't looking out for me.

Justin:  I can see why you feel that way, Boo, but I'm just saying God is always here for me now.

*  Justin wondered if the cameras were on them, and then said that his time in the house was the cleanest he'd been in a long, long time.  Jason wondered if he meant booze, and Justin said yes, but he also smokes weed every day at home, rolling up one joint and just puffing on it throughout the day.  He said his tolerance is very low, but he spends a lot of  money on weed at home, needing about "a zip" a week.  (What is a zip?  Anyone know?)  Jason agreed that being in the BB house is like rehab, and Justin says he might consider not smoking when he goes home.

Justin:  But I like the ganja calms me down.

Justin says he's always making his stuff available for his friends, and the girls he hangs with.  He said "Janae" in particular "smokes like a chimney".  As soon as Justin said that, the cameras switched to the HoH room, where Morgan was telling Shelby how strict her parents were growing up, and how she couldn't get away with anything.

Morgan:  But then when I went to college, I kind of went wild.

Shelby:  That's how it happens....

*  Then we went back to Justin's conversation, where he said he's buried so many friends, that he's lucky to be alive.

Justin:  You don't know what I've been through, man.  Like one time I was at home and I just felt like I wanted to go fishing, so I went out to fish alone,  and when I came back everyone in my house had been killed.  (I'm guessing this was in the pimp and drug dealing days?  Or gang activity?)  And kids in New Orleans don't care...I've had a gun held to my head and the kids don't even put on masks first, so you know they're going to kill you, but somehow they didn't.....

*  Justin also said that everybody has vices, and his is women and sex.  He never likes to be alone, and doesn't like to sleep alone.  Jason asked if he just stays at his girls' houses, and Justin says he stays with whoever he's hanging out with at the time.  He helps them with their rent, or paying bills to chip in for their expenses.

*  Justin said there's nothing for kids to do in New Orleans, so that is why he'd like to start some sort of group to teach kids about fishing, because it helped him get away from trouble.  Justin also said that he is unable to say no when asked to take a shot or smoke up.

Justin:  That's why I had to take a break from the restaurant.  I avoided it for about three months before I came here because it's right in the French Quarter, where all the temptations are...I just can't say no, so I had to get away for awhile.

*  Justin encouraged Jason to leverage his creativity, like with making his decorative lighters.  Jason says his goal is to start a small business, so he can support himself and not have to work for someone else.

Kryssie came back from her DR session, and said it was so upsetting to discuss every detail of the competition, and to relive how she lost.  She knows that Jason is the target this week, and feels very badly that she didn't win so she could save him.

(But, even if she did, it all depends on the PoV this week....Morgan might even have to nominate Shelby as discussed above....but I understand Kryssie's frustration.)

Jason went over to give her a hug, saying "he doesn't do hugs, but he's doing this one".  It was a nice long hug, and I could tell it helped Kryssie, like a good hug always does.

Justin jumped over there to get in on the action.

Jason:  Get out of our hug!  This is our hug!

They both encouraged Kryssie to cheer up, and Justin gave shout outs to Mike, Kryssie's boyfriend.

Justin:  Mike is the man! I'd be happy to cook some soy-free food for him anytime!

(Mike has allergies to soy.)

Then something strange happened.  Just about this time, the live feeds went blank, like a green screen.  That's what Joker's reports at 3:02 AM, but I certainly wasn't watching live at that time.  When you try to flash back now, right around 1:13 AM BBT the feeds skip straight ahead to after 4:00 AM BBT.  So there are about three hours missing from the live feeds.

And the fans are screaming about another conspiracy, of course.  Another screw up by the Production team.  Personally, I think that if they didn't want us to see or hear something, we would have gotten FISH.  And god knows we've already heard them talk about drugs and crimes against children, so what else could there be?

Production interference with the game, I guess.  But I don't believe that.  I think it was technical difficulties, because the live feeds are still kind of wonky now.  But you know how the BB fans love to put on their tin foil hats and bitch, bitch, bitch about stuff.

I think someone on the overnight crew spilled bong water on the control panel. I checked the overnight Reddit thread, and the feeds were down and wonky for them, too.

This morning Justin couldn't sleep, so he got up and made breakfast for his crew, even singing a little song about it.  This looks like two big omelet lumps, right?  Once again I'm not that grossed out because it hardly looks like an egg at this point.

He made the sandwiches on the hot dog buns and then wrapped them up nicely with napkins.

I like having a restaurant worker in the house, because I'm picking up some tips and tricks from the trade.

Jason:  Thank you!  How nice!

Kryssie had a wild dream about her sister having a baby daughter, and then leaving it at the mall, or something like that.

It's a lazy day in the house, with everyone napping or just laying around.  Shelby complained that they restocked the storage room, but didn't get enough pizzas and only one pineapple.


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