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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Don't Lie to Me While I'm Trying to Lie to You. #BBOTT

Every week, after the PoV Ceremony, the targets for the week are set---Danielle and Jason are on the block for eviction, with Danielle widely assumed (even by Danielle) to be evicted on Wednesday night.  As soon as the PoV Ceremony is over every week, the current HoH's power is over, and the house guests start trying to lay the foundation for the following week.

Just before the PoV Ceremony yesterday, Morgan, for some strange reason, feelt that she needed to confess to Kryssie that Alex is her sister.  The strange reasons include trying to make Kryssie trust her, and also to try and "prove" why she wants Jason out of the game next week.

(UM....I don't think Kryssie needed any proof of that, but whatever.  Let's not get in the way of Morgan's camera time.  She said herself that she didn't want to be considered "a Victoria" in this game, so I think this is her effort to prevent that.)

OK.  Morgan was clearly nervous as she primped in the bathroom mirror. Kryssie was in the shower, and Morgan casually went over and asked if she could speak with her later about "plans for next week".  Kryssie agreed to a meeting, and then Morgan said it was so hard to find time to really talk around there.

(UM.  WHAT?)

Apparently Morgan couldn't wait, so right after Kryssie got dressed out of her shower, Morgan went in for the kill.  She started off talking about how Justin wants to throw HoH to her so she can evict Jason, blah blah blah blah.  Then she said she was really nervous, and that her heart was beating fast.

Morgan stressed several times that she hasn't discussed this topic with ANYBODY yet, but she wanted to build trust with Kryssie, after she lied to her about voting Neeley out.

Morgan:  Alex my sister.

Kryssie just stared at her, still trying to brush the tangles out of her wet hair.  I'm not sure this was the reaction that Morgan expected.  It certainly wasn't the reaction that Shelby gave Alex and Morgan when she learned the news.

Morgan, really chattering now:  And Jason got Alex out, so now you know that I really, really want to get Jason out.

Kryssie just kind of "uh huh'ed" her and the two of them awkwardly continued their morning ablutions.  Morgan started flossing her teeth as she walked around the bathroom, really sawing away at a few of those molars.  Kryssie kept brushing her wet hair, eyeing Morgan warily from across the room.

(What was the point of this again, Morgan?)

Jason came in to brush his own teeth, and suddenly both girls scattered.  The air was thick with tension.

And there was tension in the bedroom, too, but I wonder if each of them felt a different kind of tension.  Did Morgan think she just made a huge mistake?  Or was she patting herself on the block for a job well done, successfully avoiding the "Victoria" label?

Kryssie murmured a question...she wanted to confirm that Morgan never told her bestie Shelby this exciting news.

Morgan:  Shelby? No...but I plan to...

(I'll bet that out of the two Willett sisters, Alex was the one who was responsible for telling the lies to Mom and Dad, because Morgan clearly hasn't had very much practice.)

Then it was time for the PoV Ceremony.  I can see the anger on Kryssie's face as she stares down Morgan on the nomination couch.  In a DR session held soon after this event, Kryssie told the cameras that Morgan is such an idiot, she is making up shit to try anything to stay in the game.

So, Kryssie didn't believe Morgan.  I tried to watch Kryssie on the live feeds for a while afterwards, to try and catch her telling Jason about all of this.  I know that Jason would believe it, if only Kryssie would tell him.  He noticed the strong resemblance on the 2nd or 3rd day in the house, commenting on it in front of the Memory Wall.

But it really doesn't matter that much now, since The Sisters are out of the game as a pair.  They can't really help each other now.  In fact, Alex AND Scott were both on Twitter trying to get America to nominate Kryssie for eviction this week instead of Morgan, and we all know how THAT turned out.

Shelby begins the PoV meeting, inviting each nominee to make the case why they should stay.

All I really remember about the speeches is that Danielle was eating a chocolate donut (the kind that comes in a box with a plastic window in it at Ralph's) during her speech.  It certainly wasn't a heartfelt speech begging for Shelby's help.  Hell no.

And Shelby saved Morgan, as everyone expected her to do.  (But she's not dragging Morgan to the end though....Morgan is certainly no Victoria.  Morgan has been playing a good social game all season, and she handled The Sister Twist better than Alex did, as far as building relationships with everyone in the house.  But without Shelby's current winning streak, Morgan might have been sent back to Texas already.)

Jason lounged on the eviction couch after the ceremony was over, in a good mood after finally having a good dream last night.  (I have heard Jason say a number of times this season that he's been having horrible dreams about being molested as a child, or about fist fighting with his brother and he wakes up so upset he can't go back to sleep.)

Jason:  I had a dream last night that I had sex with seven different guys, in a really big house.  I think they were porn stars.


Shelby and Morgan wanted to make some avocado toast, but wanted to add an egg to it.  But then Shelby announced she didn't know how to "make an egg".

Morgan:  I can make a scrambled egg, but I don't know how to do it like this.

I sensed Justin was nearby, and they were putting on a little show for him.  I wasn't wrong.

Justin: I'll make y'all eggs.  Don't worry about it.

And he did.  Regular readers of this website know that I LOATHE the sight, smell and thought of eggs.  Not to mention the taste!  UGH!  But I watched Justin try to make the first fried egg, and it didn't bother me like it usually dose.  Because there is so much grease in this pan, the frying object hardly looks like what it is (a failed chicken embryo, or whatever).

Justin tried to flip it, but the egg got all messed up, as you can see here.  I'm certainly no chef, and not an egg maker, but I think he would have had better luck with much less oil, using a nonstick pan.

I think that's how you can flip the egg in the air.  Or even use a spatula to do it cleanly, but maybe someone with expertise in that area can let us all know.

(Remember when Zach Rance flipped that big pancake during BB16?)

Morgan and Shelby both ate their breakfast, though.  Maybe they didn't see all that oil in the pan.

Morgan:  I think that's the best avocado toast I've ever had.

But I have bad news about Shelby's breakfast.  Even though the bread was loaded down with goodies on top (and the egg), Shelby tried to eat her toast by hand, a clear recipe for disaster.  She ended up dropping half of it on the floor, and had to find something else to eat.  Haste makes waste, as they say.

During last night's live DR session, Morgan talked about how stupid everyone else is in the house. She thinks she can win the game if she is sitting next to Justin and Kryssie in the end.  She doesn't think she can beat Shelby.  She thinks Justin will throw the HoH to her so she can focus on evicting Jason.

Morgan:  I'd be a pretty bad player if Kryssie beats me in the HoH.

Outside the Misfits joked and laughed together.  The house had a bet about the planned order of the live DR sessions.  Each week, they are all told to get ready, and given a 15 and a 5 minute warning before the live sessions begin.  But they don't know who will be called in next until they hear it over the intercom.

The bet had something to do with who would do the dishes.  If Shelby's guess about the order was correct, then I think Morgan had to do all of the dishes.  But once Justin got called to the DR, they knew Shelby's guess was wrong, and the bet was lost.

Jason:  We all have to do our own dishes now.

Danielle told some stories about dating, saying that a guy asked if she wanted to come over and hang out.  Danielle told him she'd be happy to go on a date with him, but would not just come over to his house.

Jason:  He just wanted to try and sleep with you.

Danielle isn't interested in that.  She's been saying all season that she's ready to settle down, that she wants a man who is ready to be monogamous, who will be a good father to her son. Later in the evening I heard Morgan and Shelby laughing about Danielle's relationship with Shane.

Shelby: Shane has 100% forgotten about her..he's screwing someone else now!  He's probably not even watching this anymore.

(Oh, but I think he is.  Shane kind of disappeared from Twitter once Dani got nominated this week.  I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out to California to see her this week.)

I hope Shane's property is not in danger from the fires, though.  There are acres of land in the Carolinas that are burning out of control right now.  In fact, at night the smoke in the air here in Atlanta is sometimes too strong for comfort.  The South is burning, y'all.  We've been in a drought and all of the leaves on the ground are like tinder. It's scary.  

Justin usually doesn't have much real game content in his live DRs.  And as usual, last night he talked about being positive and did his usual French phrases.  And started off by calling himself "Don Creole", of course.

Oh, he did say he plans to let Morgan win HoH so she can target Jason.  Yes, Jason, Justin's former L'il Round.  So he's playing too, by getting others to play on his behalf, like he's done all season.

And then it was Jason's turn to talk to us, live in the DR.  As each house guest comes in the DR, an automated voice tells them to put their microphones in a box on the left side of the couch, and they sit awkwardly, waiting to begin.

BB:  You may begin now.

Jason had some interesting things to say.  He said that he had a loose plan to appear to be a tight pair with Danielle, so that if they were both up together she would be the target, since she has a good competition track record, and was also eligible for the final Care Package.

Jason:  I gave Shelby a route to evict Danielle this week.  I wanted to win the PoV though....but Shelby killed it and is beasting through these competitions.  She's making herself a big target.

Jason also thinks his best chances to win will be if he goes to the end with Morgan and Kryssie. He'd like to go with Justin, but he doesn't think he can beat him.

Jason:  The friend in me wants to take Justin, but the player in me wants to take Morgan.

Jason knows his biggest obstacle is having to turn on his friends this season, but he says he still has plenty of friends from his last season.

Jason:  This time I'm playing a different way.  I'm staying and playing, and that means I have to turn on my friends to win this. I don't think anybody here wants to take me to the Final Three, so I have to get there myself.

This is likely the last live DR session we'll see with Danielle.  She's been really depressed as the reality of the situation has set in this week, sleeping a lot and generally seeming to give up.

BB:  You may begin now.

Danielle is glad she got to live her dream to be on Big Brother.  But she knows it is Jason's dream, too, and says he deserves to stay, and she hopes he wins it all.

Jason has said that he knows that Danielle feels this way, and is sad that he can't do the same for her.

Danielle says that Jason was her best friend in the house from the first day, and she's so happy to have met him.

I think that Danielle is the most beautiful house guest in BBUS history. I may have said that about Zakiyah last season, but Danielle easily beats her when you factor in her physique.  Easily.

I think Danielle can be a real model, not just an Instagram girl  Or commercials.  She just looks like a Cover Girl to me.

After the DRs last night, everyone wanted a burger.  They cranked up the grill outside and grilled some burgers.  Morgan and Shelby ate first, sitting at the dining table while the rest of the house guests congregated in the kitchen preparing their own food.

They have very different eating styles, these two.  Morgan uses utensils in a rather dainty manner, taking frequent sips of water between bites.  Morgan eats like it's her first day in the house, before forgetting about the cameras.  Shelby digs right in, relishing her food and is not shy about getting seconds.

Kryssie kept busy chopping up a huge pile of button mushrooms, planning to saute them to put on top of their burgers.

Meanwhile Shelby finished her burger, and got up to get another one that she ate without a bun, with avocado on top, I think.

She finished eating that one before Morgan finished her's.

The watermark is covering part of Morgan's burger up, but she still has at least half left to eat.

Kryssie isn't looking to turn on Jason, from what she says in the DR.  She is playing along with Shelby, Morgan and Justin right now, but pushing back when she can.  She already made the case with Morgan that none of them can win against Shelby, and has told Jason that he needs to win HoH this week, because everyone is coming for him.

But this Kryssie vs. Morgan situation may get ugly at some point.  Surely Morgan can feel the vibe from Kryssie that she thinks Morgan lied about being Alex's sister.  Even if she did believe it, I'm not sure what Morgan hoped to achieve by telling Kryssie that.

And Kryssie doesn't, either.

The rest of the group finally ate their burgers after Danielle came inside with an assortment of burgers with several different types of melted cheese.

If there's one part about eating meat I miss, it's having a good burger.  There are plenty of burger substitutes, though, but it's hard to recreate the taste and feel of the real thing.  Houston's makes an excellent veggie burger, though, that has the look and feel of a medium rare cheese burger.

Kryssie commented that this meal is like the end of times for their group.  They ended up staying up very late, talking and laughing as they always do. There was a fair amount of tension between Danielle and Justin though, as the hostility started to show.  Justin even told her not to get too upset about what she sees or hears when she watches the show at home.

And hearing that made her salty, as you might guess.  Justin is getting very cocky in there.

This is a frequent (like, constant) habit of Shelby's---studying the ends of her hair.  She does it all the time, and is assumed to be searching for split ends.

This morning (or this afternoon, actually), Kryssie went up to the HoH with a plan for the girls.  She wanted Morgan to throw the HoH to her, which would help to ensure that  Jason is evicted next week.

Kryssie says that Jason always wins the PoVs when he needs to win, so if Kryssie is HoH he would never suspect that he's the backdoor target, making it much easier to evict him.

Morgan and Shelby gave her lip service, saying that the plan did make sense.  Note that Morgan already believes that Justin isn't planning on winning HoH, to let her win and do the dirty work on his behalf.

Shelby thinks that if Kryssie can evict Jason, it will help her case in the end, since Jason is the biggest target in the house.

Kryssie:  I think evicting Justin would be the biggest target in the house.

After Kryssie left the room, Morgan said Kryssie was so stupid to think that they would believe her, because they know that she is still on Jason's side.  Their whole game seems to depend on Jason leaving next week, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.  I don't blame them for wanting Jason to go home, because with Danielle out of the way, I think it will be very difficult for anyone to beat Jason in the end.

Kryssie was very stressed after that conversation, and busied herself with carefully reading the text on a box of aluminum foil while Justin moved about the kitchen.

Morgan came down to the kitchen, and the room suddenly felt very small as the two of them moved around silently.

BB:  Shelby, please remove your belongings from the HoH room to prepare for the new HoH.

(Like they needed any more stress about the upcoming competition.)

Morgan went upstairs, and angrily gathered up her things to take back downstairs.

Morgan: I know one thing...I have even more fire to win HoH after that.

Morgan is very irritated that Kryssie implied that Shelby is dragging Morgan to the end of the game. Apparently Morgan didn't think that Kryssie was even a consideration to win HoH, because she and Justin were just going to roll over and let her win.

Morgan:  She's such a liar.  Everybody knows that NO ONE is throwing ANY comps from here on out.

(Morgan has been BEGGING Justin and Kryssie to throw the comp to her....)

Morgan:  If Kryssie does win HoH, I'm going to pretend that I threw it to her, to feed her huge ego.

(You can't make up irony like this.)

At least Morgan will have a fresh manicure for the occasion.  She's getting nervous, too, asking Shelby if Shelby has any idea what the HoH comp will be...

Unless someone in Production told Shelby, she has no freaking idea.  Jason has pointed out to us that once Danielle goes, he will be in the house with a bunch of recruits.  That doesn't mean much if he can't convert, though.

Tonight should be a very interesting night, and it's starting earlier than usual on the CBS website.  The weekly recap episode will air at 8:00 PM EST, rather than the usual 10:00 PM EST.

Maybe Production wanted to schedule the events earlier in the day on the West Coast, to ensure that are enough adults on hand to run an error-free, cohesive episode and competition.

(Shade intended.)

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