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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - A Bunch of Days in November #BBOTT

Once again, I got behind on posting, but the live feeds have been fun to watch this week.  Everyone is either playing the game, or worried about others playing the game.  And then there is Justin, of course, who seems to be just kind of hanging out, entertaining everybody. But his shtick may be wearing thin, for some fans of the game.

Hi Alex. Some of the other house guests have been saying for weeks that Alex has no social game, that she never wants to talk about her life.  I suspect some of that is her trying to be very careful not to reveal any information that might give away The Sister Twist.  But I think some of it is an attitude of superiority on her part.

Last week Morgan got nominated  for eviction by Danielle, blindsiding her. We can tell that Morgan was hit by surprise here, because she didn't have Hair And Makeup for the event, and was even wearing Alex's ugly pleather hat, which Alex claimed to have purchased in a boutique in Texas.

Morgan was very upset about the nomination and was visibly upset, but only tried to show it in the presence of the other Ball Smashers.

In the early days of this season, Morgan told everyone that she was from a tiny town in Texas called Grand View (or something like that).  I don't know if the two of them planned who could say what, but I've heard Alex complain a few times now that she can't tell people certain stories because Morgan already claimed their home town.

So maybe The Sister Twist did limit the anecdotes that Alex can tell, and this is surpressing an otherwise sparkling personality.

Shelby tried to lift Morgan's spirits, but I have to say that tiny cracks in the Ball Smashers alliance have started to form.  Little pressure cracks that are showing the strain of increased competition in the game, like Shelby telling people that she trusts Morgan more than Alex, and the whole Whitney situation....did Whitney flip on the Ball Smashers or not?  I've seen Alex, Morgan and Shelby tell each other that Whitney already flipped, and it's so obvious, but then when Whitney comes in the room they act like nothing is wrong.

It was rather telling, though, that when Morgan was nominated, Whitney didn't immediately cluster together with them...I think she sat with Kryssie and Justin for awhile instead.  So she must feel she needs to prioritize some of her butt-kissing.

The live DR sessions are usually about 10 minutes long, with a 2 minute warning given to let the house guests know to wrap it up.  I don't think Justin has ever used the entire allocated time.  He seems to just blow through the questions and then say a few phrases in french to wrap things up.  He doesn't have much strategy to share, I guess.

Justin has certainly been a Fan Favorite for much of the season, but I'm not sure a Justin win would be our best choice to wrap up BBOTT.  I guess it depends on who he's sitting next to though, if he makes it to the end.

Most of the time Danielle is dressed down, wearing sweats or yoga pants, with no makeup and her hair in a pony tail.  And with all of her chatter, it's clear she's a young woman with a lot of key learnings ahead of her in life.

But when you see her like this, all glammed up for the cameras, the contrast is rather startling for me, because she looks so sophisticated and polished.  Has Revlon contacted CBS about her yet?  Because when I see Danielle all made up, it certainly makes me want to put on lipstick, too.

Danielle is actually a good strategist...she thinks carefully about the nomination and voting options, and has volunteered herself to be Jason's nomination this week, confident that she has a good chance to win the PoV so Jason can nominate a real target.  Also, the Misfits think she might have a chance to be America's Nom this week, since she's been one before, so they want to leave that slot open for one of their targets.  There are "IF's" stacked on top of "IF's" with this plan, but with Jason's co-HoH care package this week, things got complicated very quickly.

This is from Scott's last DR session.  And we know that because Scott kicked off his 10-minute session by telling us it would be his last live DR.

What a wussy move.  I can't stand that.  It's just another way to be a quitter and a poor sport---to concede defeat and act like you accept it, in an attempt to make yourself look like some sort of twisted hero. What a weirdo this guy is, constantly talking about "ME AND ALEX". But Scott was GREAT casting, and a lot of fun to watch.  There were times when I wondered, "is this guy for real?", but of course Scott is for real.

I'm just glad Scott lives so far away from Atlanta, because if I ran into him somewhere, I might scream in fear.  And I'm glad I have no outstanding unpaid debts for him to call and pester me about.  He's a strange dude, and I did feel some sort of comfort when he was in the house that we knew where he was located....we could keep tabs on his whereabouts.

Am I kidding about all this?  Kinda.  And kinda not.  You see, Scott isn't afraid of anything, and that scares me.  Yeah, we'll see Scott again on BB at some point.  He's too much of an original to not make another appearance.

And Shelby was another great casting choice, too.  Have we ever had anyone with a law degree on BB before?   I don't think we can call her an attorney yet....she has to pass the bar, first.  (Just like I couldn't call myself a CPA until I passed that little 2 1/5 day "quiz".)  I think Shelby said her bar exam results would be available on November 18th.

Do you think BB will tell Shelby if she passed or not?  Will she still be in the house on that date?

I don't know who was responsible for casting this series, but I'm pretty sure CBS is happy with the results.  (It wasn't Robyn Kass's organization.)  I'll bet they are involved in some way with BB19's casting....just  a guess.  I know that Scott previously tried out for BB, so they had his info on file, and Cornbread had applied for The Amazing Race, but some of these other  Talk about needles in a haystack.

This is an example of how competition can improve results in the marketplace.  Whoever cast this summer series is a disrupter, for sure.  Even if they just kicked back and skimmed reality TV casting takes a skill (and probably some luck) to pluck the winners out of the bunch.

Yes, this is Danielle wearing Justin's jacket.  And yes, Danielle and Justin have been sleeping in the same bed.  And yes Danielle has been reporting that Justin tries to hold her hand and snuggle with her in the middle of the night.

It gets lonely in there, I'm sure.

Shane isn't worried about it, though.  I did hear Danielle say yesterday that she prefers Shane's hair in the man bun, rather than hanging down, loose.

(I concur.)

Does Alex wear hair extensions?  Sometimes I think her hair looks odd, like it's sitting funny on her head, but other times it looks "normal".  I did see someone tweet weeks ago that it looked like a "lace front".  And then Jason said this yesterday:

So I don't know.  But I do know that I've never looked at Whitney or Shelby's hair and wondered if it was real or not.  What do you think?

Kryssie sure got a good week to be a Have Not, because everyone got to eat the Halloween feast on Monday night, and then they had a Halfway Party feast on Tuesday.  And as usual, the Halfway Party featured pizza and pasta, with a layer cake decorated with their pictures on it.  Justin cut himself a slice of cake with Monte's face on it.

(Remember when Monte announced that Justin probably stole all of his Ralph Lauren clothes?  Doesn't that seem like it happened YEARS ago?)

But Kryssie seems to think that America knew in advance that it would be an easy Have Not week, and that we picked that Have Not week for her in advance.  But what is she supposed to think, with suspected Fan Favorite players like Justin and Whitney in there with her?  I think Kryssie is trying to be polite to America, thanking us profusely in her DR sessions, and alluding to our collective wisdom.

Um...Kryssie has obviously NEVER gotten a load of the live feed chat rooms....I'll just say that..

The last few pictures were taken while everyone played the HoH comp, and were sequestered in the HoH room after they took their turn to win.

It was the Face Morph competition, but Production saved money by just printing out the morphed faces instead of having them scrambled up on a digital screen.  Each house guest had to lift the curtains over the UGLY pictures and then tag them with the two house guests featured in the pictures.  Most people had problems with the pictures of Monte.

Kryssie:  Monte never even spoke to me once, or looked at me.

Whitney went first in the competition, and she ended up timing out at the 30 minute mark.  But Shelby SMOKED it, winning in under 4 minutes, which meant everyone after her timed out after not beating her time.

For the record, one thing Shelby did that differed from everyone else, is that she first gathered every single name card and carried it with her to the picture area, which must have save her some back-and-forth running time.  And she also unveiled the pictures one at a time, rather than lifting the curtain on each picture to start.  I think this allowed her to focus on each picture, and probably lessened the pressure of seeing what was up ahead.  I also heard her say that she didn't stop and really think about how ugly the pictures were---instead she just immediately started analyzing each one to look for recognizable features.

So take note, future BB players.

Speaking of Monte, he tweeted something out that was SO STUPID.  I wish I had taken a picture of it when I first saw the retweet, but now he's deleted the tweet after Miss Cleo called him a Petty Betty.  Basically Monte said his first week strategy was to act stupid, so the girls wouldn't think he was a threat.

WHAT?  All Monte did is act like everyone's supervisor, telling them WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT.  And talk about HOW GREAT his HoH reign was, and  HOW GREAT his physique is, etc etc etc.  I'm pretty sure Monte got BLASTED by the BB community, causing him to delete that tweet.  So I guess he's not so tough, after all.  And maybe being stupid wasn't an act, right Monte?

Shelby celebrated her HoH win with a slice of pizza. And the Ball Smashers met in the storage room to celebrate, of course.

But was Whitney invited to that celebration?

No, she wasn't.  Whitney did not join in on that little song and dance party.

The Misfits have been talking about what a cheerleader Morgan is.  Justin said that whenever she speaks, she looks like she's about to lead a cheer.  And Danielle and Kryssie both imitated how Morgan gives the "cheerleader clap" after reading BB cards in ceremonies.  They both did it in unison, and it was funny.

(Maybe I was a cheerleader at one point in life, and maybe I wasn't.....that's all I'm saying.)

One of the oldest Have Not tricks in the book is to lay out in the sun to catch some sleep.

I mean, duh.

And Justin was apparently caught cheating on his Have Not diet a few times.  The Sisters were bitching up a storm about that, along with the fact that he got to take naps without getting yelled at.

Oh, and Justin totally THREW that HoH comp, claiming that he didn't know there were two house guests morphed together in each picture. Instead, he put only one name under each picture.

Justin:  I already DIDN'T know.

But Jason and Kryssie are onto Justin.  Justin told them he is superstitious about the number seven, and he didn't want to be HoH in Week #7.  As a result, he also doesn't want to win HoH in the Double Eviction that they all know is coming on Wednesday, because that's still Week #7.

OK Justin.  Whatever you say.

The big table was replaced with this one.

It's a much more cozy space now.

I've noticed that Alex has regular feedings in the house about every three hours, in addition to constant snacks directly before and after each meal, as well as sporadically throughout the day.   In fact, I'm not sure all of her clothes fit properly now.  If it's any consolation, this happened to Janelle, too, so there's that.

Here is Alex helping herself to some of the leftover pasta from the halfway party.  She's scooped out portions of this pasta SEVERAL times since I saw her do it here.

Alex:  Do you want some pasta?

Morgan:  NO.

Shelby was cautiously optimistic about her HoH reign, saying that she didn't want to fixate on her nominations until she knows what the Care Package entails, and who gets it, of course.  They all seemed to think it would be the "Co HoH" prize.  And it was, of course.

Shelby also got an N'Sync CD and to the delight of live feeders, has been doing dance routines in front of the one-way glass for the cameras.

Alex is laying waste to some sort of wrap or burrito here.  I don't understand her rush here because a knife and fork can really slow down the eating process so you feel fuller faster.  Just a little diet tip from someone with practiced eating habits.

(Also eating sandwiches "topless" helps, too.  That's where the knife and fork come in handy, when you ditch that top slice of bread or bun.  I have been known to brush the buttery top bun on the table top, so there is no temptation to eat it after it has been contaminated.  I always ask if anyone else wants to eat my top bun first, of course, but no one ever cops to wanting to eat additional carbs in public, no matter how crunchy and delicious.)

I really hope Jason stops smoking for good, but it's going to take a lot of will power on his part.  He's been working out sporadically, and now gets to hang out in spaces other than the smoking section of the backyard couch.  Usually his ass is glued to that couch, but now he's free to move about the BB compound.

(They are only allowed to smoke in that couch area.)

Morgan prepares for her day on Friday, I think.

Jason has been making an obvious effort to talk and spread cheer among all of the house guests, not just his clique.   Personally I don't mind Jason's shit-talking because I think it's funny, but some of the "fans" act like he's some sort of mass murderer or something.

He's playing the game the way I always knew Jason could play the game.  Maybe it took running out of cigarettes for him to get his ass off that smoking couch to do it, though.  Or maybe getting the sense that America was starting to turn on him is what did the trick, because he's been a new player lately, being proactive with his chatter.

If you didn't see Jason's last live DR session, you should definitely flash back to last Friday night and watch it.  (I think he was the last to go.)  His analysis of the house guests was shrewd, and he was very thankful for America for giving him the care package.  I continue to be surprised by Jason's vocabulary and thought process....he didn't go to college, and apparently barely finished high school, but his raw intelligence and intuition would rival the most-educated people I know.

(Jason, if you win the money, please consider going to college with it.  You can be whoever you want to be, and you will be good at it, I promise.)

And here is Shelby reading the Care Package note, announcing that Jason won it.

And this is Jason with a moment of sheer joy.  (I. LOVE. JASON.  Obviously.)

The care package came with S'mores and a BFF bracelet, because he is indeed Co-HoH with Shelby, which is ironic, to say the least.  During the two customary Safety Ceremonies, they will each get to make people safe, until they end up "declaring " who their own nomination will be.  In the case of a tie vote, whichever HoH performs better on the PoV comp will get to cast the tie-breaking vote to evict.  And if each Co-HoH's initial nominee is saved by the PoV, they get to name the replacement, a key element in the twist this week.

I am too tired of typing to go into the whole strategy here, but each HoH is actually going to nominate someone from their own team, paving the way for the MOST IMPORTANT PoV COMPETITION EVER.

Seriously.  I mean it this time.  That's the sign of a good BB season, by the way, when each week feels that way.

Immediately after Jason got the Care Package, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, both sisters started shoveling down the snacks compulsively.  The difference is that Morgan initially chooses snacks like grapes and granola.  I think they were distressed not only by Jason's new Co-HoH powers, but that now threre was one less person eligible to be a Have Not this week.

Jason got his Co-HoH room within a few minutes, since Production was obviously prepared for it.  Here is a picture of Jason as a young boy.  There is also a picture in there of Jason and his mother, and everyone said they look just alike.  Jason's HoH letter was from his mother, too, full of hope and encouragement.

Here is Jason REJOICING after seeing that he got bags of takeout chicken wings and some fries.  Jason has been JONESING on some good chicken wings, and the distinctive smell of buffalo sauce filled the room.

Justin, still a Have Not:  Yo, that chicken smells so good, man.

Jason promised to save some wings for the Have Nots, since they had to wait until midnight to eat real food again.

Here is Jason reading his letter.  Later, Shelby had a meltdown over several things, one of which was that her own HoH letter was from her friend Monica, which was mostly about descriptions of a burger that Monica recently ate, rather than a heartwarming letter from her family.

Jason comforted her, saying that sometimes Production asks the letter writers to keep it  simple, keep it shallow, so as not to provide too much information.  I think Shelby and Jason could have made a good team in this game.  They are more alike than they think they are.

Morgan continued her snack fest, getting into the chips now.

Do you remember Jun's eating habits during BB4?  She came in the house slim and trim, but ended up gaining the most noticeable weight of any BB contestant in recent memory.  I watched Jun stress-crunch through an ENTIRE bag of chips (the Family Size, too) while sitting on the couch watching people argue.  It's stressful in there, with not many options for blowing off steam. Jun tried to improve her habits in the final weeks of the season, even working out daily, but the damage was already done at that point.   It was like trying to improve your GPA the last semester of senior year, ya dig?

Here is Jason comforting Shelby, as mentioned earlier.  Shelby was worried that something was wrong with her family, but Jason assured her that if that was the case, Production would let her know.

Maybe what's wrong with her family is that they see how UGLY the fan situation is out there, and they want to stay out of it.  That's my guess, anyway.

And Shelby can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat.  All Jason said is that heard she had been crying, and Shelby burst into tears.

It can be a good release, crying.  You can release stress and toxins that way.  I used to be a big crier, but once I got my dog it had to stop.  As a puppy, she would get so upset by my tears that she would come over and try to climb up to my face, obviously concerned.  It would make me laugh, her furry little face so worried about me.

Anyway, my point is that Shelby was upset and Jason was very kind to her.  And his hugs don't smell like cigarette smoke now, so there's that.

(Hey Jason's Mom:  Can you please quit smoking now?  To give Jason a fighting chance to quit himself?  His lungs, and your's as well, will thank you for it.  Also both of your bank accounts, too.)

Jason ended up making Shelby laugh, of course.  He cheered her right up.

This is what can happen when you leave the Smoking Section, Jason.

And at midnight, everyone gathered to celebrate the end of the Have Not week for Justin, Kryssie and Whitney.  Jason shared his six-pack of Coronas, pushing slabs of lime in the neck of each bottle, just like a normal happy hour.

Shelby also opened her bottle of rose wine, sharing that with whoever wanted to drink it.

And Jason finally got into those chicken wings.  Did you know Justin plans to open a chain of wing shops? I think he's calling it "J's Wingery" and the first location is already in the works.

Each Friday night, Justin has been making homemade queso dip for the Have Nots, starting each batch with a roux of flour and butter.  He tinkers with the recipe each week, and announced this time that it was the best queso dip ever.

Alex's eating spree was less noticeable, since everyone else was doing it, too.

Justin said he put a lot of cayenne pepper in this batch of queso, and it was starting to make him sweat, it was so good.  Whitney agreed, saying she likes it spicy, too.  Except she said she likes it "spaaahhhhcy", though.

Justin:  ***crunch crunch***  Oh, I already know. ***crunch crunch***

I watched Justin switch back and forth from eating chips and queso, to having a bite from this soft taco, to gnawing on a piece of pizza that was also stashed on his plate.  An interesting eating strategy, for sure. A rotational strategy, if you will.

Then, cue the evil music, because early the next day it was time for the Co-HoH's to name the new batch of Have Nots.  Shelby is actually pretty tall, isn't she?

They announced that since there were only three house guests eligible to be Have Nots, America didn't have to vote, and that the Have Nots for this week would be Alex, Morgan and Danielle.  Alex later asked several times to confirm the information about America not voting, obviously worried about being America's nomination.

And then they announced that this would be the last week of Have Nots for the season.  Justin celebrated with a special dance, right there in the living room.



  1. Love your insight on the updates! One correction, Morgan was not Americas Nom. She was a Replacement Nom.

    1. Thanks...I fixed it.

      If only I wasn't too lazy to keep track of every week in the sidebar.

  2. Missed you this week! One correction: Morgan was the replacement nom for Whitney,
    Scott was America's nom and stayed there.

    1. It feels like a month ago, yet only last week.


    2. Like you said, though, it's the sign of good feeds when so much happens!

  3. I totally agree with you about Jason! He has so much potential and I love hearing his thought process. And your tie bit about your puppy is spot on. I heart dogs <3

  4. I always enjoy your point of view. Thank you for taking the time to write! You have a real knack.

  5. I worry about Jason. His voice already sounding affected from smoking.


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