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Tidbits, Trinkets and Trash - Production Fucked Up, Let Us Count The Ways #BBOTT

Some of these pictures feel like I took them at least four months ago.  But it's been a busy week, hasn't it?  So I'll cut myself a break about it.  I wish I had the time to throw tantrums and sashay around protesting and disrupting traffic, but I have a job to do.  And people depend on me to do it.

Hot Tip:  We only have so much time to work with every day, but we all have exactly the same amount. Every single one of us.  The same exact amount of time.  How well you use that time is what makes you effective as a person.

And let's just say I'm seeing A LOT of people wasting their time.  But of course this ridiculous BB hobby of ours is a HUGE time waster, so I'll admit that.  I'm going to try and move quickly here, since I'm starting with news that is ancient history.

OK. So we begin here with the scene on Monday of this week,  as we approached the Veto Meeting.  Production isn't calling it the "Veto Ceremony" this season, and that bothers Danielle.  It's just a meeting, apparently, and not a ceremony.   I've always known meetings to involve doughnuts and coffee, or perhaps a tray of cookies from the caterer, but maybe that's just an accountant thing.

Alex was feeling good about the Ball Smasher's chances at this point.  In fact, she and her sister whispered about trying to make sure that Shelby didn't try to take the credit for the Big Move, since it was her HoH.

Alex:  She just wanted to go after Whitney!  I'm the one who was pushing for Justin.

Meanwhile Jason got ready for his Big Day, planning to smash the Ball Smashers dreams by making sure both sisters were on the block this week after playing his Veto.  Everyone in the house keeps telling Jason that his skin is really clearing up now that he's quit smoking, but Jason disagrees.  He can't see it himself.

And did Jason really quit smoking?  Or is he just taking a break because he ran out of cigarettes?  I heard him say that he thought his cigarettes would last much, much longer, but he didn't factor in that they wouldn't have many indoor lockdowns.  During regular BB seasons, the house guests are often locked inside for two or three days each week, preventing anybody from smoking anything.  But this season they are outside just about every day.

Jason planned to wear his red pants and hat for the occasion.  He ran out of clean socks because all of his laundry is still at the Fluff and Fold, so Danielle offered to let him wear a pair of hers.  (The HoH gets to send their laundry out, if you don't know.  It comes back neatly folded and wrapped, a real treat for anyone who has ever experienced that.)

Jason also wore Monte's belt for the occasion.  He left it in the house along with at least one of his hoodies.

Jason called everyone to the living room to prepare for the PoV Meeting.  The house has been so divided that the air is always crackling with tension at a time like this.  The groups have been sitting on opposite sides of the couch for weeks now.  Remember that argument between Shelby and Jason WEEKS ago when she said she wanted to sit "on the normal side of the couch?"  That was just before Big Jeff came in the house, which was at least 2 years ago.

Jason said a fan sent him that red hat.  The hat has a leopard print on the bill of it, and seems to be identical to the blue hat that Jason also wears.  That hat is iconic as the hat Jason was wearing when he was blindsided with a backdoor nomination by Vanessa Rousso.  If you have to get blindsided and backdoored, it might as well be at the hands of Vanessa.  It's a compliment, really, when you think about it.

Finally everyone gathered to watch the show.  As usual, Justin is always the last person to arrive, dragging his ass over to the couch.  Danielle later said that it just added to the tension this time, since the Ball Smashers expected Justin to go up on the block for eviction. Which is a preposterous notion, of course. (Jason is Justin's L'il Round!)

Whitney had a nice little speech.  She wasn't at risk to be evicted, and everybody knew it.  Then Danielle took her turn.  Jason later said that he kind of blacked out, and didn't listen to any of the speeches, he was so focused on what he was going to do.

This is how I will remember Alex, since her hands always seemed to flap around like this whenever she was speaking.  She's a BB gamer, so she'll be asked to come back at some point.  I just hope she can learn to control her speaking voice by then, because listening to her is BRUTAL.

It reminds me of Peter Brady's voice in that episode of The Brady Bunch when it was "Time to Change".  Anybody remember that?  Because when it's time to change, you've got to rearrange, apparently.   I'm not kidding...that's EXACTLY how Alex speaks.

I'll bet this was around the time that Greg and Marcia were hooking up behind the scenes.  It just seems so obvious now, watching this. And Greg is so groovy with that fringed jacket and all.

Anyhoo, it was time for the Ball Smashers to change after Jason saved Danielle with his Veto.  But instead of nominating Justin, like the Ball Smashers thought he would, Jason nominated Morgan for eviction. So The Sisters got got, and as usual, getting got hurts.

Morgan took the stage with her trademarked Cheerleader Clap, still amazingly poised, with a steady voice that wasn't cracking or changing at all.  She addressed the group, seething through her smile, letting them know that Jason and Danielle "approached them with a five person alliance".

As Jason closed out the presentation, he whispered, "everybody already knows" while waving his production card in a circular motion to indicate group consensus.  So that was a little mean.  But everyone in that house has been mean when they have the power, just not in front of their target, of course.

And Justin was more than mean.  He was a very poor sport, considering that his name didn't even come up in the meeting.  Oh, the Ball Smashers wanted his name to come up, but it didn't.

Justin, laughing:  SUCKERS!

Not necessary, Justin.  You haven't won anything in there--you've been relying on everybody else to drag you along.  That comment will come back to haunt you with the fans, I think.  And certainly the Ball Smashers, who didn't appreciate it one bit.

Shelby was PISSED, wanting to know what the purpose of all of that was.  Just a few hours earlier, Shelby was celebrating with The Sisters, thinking that Jason was stupid enough to turn on his core alliance to join the bottom of an unnecessary new alliance.  How quickly things can change, for the good or the bad, for any of us at any time.

I think it's bad karma to point out when someone else gets smacked with bad karma.  The best thing you can do is keep your pie hole closed and change locations if you think emotions are going to burst out of you.  (See Kryssie in the picture above.)

Morgan got really sassy after that, as well she should.  She got got and she had a score to settle.  First she got lippy with Whitney about her comment regarding having a "celebratory dinner" with Justin after Jason won the PoV.  It's hard to really let Whitney have it, because she claps back with such a sweet-sounding, slow comment.  It's rather mesmerizing, and makes it hard to follow through, I'd imagine.

So Morgan led her crew to the backyard, where they started stirring it up with the Misfits.  Jason did most of the talking, but then the Ball Smashers attacked Whitney about working with Justin and Kryssie.

Whitney:  Ahhhh've made nooooo secreeeeettt that ah'm close with Jusssstin and Krystie..... oh..sorryy ....ah mean Kryssie.


Morgan has been saying she knows she's the target almost every week of this season, so she says it again now.

Jason:  No, you're not the target.  Alex is.

***even the crickets stopped chirping for a few seconds****

And then Justin piped up, saying he can't stand Morgan, and that he's "gonna win HoH in the double eviction and send her home".

(Spoiler Alert:  NO.  And NO.)

Jason is not shy about getting turnt up when he needs to.  He accused those girls of being disloyal to each other, but also says he considered every option presented to him after the PoV.

Then the girls retreated to the bathroom, where both Shelby and Morgan cried about it.  Of course.

Then Morgan went to the DR and Shelby told Alex that she really went to law school, opting for the 2 year accelerated program at Pepperdine, and that she's just waiting to learn if she passed the Bar Exam or not (November 18th).  She's really proud that she got everyone to believe she is stupid.  But of course she is not stupid.

Then Alex she had a secret to share, too, and yadda yadda yadda she and Morgan dropped the Sister Twist news on Shelby, who admitted that they did share the same nose.

Alex: And our teeth are the same, too.

Shelby:  But what about your other siblings that you talk about?

Alex:  We don't have any...we're the siblings.

They pledged to keep it all zipped up in the vault, but the sisters plan to drop the bomb when the last one leaves the house.  IF the last one leaves the house, I should say.

The next morning Justin was cooking breakfast while Morgan moved around the kitchen, ignoring him entirely.  They must be running low on rations, because this is Justin's breakfast sandwich.

Justin:  It's egg, bacon and cheese on a hot dog roll.  Without the hot dog ya dig.

The bacon is a good fit for the bun, I'll admit that.  But he should at least toast that bread, right?  Otherwise when you bite into it, the bread will just get all squishy.  But I've been on a toasted sandwich kick for over 10 years now, after having a delicious room service Croque Monsieur in Paris.  I was all pissed because the room service menu had a very limited selection if you were ordering after midnight, but that sandwich was one of the best things I've ever eaten.  I don't eat ham anymore, but I have fond memories of crunching into that sandwich, with a good champagne buzz on, wearing my plush hotel robe.  (Traveling to Europe on an expense account can be EVERYTHING.)

Disclaimer:  This is not the actual sandwich I ate in Paris, but it reminds me of that delicious meal.  They put the cheese OUTSIDE the toast somehow....good lord it's good.

While he ate, Justin told us that Morgan doesn't like him for some reason.

You don't say, Justin?

Justin:  She never has, and she never will.

Yesterday was one of the most boring days in the house yet, as everyone laid around and whispered in between naps as they prepared to face the Double Eviction.  As the season wears on it doesn't seem like Production cares much about all of the various rules about staying awake all day.  And this was the day after the US Presidential election, so I don't have to tell you that people outside the house were weary, confused and angry.  Many tantrums were had, or threatened.  But the State of California also voted successfully to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  So maybe people were celebrating, or indulging to numb the pain.


Even though everybody knew that only four people were eligible to receive the Care Package during the Double Eviction (Justin, Danielle, Morgan & Whitney), CBS communicated that every house guest was eligible to receive the Care Package during the special Double Eviction episode.  The fans went nuts as that news spread like a viral wildfire, beginning to campaign for their favorites to win. It seemed too good to be true, we all thought. And it was, because whoever was running the official Twitter account had to rescind that statement, as follows.

But the house guests had no idea about any of this.  They just laid around, waiting for the action to begin.

Late in the day, they were called to the living room to watch a video that everyone assumed would relate to the HoH during the Double Eviction.  They watched it again later, during the Special Eviction Episode, but they got to watch it first in the afternoon.

It was a cute idea, the Big Brother Shopping Network, complete with a delightfully cheesy musical track behind it, sort of like jazzy elevator music.

The items for sale were items from various competitions, beginning with the Bug or Crab necklaces from the first HoH competition.  The crab slowly spun around to the music, while everyone stared at the screen, trying to memorize each detail.

And this is the small length of chain that they used for that Bar Code competition.  Near the end of each item's presentation, the green arrow popped up with new,exciting information about the sales pitch. Justin laughed about this one.

Justin:  Ha ha ha..great at parties...ha ha ha.

And here are all of the coins from the HoH comp that Kryssie won, when Paul was in the backyard.  Everyone laughed about the sales pitch boasting "Touched by Paul!".  The green arrow on this one indicated that it was not "great at parties".  Danielle later told her group about small details here, such as that only six were sold, but then the screen changed to indicate only 5 were sold.

Danielle:  Someone returned one, and no one wanted them.  And it was the last sale day, too.

They also noted that this was the only item you could not buy with a major credit card.  So, how are you supposed to buy it if you can't use a major credit card?  With a minor credit card?  With a debit card?  Hell to the no on that.

Within seconds someone tweeted this to Paul, and within just a few more seconds Paul tweeted it out, obviously having a good time with all this.

I don't know what this hairbrush had to do with anything, but it was clearly marked "Pre Owned".  Oh, I think it was from the Halloween comp---that dead girl wanted to use her hair brush or something.  Whatever.

And this sale involves some of the balls from this season, a steal at 50% off.  They were arranged in a little pyramid, but as they spun around to the music they fell, probably because they are "Extra Round".

Justin:  Ha ha ha  Extra Round...ha ha ha.

(Spoiler Alert:  Justin was the ONLY house guest to be eliminated from the HoH comp before the tie-break question.  SHOCKER.)

After the little show, the groups split up immediately to start studying and drilling for the competition. And then this happened.


And this is a HUGE fuck up.  While they were all studying, suddenly Shelby's voice started blaring over the intercom, and it was immediately clear something was wrong.  Look at Shelby in the picture below...she was shouting "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

In the Tokyo Room, where the others were studying, Jason called out that it was Shelby's DR session, and got up to run down the hall as the screen went to FISH.  What was broadcast was a portion of that night's Weekly Wrap up, as the Face Morph HoH comp was broadcast. We heard Shelby's DR session saying she approached the Face Morph like a logic puzzle from when she took the LSAT, and then commented on seeing her own chin on the screen, with acne on it.

When the feeds came back Shelby was apparently in the DR for some time.  She later told Morgan that she was in there screaming at them "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO FIX THIS?"  But when she came out she seemed calm, and I still haven't heard the Misfits discuss the clear fact that not only does Shelby obviously have an undergrad degree, she also prepared for law school in some fashion by taking the LSAT, a law school entrance exam.  They should have at least suspected this much, based on what they heard in the DR leak.

I'm exhausted after the events of this week, so I'm not really prepared to discuss what happened regarding the whole Double Eviction Care Package, but what I will say is that we all believed that the winner of Care Package #6 would immediately win the PoV and use it at that time.


But when Morgan won the Care Package, we learned that not only did she win the PoV, she was also safe from being nominated.  In retrospect, it makes sense because the Care Packages have been accelerating in importance each time, but the full impact of the prize was NEVER communicated to the voting public.

Maybe the same result would have happened if we knew, but maybe not.  What it did mean is that Danielle had to nominate two of the Misfits, with Shelby and Morgan never being nominated at all.  I have to say the hour or so that followed was one of the most tension-filled, exciting BB events I have ever witnessed.  We saw tears, pleading, and some people in utter shock and anger after they learned what was to take place.  It was FANTASTIC.

Shelby tried to make a deal with Danielle to get Justin evicted. Danielle nominated Whitney and Justin, and after much ado and tears, had to cast the tie-breaking vote to evict Whitney, who NEVER tried to save herself at all.  And the annoying BB voice even told them at least TWICE that "NOW is the time for you to STRATEGIZE". The people who were strategizing for their lives stopped for a second or two in irritation at the interruption, but Whitney just sat on her ass on the couch, whispering quietly with Justin.

Danielle is a fucking PLAYER.  You better KNOW THAT.  I'm serious.  I almost forgot to mention that Rachel Reilly was in the back yard for the HoH comp, but it hardly seemed to matter.  The tension was so thick out there, and half of the house guests didn't seem to know who she was.  It kind of sucks that Alex missed it, but I'm hoping they let Alex talk to Rachel backstage, or at least to hug her or something. It's a big deal, having Rachel make an appearance, but they ignored Rachel.

Rachel, after the HoH comp was over:  Don't just IGNORE me. Come over here and talk!

It was uncomfortable.  I ended up falling asleep, sitting up in bed with my computer in my lap and earplugs in my ears, waiting for the 2nd HoH competition of the night to begin.  But when I had to get up this morning on the East Coast, everyone was still sequestered in place, with no HoH winner in sight.  Then finally, Danielle called everyone to the living room.  I think this was around 4:00 AM BBT.

Danielle opened up a separate envelope for each person, announcing their score in the competition.  It was a comp where they had to place mirrors in certain places, to allow a bunch of other mirrors to reflect laser lights in a certain way.  That's all I can say at this point, due to my relative burn out.

*  Justin timed out after 20 minutes, and was disqualified.

*  Kryssie had a time around 15 minutes or so, and was the leader at that time.

*  Morgan had a time of 12 minutes or so, becoming the new leader.

*  Jason (who performed first), came next.

Danielle:  Jason had a time of 8:12, making him the leader.

Then you could tell that Danielle was upset at what she saw next.

Danielle:  At a time of 7:23, you had technical difficulties...oh I'm sorry, this is Shelby.  You had technical difficulties due to a broken mirror and we were not able to determine your final time.  Jason and Shelby will compete again tonight to determine who is HoH.

Shelby was stressed. And we all knew why, at this point.


One of the mirrors "broke" when Shelby was competing, and there was FISH for several minutes while they tried to fix it, or something.  Then she completed the task, and the live feeders say her time was well over Jason's time.  (WELL OVER Jason's time.)

Then there was a break of about 3.5 hours before Justin got to take his turn.  Can you imagine having to wait that long?  Was the crew just toking up behind the dumpster out there, maybe ordering a pizza?  ARE THERE ANY ADULTS WORKING BACKSTAGE AT ALL THIS WEEK?

Jason, confused:  Your mirror broke?  Did you go last?

Shelby:  No, I went 4th.

Jason:  Then why were they able to finish the comp, and you couldn't?

Shelby:  I was using the demo mirror, the one off to the side. ....blah blah blah.....And then I went in the storage room and started YELLING at Production about it, saying....


Shelby exploded in exhausted anger in the storage room.


(No, you didn't.)

This is a HUGE, HUGE FUCK UP on Production's part.  The BB community has come together on is just a small sample of reactions from noted BB feedsters and posters across the nation.

This is exciting's messed up, but exciting.  If Production indeed feels they can support their position, they need to tell us that VERY CLEARLY in tonight's Daily Wrap up.

It better be good, too, because we're pissed.  Shelby got screwed with the intercom error, and Jason got it right in the ass, too, as Production obviously bends over backwards to correct the own error with Shelby.  And every single time Jason or anyone else has tried to talk about it today, the cameras can't move to a different room fast enough.

So, in the end, I guess I am throwing a sort of tantrum here, and sashaying around to protest what I don't feel is right.  So I'm a HYPOCRIDIOT, too.

By the way, Morgan's eviction speech was SPECTACULAR, as she slammed each house guest in turn.  She began her speech by addressing the Hypocridiots, which was a brilliant term being used secretly by the Ball Smashers for weeks.

Jason: Morgan, I loved your fire speech.  It was funny.  It was everything.  I loved it.


  1. Great recap, thank you!! Jason definitely got jobbed. About the Shelby DR leak, I bet none of the misfits knows what the LSATs are. They certainly haven't talked abut it, that I know of. Justin is getting harder and harder to like. I wish he had been evicted instead of Whitney. I'll miss her, surprisingly. I was not a fan of hers in the beginning.

  2. I LOL'ed at the Brady Brunch reference & I question my sanity, as I actually watched the video! Great recap! Production really needs to get their shit together! Very embarassing!

  3. There was no production error or switch around regarding the care package.
    Whomever wins the veto is ALWAYS safe and they have the power to remove a nom.
    This just happens to be the first time they have ever had a veto winner BEFORE noms.
    So it makes sense that the veto holder is safe.

  4. I was so looking forward to the 24/7 live feeds when I renewed my subscription specifically for OTT, I had previously dropped mine for the fish interruptions, as well as the advertisements for OTT being that we would get to watch comp practices etc... The beginning of the season started out much better but as time has passed we just keep getting hit with more production crap.
    Seems they are either blocking info from us,or leaking it.

  5. There WAS a production switch regarding the care pkg. I can read and we all know what it said.Several things back up what I'm saying.
    1.The care pkg card the hg's read is always the same as what we read when we vote except this one. They added to it.
    2.A veto is a veto and not a block pass. Those would be two entirely different things.
    3.It has nothing to do with the fact that the pkg/veto came before noms. It's still a veto.
    4.When Alex won the safety CP and Jason won co-hoh we assumed that meant they couldn't be nominated. It's self explanatory. Nevertheless, the card they read and what we read still specified that as part of the description of what they had won. Morgan's only said she had won a veto.
    5.The notion that it was voters not understanding how it worked because it had never happened before is incorrect. In season 4, Jun won hoh and she was taken out of the house to attend the MTV awards. She did not make noms before she left. While she was gone, Allison won the veto during a comp. Jun returned and made her noms. (She knew Allison had won btw) She nominated Jee and Allison. During the veto ceremony, Allison used the veto on herself.

    *In season 7, when buzzergate happened, the entire comp was played over and that would have been the better solution to the hoh comp this time. Justin may suck at comps but he waited over 3 hrs to compete and it was around 4:00 am when he did due to the screw up. I've enjoyed OTT but DE was a shit show for and entire 24 hours. I agree someone who should be getting coffee rather than working controls on the staff screwed Shelby with the intercom mishap but the solution was ridiculous if that's what this was. I don't think the gave her the hoh comp but they most definitely gave her safety with the care pkg. Shelby is my favorite player and this isn't a biased opinion.

  6. I love your blog and recaps, but this is the first time I truly do not agree with you at all... I watched all of the HOH comp and waited an hour to find out what was going on. Shelby clearly started having issues with her mirrors as she was putting them in the correct places around 7 minutes in. She tried to put the third mirror in place and focus it onto spot 4th was supposed to go, but it kept flopping, so she in turn started switching that mirror with all the others. Production went to fish several minutes after all of this and well after the mirror started malfunctioning. It was clear from what I saw that she would have had about a minute to set up the fourth mirror before Jason's time if she had a working mirror. Could she have done it under? Maybe or maybe not, but I would not say that it was rigged for her at all. I also disagree about the care package. People were speculating about whether the veto would make it so winner was safe and could use it on someone well before the voting expired. Those who argued that it would be like this, stated that it made sense because the cps are supposed to get subsequently better and if it only saved you, it would be no different than the safety servant. It is also the same as if someone not on block were to win the veto- they could pull someone down and are safe from being nominated as replacement. I am also shocked you didn't mention Danielle getting more time to answer the question and tally up the tie breaker in the double eviction HOH. As you have mentioned many times, this season has caused many fans to be very, very divided. It just feels like this post is based off of you reading a bunch of tweets from LNC fans and not actually watching feeds. Sorry if that is harsh. I truly enjoy your blog... This one just made my blood boil a bit. On a side note, I think production is being run by the third string team and the 3.5 hour delay after Shelby's turn seemed more like they were trying to get a hold of someone to make a decision about how to proceed.


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