Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 24th- 25th - PoV Competition #BBOTT

You've probably heard about Justin being afraid of Neele's witch hat.  In New Orleans there are a lot of people who believe in voodoo, or ghosts, and this is perpetuated by some of the tourist spots in the French Quarter, as well as tours of cemeteries, etc.  Because the city is located at or below sea level, all burials have to be above-ground, which seems to add to the overall drama.  (I'm certainly no expert on this topic, but this is what I've seen on TV, so it must be true.)  I also visited one of the famous voodoo stores on Bourbon Street---one of my coworkers refused to go inside with me...he stood outside on the curb.

Anyway, here is a striking picture of Neeley in her Witch Hat, sitting next to Justin.  Justin is really tempted to cross alliance lines this week by voting out Neeley, instead of Scott.  Justin is convinced that Neeley is going to target him soon, but some of these ideas are being inflated by the Ball Smashers, who once again have put together a coordinated effort to get through the week unscathed.

But if Justin does indeed vote out Neeley tomorrow night, the Witch Hat will certainly have something to do with it.  So, I hope wearing the hat is worth it for Neeley.

The sisters keep meeting in the storage room for lengthy conversations.  How long are they going to get away with this?  If nothing else, the other Ball Smashers will think they are sharing secrets, even if they do seem OBLIVIOUS to the fact that minus a few of the surface details, these girls look exactly like sisters who look alike.

And they are so comfortable now, they spend this precious time bickering with each other.

Alex:  I don't know what you're saying, because you keep saying the word "like" in every sentence.

Morgan: I am so damn pissed at you right now, I might vote out Scott just because you don't want me to.

(No, she's not.  This is an empty threat.)

As HoH, Kryssie gathered everyone in the living room to find out who America's Nominee will be. As usual, there was a lot of tension as everyone saw their own image flash up on the screen, sometime more than once.  Whitney always reacts to it ("Oh my gosh."), but the room is filled with a dreadful silence while they wait to see who America put up this week.

And finally, they learned the results of the vote.

Neeley:  It's me.

Right as Kryssie was leading them into the PoV player pick ceremony,  BB came on the intercom with that horrible British accent and told Alex that she had to sing Happy Birthday to Kryssie, but I'm not sure why.  I guess Marsha the Moose is out of ideas.  Or the budget can't afford a real song for Kryssie.

Alex really put herself into it, but she should definitely keep her day job.  Singing is not one of her many talents, but everyone clapped and gave her props for trying.

Justin got picked randomly to play PoV by Kryssie, but then Kryssie drew Scott's name, and since he's already playing as a nominee, he got to select someone else.

Scott chose Shelby, no doubt because he didn't expect her to be a tough competitor, giving himself a greater chance to win.

Jason's chip has never been picked to play PoV, while a few other people keep getting picked over and over.  After the PoV ceremony concluded, Jason went over and one-by-one, plucked out the remaining chips from the bag.  His chip was the last one, at the bottom of the bag.

Jason:  Oh here it is, magnetted to the bottom of the bag!

(He's kidding.)

Neeley didn't have much to say after being nominated.  She's a Have Not, too, of course, so that probably stopped being fun a long, long time ago.  Neeley rarely makes any special effort to entertain the live feeders, or the other house guests, for that matter.  I'd be okay with that if she was spending her time playing the game, but she isn't.

I heard Justin talk to Danielle today about how Neeley was clearly working with the Ball Smashers in the early weeks of the game, but once she felt excluded from that group, she started staying up late and kind of forced her way into the Jamboree.

Whitney was chosen to host the PoV comp, and what she said to kick things off was exciting for the live feeders.  The PoV was a competition that would be played individually in the backyard, with each PoV player sequestered separately in the house before and after it was time for them to compete.

We've never gotten to see one of those PoV's on the live feeds, so it felt special to watch it.  Whitney drew the PoV players names to determine the order they would compete, and also where they would spend their sequester time.

Each PoV player got busy strapping on a belt to hold their mic packs.  For some reason some of the girls still seem to think that they will wear costumes for the PoV, even though there is no evidence of that yet this season.

(I've also heard them talk about OTEV and the Zingbot, but good luck getting to play those comps this season.  Zingbot doesn't even get out of bed for less than $25,000, I hear.)

Neeley seemed be trying to motivate herself, while Justin started greasing the skids for throwing the competition, talking about how sore he was from working out.  No way does Justin want to win this competition, because Neeley would expect him to save her.  And no way is Justin going to save a witch.  I'm not calling Neeley a witch....but Justin has said OVER and OVER that he is very bothered by that damn hat.  He's a superstitious guy.

Everyone who wasn't playing for PoV had to go up the HoH room to wait it out.  For a while there, that's all we saw, so many of the impatient live feeders started complaining about how it wasn't fair, they pay to watch constant feeds, they're going to cancel their feeds....all the usual complaints.

But then we saw Morgan, who was going first, in the backyard being told to read the directions out loud.  The competition is called the Wall of Shame, and it involves climbing this rock wall to solve three questions about the three house guests who have been "shamed" by being evicted so early from the game.

If they take longer than 30 minutes, they will be disqualified.  And there are a few other ways to get penalties that add to your overall time.  The rules were rather complicated, and lengthy.

Each of the three questions has a numerical answer, which must be retrieved from the tray of numbers you see in the picture below.  Morgan had to first climb up to each of the three evictee pictures and reveal the question hidden behind their face.  The pictures were graphic interpretations of the memory wall pictures----Shane's looked really cool and if I were him, I would ask BB for it when the season is over.

I don't know what the answer to this question is, but I think Morgan might be right.  I think Shelby and Jason both dropped their swords before Shane.

Morgan started breathing hard, but she kept going and didn't get discouraged, when she got at least one question wrong.  When she thought she was finished, she pushed a button and got the "WRONG" sound, indicating she had to make a correction.

One of the questions that Morgan initially missed was this one.  Morgan first answered it with "10", but realized later that Alex cast a hinky vote, making the answer "9".

Once she finished, Morgan went to the Storage room, where she would wait until the competition was over.  I heard them say later that she initially forgot to put a chair in the room, but that Shelby got one for her at the very last opportunity.  Jason said in the HoH that was the last thing they saw on the Spy Cam---BB turned off the Spy Cam as soon as the PoV started so they couldn't see any PoV players walk around the house and indicate how long it took them to finish.

Morgan was hungry, and immediately started going through the fridge looking for lunch meat, but all of the meat she found was raw.

She said later she put the plate and utensils in there before the comp started, and decided to make a veggie sandwich.  She also had some crackers with peanut butter, and later said that the sandwich was horrible.

Then it was Neeley's turn, and Production had to tell her several times to read the instructions aloud.  When they told her she could begin, I think she cursed, and then made it clear that she wasn't looking forward to the challenge.  I had to leave the house to take my dog to the vet, so I missed watching her finish, but apparently she took a few penalties but finished without being DQ'ed.

I knew something had gone wrong with Kryssie, when I came home from the vet and saw that Kryssie was standing in the backyard, motionless, with a really shitty expression on her face.  (I was at the vet for at least an hour, and I knew Kryssie was going third, so something was wrong.)

Kryssie:  So I'm just going to stand here the whole time?

Turns out Kryssie was DQ'ed and was making a big production over some cuts on her hands, saying she was bleeding all over the place.  Production had her stand there for the entire 30 seconds before she could go back in the house.

Kryssie: I hope you clean it off before the next person, because there is blood all over.  Not that you care about me, though.

Shelby went next, and did very well, keeping things moving.  I don't think she got any of the answers wrong, and she seemed to have experience rock climbing.

I just scrolled up to look at one of the pictures of Morgan, and this comp does look a little dangerous.  I'm sure that there is a pad below the wall in case they fall (and Kryssie did fall, more than once I think), but the pad looks very narrow.  If someone fell hard they would probably bounce off and hit the ground, because I don't see any safety harnesses.

I guess that's just the risk you take with BB Budget.  I heard Kryssie say that someone in the DR called it BB Budget and made her laugh.  (I think Shelby came up with that term.)

Then it was Go time for Scott.  Scott was determined to win, and kept up a constant patter, encouraging himself and also making various comments to the live feeders.

Scott still found the time to throw shade at Shane, who was watching the competition on line and tweeting about it.

Scott:  That's what happens to you when you throw a competition, Shane.

Scott's heavy breathing and moaning and groaning was uncomfortable to listen to on my headphones. It felt dirty, and way too intimate.  People in the CBS chat room were keeping track of the time for each contestant, and as Scott played it was clear that he was on a pace that could win.

In the end, Scott lost by 16 seconds.  Scott said that at one point he almost dropped one of the number tiles (a penalty move, I think) but he caught it with his foot.  He said having to do that probably cost him the competition.

Morgan had to wait a long, long time.  The entire competition took over four hours, which gave the live feeders a new understanding of why the live feeds are down so long for PoV comps on a normal season.  They have to reset the PoV course, go over the rules with each person, and maybe even wash the blood off.  It's a process, for sure.

Scott's hands were hurting him badly after the competition.  It hurt me to watch him rinse them, and then grimace and shudder as he checked them afterwards.  Shelby had some injuries, too, because I saw her immediately put Bandaids on her hands when she came back in the house.  She said she had some blisters today, too.

But Kryssie's dramatic performance about how she "left about 30% of her hand on the wall" really took the cake.  I'm pretty sure she checked the rule book about being injured during a competition, and whether it was fair to have to DQ over it.

Then it was Justin's turn, but I didn't expect much from him, to be honest.  I knew he told Jason that he wanted to throw the comp, but Jason told him he needed to win, of course.

But Justin had no idea what the answers to the questions were.  You saw the questions about Shane and Cornbread's "shame", but Monte's question involved knowing which day he was nominated by America.

And Justin had NO IDEA what the answer was.  He tried a lot of different numbers, but none worked.

Justin was so graceful while climbing the wall....he made it look so easy, climbing the entire length of the wall in what seemed like seconds.

But that didn't help if you don't know the answers. Justin stood around for a short time, and then said he'd give it another try.  But in the end he timed out, getting DQ'ed just like Kryssie did.

Scott put on quite a show while he was sequestered in the lounge. He did some dancing, and made some very ugly expressions in the camera, saying that everyone in the house was "gonna get it", and that he won't be "Nice Scott" anymore.  He was pretty confident that he won the PoV, but parts of his little show scared me.

Finally they were ready for Whitney to reveal the results, from top to bottom, which was the reverse order of how they competed.  As it turns out, that was a very dramatic way to present the results, because Scott was the leader until the very end, when we saw Morgan's score.

No one cheated.  And BB didn't fudge on any of the times, because the live feeders were watching and keeping score at home.

Morgan was thrilled, of course, to be able to save herself this week, and prove that she can win comps this season.

Scott put on another dramatic show overnight, starting at around 3:00 AM BBT.  He was like a broken record talking about Alex, going ON and ON and ON about how if he couldn't win, he wanted her to win, and how bad he felt over messing up her game the first week by voting out Monte.

Scott is DELUSIONAL about Alex, frequently stating that she's his best friend, and his ride-or die in the game.  Today he even asked Justin to "take care of Alex" if he's evicted this week.  He has been like a broken record saying the same things OVER and OVER and OVER about Alex.

Today, as expected, Morgan used the PoV to save herself.  Scott's speech said he expected her to use it on herself, because she played hard and won the PoV.  Then it was Neeley's turn to speak.

Neeley:  Ditto.

Yep.  That's all she said.  I'm voting for Scott to leave this week, but not because I want Neeley to stay.  She's been a Big Zero in this game.  Oh, and Justin had a conversation yesterday questioning her claim to be 28.

Justin:  She's 28? I was thinking she was in her 30's or something.....


Kryssie spent the morning cooped up in the HoH suite, reportedly crying about the prospect of Neeling being evicted during her HoH reign.  And she's mad at Production, too, so unfortunately we didn't get to hear her various complaints, which surely would have been entertaining for us.

Kryssie put Whitney on the block, which signals she is aware that Justin is tempted to keep Scott in the game this week.  But will that plan work?  I guess that remains to be seen...


  1. Scott's turn was SO uncomfortable to watch!! My boyfriend came home to me watching it on my iPad in the bedroom and was like Uhhh what the heck is happening in there?? His little performance in the yoga room afterward was almost equally as uncomfortable.

    I thought the difference in Justin and Kryssie's performances were very interesting. Although Justin didn't know the answers, he never gave up, kept making guesses, and was just generally a good sport about the whole thing. Kryssie, however, was a terrible sport about it from the very beginning. I think she would be a pretty miserable person to have to be stuck with for a few months.

    Whitney is starting to grow on me. I think she's in a fairly good position in the house and she can have some good game ideas every now and then. She's definitely more of a floater than a power player, but I still think she's tries to be involved with strategy.

    Random question: Do you know who sets the big kitchen table every day? Or do those dishes just never get used?

  2. I cannot get over the fact that Justin calls the veto comp the "veto challenge." I think it's hilarious.


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