Monday, October 10, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 8th & October 9th #BBOTT

OK. You've probably heard Justin and Jason say "little round" to each other.  For example, during the HoH competition, when Justin was one of the last four up there, dancing around and singing, this exchange occurred.

Jason, from the sidelines:  Li'l Round!

Justin, holding his sword:  Li'l Round!   Beleee Dat!

And so on. It means what I thought it would mean, but I still checked, just to be sure.  Urban Dictionary never lets me down.

On Saturday, a small group was sitting outside chatting about clothes.  Morgan said that guys don't have to do much to look good. Monte chimes in, of course, saying that he just wears a button down shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and is ready to go.  One of the girls wondered where Justin buys his clothes, mentioning Ralph Lauren (probably because that the label on the waistband of his underwear).  One of the girls asked Monte, "did you just say he steals them?"

Monte:  Yeah, I said that.  Well, he said he'd been arrested 11 times...I just put two and two together.

Danielle had been present at that discussion, so just after the Have Nots were announced via America's Vote, she went over to Justin in the backyard and told him what Monte said.  Justin got HEATED, and was pacing with Jason while he smoked and stewed about it.

Justin: I'm gonna check him.

Jason:  Well, there might be a big argument later, but no checking.  You can't do that.

Justin was MAD, though.  He went in the house and told Monte "fuck you".  Monte said he didn't know what Justin heard, as everyone gathered in the backyard for the lockdown (due to the light that exploded over the dining table).

Justin stormed out of the house, yelling at Monte: DON'T YOU LOOK AT ME!  TURN YOUR HEAD....YOU CAN SUCK A DICK!

Note that Monte picked up one of the giant golf clubs they have been playing with in the backyard and held it, looking a little defensive. Justin went over to the weight area and started lifting energetically, breathing hard, while Monte kept an eye on him, obviously nervous. I'm pretty sure Justin knows how to street fight, based on hearing his stories, but I'm not sure if Monte's muscles are just for show or not.

Monte:  I hope he throws a punch.  Then he's out of here.

Justin prayed out loud, asking Jesus to give him strength right now, and keep him calm.

He even got down on his knees to pray for a minute before continuing his weight routine.

He paced a little, still trying to calm down.  After he went in the house, Jason went inside and asked if Justin was okay.  He answered in a normal voice, saying he's not going to do anything to get himself kicked out.

Justin: It's all gravy baby.

This whole episode brought a lot of simmering racial tensions to the surface.  Neeley has said NUMEROUS times that she likes Monte, but now she announces that the entire group needs to confront Monte about the things he says, bringing an end to all of the "He Said, She Said" drama.

But when Monte came outside, Neeley basically demanded to know if he was racist, and he said he wasn't, and went on a Monte Tirade for the 2,347th time, telling everyone what a great guy he is, and how he's not racist or homophobic.

And that was it. Neeley just let it drop. No one pointed out specific things he's said, to let him know which comments were offensive to everyone. So how is Monte supposed to learn, if they don't tell him? He thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced WHITE bread, and without some direction he'll never learn.

Danielle and Shane are on the block together, of course.  Supposedly they are planning a ski trip in California when the season is over, but they seem to be extending invitations to whoever they like who wants to go.

Yesterday was HoH picture day, so they're still observing that BB tradition.  They took a lot of fun group pictures, and seemed to be happy for the distraction.  They built this pyramid, and told Jason to hurry and climb up on the top.  Jason tried a few times, but he was having to step on someone's back and didn't seem comfortable doing that..

Everyone:  Hurry Jason.  Hurry!

Jason ran over the couch area to get that side table made out of logs and ran back to the human pyramid with it.  While running, he dropped it and took what seemed like a nasty fall.  (Later he said he hurt his ribs when he fell.)

Everyone:  Hurry Jason.  Hurry!

Everyone:  Hurry Jason.  Hurry!

Jason finally got the table where he needed it and climbed on top so Scott could get the picture.

After a few seconds the pyramid fell apart with no visible further injuries.


(Yes, it was!)

Neeley led a twerking session for the cameras, but didn't give us a good view of all of the twerkers.  You can see Scott twerking on Neeley's left, but we didn't get a good view of Danielle, Jason and Morgan twerking on the right side.  Apparently Neeley taught Morgan to do a "split twerk" and Justin was quite impressed by it.  He was also laughing hysterically about Scott trying to  move, and kept laughing for quite some time afterwards.

Justin:  That was some good shit....some bon caca. I could have watched that all day.  And Morgan is sexy....she looked sexy out there.

They took some group photos, posing and smiling.

At my school the freaks always stood in the back of the picture, too.

Fake, fake, fake.  Monte HATES Danielle and wants her out this week.  He wanted her out last week, too, but I guess his leadership and influence skills aren't as great as he thinks they are.

You know who Shane reminds me of?  Ralph Fiennes, the actor. Ralph (pronounced "Rafe") has a British accent, of course, but his mild manner of speaking, and certain facial mannerisms are what draw the comparison for me.

Morgan wanted to do "a lift", which is a cheer leading move, so they did it with Jason on the top.

Jason said he didn't know what a "lift" was, but they just told him to trust them.

When it was time to come down, the girls decided to do "the sling".

The Girls:  OK, let's do The Sling.

Jason:  I don't know what The Sling is!

But it looks like they knew what they were doing.  Alex just told him to hold their hands and no bones were broken.  No screams of pain.

Lots of touchy feely pictures taken out there.  I'm not sure what this pose was all about.

 Or this one, for that matter.  Jason is very portable for picture-taking, apparently.


  1. Thanks for our posts... I watch a few times a day if I catch wind of something brewing, but you make it all make sense.

  2. I love your posts. I look forward to it everyday

    1. Thanks everyone out there!

      I wasn't happy about BBOTT at first, but it's been a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

  3. I love Justin. I don't think I can say it enough. Out of all the seasons since season 1 I think he is my favorite.

  4. Hopefully Justin will be HoH sometime soon. I was eating a bag of Zapp's Spicy Cajun Crawtators last week and randomly wondered which flavor would be in his HoH basket. I forgot which ones Victor got, but I remember FW wrote about it.

    1. Victor got the VooDoo chips.

      I was picking up lunch on Monday at the Australian Bakery and while I waited for my sandwich, I found a rack of Zapps chips---just about every flavor. It's not Australian, but maybe they want to carry non-Frito Lay chips (just about EVERY chip brand except Pringles is owned by Frito Lay).

      I wanted to buy a bag, but the line was long and I didn't want to have to get back in the queue. But now I'm thinking about those chips...Crawtators sound DELICIOUS.


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