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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 7th and October 8th #BBOTT

Yesterday Big Brother called an indoor lockdown that seemed rather sudden.  Based on the timing of recent events, they believe that they will soon know who won the first America's Care Package, since it's been about 24 hours since Julie told them America was voting on it.

Alex is the HoH, of course, and has said she is targeting the showmance of Danielle and Shane.  Alex's team of girls are worried about Danielle's power in the game, since she flipped the vote last week to send Cornbread home.  Danielle had some help with that effort, from Neeley and Kryssie, but she stands out as the big threat due to her connection with Shane.

The Plastics want Shane to come back to their side, but I'm not sure that is possible at this point.  Shane is in deep with Justin now, and seems to identify with The Misfits now.

Jason scurried to finish his cigarette and get inside as quickly as possible.

Alex spent part of the lockdown working out with those muscle bands in the lounge area.  I watched Justin work out with those bands, too, and he said you can get a good burn from them.  Kryssie says if you are a weight lifter, they are much easier to travel with than carrying barbells in your luggage.


It's rather hard to believe that Alex is the older sister, because she seems so much younger than Morgan, who is quite poised and thoughtful when she speaks.  Alex has kind of a frantic way of speaking with hand motions that seems quite genuine, but it also seems rather childish. But more like a thirteen-year-old than a child, I guess.  I can't really put my finger on the problem, but it's been bothering me.

I do appreciate Alex's game play, and the way she often addresses the cameras to tell us that what she just said to someone was a lie. She's letting us in on her game, even as it shifts around.  I like that level of honesty, and it's probably the best way to try and work through America being such a big part of this season.

Danielle and Shane spent the lockdown cleaved together, always touching.  It doesn't seem like a love thing, though, even though pictures like this make it seem like one.  They like each other, but I'm not seeing that genuine love spark.  But I guess we'll have to see how this week plays out, when they will likely be on the block together.

If they aren't really into each other, it would be stupid to risk having a showmance in front of everyone, right?  What's the point, otherwise. I'm probably wrong about them, but I'm not ready to remove the word "probably" from this sentence.

If they're both on the block when it's time to vote, Danielle will probably the one voted out, which is why America's nomination might be crucial this week.  Scott's game took a bad turn last night, after admitting to the Misfits that he's voting with the Plastics this week.

Shane:  So if I'm on the block you're gonna vote me out?

Scott:  Sorry Shane.

So....Jason asked us to nominate Scott this week.  If that were to happen, I think we might have the votes to evict Scott, if Jason, Justin, Neeley and Kryssie vote for him.  And America, of course.  Our vote could be the swing, leaving Shane and Danielle still in the game.  I think Monte will be the person America nominates, though.

But we have another day to decide who to nominate. And Kryssie still has to announce who she will be saving with her Care Package before the first Safety Ceremony starts tonight at 10:00 EST.

(Spoiler Alert:  Kryssie saved Jason.)

Whitney asked Jason if he was wearing a rosary, and Jason laughed and said he had better sense than that on the live feeds.  I think there is an elephant charm on the necklace, rather than a cross.  The lockdown seemed to drag out for a long, long time.

At one point Shane pranked them by saying the back yard was open again, and everyone got excited when they believed him.  Whitney never tells any stories whenever I watch her on the feeds.  I've seen her talk game with the other Plastics, but never heard any interesting anecdotes come out of her mouth.  Not that we have enough time for that... Whitney is a slow talker.

Justin stood upstairs on the balcony and said it reminded him of Mardi Gras, watching the parade from the second story. Kryssie wondered if Justin was trying to get them to show their tits, but he laughed and said "nah".

He told a story about riding down a street after there had been some sort of gang shout out, and finding a beautiful steel acoustic guitar in the middle of the street.  It was in a case, but was just laying in the street.  He had a hard time getting it home, because he was riding on a bike, and holding the guitar was bulky.  He later learned that the guy who owned the guitar had been beat to death.  He wanted to learn to play it, but never really got good at it.

Justin:  I'd love to learn to play piano though.

Shelby said that she's been playing piano for 17 years, since she was a child.  I would have liked some follow-up information about this, like what she likes to play, did she ever perform, etc., but I heard no further discussion about it.

Justin really seems to like Whitney, ever since she offered to do some of his laundry last week.  She told him she didn't have enough of her own clothes to do a full load of the wash, and would be happy to include some of his laundry, too.

Justin has talked several times about how Whitney "folded his drawers, and his shirts", and how "that's love and reminds him of home".  I don't know if Whitney offered to Justin's laundry again, but it wouldn't be a bad idea.  I did hear her talk about his underwear, though.  Justin was telling the guys that he likes to take 3-4 showers every day, and changes his underwear after every shower.

One of the guys asked if he showers after each time he goes to the bathroom, and Justin joked about skidmarks.  But Whitney stepped up and said that wasn't true...and she knows because she did his laundry.  He apparently brought in many, many pairs of drawers, and Whitney confirms this.  Maybe she even put his folded clothes away for him, too.

That's a strategy. And probably something to do, too.  Because she's certainly not conversating much.

Then suddenly that horrid voice screeching about going to the backyard started playing, and playing again.  The sound of the plane scared Jason...he thought they were being attacked.

They had to stand at the backdoor for a few tense moments before the screen went up and they went in the backyard to wait for the Care Package delivery.

They stood around looking for it.  The live feeds slowed to a crawl during this, as everyone tuned in and probably started recording.  I heard them shouting but then I had to reboot my feeds.

When I came back Kryssie had the box in her clutches, as she removed the contents, calling out what America sent her.  As in BB18, the winners of the box think America chose all of the items in the box, and Jason didn't correct her.

(Production puts the box together. Remember when they gave Corey two jockstraps in his Care Package box?)

I'm sure Monte was shocked that Kryssie won the first Care Package.  He later tried to say he was very happy she won the box, because she herself isn't safe, and that might be what America had in mind.

Kryssie read her card aloud, sounding surprised as she digested the information.  Basically she will not be safe this week, but she can name someone else who will be safe from all nominations.  She made a comment like "what good is it?" but then thanked everyone for voting for her.

The cameras zoom in on Alex, with Jason behind her, the two of them likely thinking two very different thoughts.

Then they clapped lightly and cheered for Kryssie.  Once again, the moods of the cheers are probably quite different here. Jason has a very good chance of Kryssie using her Save on him, and Alex now wants to wait to find out what Kryssie does before she gets too set in her nominations.

Plus, I guess she realized that once again she's on the wrong side of America's vote.  That would explain why she approached Jason for a secret deal, maybe even final two.  Jason was not a big believer in that deal, but he certainly listened to what Alex had to say.

Later they were gathered again in the living for an announcement from Julie. Everyone has come to dread these announcements, it seems, except maybe Jason.  He's got to know he's heavily favored, right?

Just prior to this, a group was in the kitchen wondering if there would be Have Nots this season.

Monte:  They probably think everybody's been there, and done that, and we won't even do that this season.

So you can imagine the dread Monte felt when Julie announced with great excitement that America will choose three Have Nots each week.

Monte: Oh my gosh.

Julie:  But no one can be voted a Have Not two weeks in a row.

Jason:  So nobody will be starving..

Monte was positive he'd be a Have Not, just like he always assumes every vote will be about him.  He's right about this one, though.  I think America would have voted to make him a Have Not twice if they could.

Scott is really a creepy smoker.  Now that he doesn't have many left he seems to be smoking each one like a ritual, sometimes kneeling in the fake grass instead of sitting on a chair, looking up at the sky. He knows the days of smoking are limited for him.

Yesterday Jason got called to the DR, and instead of putting his cigarette butt out in the ashtray, he handed it to Scott, who thanked him and started puffing immediately.

Jason tried to get Scott to reconsider voting for the other side, but Scott wasn't budging.  After Scott went inside Jason addressed the cameras, telling us to nominate Scott for eviction.

Jason:  I know y'all are watching this.

Kryssie wanted to stay up late with the guys, so she taught them to make a Caffeine Bomb.  Justin had never heard of it.

Kryssie: I'm just glad to introduce you to something mind-altering that you've never had before.

Basically its a drink made with half-coffee, half Coke.  Kryssie says it seems strange, but it gives you a real jolt and they'll be up all night.  She learned the trick from a chef in a restaurant she worked in.  I'm not sure if they used hot coffee or room temperature coffee.  Personally I would chill the coffee first to improve the texture.

They toasted, and gave it a try.  Shane was skeptical of the taste, but started noticing immediately that he felt the impact.  Justin took his cup outside and gave Shelby a sip before coming inside and saying he couldn't believe how he was feeling.

Kryssie:  I'm only half way with mine, but I'm getting there already.

Justin:  A Coffee Bomb....this is a trip.  Someone should try and sell these.

Well, actually they already did.  In 2006, The Coca-Cola Company introduced Coke Blak, which was intended to sell as a cola-coffee blend.  Supposedly one of the inspirations for the drink was that it was trendy in some places to drink coffee with Coke.   It was only sold in the American market for about a year before it was discontinued for under-performing sales.

I had a promotional case of this stuff at one point.  The bottles are the size of the small glass Coke bottles, and I think they were made out of aluminum.  I took the case with me to the beach for a girl's weekend and we only tried it one morning before giving up. It's not very sweet, and it didn't taste much like coffee, either.

But the Caffeine or Coffee Bombs were a big hit.  Justin had some DiGiourno pizzas in the oven and came in and sang a little song about the "pizza, in the oven".  He has a very good voice and can carry a tune.  Kryssie chimed in with a few bars of one of Jason's most popular songs.

Kryssie:  Dirty Cornbread sheets...

Justin thinks that's a great tune.

Finally the pizzas were done, and Justin delivered one of the cheese pizzas to the group in the backyard, with a couple of pepperoni slices on the side.  There was some discussion about what happened to the pepperoni pie, but apparently you had to be in the right place at the right time to eat the rest of that.

This was probably close to 1:30 AM, but everyone wanted to eat in case they became a Have Not in the morning.  Jason tells them that in the morning, when they get called to a lockdown upstairs or outside, to take some food with them and eat it up, just in case that's the last time you eat.

Shelby said she's pretty sure she'll be a Have Not, so she's going to eat all she can now.

On Saturday afternoon, everyone went outside for a lockdown, while Production was inside, likely setting up the slop table and building suspense for the big reveal of America's vote.

Shelby was nervously bouncing around, admitting she wasn't sure why she was so excited.

Kryssie:  It's because something is going to happen...we need that.

Whitney was so excited she couldn't sit up straight.  She's been staying outside with the late night crew, maybe because she enjoys the conversation, or maybe to do some spying.  I've heard Jason say he thinks Whitney might flip to their side, but I hope he doesn't really believe that.

They got called inside and saw a bubbling pot of slop on the table.

No extra Have Not foods this week....just the slop and the usual permitted list of condiments and spices.  Along with protein powder, of course.

As HoH, Alex read the card, which named Monte, Morgan and Scott as the Have Nots.

Within the hour, the light fixture just over the table suddenly exploded, showering glass all over the floor and the table.  The house guests had to go outside while Production addressed the problem.  They had to throw away the pre-made slop because there might be glass in it.  Jason had already told the Have Nots that the pre-made slop was some of the best of the week, but that the pot is not actually filled with slop. There is a smaller pot or container inside that props up the slop pot, to make it seem fuller.

The Have Not room was finally opened for them, and everyone was amazed at the new space.

Everyone commented on the spider web blankets, saying they wanted to snatch them to take home when the season is over.

Morgan handled her Have Not status with poise, with no cursing or dramatic signs of disappointment.  And Monte crowed about how he knew he'd be a Have Not, because Monte knows all, of course.

I don't think Justin had any idea what a "Have Not" room was, or what it would be used for.  He was like a kid on Christmas day in there.  Jason later said that the room didn't look that bad this season.

Kryssie:  It looks like my house!

While the cast was milling around the Have Not room, enjoying the new scenery, Scott was in the London Room alone, sniffling and trying to keep from sobbing.

Scott:  Never let them see you sweat, right?

Note that both Morgan and Monte acted like adults about it, but Scott was a big whiney crybaby.

Scott:  Boo hoo.  No one likes me anymore  I played too hard and got caught.  Boo hoo.  Boo hoo.


  1. You are awesome and funny. Thanks for the recaps!

  2. Just curious if anyone else notices how every time Justin is in the shower Shelby seems to gravitate to the BR ? Tonight even flashing him her birth control pills, she has talked such smack about him since the entire Morgan/ him disrobing thing that Monte continues to make a big deal about

  3. I'm not watching OTT...I come back to your site to enjoy your refreshing and fun storytelling abilities!!! Thank you for amusing me all season with your BB18 clarity and knowledge!


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