Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 5th #BBOTT

Have I mentioned that the house guests have a rule where they can't sleep from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM?  I think that is what might be giving us such good live feeds --these kids have rules to abide by.

Around 1:30 AM today, Jason, Kryssie and Shane were knocking around the kitchen, cleaning up. Jason started going through the refrigerator, pointing out all of the messes in there and purging as he sees fit.  He asked rhetorically what these house guests' parents' taught them, due to the situation he's seeing in the fridge.

(Remember when Victor did this?  Well, Jason is finding a horror show in there after only one week. I'm assuming that the fridge was cleaned after BB18, right?)

Jason: Somebody left the bamboo spoon in here.  It's probably contaminated now, right?

He tossed the whole thing, with a decisive thump in the garbage bin.

Jason: Oh look, someone put their empty cup in there.  An empty cup!

Shane did some dishes, checking his jawline in the reflection.

Jason:  And everybody saying we don't have anything to eat....and here there's turkey, roast beef and ham lunch meat, just sitting here.  How many jars of sweet relish do we need to have open at one time?  One....two...three...

(I swear Victor went through the SAME thing.)

Jason:  Oh, look at this.  One half of a pita pocket in here. And I wouldn't even be doing this if it wasn't for Becky from my season.

Shane:  Becky?

Jason: Becky with the good hair, from Colorado.

I've heard Jason tell everyone that he hated Becky at the beginning of his season, but talks with her all of the time now, trying to tell them that what happens in the house won't impact their relationships later.

Jason:  I've given Becky more love in here than Da'Vonne.  All I did is wear Day's socks for good luck.  But I love you Da'Vonne....I love you girl!

Jason:  And why two bags of grapes?  Didn't someone ever think that these grapes could go live with these other grapes?  Since they're almost all bad?

Kryssie helped out, chatting about the type of olives that she likes.  Jason also started reciting the counts of various items in the house, to help both Kryssie and Shane prepare for the HoH competition.

Jason:  There are 8 artichokes, ____ acorns.....___ apples....

Once the cleaning slowed down, Shane fixed some hot dogs for them.  Last season when they ran out of food they ate hot dogs, too.

I heard Jason say he needed a dustbin so he could sweep the floor earlier today.  Justin said he would do it, but he's afraid of using the broom.  Is that a New Orleans voodoo thing?  Being scared of brooms?

Also, Kryssie woke Justin up to get something from the room and he was startled, and tried to take a swing at her. He apologized to her, saying he forgot where he was, blaming his tough upbringing.

Justin: My friends at home know not to wake me up!

The cameras flash over to Danielle, as she presumably gets ready for bed.

And just now, in the early afternoon, the house guests went into the HoH for a pre-show lockdown.  I wonder if Monte would have allowed them to sit on the bed?  Because isn't it strange they are sitting on the floor?

Production played the intro music loudly downstairs (so they wouldn't hear conversations being held downstairs) and Justin claimed that they were being tortured.  Monte fumbled to put on his HoH headphones, saying that he's "listening to Chevelle" right now.

Monte: I wish I could pass it around, to give everybody 10 seconds of a break from that noise, but I don't think I can do that.

(Monte has said that he's not allowed to let anyone else listen to his music.  But he's been VERY selfish all week about HIS HoH room, so who knows if he's telling the truth.)

After the lockdown ended, they all scurried to the kitchen to eat.  This picture is strange because it looks like Morgan is feeding Alex, due to the camera angle.

But it's just Morgan, eating crackers.  She's the calm sister, even though she's the younger sister.  Alex is rather intense, and is the one who seems to panic first in most cases.

Their group is officially "The Plastics" now.  Jason called them that to Shelby earlier in the week, mocking them (from the "Mean Girls" movie), and Shelby later suggested that name to the girls.  It's a great alliance name, but I think Jason should be a part of it.  Maybe he will, at some point.

Jason put some mayo on his sandwich.  I don't see an announcement yet about when we will vote for the Have Nots, but it should happen late tonight, after the live show, or maybe first thing in the morning, so be alert for it.

These voting windows roll by fast, so we have to make sure we vote as early and often as we can.  I think my Have Not votes are going to:

Monte, Whitney, & Scott

We may even get a 4th choice, who knows.....

Shelby and Alex had a meeting in storage, chatting about Monte.

Shelby:  His whole HoH was a mess. He had to nominate three people, and none of them are going home.  And his bro is with a girl who doesn't care for him, so it wasn't a success at all.

Shelby is trying to learn to deal calmly with Krissie, but has issues with Krissie constantly running her mouth.

Shelby: We had to talk about shampoo for a damn hour. I think she just likes to hear her own voice, like that conversation we had where she asked who our favorite Kardashian is.

Alex: Oh, I kind of enjoyed that conversation..

I just saw Cornbread on another camera view, and he looked like he was going to cry.  Shelby and Alex discussed him, too, mocking the fact that he's "tried to be on every single reality show".

Alex, whispering:  That's why he was on Honey Boo Boo...

(Supposedly, Cornbread is Mama June's brother.)

I also heard Cornbread say he's not as close-minded as people think he might be.

Cornbread: When I worked with the emergency services, I worked with a gay guy and we had a ball, laughing all the time.  We even slept in the same room, and it didn't bother me.


Justin:  For real?

Scott: Yeah...I keep scratching my head.  I can't help it.  And it's all on the carpet.


Justin told him to just use conditioner, not shampoo, since his hair is so dry.  I think Scott needs to take his mess to the Have Not room, where he can spend more quality time with Monte, who he says is his #1 in the house.

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