Friday, October 7, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 5th & 6th #BBOTT

These pictures were taken over the last few days....there is an income tax deadline next week so I'm scrambling to be as productive as possible.  But having said that, the fact that I'm spending any time at all on BBOTT is not something I would have predicted even one month ago.

Here's the Thing:  These live feeds never stop.  And the house guests never seem to stop playing, either. Most of them, anyway.

Watch what you wish for, Fellow Live Feeders.  It can be hard to turn away.  I can't imagine going back to a season where we don't get to watch all the stuff we're watching now.  It brings the live feed addiction to a whole new level.

The first pictures were taken in the hours leading up to the first live "show".  Morgan and Whitney were trying to memorize the count of items in the house to prepare for the HoH comp.  They were counting the red flowers in the flower box here, after reciting the count of just about every other item in the London Room.  I really love the lighted windows and may look into finding one of those to buy for my house.  I have an interior storage room converted to extra office space that could use some trompe l'oeil lighting.

Alex is very popular with the nerd segment of BBOTT live feeders. I mean, we're probably all nerds, but the particular nerds who like Pokemon and other stuff like that.

I do like the hinky vote that Alex cast to evict Danielle.  But only if she can keep it to herself, or maybe just between herself and her sister.  Some house guests immediately knew that it was someone trying to play games with them (i.e. Jason, Shane), but a few others thought the vote to evict Danielle was from America (i.e. Danielle herself), which is the sort of thing Alex intended.

It was a Dastardly Deed.  And I like that.

Jason tried to relax and get ready for the show, too.  He has said that he thinks he needs to win HoH in order to save his life in the game, but that might not be true this week.  He's built some bridges, and the other players certainly noticed that Cornbread was the one who "infected" Jason with the BB Bug last week, and America punished him with a nomination (and a vote).

Monte had to lower himself to spend time with the peasants, since his HoH room was closed.  Monte still had a lot of hot air to spread around, creating a lengthy discourse regarding how hard it was to be HoH all week, with all of the responsibilities and pressure.  Monte seems to think his HoH reign was a big success, even though he nominated three people who were not evicted, and someone from his alliance got the boot.

Monte:  It's really a political position, being HoH.  So you've seen Monte the Politician, but now you're going to see Monte the Player.

In case you don't know, MONTE NEVER STOPS TALKING.  He likes to be the last word on every topic.

So...are they still trying to keep the sisterhood a secret?  Are they getting too comfortable?  Will this lead to a slip up?

You know who's going to be angry when they learn about the sister twist?  Whitney.  Whitney Hogg.

That's her last name.  I couldn't make that up.

I don't know anything about Whitney, except she works for her brother, as his only employee.  Doing what, I don't know. And she also thinks Monte hung the moon.

Alex, however, is not so enamored with Monte.  She wants us to know that, so she goes in the Storage room and talks trash about him, saying he's an egomaniac who thinks he's running the house, and so on.

But meanwhile, the sisters keep pushing the limits of their secret.

Morgan:  Are you tying my hair in a knot?  STOP IT.

While Shelby and Jason sit right there and watch it all happen.  What must they be thinking?  It's so obvious that they are related.  But maybe I feel that way because I already know.

Scott crowed about getting a few white clothing articles through the rigorous Production luggage-screening process, even if it's just a pair of white socks.

One thing that people aren't talking much about is what happened in the hours before the live show between Scott, Monte and Justin.  Scott and Monte spent a LONG TIME talking behind closed doors, and Justin got really hyped up about it...he had been trusting Scott and he got shook by seeing Scott and Monte be so blatant about conspiring.  So Justin made some sort of a cone out of a paper towel, and did some eavesdropping outside the door, right in front of everyone.

Shelby told Monte that Justin was eavesdropping, and Monte erupted with some hate for Justin, which has apparently been simmering just below the surface.

Monte: I hate that guy.  Screw him. I've hated him since the moment I saw him when we first came in here.

So there was A LOT of tension between Justin and those guys leading up to the live show.  Monte was so angry that he tried to get his crew to flip the vote to get rid of Danielle instead of Cornbread, but obviously that effort didn't payoff.

And Justin was getting himself HYPED up like he was ready to go out on the field and play ball or something.  And that tension carried right through to the HoH comp, when Justin openly taunted Monte as he danced around holding his sword on his crown (the objective of the comp).

Monte:  Bring it.  Go ahead.

Justin: Oh I am.  It be brought.

(Let me say this about Monte--he knows there are people in the house who HATE him, and also that America must HATE him too.  But he says he doesn't care. There is something awesome about that type of attitude.  We need someone to root against in there.)

Kryssie was cautiously optimistic about not getting voted out.  She prides herself on her wide variety of colorful leggings that she wears. I think this pair is covered with pictures of sour candy but I think she also has other pairs that display pictures of various baked goods, such as doughnuts.

This is Shane, crawling all over Danielle.  They don't even bother to keep it low, they are right out in the open with it.  In Shane's DR session, he said he wants to push Monte into a showmance with Morgan, in order to take the heat off his relationship with Danielle.   I've actually seen Shane in action with this, teasing Monte about Morgan, pushing this agenda.

I didn't take any pictures of the live eviction.  I just bought a new Chromebook to use specifically for watching the live feeds at night, but I don't think I'll be taking pictures of the live feeds when I use it.  I ended up watching the live feeds for about 5 hours straight, trying to stay awake until the end of the HoH competition.  I only stayed up until 2:15 AM, but I really tried to make it to the end.

The first "full episode" of BBOTT turned out to be just an hour-long recap of what has happened to date, with NO commercials and no idle filler.  It was fun to watch.  And then the live feeds abruptly returned, with the cast sitting stiffly in the living room, getting ready for the live vote.  There was no Julie Chen type of person to tally the votes.  Instead Monte as the outgoing HoH announced the votes to send Cornbread back to the backwoods of Georgia.

Cornbread grabbed his shit and left, hugging no one.  He did say "Fuck y'all" as he walked through the door and disappeared.  No audience.  No clapping or booing. No good-bye message videos to watch. Cornbread just disappeared the same way each one of them entered the game.  It was sad.  It's kind of scary feeling like no one is in charge around there.

Only Jason and Scott stood at the Memory Wall to watch Cornbread's picture turn to black and white.  There was a rumor online that Cornbread refused to be interviewed, and went home in disgust after buying his own airplane ticket.

But clearly that wasn't the case, because Julie did some tweeting about it.  This looks like L.A. style cornbread, fluffy like cake, instead of greasy like we make it down here in the Dirty South.

(Look, I live in Atlanta and don't even really know what that phrase means.  But I've always wanted to say it, and this was my big chance.)

Do you think Julie actually took a bite?  I'm going to vote "No", but these tweets from Julie nipped those juicy Cornbread internet rumors in the bud.

I tweeted this during the premiere, when the name "Cornbread" was still fresh and tasty.  

These pictures were taken on Thursday, as the house guests sat to listen to another pre-recorded announcement from Julie...this time about America voting on Care Packages.  As usual, Danielle used Shane in an effort to stay vertical during the presentation.

Her last name is "Lickey".  Yep.  Danielle Lickey.  I can't make that up, either.

Justin got all pimped up for the occasion.  He learned just the night before about the live feeds.  Apparently Justin didn't realize we were watching, and didn't even think the cameras were filming when there wasn't "a show" going on.

Scott pointed to a camera in the kitchen moving around, and told Justin that someone backstage was operating it, and the cast was putting on a show at all times.  Justin's mind was blown.  I think the topic came up just after Cornbread was evicted, and the house guests scurried around to put on their athletic wear for the competition.

Kryssie:  Well, after that, I don't want to hear my family complain about having to pay the subscription fees for this.

Scott:  Yeah, we really earned that $5.99.

Justin: What?  Say what?  We earned what?

Ha ha ha. And he STILL gets naked before he steps in the shower. In my next life I want to be as carefree and open as Justin.

He made up a song later about "Dirty Cornbread Sheets" and said last night he can't wait to go back and watch that footage.  That was some gangster shit, he says.

And the sisters look like identical twins when Morgan doesn't have her makeup on.  They need to avoid that, or at least avoid sitting next to each other.

Scott is giving me Peter Brown from BB Canada vibes.  That's not a compliment.  Sorry Scott.

But a few hours later, Morgan got all gussied up for their live Q&A session with Julie Chen.  The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes.  Each person got to answer one question, which is nice.  I think Morgan was the one who fumbled her speech and had to do a "la la la" while she tried to sync up her mouth with her brain.

But what about that hair?  The pageant hair?

I was immediately reminded of Aaryn's Pageant Hair in BB15.  It must be a Texas thing.

They waited awkwardly for Julie to come on screen.  This is a good look for Neeley.  I like the sleek look with the big earrings. Last night Neeley told Jason that she was in the mix for his BB17 season, too.  She was in the first group of casting interviews, and made it very close to the end.  She thinks Da'Vonne got her spot, since they might have fulfilled the same niche.

Jason:  Yeah, you do have the same flavor, a little bit.

Neeley remembers seeing Clay and Shelli at her casting session.  Jason knows that was the same group that Meg was in, but Neeley doesn't remember that.

Neeley:  I didn't watch much of the show.  I was too bitter.

Jason was in the early casting group in April, but didn't get confirmed until mid to late June.

Jason:  I think they were waiting to see if there were other gay guys they liked better.

(But we already know much of this because Jason and Meg told us about it.)

Then Julie appeared like a breath of fresh air and got busy asking questions.  Jason did a good job with his comments, of course, showing a lot of diplomacy, being humble.  He doesn't have to point out to everyone how America is on his side.....he just lets people figure it out on their own time.

I don't remember what each person said, but I do remember that Kryssie came off extremely well. She wasn't nervous, and seemed honest and forthcoming with her response.  If this was a a traditional season, Julie would probably call on her a lot during the "real" live shows, because Kryssie clearly understands what type of response was needed.  She's an entertainer, and panic from the others was palpable because Kryssie set the bar pretty high as she chatted with Julie.

And Justin was The Star, of course.  Julie asked him how much he knew about BB before being cast, and Justin admitted he knew nothing, but is picking up information as he goes.  The cast snickered, enjoying Justin's response as much as Julie did.  Even his haters knew he killed it with Julie.

Justin, repping his home town:  You know Julie, lassiez les bon temps roulez!

You have to know that phrase if you've spent time in New Orleans.  Or "Nu Warlins", as the locals pronounce it.

I don't remember Shelby's question, but she mentioned knowing that some of the house guests talk trash about her at night.  I wonder if we'll see Julie tell Cornbread about the sisters, and that Shelby just graduated from law school.

And that's Whitney Hogg, of course.  I have no recollection of what Ms. Hogg said to Joooliiie.

It is a big colorful cast, so kudos to whoever brought it all together.  It wasn't Robyn Kass's organization, from what I hear.  But maybe I heard wrong.

Shane looks like a suburban dad, doesn't he?

And bless Scott's heart, trying to make that Wal-Mart smock happen.  I've heard the girls gossip about Scott's job....they don't believe that Scott is really just a debt collector.  Shelby pointed out how smart he is, and that he went to college, and he said his boss was really cool with him taking time off for the show.

(And Shelby would know if someone is lying about their job, right?)

And then the presentation was over.  And those who got dressed up for it got undressed immediately, like it was a hard day at the office.


  1. Hey there! Thanks as always for your wonderful blogs (they are my fave). You are correct, Robyn was not involved in this casting process. She stated it on her twitter when casting was going on that she wasn't involved because of casting duties for BBCan.

    1. Thanks CiCi.

      I saw a few tweets floating around on premiere night that were implying this new cast should make us appreciate Robyn more. I've always appreciated Robyn's efforts, but this cast might make her step up her game.

      But admittedly, being on a TV season would not showcase someone like Justin....he's too Not-For-TV for TV, I think.


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