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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 3rd & 4th #BBOTT

I know some of this may be old news...SORRY!  I had a plumber in my house all day yesterday (no hot water) and he wouldn't stop trying to talk to me.  And my dog barked for about 3 hours straight.  But here we go, better late than never.

I took this picture yesterday while watching Justin tell a very funny story, but at the moment I forget what the story was about.  He was demonstrating how someone was walking, and it was hilarious.  But Justin tells so many funny stories, I'm confused.  If I remember, I'll come back and update.

On Monday, they were locked in the HoH room for a short while to allow the crew to do a few things downstairs.  In recent seasons we haven't been allowed to watch the HoH lockdowns, but in the early seasons we always watched the entire lock down.

Shane was cold up there, and wrapped himself in a comforter.

They seemed to already know that they would soon learn who America decided to nominate for eviction.  The camera lingered on these two, both of whom have been the subject of fan's online campaigns to put them on the block.

Note Cornbread has his UGA pajamas on.  I have friends who make the round trip every Saturday for Game Day.

Soon after they went downstairs Monte called everyone into the living room to learn who America nominated.  Everyone slowly filed in, silently finding a seat.

There was tension.  People were worried.  It's going to feel strange to watch a traditional Big Brother season next summer, when they cut the feeds for ceremonies like this one.

How quickly we've become spoiled.  We'll be even bigger demanding whiners next year, Allison Grodner. So you can look forward to that.

While the house guests were locked up in the HoH room, Production replaced the two nomination chairs with a little love seat, to accommodate the 3rd nominee, but no one seemed to notice.  Finally Jason noticed, pointing it out to the others.

There was dread in the air.  No one wanted to face the possibility of taking a seat on the new love seat. As the ceremony began, people gasped as they saw their own faces show up on screen.  The images spun quickly, and then stopped on each eligible person's face for a quick second.

Just about every one of them was shocked to see themselves, often commenting about having a heart attack.  The process felt excruciatingly slow.

Then suddenly it was over, as Cornbread's picture appeared on screen, and then was enlarged, holding his face on the screen.

Everyone:  OH!

Cornbread:  Shit just got real. WHAT THE HELL?

Cornbread really was upset about it, saying later that "America hates me", but Monte tried to reason with him, saying maybe America nominated him because they knew he would be safe.

And later:

Monte:  Maybe America nominated him because they don't like super-nice people.

Jason didn't have much reaction when Cornbread's picture appeared on the nomination screen.  He told the girls that he wasn't surprised at all about who America chose.

Jason:  Everyone in here is like, oh no, not Cornbread, the Sweet Baby Jesus who died for our sins.  He can't go up.  Light me up America, light me up.

Jason:  Don't take this the wrong way, but America doesn't like hick shit.  This ain't your Grandma in Michigan voting.  It's bitches online like me.

He explained that this season is for the hardcore fans, who want to see people playing this game.  Everyone seemed to be struggling with the new reality, that the game is going to be a lot harder to win then they thought, and having Jason here might be the wrench in their plans.

But once again Jason did too much talking, telling them that according to the rules, if Cornbread won PoV and comes off the block, then there is no replacement nominee.

(I was like SHUT UP JASON.  People like Monte thought PoV was played before his nominations just a few days ago, so he shouldn't be sharing the rules so freely now.)

Because sure enough, Alex, Morgan and Shelby held a meeting in Storage, planning for the PoV competition.  They drew names and Alex and Whitney were randomly drawn to play for PoV  along with Monte (HoH) and the three nominees (Jason, Cornbread & Danielle).

They discussed the news that if anyone wins and takes Cornbread off the block, then they're back to the original two nominees, and everything's cool.

Alex:  I really don't want to have to be the one to win and save Cornbread, and have eyes on me for that.

They wondered what costumes they would wear, and someone mentioned wanting to play the OTEV competition when the time comes.

(They're on the WRONG season to have those sorts of competitions.)

After Alex left, Shelby talked to Morgan about her.

Shelby:  I think Alex might be a big threat in here, because she's in really good shape.  I mean, have you SEEN her abs?

Morgan:  Mmmm hmmm.  Yeah.  Maybe.

(Ha ha ha.)

Monte and his Coonskin Hat showed up and said they'd have no problem winning the PoV.  He likes the random draw players and feels they are well set-up for a win.

We got this screen for a few minutes,  while Production gave them instructions about the competitions.  Any voices broadcast on the feeds have to be paid as performers, so as usual we're not going to hear that.

I'm wondering how they will handle that in the DR sessions that are supposed to be broadcast.  They have DR sessions sporadically throughout the day, but we don't see those on the live feeds, of course.  I wonder what will be different about the live sessions?  Maybe they will just be like voluntary bitch sessions, where the house guests are just talking to us.  Who knows.

When the live feeds return Shane is hosting, and obviously there will not be cute costumes during the competitions this season, based on this.  Shane had to read a lot of information, and it was not the most successful recitation we've ever heard.

Nowhere near as bad as Natalie, but certainly not as clear and spirited as McCrae, who hosted the hell out of competitions during BB15.

Basically, the six players will try to solve a four-digit code to "open a vault" to win the PoV.  The code is based on some extra items in the house.  After an hour if no one gets it, some sort of clue would be given, and if no one gets it after four hours, a new code will be used.  I heard someone say later that the items were supposed to "be obvious" and would not be hidden in cabinets or something they had to root around for.

The pressure was on for Cornbread. He's still dealing with the shock of his nomination and now here he is having to compete for his life in the game.

The competition started and everyone rushed to run in the house to search for clues.  It was immediately obvious that Whitney and Monte were going to work together to solve the code.

In order to guess the code, they had to line up and take their turn, waiting to be sure they didn't see the code previously entered by another player.  So a voice would say "You are now cleared to enter the code", or something like that, and we heard that OVER and OVER as the players attempted it over and over again.  Whitney and Monte were sharing information about things they noticed and also the codes they entered that were wrong. The house guests who weren't playing lounged in the shade outside, watching. But we saw more than they did!

The cameras kept showing us the back of the chairs, and the vase of sunflowers.  The items that made up the code were as follows:

2 - new dining chairs
4 - new sunflowers
4 - plastic "VETO" letter magnets on the fridge
9 - goldfish in a bowl by the chessboard

Whitney just kept trying, and getting right back in line to try again, so it was tense to watch.  Monte kept trying, but forgot to "clear" his numbers after he found they were wrong.  Finally Jason put the numbers in the right order, and was elated to win the PoV.

Let's face it, it was a HUGE relief for all of us.

Jason immediately lit up a smoke, and was notably humble about his win.  I know Jason realizes he has another chance to do the first week correctly.  He knows that in BB17 he only spoke with his clique, and that is what got him evicted.  So this is his chance to rectify his mistakes, and I think he's taking it.

But now Jason has the added benefit that everyone knows America is more involved then they expected us to be.  And they better get on the right side of Jason, at least on the surface.  I think that is what Scott is doing.  He likes Jason, but doesn't want to work with him long-term.  In his DR session last night he said the top people he trusts are "Monte, Alex and Shelby.....and Jason.  Jason too".

How can you name Monte as your #1 and be on Jason's side?  And how can he wear that damn vest on camera?  What in the hell is going on with that vest?

Cornbread needed a drink, after Jason won the PoV.  Shit sure did get real for him yesterday.  Yes indeed.  He was breathing hard out there, running around in the sun.   If we can call that "running".

I do feel for him, being shocked  and all, with such a drastic paradigm shift in the game. But someone has to go, and as far as I'm concerned, it's him.


Scott took a frantic inventory of his cigarette stash, and as of yesterday only had three packs left.  So, he needs to start slowing WAY down if he's going to make it.  The white stubs are his brand, I think, and the brown stubs are from Jason.

And Justin and Shane have also been bumming smokes.  And Neeley, too, at least once.  So things might get interesting around here.

And look how bare the shelf is in Storage.  Justin and Cornbread have been cooking a lot, and the food supply is very low right now.  Some of them have resorted to PB& J....I'm thinking that the room will not be replenished until we vote the Have Nots into existence.

The sisters have discussed their looks several times.  Alex had to get on Morgan for not getting all dolled up with makeup and false lashes, and told her not to wear glasses.  I don't think they can believe they've gotten away with it this long.

In her DR session, Morgan said as much, admitting that if they get found out, they'll both be in big trouble.  They are worried about Justin, because he keeps asking them which girl is Alex, and which is Morgan.  I think she worries that Justin might be a secret genius.

Um...NO Morgan. Justin can't remember most of the girls' names.  And you do look the same. Everyone thinks Justin is "dain-bramaged" from drugs, so I doubt he should be their biggest concern. Particularly due to his fan support----Justin has vaulted to the top of the Joker's popularity poll, but they'll learn that in due time.

Probably at Care Package time.  Who knows.

Monte is telling everyone that Jason hates Shelby, but the two of them catch quiet moments to compare notes about the game.  Jason is slowly building relationships with everyone, even the likes of Monte and Cornbread.

Yep, Cornbread.  Probably just in case.  But I heard Cornbread tell Jason that he knows he needs to make some changes in the house, and he's prayed about it.

(***whatever***  I like people to be accountable for their own actions.)

Shane decided to shave off his beard, and Danielle was SHOCKED by it.  She told Neeley that she was all about Shane's beard, and was upset that he shaved it off.

Danielle:  He says he never had a beard that long, and it took MONTHS to grow it.  So I'm pissed!

Neeley:  You're keeping it real now.

Danielle:  When I first came in here, I was looking at Justin out of habit, but then I started looking at Shane...kind of quiet and mysterious.  I was like, who is this guy?

Kryssie:  I can't believe they didn't make him sign something about keeping that beard.

(Personally, I like the clean shave, but he needs to cut off all of that hair.  He looks like a mugshot on America's Most Wanted to me, sorry to say.  Not an actual wanted man, mind you, but just the overall look of him.)


Cornbread hunkered down.  He didn't know what was coming, but he didn't expect it to be good.

(That's one of the UGA cheers..."hunker down, dawgs".)

Jason read the card, inviting the other nominees to present their case for Jason to use his PoV on them.

For some reason, Cornbread addressed the entire cast, making a case why they should keep him in the  game.

(What a dumbass.)

Tiffany Rousso wondered why, too.  If you're not following Tiffany, maybe you should, because she is one of us now.  Except she's actually met and partied with Jason.

People listened to Cornbread's rambling speech about what a great guy he is.  Okey dokey Cornbread.  We got it.

But Danielle understood what was up.  She stood up in her bikini and told Jason she was glad he won the PoV, and fully expected him to save himself.

Shelby had to lean back on the couch, with all that booty in her face.  And Whtney wants Danielle out immediately, but I don't think that's going to happen.  In fact, shit might get real for Whitney, too, if she becomes a Have Not.

Jason saved himself, of course.

Jason: It is what it is.  I'll take a seat over here now.

And then it was time for Monte, the King himself, to stand and address the crowd, nominating Krissie to sit in the spot Jason kept warm for her.

 So, Kryssie took a seat.  There was confusion as the meeting ended.  One of the girls wanted to know why Jason didn't put the PoV in a box and dramatically close it, as the tradition goes.

Jason:  Maybe they didn't even want to fool with a box this season.  We don't have one.  But they usually put it in there if the PoV isn't used, so...

Justin:  That's it? We're not voting now?  Isn't it time to vote?

Ha ha ha.  Justin also farted and said it smelled really bad, which broke up the group rather quickly.  So, by my count, in a "real" BB season, the entire ceremony should have been re-taped at least once, maybe twice, to correct for Cornbread's obvious confusion, and also Justin's comment about his gas, which occurred just as the ceremony was ending.


I'll just leave this here for you.  Is that a kitchen towel?

Justin's live DR session was HILARIOUS.  He was predictably confused and candid, telling us he frequently uses the telephone booth to order "some hot shrimp po-boys, Zapps chips, and Elmer's Chee Wees".

Production must be ROLLING over Justin.  And everyone on the crew is going to stand in line to smoke up with him when this is all over for him, one way or another.

And if you have experience with Elmer's Chee Wees, then for gods sake share it with us.  Let's all learn something new, people.


I tweeted about the Chee Wees last night, and Elmer's Chee Wees just liked my tweet.  Ha ha ha.  Hook me up with some Chee Wees, Elmer.

Seriously I am kicking myself about that typo.  Sometimes I type too fast.

Note that after taking time to digest her nomination, Kryssie is FINALLY getting off her ass to play the game, forging a new understanding with Danielle and Neeley, and also patching things up with Shelby.

In this scene, she was telling Jason about Cornbread using "Jew" as a verb, and I've heard the house guests whispering about this, so her plan is working.  I watched Scott tell Monte about it, and they all seemed to realize that Cornbread is a loose cannon who they probably don't want to associate with.  You know, since America has such known power now.

But Jason urged caution in this area.

Jason: But sometimes we all say things we shouldn't say.  I just said in the bathroom that I look like a transvestite today, and that probably offended someone.  I apologized, but I probably offended someone.

Kryssie:  But that's different!  You realized it!  Cornbread doesn't!


  1. Bless you for keeping up with these posts in OTT. I am loving it so far. Thought the live DRs were cool and I wish we had that kind of unedited stuff in a regular season. Justin is my fave, but I will probably vote Shelby for a care package depending on who gets HOH. I like her and it seems like she's public enemy #1 for most of the house right now.

  2. the story that Justin was telling was when he saw a One Legged Man Shitting through his legless leg out his pants in the Street, Lmao...

    1. Yes Dee, that was it!

      New Orleans can be quite filthy.


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