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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 2nd #BBOTT

The second Safety Ceremony of the week started last night at 10:00 PM EST.  This message popped up on the screen, and the announcer told everyone that in the next 30 minutes,  the remaining players who would be safe this week would be revealed.

Monte made the trek up to his HoH room (and it is HIS HoH room--don't even try to go in there without his permission) to press the appropriate buttons on his screen, while all of the house guests went into storage to get their "block pass" necklaces.  The necklaces are actually the little square doodads that you get in a restaurant....the kind that light up when your table is ready.

When those little doodads were first invented, I remember everyone wanted to be the one to hold them.  It was exciting.  But fast-forward a few years, and no one wants to be the one to even touch them.  They feel greasy, and gross. The last time I had to be the one to hold it, I wrapped a paper napkin around it first.

But these necklaces are presumably still clean.  You can see that five of the house guests were already made safe during the same process last night, because their block passes have flashing green lights.

Yes, Scott is wearing goth makeup, complete with dark lipstick.  One of the girls put it on him, but he is the one who chose to keep it it on for the rest of the day, so that part is on him.

And Shane is yawning, which is appropriate.  He's cute and all, but he's just so bland.  So mild.  That's not appealing to me at all.  He did say that when he was sixteen, he entered a "Best Butt" contest at Ambercrombie & Fitch.  He took an over-the-shoulder picture of his butt in their jeans and sent it in to headquarters.  And he says he won.  I believe Shane.  He's not interesting enough to lie.

And Kryssie is just so sure that she's going on the block this week. She came in the season like a lion, roaring and confident, but either her strategy changed, or she's having an actual break-down, because she's a neurotic mess now.  Still talking all of the time, but talking about how sad and lonely she is, and how she can't believe she got cast on the show.

Jason knew he was going on the block.  He went out to the backyard and smoked silently, deep in thought.  As he put his cigarette out, he told the cameras that he knows they want a reaction shot from him, but they'll have to go inside with him to get it.

Shane and Danielle huddled in their bed, trying to talk about something else while she waited for her necklace to light up.  Shane knew that she was going up, I think, but Danielle didn't know.  Monte had been planning to put up either Krissie or Shelby up with Jason, but decided on Danielle.  I think Danielle's relationship with Shane is the main reason, because Monte wants his undivided loyalty.

Justin was cooking dinner, and badly needed some ingredients from storage. His own necklace lit up first during the Ceremony, as he moved around the stove.

Justin: Y'all please.  Let me in here...please y'all.

(They did.  He got whatever it was he needed.)

There was one more Safety to award....everyone waited nervously.  Big Brother controls the speed here.  There is an announcement when it is time for Monte to push another button to save someone else.  Notice that Krissie just put a plastic flower in Scott's hair.  Or on head, since there is not much hair.  Whatever.

I just can't with him right now.

Scott's necklace was the last one to light up, but his reaction was rather muted.  For one thing, he is aligned with both sides of the house, so he knew who Monte was nominating, and he knows Monte wants to keep their affiliation under the radar.  Also, he's sitting next to Danielle, who just had the wind knocked out of her sails.

Scott has good instincts.  And he seems to be able to control his emotions.  And also his mouth. Which is a BIG factor in this game.

You could tell that things got real for Danielle.  Shit got real.  She tried to hold the tears back.

(This is the kind of stuff we never get to see on the traditional BB seasons...and that is what makes this season compelling.  It feels RAW.  And even though we know some of the twists coming up, we still don't know what in the hell is going on half the time.  I like it.  I have to say I like it.)

Danielle is smiling here, but she's really sad and trying to put on a brave face.  Shane sticks close to her and says all the right things, so she's lucky to have that.  Even if "that" is what probably put her in this spot to begin with.

But the girls in the house, "The Plastics", don't like Danielle, and have made no secret about that.  Danielle hangs out mostly with the guys, and can be a real buzzkill in conversations.

By the way, her son's father is on the starting lineup for the Kansas City Chiefs. She said that in the backyard before the cameras had a chance to move away.

Neeley came in the bedroom to make a little speech.  Note that yesterday Neeley was the FIRST one to receive Safety, which was sort of suspicious.  Because after yesterday's Safety Ceremony Monte took it upon himself to make a voluntary speech, asking everyone to gather around to listen to his words of wisdom.

Monte:  Don't pay much attention to who's safe today, and the order.  People I'm working with might not be Safe yet, and if you are Safe, you might have just squeaked by.

So, Neeley knows what's up. She might not know that Monte told his buddies that he doesn't want a "mad black woman coming after him", but she knows that Monte making her safe first doesn't make her his friend.

Neeley got emotional talking to Danielle, saying that she didn't expect to see another black woman in the house with her.

Neeley:  We come from different places, but I'm still with you.  I want the best for you.  They never get to see us at our best on this show.  And Jason is the coolest person ever....I could sit and talk to him all day.  But I got you.  I'm on your side.

I was curious to watch that conversation, because online last night everyone was saying that Neeley was talking about racism.  But she wasn't, in my opinion.  She just wanted Danielle to know that she supported her, and why she supported her.  It was a touching conversation.  I was touched.  Once again, this feels RAW.

And let me say that I have tried to watch the scheduled big events twice, and both times my live feeds have been JACKED UP after a few minutes.  I think the traffic is too high or something, but I was finally able to log on and vote for our 3rd nomination just before 10:00 PM EST last night.

And I'm glad I did, because when I tried to vote again this morning, the voting was already closed.  The house guests have NO IDEA that there will be a third nomination, but they should get slapped in the face with that information today, before the PoV competition.


This poor girl apparently went back and watched that Honey Boo Boo show to get this juicy scoop for us.  Cornbread is Honey Boo Boo's uncle.  I knew there was some sort of family situation that Cornbread was not allowed to talk about on the live feeds.  For example, he was telling a story to someone who asked when the particular event he was discussing happened.  And Cornbread said something like this:

Cornbread:  When? happened about when that person I can't talk about was three...

And the cameras changed.  At the time I thought he might have a kid he can't discuss, but I'm pretty sure he was talking about Honey Boo Boo.

I've never watched the Honey Boo Boo show, and I don't know anyone who does, even though the show is filmed somewhere on the outskirts of Atlanta.  Maybe because we don't need to watch ignorant, overweight people on TV....they are all around us in Georgia, if you know where to look.

That might sound harsh, but I can't believe the show was as popular as it was.  TLC actually stands for "The Learning Channel", which used to feature somewhat highbrow, educational programming. Now THIS is harsh...from Wikipedia.  THIS is why nobody I know watched this horrid show.

But a scandal in the family put a screeching halt to the Gravy Train.  The show abruptly stopped production, with another full season in the can that hasn't aired yet.  And probably never will be aired. People who earn fast money are often broke fast when the party ends.  I hope they paid their taxes before the TLC paychecks went away, because the time frame is just about right to hear about tax liens and seizure of property.

But Cornbread has a day job.  He works for his brother's tree service. For you city folk, tree services can made A LOT of money, particularly during storm season.  After a storm, trees are down, blocking roads and knocking down power lines.  And a tree service rolls in to save the day, cutting down trees and clearing away branches.  If you want them to grind down the stumps that are left when a  tree is gone, that will cost extra.  Sometimes THOUSANDS extra.

Cornbread has told us that his brother makes A LOT of money, and also that the two of them don't get along very well.  In fact, yesterday he said that he has his own equipment, about $100,000 worth, so he can start his own company if he wants to.

Cornbread has a very good chance at being the 3rd nominee this week, because most of the fans hate Monte, and want to nominate one of Monte's people, taking the vote away this week.

And I think Cornbread is trying to watch his mouth in there, but you can only hide who you are for so long before you have to pay the price.  He's already made comments derogatory to "Jews" and women, and I think he's just getting warmed up. Plus the snoring...good god...the snoring.  That shit is LOUD.

I can't wait to see his face when he learns he's on the block.  And if that doesn't happen this week, if Shane or Whitney are the ones to take a seat on the block, Cornbread should be one of the three house guests feeling the pain of being a Have Not.

And we're going to get to watch all of that.  Feel the pain Cornbread, because you're getting stale.


Neeley is still "28", just in case you forgot.  And she's getting away with that, apparently.  I've noticed she's good in conversations, listening and asking questions to delve deeper into what was just said. She asks open-ended questions, which is Conversation 101, but so many people don't know how to do that.

Here is Justin with his hair down. And even when he's wearing a man bun, Justin's hair is still down, in a manner of speaking.  He tells the best stories, feeling no need to censor himself or hide anything from us.  For example, he's told stories about finding himself in a bar chock full of skin heads who apparently practice Satanism (Checkpoint Charlies).

Justin: And I found myself talking to them about how the minorities were taking all the jobs....and then they asked me if I had any meth, but I told them all I had was good old trees, and they asked me to spark it up.  So here I am passing a doobie with these skinheads, and I don't even know if they realize I'm black!  And I could get killed!  And they were cheering about Satan.  I found myself cheering too, but then I was like, I got to get out of here.  I love God.  So I told them to keep the doobie and I just ran out of there.

Justin later clarified that he might have been on shrooms, too, in addition to the weed.  So that's a good story, people.  Everyone listening to it was ROLLING, they were laughing so hard.

Jason:  If you're not #1 on Jokers, then something is wrong!

Justin: What is Jokers?


As mentioned Kryssie did a big Cry Fest, saying she missed her boyfriend and having someone to talk to.  She says she has no one in the house, and she doesn't fit in at all.  This was a performance, I think, because she's close to Jason.  And this performance kept her off the block, too, because Cornbread later told Monte that he thinks Kryssie is weak now, and won't present a problem for them later.

Cornbread does wash his hands, so there's that.  And he probably plans to be kitted out all season in his UGA clothes.  It's actually one of the clothing items that Production lets them take in the house, since a team isn't considered a name brand.

Shane, again.  He's a nice guy, just kind of boring.  I did hear him say he invests his money in biochemical companies that are on the forefront of the medicinal marijuana market.  So that's smart, I think, and guaranteed to be another gold rush over the next decade or so.  He also announced early this morning that his favorite sexual activity is performing oral sex on a woman.  Nothing about any of that sounds boring to me, but maybe it's in the delivery.  Maybe Shane is just too calm.

He's started bumming cigs off Jason, which is not a good idea.  Shane said he used to dip tobacco, but after learning that Production won't let them do that in the house, he quit cold turkey four days before coming in the house.  Quitting was a bitch, he said, but his family supported him through it.

So re-introducing nicotine probably isn't a good idea for him.  Why kick a nasty habit only to take up another nasty habit?  He doesn't even seem stressed.  Just bored and sitting with a bunch of smokers, which is a recipe for nicotine addiction.

For some reason I don't think Jason is going home this week.  Maybe I'm delusional, or overly-optimistic.  Or just hopeful.

I'm enjoying Jason on the live feeds, even if it seems that he has an uphill battle to stick around at this point.

Shane and Danielle sleep together, but also stay awake and talk.  Nothing drastic though.  At least not yet. Danielle said pre-season that she couldn't stand Zakiyah, so hopefully she learned some important lessons from watching her conduct last summer.

Scott has made inroads with the ladies, game-wise.  They like him and know he understands the game.  Maybe they will counsel him about growing that hair out or something.  Scott is a longtime smoker, too, so at least there is one person who isn't bumming off Jason every minute out there.

Shelby and Alex, both very popular with the fans.

Kryssie just loves the attention her tears brought her.  I want to like Kryssie, because I like how she tells it like it is, but she's just too crude for me.  She wants to shock people, I think, but if I have to hear one more graphic description regarding the impact of having her period, I'm going to VOMIT.

And Kryssie has announced she's bi-sexual, but is being too aggressive with some of the girls, saying things to them that men probably know better about.  Like constantly commenting on Shelby's body when she walks in the room, and how pretty her feet are.   She's always telling the girls how much money they can make on the internet from the foot worship community, too.

(And there is one out there, and they like to watch Big Brother because most of the house guests are barefoot much of the time.)

Shelby had to snap at Krissie that she only likes men, in hopes that Krissie will stop saying she wants to cuddle with her.

Danielle apparently said she's bi-sexual, too, but I didn't hear it with my own ears.  And I haven't heard her sexually harassing anybody, either.

When Jason appeared at the BB18 finale with Jozea, trying to get our votes to be on BBOTT, Julie told them that America would have a heavy hand in the game this season.  So I'm sure he's trying to be calm, and to look for the opportunities to stay.

(Although Jason just GAVE UP after his nomination in BB17....let's hope he at least goes down swinging this season, instead of curling up in a corner to die.)

Scott had a long talk with Alex, where they both addressed the cameras, apologizing to the fans for targeting Jason this week.

How will things change when they realize who America doesn't like?  Who we nominate for eviction, who we vote for, and who we make the Have Nots every week?

Alex and Scott are smart enough to know that you don't want to be on America's bad side, even though that side can change every week, depending on how things shake out.

I wouldn't be surprised if Danielle is the one to go this week, and she knows that's a risk, too.  There is a tight girls alliance that she is not a part of--they don't like her AT ALL.

(The Plastics = Alex, Morgan, Whitney & tentatively Shelby)


And I'm calling it an "eatery", because it doesn't really fit my idea of a "restaurant".  It's an oyster bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans, right where all of the action is.  Justin apparently wanted to be on Master Chef, but they didn't cast him because he owned his own place.

There is a clip on You Tube where Justin appeared on a local news show to publicize his participation in the Louisiana Cajun Zydeco Festival.

He brought this yummy-looking plate of friend oysters, on a bed of spinach and artichokes, with a remoulade sauce drizzle.  It's like an updated version of Oysters Rockerfeller, and I'm all for it, even though I don't eat meat anymore.

If I was in New Orleans, I'd eat this, and probably blame it on being drunk or something.  Justin also planned to serve char grilled oysters at the festival, too.

But here's the thing...I've heard Justin say he does well financially, because he owns this restaurant   And I've also enjoyed hearing Justin talk about his various drug-taking exploits, and the number of times he's been arrested (eleven times, I think).  So I was wondering, how can Justin get a liquor license with a background like that?  Is New Orleans really lax about that sort of thing?

But then I looked around online and I think they just sell beer, rather than hard liquor.  Maybe that license is easier to get?  Justin's restaurant doesn't even have a website, and he probably doesn't need one, because he's right in the middle of Tourist Country.

Here's part of the menu, in case you're interested.  And of course you are interested...who doesn't love food?


  1. Interesting that you're enjoying this season so much. For some reason I'm finding it very dull. Jason & Krissie are good, but the rest, eh.

  2. The rawness is real! Dani couldnt fake those tears.. she sat at that table longer than I ever could... And Neely was hurt too, it's hard I think when you have a good/great roommate who is leaving and then someone who is a butt...

    SHUT UP!!!! He is honey boo boo's uncle.. OMG!

    I think it was dull at first with all the kumbaya but it's getting spicy now that America is so involved. I'm waiitng for Monte's reign to be over just to see them turn up


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