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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 21st - 23rd #BBOTT

Some of these picture are so old I can't remember which day I took them.  The first two are from Thursday morning, I think, when Whitney answered the phone after she heard it ringing.

It was Neeley, calling from Kryssie's HoH room, inviting everyone to come up and visit whenever they wished.  Whitney was very polite on the phone and later said it "felt like a real phone call".

Whitney:  I guess we have to go up there now...I'm gonna wait a few minutes though.

No one was exactly chomping at the bit to go upstairs and begin the weekly butt-kissing routine, but they knew they had to do it.

Later Kryssie and Jason were complaining about how cluttered the refrigerator is again, just about a week after Jason cleared it out.  Kryssie found two ketchup bottles open and decided to "marry" the two bottles.

Kryssie:  It's the restaurant employee in me...I have to do it.

(In high school I was a server in a steakhouse, and we had to consolidate the glass ketchup bottles every night at closing time. Apparently if you get even a drop of water in the bottle, it can make the ketchup go bad and the bottle can end up exploding later  Maybe that was a myth, but it was a rule we lived by.  I grew up in a college town so everyone except me and my BFFs who worked at the steakhouse was a college student.  This was basically Intro to Partying 101.  And that's all I have to say about that.)

This is Shelby strutting around in her bikini.  She walked inside and Justin complimented her by saying she looked good, and that she had a "little muffin booty" going on.

Shelby:  Oh, YOU WISH Justin.  Wait...did you just say I have a muffin top?  That's so RUDE.

Justin just laughed, as usual without a care in the world.

Justin and Alex had been trying to find a time to meet and discuss their potential alliance.  And they discussed Scott, too.  Scott has been very bossy to everyone and Jason noted that Scott's HoH-itis has carried over and he is still trying to run everything.

America voted Jason to be a Have Not this week, along with Neeley and Scott, which is a pretty sad selection if you are looking for fun and fellowship in there.  I can tell that Jason is troubled by this, but it may be in his best interest, as it makes it seem as if America isn't unconditionally on his side anymore. (Justin is the one who is looking like a target to the others, since America hasn't voted him to do anything yet.)

I think Jason aligned with some people who are not well-liked by America, and that might be a big problem for him.  Last week in Julie Chen's little Q & A session with the house guests, Julie addressed Jason near the end, maybe even last, with a question that she said was from a viewer.  The viewer wanted to know why Jason wasn't having as much fun this season.  I don't remember what Jason said, but afterwards they agreed that he should have said he's not as much fun because they don't have much alcohol, and don't get to take naps.

But that question bothered Jason.  Later, alone in the backyard he told the cameras that it is true that he's not having as much fun, because there is no one like Meg or Da'Vonne in the house with him.

Jason:  I'm trying to play this game.  And I know my picture is probably pasted on a rat's body on Twitter...

I don't think that's a problem for the fans, though.  If Jason has to turn on people like Neeley and Kryssie, I think the hardcore fans might actually like it.  But the fanbase is so divided and angry right now, who knows what they're thinking.  The last season where the house was so strongly divided was BB6, but the fans were generally all on the same side, against "The Friendship".  Or against anyone who was against Janelle.

So I don't remember the fans being so divided, and so negative towards anyone who doesn't share your opinion.  I hope people are better able to handle conflict in their daily lives, because you can't just lash out at people with different beliefs or opinions.  You can't drag that attitude into the workplace, or into society in general. (Well, you can do it, but your opportunities in life may be drastically diminished.)

Justin has now started addressing the cameras when he's alone on a regular basis.

Always with the little songs and dances, which he is allowed to get away with now and then, since he's making up the songs.

And of course there is plenty of Justin Slang, with shoutouts to his people back home, mixed in with some Creole French as he says he loves the fans.  Justin often tells the others about his three girls back home that he sees, including that he "planted some seeds" before he left, and hopes that at least one of them is pregnant.  I think their names are Mariah, Michelle, and Janae, although I'm probably spelling at least one name wrong.

I just heard Justin tell Jason that Janae "knows every gay guy in New Orleans" and would be able to hook him up for a good time when he visits.


Everyone knows that Scott is somewhat obsessed with Alex, and is making various game choices that may end up benefiting her, and hurting his own game.  I always see Scott staring at her with that creepy grin on his face, but I'm not really able to interpret what Scott is thinking.  On the daily wrap up episodes, CBS frequently refers to Scott as "The Virgin King", which is very strange to me.

Scott is not traditionally handsome, but I think he could get laid if he visited the right spots and stayed in his own lane.  He can be a good talker, and some girls might like that.  And he certainly has his share of confidence, almost abnormally so.  But Kryssie has been saying that she thinks Scott may have a chance with Alex, since she seems to think that Alex's relationship with her boyfriend is shaky.

Alex:  She's crazy!  I've been with my boyfriend for five years!

Morgan agreed, giggling about it right in front of the other Ball Smashers, saying Kryssie is delusional.

Justin:  If any of y'all are in New Orleans and you're hungry go on down to J's Seafood Dock in the French Market.  Get you some shrimp!  Mmmm hmmm!

(And one of the fans did just that, reporting that the oyster shucker sings to himself just like Justin does.)

Justin also addressed Shane, saying he misses him and that Shane is going to have a great time with him in New Orleans. They're going to "chop it up", apparently.

A reminder that something spooky is coming next week....a Halloween party, complete with costumes.

I wonder if there will be visitors who are also in costume?  Just a thought, but it might be fun.

They made some gluten-free chocolate cookies and the results were mixed, to say the least.  And by "made", I mean they put some packaged cookie dough on a pan and baked it, rather than mixing up cookie dough from scratch.

They have been eating an assortment of gluten free products and enjoying them more then they expected to, but these cookies weren't delicious, apparently.

This is the cookie dough that disappointed them, for your information.  This whole gluten free situation is a trend that will end soon.  There is a small portion of the population that cannot eat gluten for fear of death, but everybody else is just being trendy or dramatic about it.  Vegans use Vital Wheat Gluten all the time to make faux meat products and it is 77% protein, a great low-fat ingredient that is most often used to make seitan.

If you give up gluten and lose weight, it's probably because you cut your carbohydrates.  And those low carb diets are trends, too.  Like the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, etc etc etc.  We've never had so many diets to follow, but Americans just keep getting heavier and heavier.  At the end of the day you have to burn more calories then you take in, and you're better off making sure that the calories that you eat are nutrient-dense.  And once you're where you need to be, it takes work to stay there.

And let me say that for someone who didn't go to college, and barely got out of high school by his own reports, Jason is extremely intelligent, with a much better-than-average vocabulary.  He's street smart, but also seems to be well-read.  Even though I'm not sure he reads, which is a contradiction, I know.  The point is that Jason gets it, and is trying to figure out what we are trying to tell him, to make it work for him.

I don't remember Jason talking much about his family during BB17, but this season I heard him say his parents are divorced, and that he has a very good rapport with his father.  Jason is estranged from his brother, who I think is older, and is also gay.  I think the brother has a better relationship with his mother than Jason does.

Jason is such an interesting person.  I just love him and don't understand why so many fans are turning on him.  He is brutally honest about who he is, and bravely puts it all out there.  Even though he is often hilarious, there is something very sad about Jason's eyes.  I wish the best for him and I'm hoping he can win this and use that money to start a new life.  Or continue leading his old life, but with drastically-reduced financial worries.

Kryssie's PJ pants have pictures of hamburgers on them.

Seventy-five percent of the Ball Smashers lounge around in their bikinis, waiting for America's Care Package to be delivered.

And of course we all heard the shouting from Marsha the Moose when it was time to head to the backyard to receive the Care Package. If you somehow haven't heard it, it is a cringey voice SHOUTING to go to the backyard.  And then the voice says, "I SAID, GET TO THE BACKYARD."

The regular Big Brother voice would have been just fine, but apparently Marsha the Moose takes great pleasure in hearing his own voice screeching.  It is just so corny and unnecessary.  But they stand there and wait for the screen to raise, signalling that it's safe to GET TO THE damn BACKYARD.

And then they stand around and wait, looking around to be sure that the box doesn't fall and hit them, like it hit Shane earlier in the season.

Somebody read the card and of course Alex was the winner.

The little treats in the box were a surprise to Alex---there were crumpets and tea in there.  Jason explained to everyone that a crumpet is like a British english muffin.  Which is a valid comparison, but isn't an English Muffin already British?  Maybe a crumpet is really just an English Muffin being called by it's original British name.

(I was introduced to Vegemite over the summer, and I think a crumpet might be delicious toasted and slathered with some butter and Vegemite.  It's an acquired taste, but if you like savory, salty foods you might like it, too.  It's like if soy sauce and miso paste got married, the baby would be Vegemite.  And it contains lots of B vitamins that are crucial for non-meat-eaters.)

Alex read the card, and was overjoyed to learn that she is now safe, even if she has to "serve" Kryssie as directed by Big Brother, and wear a costume this week. Alex was in BIG trouble this week, and she knows it, so this Care Package saves her life in the game.

The Ball Smashers rejoiced, knowing that Alex is safe and also that America might indeed be on their side.

Shelby scrutinized what the card says, probably looking for legal loopholes.

Shelby:  It says that you have to do what Big Brother says, not Kryssie. And I'm glad you got it, even though it means the rest of us will probably go up.

They hope that America nominates Neeley for eviction.  And chances are good that might happen, although Shelby herself might find herself in the nomination chair, to ensure that Scott is voted out on Wednesday night.

And here is Alex's costume.  She got the costume rather quickly, since Production knew who would win the Care Package hours earlier, and had plenty of time to put the costume together.  When it is time for Alex to be summoned, a bell sounds and a super-fake British voice comes over the intercom with instructions.

(Marsha the Fucking Moose, again.)

Her first task was to pay the HoH a compliment, which she did, saying that Kryssie was beautiful. But only minutes later Alex was told to take a piece of fruit upstairs to the HoH.

Kryssie, screaming:  I ALREADY HAVE FRUIT UP HERE!

So Kryssie is super annoyed by this, too, because now she can't target Alex for eviction, and she will be pestered constantly by Alex "serving her" this week.  Kryssie was also annoyed that Alex got to wear fishnet stockings, since Kryssie reports that Production confiscated all of her fishnets before coming in the house.

Alex:  You can have these when I'm finished with them.

I don't know where this scarf came from, but Shelby said she wanted it since it matched her swimsuit.

There were some extra items in storage that relate to the Care Package.  From time-to-time Alex is told to bake treats for Kryssie, including heart-shaped cookies and a chocolate layer cake.  She will also have to make a shepherd's pie, too, based on the ingredients she found in storage.

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