Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 1st #BBOTT

Monte is the HoH, but few people seem to be cheering about that outside the house.  How should I say this.....Monte is a dick, y'all.   That's a pretty good way to describe it.  He has described himself as the Alpha Male several times since being named HoH, and has a Final Two deal with Shane. He also tells everyone that his HoH title "just fell into his lap".

He looks a little like Caleb, right?

Anyway, I was hoping that the "Safety Ceremony" would involve us voting to award safety to someone.  (JASON)  But it turns out that instead of having a nomination ceremony this season, Monte will at times have to announce a few house guests who are safe from nominations.  Which is kind of brilliant, since at some point we should see some extreme acting out as the nominees become clear.  Maybe not this week, but it will happen, the clutching and the clawing.

Kryssie:  They want us to start side eyeing each other and getting paranoid.

Monte has said his target this week is Jason, since he's a veteran. And his group is agreeing with him.  Shelby is making some sort of little hat by sewing two coffee filters together with dental floss.

The two sisters, Alex and Morgan, met in the storage room and immediately started talking.  They knew they didn't have much time to talk, so they had to hurry.

Alex said that she knows they agreed they would work on opposite sides of the house, they happen to be vibing with the same people, so they are ending up on the same side.

Alex:  Cornbread came up out of the blue and said he had a good feeling about Morgan.

Morgan: He did?  Out of nowhere?

Alex:  Yep. I think he feels a connection due to our spirituality.  But it's not like I'm faking or anything with people.

Alex feels bad for Kryssie, but Morgan assures her that "they" know they are going to be targeted.  So it sounds like Monte changed his plans to nominate Krissie and Jason, rather than Shelby and Jason. And maybe Shelby has been doing some talking to get herself off the hot seat, too.

Alex:  I thought there would be more weird people in here, but it's really only Scott.

Shelby told one of the girls that Krissie and the others are playing the game, even though they're trying not to seem like they are.  They know that Jason, Kryssie, Danielle and Justin are trying to put something together.    The sisters kind of shrug at this, like it's ridiculous for the other side to even try.

Someone touched the doorknob on the other side and they both jumped, pretending to be busy.  But it was just Whitney.

Whitney: I saw you girls come in here.  Did I miss anything?

They told her they were just rehashing what Monte's plans are.  They all agree they feel good about Shelby.  Whitney thinks they should keep kissing up to Monte and not to say anything about having meetings with the other girls.

Yep, that's Whitney.  Early this morning Justin said "that's some real Children of the Corn shit".

If you want to use Monte's HoH room, you have to ask him first.  And if you use Monte's HoH toilet, prepare to be quizzed when you walk out regarding your use of the Febreeze spray.  Monte doesn't seem to understand that once he's not HoH anymore, he won't be HoH anymore.

And here's what else Monte doesn't know...we're playing, too.


As best I can tell, viewers will vote for the following on the CBS All Access website:

1.  A third nomination each week.  This week, several BB communities are endorsing the Nomination of Cornbread.  Cornbread is not all we've buttered him up to be. And to be honest, I find our Cornbread to be a bit bland.  I don't each much cornbread anymore, because so often it's made with bacon fat here in Atlanta and I don't eat meat. If I was going to splurge on the buttery goodness of cornbread, I'd look for a Jalapeno-Cheddar version.  You know, to get some bang for all of that buck.

This is a good place to get up to speed on the Anti-Cornbread initiative.  Note that voting for the nomination is expected to open on Sunday.  I'll tweet you when it's time.  The third nomination needs to be someone who can lose the vote, and Cornbread has more potential for that than the other names being thrown around online.

2.  A vote to evict.  Obviously I'm recommending a vote to evict Cornbread.  Cornbread is starting to put his foot in his mouth a little here and there.  He's getting comfortable, and with a little time, he's likely to hang himself online with some of his opinions.

But we'll discuss that as necessary.

3.  Control over who is a Have Not.  Maybe this vote will be tomorrow---I'm not sure how that's going to work, but supposedly they'll learn what the Have Not foods are very shortly.  Then I guess they can dread finding about if America screwed them with the Have Not status.

Although the Haunted Have Not room looks fun this year.  The right people can have fun in there, And theoretically with Justin the Chef in there, he can whip up some good slop food.

Although I heard Monte and Cornbread complaining about how sick they feel after eating Justin's cooking.  I know Cajun food uses a lot of butter, so maybe it was very rich.  But I heard Cornbread say that he thinks Justin is dirty.

4.  The Damn Care Packages.  I heard this rumor on RHAP, so I hope they're not screwing us again like when they repeated the rumor about the new house. I could live without this crap, but I guess it depends on who gets it, and what the care packages contain.  I always wanted them to win stuff that  gets thrown in everyone else's face, like someone getting to order delivery from a different restaurant every night for a week.  And not being allowed to share, or have leftovers.  Something evil like that, but fun for us to see the dishes.

I like this groovy shirt.  Justin told the others that he used to have his own TV show about fishing, because he was a professional fisherman. He seems pretty relaxed about other people cooking along side of him while making dinner. Cornbread was talking about making fries with Hidden Valley Ranch powder and Justin told him to go on and take over making them because they sounded good.


Everyone is still figuring this situation out, even Production.  Every day in the "video" section of the website on weekdays, there is a short summary of the action in the past 24 hours.  It's fast, and uses the official announcer, so the quality feels plush.

But instead of "PREVIOUSLY, ON BIG BROTHER", he's giving us some bullet point headlines, with occasional scenes of DR footage.  It feels well done, and the content is loose enough so that the first show was about 6 minutes, and the next was about 9 minutes.  I find the presence of these weekday recaps comforting, because if you aren't able to do much else, or if you miss a few days, you can always catch the big stories on the daily recap.

They may be a few hours behind, but thumb's up on the recaps.

I'm guessing the weekly shows will be archived in the Video section after airing live.  So far the clips of Julie telling them about twists have already been pre-taped, but the house guests act like they're having a conversation with Julie, live on screen.

I'm thinking Julie taped every single Twist Announcement weeks ago.  And it would be funny if when they air her "conversations" with the house guests, they plug in names to pre-recorded questions.  Kind of like the "BLANK, come to the Diary Room", and "BLANK, Stop That!"


Krissie decided to do her hair and makeup this morning.  She loves to do "pin up" type of looks, and says she is obsessed with that style.  She wants to give all the girls a pin up makeover one day.

Here's "28 year old" Neeley.  Yep.

Kryssie and Jason are gonna need her votes this week.  But just a few minutes ago Cornbread told Monte he can't decide whether Shelby or Kryssie needs to go on the block next to Jason.  And when Monte suggested putting up Justin, Cornbread said he "wanted to save Justin for later".


It looks like Kryssie went through the McDonald's drive-thru for her breakfast sandwich, doesn't it?  I don't know where this sandwich came from.  I'm guessing Justin made it in the kitchen, but maybe it was stuffed in the side pockets of Kryssie's luggage.

(Too soon?)

Jason just got up for the day, around 1:00 pm, after a nice hot shower.  He agrees he looks like Pee Wee Herman, but only if Pee Wee "was a gay whore".

Jason is suspicious of Cornbread.  He knows Cornbread has been studying the order of who gave the Crab necklace to whom.

Jason:  His brain ain't as crusty as his feet.

Danielle is already preparing herself for what she will say if she's one of the nominees.  Jason admits he farted on Scott in the middle of the night.  Justin was cracking himself up with reports of Cornbread in the kitchen with some "Zaterain type shit", simmering the rice for three hours.

Justin, barely able to speak:  It'll be disintegrated by then!


Is Fly on The Wall involved with this?  Is AGP involved with this season?  Or is another Production company responsible for the day-to-day action?

It just occurred to me that some of the thinking has been so out-of-the-box that it might be an entirely new team with a specialty in online-only productions.  I think we'd all be interested to learn more about that, if someone can share some info about it.

But it's clear this season is much, much cheaper to produce than the CBS-aired version.  Here's just a few examples, off the top of my head.

1.  The top prize is $250,000, instead of $500,000.  That's nearly half off.  (A little CPA humor.)

2.  Are there other cash prizes?  A 2nd place prize?  AFP?  Probably not...just a guess.

3.  No Jury House.  Each evictee gets put on a plane and home they go.  See ya later.

4.  No Stipend for Jurors.  The typical non-veteran juror gets $1,000 per week in sequester, up from $750 in earlier seasons.  But these house guests will have none of that.

5.  They may not even get paid to show up for the Finale.  IF there is a Finale, there is.  I know the Survivors get paid to show up at their Finale and Reunion, because they've already been released after filming and need incentive to return for the show.  I'm assuming that BB jurors are the same, although probably at a lower rate.

6.  Drastically-reduced competition budget.  For example, instead of a lengthy two-day rigging project by the local Teamsters, the house guests got one bottle of what looked like blue Jones Soda, eleven Crab T-shirts, and one Crab necklace.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the concept, but it was cheap.  In fact, I'll bet we could adapt some of the competitions this summer to parties at game night.

7.  No TV production.  I know that sounds like a big DUH, but for their recap they can really do whatever they want, whenever they want.  No filming crew, no big TV time slot pressure to worry about. They've already changed the schedule around a few times.  Who cares.  What are we going to do about it?  We're blazing a trail here.  Just a few editors and a extra little coin for the  Announcer Guy.

8.  Julie Chen probably taped her BBOTT pieces after the BB18 finale, while the crew scraped wads of gum off the seats in the audience area.  I'm just kidding about that.

Sort of.


  1. I don't like relatives in the game together. It gives them an advantage over the others. So I hope they get rid of one of the sisters.

  2. Did you hear that the all-knowing Monte is 100% positive that the HOH cannot play in the veto comp? Whitney was in the room and told him that was incorrect, however he completely shot her down and told her she was wrong. I can't wait until this self righteous guy is gone. He thinks he knows EVERYTHING.

  3. Allison and fly on the wall are definitely doing the production. She was interviewed in Hollywood reporter about the season and, I think contractually they must have to go through her company to do it (I don't think, after all these years, her agents haven't specified that by now).

    I'm sure stipends aren't the same but I still think legally they have to pay them something. Granted it's online but it's still a major network so they have to do things on the up and up.

    they are def saving tons of money - but they still have to employ around the clock camera men, producers and production staff to take care of the cast, etc. I think they're just saving lots of money on the post production side - without having to produce storylines and challenges for 3 shows a week. Just hire some (possibly) low level producers and editors and make 6 minute recaps. Way easier.

    I've worked in reality and online reality (on the editing side) and the interesting thing (well to me) was how complicated music rights were - even just stock music. For TV, stock music companies make their money from the network when it airs. When you're on the web, stock music charges you way more since there's usually no network that pays the cost once it airs. I haven't studied the daily recaps but I wouldn't be surprised if all the music was just the standard big brother music cues they own for the "previously on" segments.

    I'm interested to see how those live diary rooms go. In concept it sounds fun... but I'm scared it might end up like when Julie used to awkwardly interview the HOHs in the HOH room during live shows and they really had nothing interesting to say.

  4. America needs to be strategic with the nominations. Monte's crew have the votes so either Danielle or Jason are going home. So why waste a nomination on Cornbread. It will make him safe from America next week. Plus it will make houseguest want to keep him because he wont be a threat. Use it this week on a floater like Krissy. She will freak out, and she will be safe next week from America. Use the votes wisely.

  5. To the author ... ALL HGs are compensated for their time on BB. This includes time spent as a juror, time spent in the house playing the game, and the pre & post season sequester weeks they endure. The rates you quote are actually ancient, BB8-era money. The last non-vet weekly rate I was aware of was $1000/in the house/$1250 Juror time. Like Survivor, ALL earnings are withheld until after the finale airs.

  6. Nah its FOTW. Heath Luman who works for AG and Rich is top dog for this. He has been there since 4 and is the architect for these easy challenges.

  7. Ouyay are the Estbay Feedwatcher!!!! Welcome to BBOTT with Julie!

  8. Dang if nostalgia didnt kick in when Scott walked in! I was so sick, like, where's Paul🍵😞


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