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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 18th & 19th #BBOTT

The big story of last night's live DR sessions was Shane.  He was a MESS and barely answered even one of the questions, which appear to scroll on a screen in front of them, or maybe there is a typed list of questions...not sure about the format.  If Shane was being interviewed on MTV about his latest album or something, we'd all assume that Shane was high or drunk.  But he wasn't, and he's not, even though he probably wishes he was, right about now.

The live DR questions are all the same for everyone, except for additional questions specifically for the HoH and the nominees.  The first question is the same for everybody----what obstacles have you faced since your last live DR session?

This was the first clue that something was wrong. Shane started off by saying "I have done nothing since then", clarifying that he has had no game conversations because Scott is the HoH, and Shane doesn't like Scott.  He ended up saying that Question #1 was too hard, after admitting that he had "many obstacles", and moved on.  I'm not sure that he answered any of the questions.  He had to stop several times, obviously struggling to contain his emotions, trying not to cry.

It was both fascinating and unwatchable.  I was cringing, watching it.  Shane seemed on the verge of a breakdown the entire time.  When asked what alliances he was a part of, he said the only one was the Jamboree, and his true alliance is to Danielle, his "one and only".  He said that the day had been the worst of the season for him, and finally thanked to his family and friends and just got up and left.  He went to the London Room and sat alone, with his head in his hands, sobbing.

(Yesterday was the PoV meeting where he was put on the block next to Danielle and Neeley.)

He certainly looked down yesterday afternoon, when he admitted that he knew that he and Danielle would be separated by the vote, one of them evicted this week.  In his DR session last night, Shane insisted that he would be the one who stays in the house.  But I think Shane is wrong.   I think that America will vote to evict Danielle, which will result in Scott breaking the tie to evict Shane.

How will Shane react to that?  With rage?  With a torrent of tears?  I'm hoping someone gives him a heads up about it.  This isn't the type of blindside that we're all clamoring for.  At least, not the type that I'd like to see.

This morning I heard Kryssie talking to Neeley about Shane...they wondered what happened during Shane's DR session.  Kryssie mentioned that Shane is dyslexic, so that might have had something to do with it  (maybe trouble reading the screen mixed with overall frustration and heartache?).  Justin came in the room and they decided that maybe the session just didn't go the way he planned it to go.

Justin:  I told Shane that outside of this house, he's my boy, and we're gonna have a great time. Anytime he comes to New Orleans he's got a place to stay, and we're going to cut it up.  With no scissors either, ya dig?

Late yesterday afternoon, Scott called everyone to the living room to hear a special message.  There was dread in the air as everyone wondered what this could possibly mean...what is going to happen now?

Scott told the nominees to sit on the couch, but in retrospect, was that really required?  Did Scott just tell them to do that to cause more tension?  (Because Scott is gleeful about Shane and Danielle being upset about their nominations.)

Before we continue, I want you to look at the picture below, particularly of Neeley.

And now look at this one, taken during the PoV ceremony earlier in the day.  Same look, same posture.  I think it's funny.  And a good reason to bring a lot of costume changes if you are cast on the show.

Jason said that before BB17, Production confiscated three boxes of his clothes.  Production is required to "screen test" all articles of clothing to see how they will look on camera, and to look for any visible labels or designer insignia.  They only took one box from him this time.  Jason said that he didn't have time to pack as much this season, and he was more assertive when arguing his case.  For example, they objected to one brightly-patterened shirt, but Jason pointed out that BB gave him that shirt to wear in a BB17 competition.

OK.  Scott came out of the DR with this little plastic pumpkin and a laminated card to read.  He announced that Halloween was coming, and the house guests would be attending a Halloween party that would be bone-chilling, or something along those lines.  The pumpkin held eleven different costume choices, seven for women and four for men.  (No one mentioned that not all of them would be around for Halloween.)  Scott called out the gender and costume, and it was up to the house guests to speak up and say they wanted it.  Production will then prepare the costumes for the occasion accordingly.  No word on exactly when they will be wearing the costumes, although Jason said he wouldn't be surprised if they have to wear them all week, or something twisted like that.

Here are the costume assignments:

* Creepy Doll - Kryssie  (Kryssie:  ME. ME. I WANT IT!)
* Day of the Dead Girl - Shelby (She said she was worried about the remaining costumes.)
* Witch - Morgan (boring)
* Zombie Fireman - Justin (Kryssie: Now someone can slide down your pole.)
* Vampire - Shane
*  Devil - Whitney  (Alex wanted it, too, but they agreed it would be more ironic for Whitney.)
*  Zombie Nurse - Neeley
*  Deadly Doctor - Jason
*  Mummy - Alex  (Alex:  I hope it's a really ugly costume.)
*  Werewolf - Scott (Scott flashed his chest hair and everyone laughed.)
*  Vampiress - Danielle (She said it was fate, since Shane would be the Vampire.)

During the live DR sessions Shelby had a lot to say about the people she doesn't like, which is just about everyone.  She also said that sometimes everyone talking about how stupid she is bothers her, but that is the act she's playing, so she has to live with it.

This is a good example of her facial expression at any given time of day, whether she's in a conversation or not.  Shelby is kind of hot-to-trot, too, often giving shout outs to some of the male production employees who she is interested in meeting after the show.  She said she thinks Heath Luman is probably very cute, but when Jason said that match-up was likely not in the cards for Shelby we had a rare, quick FISH.

Shelby also gave a shout-out to Morgan's boyfriend Conner, and "all of his tall, good-looking friends".  I'm sure Shelby will have no trouble getting dates after this season, particularly if she passed the bar exam and joins a law firm.  No shortage of action behind-the-scenes at a law firm, or even at a major accounting firm.  I could tell you stories, but I won't.

Shelby also said she preferred a clean cut look on a man, saying Shane wasn't her type, but someone like Clay Honeycutt is more like it.

Shelby: Shout out to Clay!  Hey Clay!

Whitney feels the pressure as everyone tells her they need her to win the HoH competition.  Since Paul is coming in the house to host it (they don't know that, though), many of the fans think the comp will be that "ball rolling" comp that Paul won last summer.  That does make sense, since it is a low-cost set up and the amount of time it takes doesn't matter.

As you recall, this was the comp where they just practiced on the live show, and could take the shot whenever they felt they were ready to do so.  I think that comp is a good bet for tonight, given the circumstances.  It's very hard for me to stay up that late here on the East Coast, but I'm going to try to watch live...I want to see Paul ring the front doorbell and burst in there, shaking shit up.

Just a day or so ago, Jason was talking about Paul, saying that he liked Paul, but if Paul ever comes back to play Big Brother again, he needs some new catch phrases, because "Friendship" is played out.

One of the things everyone is wondering about is if Paul will be allowed to tell them who won BB18.  I wonder if Paul will mention the showmance, and his advice on the Final Three tip board about not getting into one because they suck.

Here's Something:  Paul went to Pepperdine University.  And Shelby went to Pepperdine Law School.

Do you think they know people in common?  Or have met at any parties?  Paul told us over the summer that the standard undergrad tuition is about $60,000 per year, so I can't even imagine what the law school tuition might be.  I'll bet Shelby's dad is an attorney, too.  She just has that look to me.

The girls needled Scott about the plans for the live vote, and he finally admitted to them that he did tell Justin that the plan was to evict Shane this week.  Later, after Scott left the room, they talked about how obvious it was that Scott was working on the sly with Justin and Jason, so Scott wasn't fooling anyone by being so evasive about it.

During the HoH competition, Alex has to have  a disadvantage, based on the punishment she accepted during the PoV competition last week.  If the HoH comp tonight is the one we expect it to be, then maybe Alex will have to spin around to get dizzy before taking her shot, or maybe she will have to wear some sort of vision-distorting goggles.

(Today Scott said he'd put money on an impaired Alex doing better than Kryssie in the HoH comp.)

It's important to remember that Scott and Alex worked out a tentative secret alliance in the last day or so to work with Jason and Justin.  Alex said in her live DR session that she will likely depend on the new alliance as time goes on, and that if she has to cut her sister Morgan, than Morgan will just have to get over it.  But in Morgan's DR she was very loyal to Alex.  So that might get interesting.

I just wish Alex could speak like a normal human being in her DR sessions.  If you've seen it, then you know what I'm talking about.

But Scott made it clear to Shelby that he and Alex are counting on her now, and they need her to hold it together.  He likes Morgan and Whitney, but Alex and Shelby are his main people in the house.  Shelby was talking about how bored she is right now.  And the boredom is what makes being a Have Not so hard, because when you get bored you can't even enjoy eating, or having a good night's sleep.

Scott:  Look, we're only about a third of the way through this game, Shelby.  There are going to be people leaving, and less people to talk to.  It's going to get very boring in here.  I'm counting on you Shelby.

Shelby actually started crying at this, saying that she can't imagine being bored for the required amount of time, and having to put up with Danielle in the house, too.  She also disparaged Jason, saying that all he talks about is partying with former BB players (not true).  The girls are all upset about the conversational topics being held by the other group...they don't want to talk about their sex lives or any other intimate topics while they are on camera.

(Then introduce a new topic of conversation....that's what Don Draper would do.)

Morgan isn't about to ruin her life by sharing stories about her sex life, that's for sure.  I told you she's been flirting BIG TIME with Justin.  In this picture she is reacting to Scott telling her that Justin said he wanted to sleep in her bed.

She leaned back and reacted in shock, like this was an unbelievably inappropriate idea.  But on Reddit, I read that Justin did indeed sleep in her bed at some point last night, and that she had brought up the idea to him, inviting him.

I guess Morgan really wants to win this game, huh?

Scott later came in the room with a special message for live feeders.  Apparently the foil top of his Yoplait yogurt had a special code on it that might be worth $1,000,000 if it's the right code.  Scott read it out loud, saying that some lucky live feeder could win the money if they were the first one to enter the code on the Yoplait website.  If the code is a winner, that is.

Scott:  So good luck live feeders, and please don't make me a Have Not!

If someone did win the Yoplait contest with Scott's code, I'll let you know.  The winner is sure to crow about it somewhere online, right?


Scott ran out of smokes yesterday, and bummed one from Jason last night.  Just before he ate the yogurt, he announced he would go outside and request just one more from Jason, before quitting cold turkey on Wednesday.

But it turns out he didn't ask for another cigarette--he decided to start the withdrawal and get it going.  He knew they would be locked down all of Wednesday, so they wouldn't even have the opportunity to smoke.

Scott:  I was going to start using the patch, but I don't think I'm going to...I'll just tough it out cold turkey.  I've done it before.

Unlike Jason, Scott doesn't talk about wanting to quit smoking.  He's just trying to tough it out for the rest of the game.  He didn't plan very well, if he's running out of smokes this fast.  Jason just opened his last carton, but said he'd hold back a special pack to smoke if "something really crazy happens".

(Like being on the block with a looming eviction, maybe, or making the Finals, but he didn't say that out loud.)

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