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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 18th #BBOTT

In the wee hours of the morning, Scott approached Jason when they were alone in the backyard with a secret deal to form a group to work together going forward.  The group would include Scott, Jason, Alex and Justin.  I think Neeley is involved with the idea, too, but Jason said it would be a difficult job to reel her in, since she seems to be so committed to Kryssie.

Justin walked outside during the conversation and agreed to the plan.  In my opinion, he's in the best spot because no one expects Justin to do any real campaigning or game talk.  He can just bop around and vote with the group, sliding all the way to the finale.

Jason was alone for a few minutes later, and told the cameras that he hates to turn on people, but he refused to do that in BB17, and went home before jury.  He wants to win the money this time.

And let's face it, he doesn't need Jury votes this time in the end to win.  Which is why I think Alex and Scott will evict him before he gets to the Finale.  Neither of them are stupid.

On his way to bed Jason stopped to fold his clothes that he took out of the dryer.  Justin said he'd be happy to help.

Justin:  I might not fold your drawers, though. Are these your pants?  Damn.  I can't even fit an arm into one of the legs!

Jason:  This laundry makes me want to smoke another cigarette.

Justin: I'm sorry I keep smoking your cigarettes.

Jason: It's okay.  Once they're gone, I'm quitting.  They gonna give me nicotine patches to help me, and I can't afford that at home, so it's good.

(I'm trying to imagine Jason not smoking in the BB house, and maybe spending time inside the house.  On Tuesday afternoon (today) he opened the last pack of the third carton of cigarettes he brought with him.  He has one more carton left, which would have lasted another 10 days, but now that he's going to share with Scott, with probable donations to Justin and maybe Shane if he stays this week, I'm thinking Jason will be out of smokes by next Tuesday.)

Big Brother had to repeat the wake up message several times this morning.  No one seemed that excited about getting up this morning.

Shane came in to brush his teeth and didn't say a word to the girls, that I could see.  He's not exactly Mr. Personality in there.  He knows he might go on the block, so I think this would be a great time for him to exchange pleasantries.  Shane needs to learn to fake it, if he doesn't feel it.  We all have to do that sometimes, don't we?

This is Neeley swishing the Scope around her mouth, while Justin takes a hit off the bottle.

Shane went and sat outside, where he continued the silence unless someone spoke to him first.  Danielle was still in the Have Not Room, and BB kept prodding her to get up over and over and over. (Just like yesterday....)

Finally Danielle appeared and joined the group on the patio. As usual, Danielle had to dominate the conversation with stories about herself.  They were talking about a wide variety of topics, like video games and Sponge Bob Squarepants, but Danielle had something to say about all of it.

She did say that when she was a kid, her day care lady had one of those Ms. Pacman games that was a table, with chairs for players on either side.  She played Ms. Pacman every day for hours and got really good at it.  They also discussed their dreams.  Jason dreamed that he was somewhere where some kid was being molested, and then it transferred to Jason getting molested by some man and then they were in the BB house nominating people for eviction.

Danielle:  I had a dream that James from your season got stabbed in the stomach, but he said it didn't hurt so he stabbed himself in the arm.

Jason:  That sounds like James.  Who stabbed him in the stomach?

Danielle:  Hmm..  Who stabbed him.  There was a knife, and....did I stab James?  Yeah, I think I did stab him.

Across the yard you could hear Whitney say "oh my god" as Danielle rambled on and on and on.

Didn't Alex have any other hats that she could have brought in the house for some variety?  Like a fedora or a bucket hat?  I know she has a Longhorns hat---that is definitely an improvement over this pleather cap.

I've heard Kryssie say that she gets very frustrated with Danielle's self-absorbed chatter.  Kryssie is good at making conversation with her, though.  She has had some song from Sponge Bob Squarepants running in her head and she can't get it out.  It's the song where Sponge Bob was delivering pizza. (?)

Shane has "Uptown Girl" playing in his head, and tells the others that "the video was really good".

(That has to be one of the cheesiest damn videos I've ever seen, and I grew up watching MTV.)

Krysssie's band does a cover of that song that "brings the house down", she says.

The whole "Us vs. Them" debate among the fans is extremely out of hand right now.  The Big Brother subreddit actually had to deactivate the downvote button yesterday, people were so nasty to each other.  I wish people could just watch without getting so crazy about it, and attacking people who don't feel the same way they do.

I bring this up because the current "cool" position to take seems to be that the Plastics are always positive and fun, while the Misfits are a nasty bunch of shit-talking trolls.  Frankly you could say either comment about either group, depending on the day and situation. And who has the power, too, of course.

The Plastics talk plenty of shit about the Misfits, and outside today they were shit-talking Danielle and Shane, big time.  And probably Kryssie, too.  And that's fine with me.  Whatever.

Personally I would not want to share the Have Not room with someone like Danielle, who is very negative about everything and keeps everyone up at night swapping spit with her boyfriend.  And I can't even get into her story about her puppy that "committed suicide".  I used to volunteer at the Atlanta Humane Society, and I think people who abuse their pets should go directly to jail.  It's a living creature, not an object.

I digress.  My point was both sides talk trash, with varying degrees of humor and interesting subject matter.  I wish everyone could just watch and not get so personally wrapped up in everything.  Life is full of disappointments, and sometimes you just need to roll with the punches.

Or it might be too Over the Top for you.  So there's that.  Fall is my favorite time of year, so it does seem a shame to miss the season outside for a season inside if it makes you so angry.  That's all.

I do want to point out that Neeley and Kryssie noticed that Shelby fixed her hair this morning, probably suspecting that she would get camera time for getting put on the block.

Shelby ditched the golfer's uniform yesterday, in case you missed that.  Alex and Justin both got called to the DR earlier, so people thought the PoV Ceremony might begin a little early, but she came outside and joined the chatter.

Then Alex went upstairs to touch base with Scott about his conversation with Jason, and Justin, about working together.  Scott felt the meeting went well, but told her that Jason wanted to speak with Alex, too, to see how she felt about things.

Scott:  He said he knows he's not alone in here much, he's always socializing, but he'll try to find a way for the two of you to talk that's not so obvious.  You know, like laying in the hammock---nothing obvious like that.

Alex was pleased with the news, as well she should be.  They could be a powerful foursome.

I think Alex may have gone to lay in the shade to give Jason an opportunity to approach, maybe.

He did come over to dip his feet in the pool.  Morgan said she planned to go to the PoV ceremony in her bathing suit.

Morgan:  I'm going to play into my casting role.  I'm embracing it.

Jason:  I'm not mad at you. If I had your abs I'd never wear any clothes.  I'm going to go to the PoV ceremony dressed as my casting type...a gay, half-nude boy.

And then it was time for the PoV ceremony.  They each had a chance to stand up and speak, requesting one of the PoV holders to save them with the PoV.

I think Danielle said a bunch of crap about being hungry, and having a bad week.  I don't really remember, to be honest.  Kryssie said she's had to pack her suitcase for every eviction, and she'd like the chance to put a few items into the drawers in the bedroom.

I don't remember anything Neeley said, but I think her look is iconic and somewhat hilarious.

Alex stood up and just said it was an awkward situation, but she would not be using her PoV. Apparently they learned earlier that she would be the one going first in the ceremony.

Justin stood up and said that unlike Alex, he would be using his PoV, to save Kryssie.

Kryssie put that damn necklace on and took a seat on the couch, looking a little shaky.

Scott nominated Shane, and Shane took his place on the nomination couch in silence.  I've heard Scott do a lot of talking to Jason and Justin about how Shane formed an alliance with him on Day #1 and then turned his back on him, but I don't think he said anything about that during this ceremony.

Danielle looked fragile, trying to hold it in.  I heard Shane tell Kryssie later in the afternoon that he hasn't felt like this about a girl in a long, long time, and it sucks that it had to happen like this.  He seems to think that their meeting is a blessing and hopes to be with Danielle outside of the game.

So that seems sincere.  But Shane wants to stay in the game, and not sacrifice himself for her.  I don't think he'll have much choice, but he's trying to put plans into place assuming Danielle is the one to go this week.  Jason told him that Danielle is the target, but that may or may not be correct.  We will likely learn more during tonight's live DR sessions.

I also heard Shane tell Kryssie that he hated the way Clay gave up and let Shelly stay in the game during BB17.  That makes about 14,594 of us, Shane.

Jason came over and hugged both of them, saying they had a few days to figure everything out.

Also, I forgot to mention that yesterday I heard Shane say he ate seven hotdogs---three for lunch and then four for dinner.  I thought you might find that interesting.

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