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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 12th - 15th #BBOTT

Well, I've been watching.  And tweeting a little bit about it.  But I just haven't felt like posting and even deleted a post from earlier in the week that I was working on.  I'm having to force myself now, so please don't expect anything good.

These are pictures from the live HoH competition on Wednesday night.  Alex read the instructions for the competition in her sing-song, semi-screechy baby voice.  I'll admit I was tired, because it was late for me on the East Coast.  But I didn't understand AT ALL what was going on, and neither did anybody else in the CBS chat room.

We were all like, what the hell?  But obviously the bird's eye camera view showed a huge "BB Bar Code".  The house guests were supposed to look for something and then ring in on a buzzer to guess the right answer, but could only do that once during each 15 minute round.  So once you guessed wrong, you had to sit on the sidelines until the next round started.  And there was no clock or timer out there, nor any announcements about how much longer the round would go.

So that made things suspenseful for the house guests.  And there were A LOT of wrong answers.  BB said they could speak to each other, so after the first round the groups started working together, trying to make sense of the competition.

Kryssie seemed to understand the mission, and when she started whispering to her people and working with Neeley, I expected her to have the right answer.  But she didn't.

Shelby was the first one to ring in in the first round.  I expected some sort of brilliance out of her, since she finished law school a year early, but she seemed as confused as anyone else.  You can see she has a little white chain in her hands...each of them was given a chain less than a foot long to "help" measure the distances.  They were also allowed to use their feet to measure, but couldn't use their arms or legs.

That is my volume control you see in the lower left corner.  Sorry about that.

Scott worked alone most of the time out there.  It was largely silent out there, apart from the low whispers and the sound of Alex calling out what she was supposed to call out (i.e. when the house guests could make their guesses, and when they should take their little ring and wait on the sidelines for the next round).

I have to say that the live eviction was also VERY quiet.  You could hear a pin drop when Alex went into the DR to pick up the eviction vote tally from Production.  No one spoke at all. They just sat and waited.

And after it was announced that Kryssie once again had zero votes, the Misfits immediately knew that all of the Plastics had been lying to them about who they were voting for---they had all been saying they were voting for Kryssie, in hopes of getting at least one vote for her from the Misfits which would have sent Danielle out of the door. Justin seemed SHOCKED that Scott lied to him about it, and had seemed so believable.

Jason: Your baby girl Whitney lied to you, too!

Justin: Oh, I already know.

The cameras showed us this, letting us know that the correct answer was "72", which was the number of the longest bar code segment. We could also see that the competition set was built with cheap scrap lumber. And that's fine...I'm just pointing it out.

If I were Scott, I'd ask for this piece of cheap lumber in my post-season BBOTT goodie box.

Because out of nowhere, Scott won after guessing "72".   Alex went nuts and went over and jumped on Scott, wrapping her legs around him.  Then Shelby came over to get in on the action, as you see below.

Danielle later berated Alex for doing that, since that is what she did to Shane after he won the PoV.

Neeley: But that's her people,...he's on her side.

Danielle:  But he's not her Ride or Die...and they're not both on the block together.

Kryssie immediately realized the perils of what just happened.  She and Scott don't get along At ALL., so her body language here says it all.

I understand that Kryssie likes to adorn herself with a flower in her hair.  But does it have to be so big?  It seems like it would throw off her equilibrium or something.

Scott celebrated his win immediately with a quick, creepy smoke.  He did have a pretty bad week, what with being a Have Not and then having to stay in the Sand Pit for 24 hours.  He was very excited about being released from Have Not status a few days early.

Scott:  I'm all about having some pizza.

The Misfits slowly gathered in the lounge to commiserate about the situation.  Kryssie and Jason were the first ones in there.  Kryssie had already been going off on a tangent about the number "72".

Kryssie:  I can't believe that it was 72...everyone knows that 72 is like, my lucky number.  All my friends joke about that all the time.  I was even going to get a tattoo of 72.

Justin: That shit is crazy, baby.

OK.  First of all, if Justin really gave a crap, or was even interested, he would have asked why 72 was her lucky number.  I didn't hear ANYONE ask her that, even though she repeated the comment several times.

And second, she may very well have the number 72 tattooed on her somewhere already.  I've seen her arm, and it looks like a big mess to me.  And now that tattoos are old news, it seems like no one ever asks what someone's tattoos are supposed to be, or what they mean. (A key sign that the trend is ending, even though the results are largely permanent.)

Kryssie also vented by saying that she knew she hated Scott, because he's from Maine.

Kryssie:  I'm not letting some guy from Bangor Maine get me out of here. I knew I hated him because he's from Maine.  My stepfather was from Maine, and I blame my grandmother's death on him.

The cameras couldn't move away fast enough after that comment.  It was a little too Over the Top for BB, apparently.

Later Justin went to Scott to have a quick private moment.

Justin: Look dude.  You know I've been a straight shooter with you.

Scott:   You're good with me Justin.  You don't have to worry this week.

Justin: Oh.  I already know.  I just want you to know that I'm not coming for you.  But it's obvious to me.  I don't even want to know who you're putting up, man.

I also heard Scott say at some point that both Justin and Jason are safe this week, but who knows. This HoH win came at a very good time for Scott, because he was in a very bad spot with everyone, so I trust he will try to use this week to get some leverage in the game and repair his relationships.

Scott laid in his spider web bed to think.  It doesn't look too uncomfortable to me.  Morgan stayed in the room by herself for the rest of the Have Not period. I like the stars on the wall that are left over from last year's Have Not carnival decor.

If anyone from Production reads this (and I know at least one of the behind-the-scenes CBS people does...) then I would love to have any one of them, particularly the one on the far right.  You can't get it if you don't ask, so...

Just so you know, Danielle and Shane have graduated to full-on sex, right there in the same room with Kryssie and Jason.  And the bed even made sounds.  It was obvious, and not even up for debate.  And we even heard Shane clearly ask Danielle if she had an orgasm.  And we clearly heard Danielle say "I don't know'.

Guys...if a girl answers this question with "I don't know", then the answer is "No".

Big Brother said the glass over the stove was dirty, so Shane cleaned it, with Justin's supervision.

Justin:  You shouldn't spray the food, man.

This is what Shane was cooking... a bunch of lunch meat, apparently, making some sandwiches just after midnight.  Whitney came out of the DR around that time, and everyone greeted her with birthday wishes.  I think she's 22 today, on Friday.

They all started blowing up condoms as birthday balloons, and Neeley got a little friendly with one of them.

Neeley: We don't get wine, but we get the condoms.

And Danielle got friendly with two of them.

Morgan painted a face on one of them, using nail polish.  I guess they were bored and had to do something.

Neeley claimed to have never actually placed a condom on somebody, although she told the cameras she does practice safe sex.  Jason demonstrated how to put a condom on the banana he's holding in the picture below, and he talked Danielle through putting one on a cucumber.

Danielle asked questions while she did it, claiming innocence about the whole matter.

The cameras closed in on Shane watching Danielle handle the cucumber.

We see you, Shane.

And we saw you, too.

I'm hoping these two get split up this week.  They are a little too showmancy for me at this point.  I predict one of them will leave this week, after repeated attempts to target them.

On Friday afternoon, everyone gathered at the back door after being SCREAMED at by that horrid voice to go to the backyard to receive this week's Care Package.

I know that the voice is the same one for Marsha the Moose (BBCAN), but I think that voice is horrible, too.  Whoever told Trevor (or whoever it is) that he is fit for voice work was wrong.  All I think about whenever I hear either voice is how bad it is.

Last week the box hit Shane in the head, but this week they knew what direction it was coming from, so they were prepared.  Morgan actually caught it, which is what you see here.

Scott won the Care Package, which is what most of us voted for. It's not a great prize this week, but it should make Scott happy.

It took him a few minutes to get the box open.

When Scott finally got the box open, he pulled out a few pair of tighty whitey underwear, and a Ziploc package of jelly beans.  Not a retail package of Jelly Bellies...this looked like a bag of Easter leftovers. Whatever the situation, some unknown person handled those jelly beans, after getting them who-knows-when and who-knows-where, making them only fit for someone playing on Survivor to eat, in my opinion.

Basically Scott now has the power to choose one of three different PoVs this week, sometime before the PoV competition.  I'm not sure if he has to pick one of them, or not.

1.  Diamond Power PoV - the winner of the PoV can save someone, and also choose the replacement.

2.  Double PoV - this means there would be two winners of the PoV competition, with two PoV medals

3.  Boomerang PoV - this one means that the holder can also veto Scott's replacement nomination, if they don't like it.

This Care Package would obviously represent an essential power if one of Scott's opponent or targets won it.  I just heard Scott talk about the power with first Whitney, then Alex,. He plans to choose the Double PoV, and change his nomination strategy accordingly.  Instead of nominating two targets, Scott now wants to nominate people who would not ruin his HoH reign if they both won one of the Double PoVs.  He plans to save his big target for the renomination.  I think he might nominate Kryssie and Neeley as the first set of nominees, and he plans to give Neeley at heads up first, not expecting her to be angry about it.

(Um...have you met Neeley?)

This is Danielle reading the card, trying to figure out what it all means to her.  Scott told everyone he needed to think about it, and do some strategizing.

Whitney and Shelby mumbled about the situation later.

Whitney:  Well, we know one of us are going up this week...hopefully not two of us.


  1. I've missed my daily laughs so was so happy to see this post! Thanks for all you do and especially your prospective of this bbot!

    1. Agreed! I look forward to your posts and check your blog daily. Thanks for the post!

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    1. You don't have to read it, either.

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  3. I have watched most seasons of BB, many including the feeds. I am so tired at this point of everyone being so trashy. I would love some real game play, some my teenager can watch. I am almost at a loss for words as well, and am close to canceling my subscription if things don't turn around.


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