Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tidbits Trinkets & Trash - October 10th & October 11th #BBOTT

On Monday, there was tension in the house, as there is on every day that a Power of Veto competition is played.  Earlier in the day, they learned that Monte had been nominated by America.

Monte: I knew it. I told y'all.  I knew it. I told y'all.  I knew it. I told y'all.  I knew it. I told y'all.

Monte is also feeling the pain from being a Have Not, the special gift that was also bestowed on him by America.  He's feeling weak from not enough nutrition, and not enough rest.  Monte has made these Have Not Observations over, and over, and over, usually hitting the Reset button every time a new person enters the room.

I've noticed that Monte's conversations are really just speeches about himself---his strength, his fitness routines, his nutrition, his advice about everybody else's fitness routines and nutrition, etc.  I am trying to recall even one question that I've heard him ask about someone else's life.  I can't think of one interesting conversation Monte took part in as a participating conversationalist.

Monte and Justin have squashed their beef in a polite, official manner, easing the tension in their group settings.  But privately, their feelings don't seem to have changed.  I have heard Monte go on and on about how Justin is the one who is a homophobe, because he announced he didn't want to sleep with a man.

Monte:  I'm almost gay because I said I enjoyed sleeping with Shane that first night!

And Monte is definitely not racist.

Monte:  I worked out with Neeley on the first day in here, so that proves I'm not racist!

You can't argue with (stupid) logic like that, so why even try?  The house guests have now spent several weeks living the "10 AM to 10 PM" schedule required by Production, however the late night crew has been staying awake until midnight most nights, fueled by the now-nightly Coffee Bombs.

Justin says he would like to be sponsored by Ralph Lauren Polo because he already spends so much money on their clothes.

Justin: I spent $500 on these sandals!

Kryssie:  Your sandals are worth more than my car!

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Shelby, being the closest one to the door, opened it.  It was Big Jeff Schroeder, paying a visit to host the PoV comp.

Jeff, to Shelby:  Hey!  I'm Jeff!

Shelby:  I didn't even watch your season!

(Um....as an attorney she is going to need to wing it when she meets people.  Or even as an adult human being...just say hello and shake hands, or whatever.)

Jeff hugged everyone, already knowing everybody's name.  Kryssie was just dying to tell Jeff that she loves his Chicago accent, because it feels like home, but she insisted on yammering about it while Jeff was hugging and greeting the others.  He came back to her, commenting on her address that she basically blurted out to impress him.  When Jeff greeted Jason, he said "Hey old friend!".  Later I heard Jason tell everyone sitting on the sidelines that after he was evicted from BB17, he spent a whole day with Jeff, and had to do the Whackstreet Boys dance with Jeff on film.

Jeff wanted to see the bedrooms, particularly the Have Not room, and he immediately laid down on one of the spider web beds.

Jeff:  This isn't bad!  This is a Have, if you ask me.

Jeff continued to tour the bedrooms, while Shelby could clearly be heard asking questions about who the hell was in the house.

Shelby:  Is he some big Big Brother person?

Someone, Scott, I think:  He's like the biggest Big Brother person!

Neeley, Alex and Whitney definitely knew who Jeff is, and they asked him about Jordan and the baby.  Jeff reported that she was going to have the baby "soon, very soon, like, real soon", and in response to Scott's questions, he said they had narrowed down the list of baby names to only two.

Scott:  Are you naming him Scott, after me?

Jeff:  Well, my brother's  name is Scott, so no...

Jeff really liked the telephone booth in the London Room, and asked if the phone really rang in the HoH Room.  They said it did, so they headed upstairs so Jeff could take the call.

Danielle called the HoH room and Jeff was excited to pick up the call.  That silver decorative fish on the table behind the HoH couch is calling Jeff's name.  He says he loves it and wants to take it home with him when BBOTT is over.  (The fish was there for BB18, too.)

Jeff told everyone to get ready for the PoV competition, and went out in the backyard to wait for them.  He knew that Alex had  already told Justin that he could host the competition, so he apologized to Justin, who took it in stride, of course.

Once Jeff started reading the rules for the competition, it became clear that a professional host was necessary.  In fact, I think Jeff's presence has been sorely needed, just to give us all the sense that someone outside the house is in charge, and making decisions.

Basically the six PoV players will hit the golf ball, aiming for specific "holes" with different point values.  They will play in rounds, and when they have enough points, they can use the points to "buy" either the PoV, or one of five different punishments.  So you either win the PoV, or you take a punishment, which makes for interesting stakes.

PoV Players

Alex - HoH
Monte, Danielle & Shane - nominated for eviction
Shelby - picked by Alex for house guest's choice
Scott - picked randomly

The rules felt complicated, but Jeff did the best he could to explain them.  Unlike other BB seasons,the house guests in the gallery were not given refreshments.  Some of the funniest situations have occurred when the non-PoV players get drunk on the sidelines, but this is not the case with "BB Budget" as the house guests call the season.

You can see the punishments listed below, and I'll go ahead and spoil who received each punishment.

  * Missed the cut - The punishment means that you cannot play in the next PoV competition, even if you are nominated for eviction.  Monte got stuck with this one, with the unspoken feeling in the backyard that Monte won't even be around for the next PoV comp.  But Monte seems to be the only one who wasn't thinking that particular thought.

*  Water Hazard - This means that whenever BB orders it, someone has to jump in the pool to retrieve golf balls.  Danielle got stuck with this punishment, after asking Jeff a bunch of questions about the details.  (Jeff:  I think it's pretty self-explanatory.)

*  19th Hole - The 19th hole usually means the bar at the end of the golf course, so this punishment means someone will "be impaired" during the next HoH competition, and will be at a disadvantage.  Alex chose this after considering the options.  She's not even playing in the next HoH competition, so I assume she will be punished on the next HoH competition she plays in, but no one asked about that. People think she will have to spin around and be dizzy, but I think she will have to wear "beer goggles".

*  Sand Trapped - This punishment means you have to stay in a sand pit in the backyard for 24 hours, and can't go inside the house at all.  Scott took this punishment, and has to use the port-a-potty outside for the duration of the punishment.  He is allowed to smoke in the sand pit, which makes him very happy.  And he's a Have Not, anyway, so it's not such a big deal.

*  Caddy Costume - This one really is self-explanatory.  Shelby bought this punishment, but it was a controversial move because she bought it in the middle of play, rather than waiting to try and win the PoV for her team.

Basically, if Alex, Monte, Shelby or Scott had won the PoV, they could have saved Monte, leaving only Shane and Danielle on the block.  So maybe Alex should have picked Morgan to play PoV instead of Shelby, who clearly wasn't in it to win it.

The little yellow cards you see are the points won at this point in the competition.  Only Alex, Shane and Danielle had points at this time.

Danielle lined up her shots by kneeling down like a real golfer, which was funny to me.  The Plastics have been complaining non-stop about how Danielle was sticking her tongue out after every time Monte took a turn.

Oh, and Morgan is LIVID that Danielle keeps eating pickles, which are one of the Have Not foods. And Danielle also drinks the chocolate milk, which angers the Have Nots to no end.

Jeff kept up the chatter the whole time, keeping things going and trying to get the people in the gallery to cheer.

Every shot of Monte's was a DUD.  He's the only one who never scored any points.

Jeff:  Hey Monte, why don't you do a few sit ups some time?

Finally Shane won and Danielle ran out on the course to congratulate him.

Danielle:  We did it!  You did it!  I'm so proud of you!

Shane:  Hey Jeff, can I get a sharpie to sign the ball?

Jeff had no sharpie for Shane.  Not even a generic BB Budget marker for him to use...

Monte was chock-full of excuses for his lack of points.  Basically to figure out who got the punishments, the score values changed so the losers could try and score enough points to choose the punishment they wanted.  Or the one they wanted most, I guess.

Scott went on a tear at that point, sinking every shot so that he didn't get stuck with the punishments that would really threaten his chances in the game.

Then it was time to go, and Jeff gave everybody a hug and wished them luck. Some people actually got two hugs, since Jeff went two rounds out there.

Jeff: Sorry I'm so sweaty.  I hope you liked my jokes.

When Jeff hugged Justin, Justin said "One love...it's all good brother".

Shane didn't act like a dick after winning the PoV.  He just went right back to hanging all over Danielle every available second.  There have been a lot of jokes about Shane being a professional golfer, but that's not true, of course.

***UPDATE***  In Shane's live DR session last night, he did say that becoming a professional golfer was one of the career options he considered, so he does have some considerable experience playing golf.  This does not mean the competition was rigged for Shane, of course,  He does have a golfer's body...toned but not too bulky.  Bulky arms can impact your swing, you know.

I was sad when Jeff left the backyard.  He did a good job out there and I'm glad that BBOTT found some room in their budget to throw Jeff some coin.  He and Jordan are having that baby in a one-bedroom apartment.....that has got to be a tight squeeze for them.

This was Scott's set up first thing this morning.  He had a sleeping bag, and I bet that sand is comfortable compared to laying on that spider web bed.  Justin told him "life is grand laying in the sand" and Scott eventually agreed with him.

Scott:  People brought me slop cookies, and water.  And I could smoke.  It was great.

Jason:  I smoke a lot more than you do.  If I was out here it would have looked like I was laying in an ashtray.

Scott got a little sand in his mic pack.  When the sun started beating down on him today, he made a little tent out of the barstools from the kitchen with a towel draped over for shade.  I think they could have at least given him a big golf umbrella to provide some shade, but maybe that wasn't in the BB Budget's budget.

Heroin chic, right?  Anybody remember that trend?

Here's Shelby in her caddy costume.  It's a cute costume, but it's not very flattering.  She has to carry those heavy clubs around everywhere, which must be very difficult going up and down the stairs.

And when BB yells "FORE" Danielle has to strip down and get in the pool to retrieve a golf ball.  I think there are a lot of golf balls in the pool, but each time she just removes one ball and puts it in that metal basket you see in the picture below.

This is going to go on all week, I think.  Danielle is not happy about sitting in a wet swimsuit all day long, but we already know Danielle is a bit of a whiner.

When she got out of the pool and shook her hair, Justin said it was like Baywatch out there.

Nothing like a little pizza for lunch.  Shelby's resting Bitch Face (or Witch Face) is getting her in trouble around there.   When Jeff was talking to the group, he stopped at Shelby and asked what was wrong, why was she giving him that look.

Jason :  That's just her face, Jeff.

(Jason WENT OFF on Shelby just before Jeff came in the house, because when Shelby went to the living room for the PoV player pick ceremony, she said she wanted to sit on the "normal couch".  Because Jason was on the "abnormal couch" with Kryssie, Scott and Justin, Jason took offense.  I agree with what he was thinking, but he was a little harsh with Shelby.  It was hilarious though, of course.)

Shane used the PoV to save himself, as expected. He read the card without looking up, not even trying to put on a good show for the camera.  Rather wooden, you might say.

As opposed to Alex, who babbles like a 10 year-old, waving her hands around and around.

Morgan is the exact opposite of this...when she speaks her tone is measured and seems calm.

Same upbringing, different worlds.  Fascinating how that can happen.  I think the two of them are not as antagonistic as we were led to believe at the beginning of the season.  Did anyone really believe that they didn't plan to work together?  They are SISTERS, for god's sake.

Alex put Kryssie on the block, blindsiding her.  Kryssie took it well, but this went directly against a deal that Kryssie made with Alex at the beginning of the week.

Neeley was PISSED about it. But the nomination is pretty much the nail in Monte's coffin this week. It might have been a different story if Scott was Alex's replacement nomination.  I guess we'll see on Wednesday night.


  1. Monte....Mr. Alpha Male , he can hear no ones words other then his own. I am a southern female, I can protect myself and despise these men that feel the little ladies deserve nothing better then for their job to be his self esteem booster. This is the complete opposite of the example that I want my southern daughters, and sons to aspire to seek out as friends , leaders, and role models........
    Now on to a lighter subject when did have nots stop being have nots? I did not ever realize they over took ownership of any kitchen staple/item, other then the slop of course. ...if anyone has answer, or comment about the slop condiment issue, would love to hear your take.

  2. There has always been a list of condiments and other items that the Have Nots are allowed to eat, and pickles and chocolate milk have always been on the list.

    Slop-coated fried pickles are an item that is usually a Have Not delicacy.

    The Have Nots are just miserable and mean about their situation. This argument usually happens every year, too.

  3. Hi Feed Watcher!

    Loving your updates as always. I'm liking this season MUCH more than I thought I would! I'm normally only a moderate feedster but now I can't turn them off. I wonder if they'll add things like live diary sessions to the normal seasons. I can only hope so!

    I think they did a great job picking the cast. The only person I don't think adds a whole lot is Neeley, but maybe that's all part of her strategy.

    I'm not sure how I feel about all of America'a involvement, however. So far it seems like being HOH hasn't really even been that beneficial and may actually do way more harm than good. I'm sure it's just because how the numbers have worked out, but I think it kind of takes away from the game when a group of people can steam roll the game just because they have the numbers and America on their side without even winning HOH. Not to say I don't like the LNC, I just like the basic BB rules better.

    I don't think the players are being very smart with who they're voting out. It seems like they're are really considering the fact that maybe they should keep people America seems to dislike so they can beat them in the end. If I were playing, I would want to keep Monte because America seems to dislike him so much. The only person they seem to dislike for perceiving that america likes them is Jason. I think it would have helped Jason's game tremendously if he were voted a Have Not this week so he could have been like "See! America really doesn't like me that much!" Maybe next week... He is dropping on the Jokers poll after all.

    Anyway, thanks for your updates! So glad you decided to cover this season.

  4. I remember specifically from BB18 that Have Nots could not have chocolate milk. They must have changed it for this season.

  5. I understand they are certain items HN's can have, but when did the remainder of the house have to make their life easier and save the items from the list for the HN's? If I was a HN I would not expect other houseguest to not drink chocolate milk, eat pickle etc.. It would just be a week I would be planning to suffer


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