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Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Lots to Catch Up On. #BBOTT

I hate posting when I'm so behind.  It's so much easier to post in real time.  This is a tough season because the live feeds never stop....the action just keeps right on going.  And the whole fan situation is TOXIC.  I can't imagine how some of the worst offenders get along in their daily lives, or what type of jobs they have.  Because I don't understand how you can be such a DICK and still get by in life. Even just tweeting live feed updates can be a problem, because people LASH OUT and spew hatred if they don't like the information.

There are people I like in the house, and there are people I don't like, and there are some of each in both alliances.  I don't automatically assume that the system is rigged if things don't happen as I want them to, and I don't fly into a rage if someone is says something negative about someone else.

Sticks and stones, people.  And The Golden Rule, too.  Or didn't your parents teach you about that?

Anyway, this picture was taken a million years ago, last Wednesday, just after Neeley blew the fuck up at Scott, hollering that he should keep her name out of his mouth.  I understood her frustration, but her delivery was way, way WAY too much.  Some of the Ball Smashers were even saying they were "afraid" of Neeley now.

But Scott stayed cool the whole time Neeley was screaming at him, although he talked back to her in an assertive manner, of course.  That's why I say that Scott is breaking the whole BB Nerd Stereotype.  He is confident, caustic, and a little crazy.  And not apologetic about any of that.  

It takes a special kind of creature to be a debt collector...that's got to be even harder than cold-calling someone as a salesperson.  Not only do people NOT want to talk to you, they actually HATE you and aren't afraid to let you know it.  I have a friend who had some issues with an old Discover credit card account she stopped making payments on.  She said she spent WEEKS talking to a debt collector and wanted to know what I thought about the deal the Debt Guy was pitching her....basically to write a check for a portion of it and they would forgive the rest of the balance.  I asked her to get the plan in writing, but the Debt Guy REFUSED to do that, and he also REFUSED to conference me in on the conversation.  And the Debt Guy didn't even give his real seemed so damn shady to me.  But then again, charging a bunch of crap you don't need on a credit card you don't pay for is shady, too.

Scott hurt his hand on last week's PoV, too, but he didn't complain about it like Kryssie did.  Probably because Scott has no real feelings.  Even his claims of devotion to Alex seem devoid of real emotions.  Scott is like a robot to me, only pretending to react the way he thinks people should react.

I do love it when the house guests have a specific job, and Scott talked about his job with the girls, but they didn't all seem to appreciate all of the information.  Basically Scott's "queue" at work contains about $1,000,000 in uncollected debt.  Scott's goal is to collect $18,000 each week, but I didn't hear him say how often he meets that goal.  I'll bet he's really good at it, though, because he is basically heartless.

Scott said he follows the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, of course.  I know that Act limits the time of day that the collectors can call you.  Scott says that if a debtor tells him that they are filing for bankruptcy, Scott has to confirm that by speaking to their attorney before he will cross them off his list.  I'm sure he confirms it was indeed an attorney he spoke with, too, instead of Uncle Larry.  Scott also mentioned there is another way you can get him off your back if you owe money, but instead of telling us, he mentioned a section of the FDCP Act that explains it.

Scott:  I'm not going to tell you that.  You have to to figure that out for yourself.

I think this is what Scott is referring to, though.  It seems pretty simple.  But be warned, your credit rating is going to be FUCKED UP for YEARS if you bounce on your debts.  You'll NEVER get out of your parents' basement if you can't pass a simple credit check.

CPA ADVICE:  Only buy what you can pay for each month using credit cards.  If you can't pay for it, you can't afford it. And you probably don't need it, either.

But you don't have to listen to my advice.  You can chat with Scott about it later, but note that he might be using the name "Alex Walters" when he speaks with you.

Justin said later that Neeley's tirade against Scott was probably the nail in her coffin.  He didn't turn on Neeley when it came time for the eviction vote, but he wanted Neeley to go.  America did his dirty work for him.

Justin:  It was that witch hat...that was bad gris gris, yo.

Plus Justin thought Neeley would turn on him soon.  Neeley had a very interesting Twitter header when she first got out of the house.  It was a picture of her wearing a bra and panties, laying on her side.  It was a pretty picture, but it must have been an OLD picture.  I wished I had snapped a picture of it before she changed her Twitter heading to a BB picture.  But we shouldn't give her any crap about it, because apparently she came home to the news that a murder-suicide had happened with family members.

Here is Neeley's tweet about it....I wouldn't make stuff like this up.  Really, I don't make anything up on here....I stick to the facts, whether we like them or not.  One fact is that "Hell on Heels" is a GREAT Twitter handle.

Morgan always takes a loss calmly, and reminds everyone else that it's time to fight.  Just like a cheerleader, I guess, but certainly not as annoying.  She's poised.  Morgan has plenty of that.

Danielle winning HoH was certainly unexpected, wasn't it?  I heard Scott and the Ball Smashers crowing about it would be five of them against three of the Misfits in the competition, so how could they lose?

Well, it became two of them against three Misfits after the very first HoH comp question, when Alex, Shelby and Scott were immediately eliminated.  Scott made all sorts of excuses for the loss, saying them over, and over, and over.  He also says that everyone is scared of "me and Alex" because they are such "big comp threats".

I'm sure you heard the soundbite of Production being upset that Whitney lost the HoH to Danielle.  I would have loved to be a "Fly on the Wall" after that little incident, right?  Pun certainly intended.

BB:  You are NOT allowed to talk about Production!

Jason:  I'm not talking about Production!  I'm talking about what Production said during the competition over the intercom!

Ha ha ha.  It SUCKS to be the one at work who screwed up, particularly in such a public manner.

I have bad news for everyone:  Kryssie has her period this week.  So she talked about that situation LAST WEEK, and never fails to bring up some disgusting aspect of it THIS WEEK.

Look, I've been a girl for a long, long time, and that type of chatter is NOT necessary, or appreciated by ANYBODY.  Elissa Reilly used to talk about it all the time, too.  I guess the good news is that if we can make it through Kryssie's period this week, odds are good we won't have to hear about that ever again.  (Because that would make Kryssie a BBOTT finalist...)

Danielle was super-happy to get her HoH room.

I like how Scott photo-bombed these pictures, with his creepy smile.  I'll bet he's going to search his "queue" when he gets back to work to see if there are any debts owed by Danielle Lickey.  Just a guess.  I"m sure he'd love to talk to her about it.

Whitney did a fair amount of crying after she didn't win HoH.  She said she was so close to hearing from her family, so the loss really stung.

Alex:  At least you know Production really wanted you to win!

Alex is so smug.  Did you see where Julie Chen asked her what type of news she wanted to hear from the outside world, and she said she wanted to know what is up with "Brangelina"?  What an IDIOTIC answer.  I  think I've figured out the baby talk voice, though.  Alex said she did gymnastics for either 8 or 11 years...not sure which.  But those gymnast girls try to grasp Little Girl Hood for as long as they can, because once you're all grown up you can't compete anymore.

Danielle got some new yoga pants to lounge in...I think they are from Target.  She said that all of the little videos they watched to prepare for the HoH comp showed her wearing pajamas, so she planned to dress up more in the future.

But of course, those ambitions only lasted for a day or so.  She's not talking about Shane all the time though, although I did hear her say she's still thinking "All Shane, All The Time", in case you're wondering.  Shane is pulling for her on Twitter, but not in an obnoxious way.   Although Scott may disagree....he'll probably look for Shane Chapman's name on those debt rolls, too.  Just another guess.

As usual, everyone "enjoys" looking at the HoH room pictures.

Danielle didn't get any pictures of her son, and can't even mention his name since his father didn't sign the consent form.  But I'm pretty sure she got to see some pictures of him in the DR, even though she couldn't talk about that on the feeds.

Danielle:  Just assume.....I'm good now.

And that's nice of the DR, because I know she misses him like crazy.

Danielle told Jason that the picture of her standing sideways in the white dress is because she spilled something on her dress during dinner...salad dressing, I think.  So she turned to the side for the picture.

Jason:  Oh, I thought you were trying to give us some booty in that shot.

Danielle's brother is in the other picture.  She said he's a surfer and the girls talked about how cute he is.  They also thought Danielle's grandmother was her mother in the other picture, so that is one good-looking family.

And now we're jumping forward to after the Have Not announcement this week.  This is a view from the Have Not room that I hadn't seen before.  Super spooky, right?

And here is Justin, hibernating under that scarf or towel that he's always using.  He had a BAD first few days as a Have Not.  I think he had too many protein shakes and this caused some gastrointestinal distress.  Production cut him some slack though, seemingly letting him sleep all day yesterday.

So that may or may not be fair.  But everyone loves Justin, so no one really made an issue out of it.

I thought they were looking at their phones at first, when I saw this.  Both of these ladies were nominated by Danielle for eviction.  I guess that's as good an occasion as any to take a selfie, right?

In this picture, Scott had just learned he was America's Nominee.  He certainly didn't expect it....he spent the last 24 hours saying OVER and OVER that as long as America nominated someone from the other side of the house, they would be golden this week.

So, maybe not so golden after all.

One thing I found interesting is that no one talked to Scott after the nomination reveal.  In the picture above Morgan was too busy putting on makeup, and he was alone in the bedroom for a pretty long time.

Do you think Scott noticed that?  He kept talking about how at least "Me & Alex"  got through last week safely, and how he can try to push her forward to the end of the game from home, if he has to.

And Scott is obsessed with the "Golden Door", too.  He's been obsessing about this for DAYS, and even said he wanted to wait until after Danielle made her nominations to start searching for "the key" to open it.

Scott:  I don't want to arouse any suspicions, but if I can find that key I can save all of us.

Um....that door was there for BB18, too.  In fact, James used that ring to hang up his shirts and pants.  Didn't Scott see that?  Doesn't Scott remember that?

Scott:  BB, please don't save this twist for next summer....I need the key to the Golden Door NOW!

The Many Obsessions of Scott.....such an interesting character.  I've "met" so many interesting BB house guests over the years, but Scott is truly an original.  I wouldn't be surprised if Scott is involved in some sort of scandal someday.  Not necessarily a mass murder, but a scandal.

Just kidding, Scott and Scott's family.  Sort of.

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  1. Not to get picky, because you do a GREAT job with the updates, but Morgan as far as I'm aware was never nominated by America? Unless I am missing something?


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