Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Poses and Pageantry - The Poolside Photo Shoot. #BBOTT

Every season, the house guests gather for a photo shoot in the backyard. But unlike other seasons, the live feeders got to watch this one....it usually takes place during the week before the feeds go live.   I'm a little surprised that they did the pool poses again----since the season is supposed to be new and exciting I think they could have mixed it up a little, maybe with Halloween costumes or something.

But with all of the hard bodies out there,  I guess they wanted to get their money's worth.  The cast went in the backyard about 9:30 BBT, and Neeley commented that she didn't know how to act with new people out there.

Everyone was asked to take off their mic packs and get ready for the single shoots.

Justin went over and gave this lady in the black cardigan a kiss on the cheek, greeting her.

The photographer is the same guy they worked with for their studio portraits.  He says he hopes he can remember their names, but he's happy to be together with them again.  Let's call him "Bruce", for simplicity.

Bruce:  You all killed it in the studio, and you're going to kill it today.  I need everybody to slick down...put on oil, just spray it on.  You can cheer each other on, make fun of each other...whatever.

While everyone scurried around to secure their stuff and put on sunscreen, you could hear Kryssie giving Bruce an earful about having to wear her cardigan, being upset about her body, having things on her body that she didn't want to show, her tattoos, sun poisoning, and on and on and on.

Bruce:  That's a discussion here. (?)

Bruce:  Ladies and gentlemen.  I need you to be as slick as possible, as long as it's not uncomfortable. Shelby...yes I do remember you.  This is going to be your best bikini poses.

Shelby:  I don't pose in bikinis...I'm not a ho.

Bruce:  You can make it elegant.  It's okay.

(Bruce is on the clock here....he needs to move things along.)

Shelby: Are you really going to make me do this right now?  I don't want to pose in a bikini.

Bruce:  No whining!  No whining allowed!

I think the guy with his back to the camera holding the pole is the PA that Shelby later said she liked. Jason said he preferred the Asian PA with the tattoos---that one was more his speed.

Jason:  The Asian one with the tats, though, he's going to buy you dinner. The one that you liked, you're going to have to pay for his meal.

Shelby jokes that he can come by The Bungalow where she works and get some food.

Shelby:  He's probably been there before. I've probably met him.

Shelby seems to be the most popular houseguest on Reddit, or at least in the Top Three.  All of the guys love her, but I think they like her sense of humor and intelligence just as much as her appearance.  (Let's not forget she graduated law school in two years....that's no joke, people.)

Alex worked out her jitters by posing a little on the sidelines.

One of the sisters is taller, but other than that their torsos look identical.  I really don't understand how no one has put it together yet, particularly since two brothers played BB Canada last season.

And the two brothers on BB Canada WON the show.  They had to split the grand prize between them, though, which stinks.  And Production screwed them over by announcing that they were brothers even though they pretended to be strangers entering the house.  But still...they WON.

The photographer does seem to know everybody's name, which is nice.  He's been calling them over one-by-one, making wisecracks to make them feel comfortable.

Lots of equipment is involved with this photo shoot. And lots of people.

You can just feel Kryssie's anxiety as she sits and waits.  I'm sure this is her worst nightmare.  I don't know if you know this or not, but Krissie is feeling bloated right now.

Justin did his poses very fast.  As each person goes to the pool for their turn, a female assistant tells the next person up to stand by on deck.

In the middle of Justin's shoot something must have happened to the camera.

Bruce:  What.  Are you kidding me?

Then he started snapping again.  I don't know if you are aware, but Los Angeles has been under an earthquake alert for a few days now.  There is going to be some seismic action (or whatever) in the next day or so, I think.  So that would be another first....an earthquake i the BB house.

Then Monte came up and was the Golden Child, hitting pose after pose flexing his muscles and turning around to get flex shots from behind.

Bruce:  Is everybody watching this?  This is what I want everyone to do up here.

(Ugh.)  Monte has been saying non-stop that he knows he's going up next week, blah blah blah, trying to steal our thunder about coming for him, since he came for Jason.  But does Monte know America is picking the Have Nots?

It's a long fall from the penthouse to the outhouse, and I hope we get to see that.

When it was Cornbread's turn the photographer seemed to have fun with him, encouraging a lot of wacky poses.  Bruce encouraged him to do all of the same poses that Monte did, and he does.

Neeley: Work, Boo.

Bruce:  You got this down brother.  Just fierce.  Yeah.

As each person finishes, they get a round of applause from the cast and crew.

Alex got her pictures done fast, flipping that hair around and doing a variety of hand motions.  She practiced on the sidelines.  It shows.

Whitney took her turn, which was relatively unremarkable.  I think I missed snapping Danielle's shoot, but she was very professional and Bruce said he loved her poses.  She gave him the side butt pose a few times and Bruce appreciated that, and also the way she played with her curly hair.

I also missed snapping Morgan's session.  Bruce told her to make this like "every pageant she ever wanted to be in".

Kryssie is stewing over there on the sidelines.  You can feel the dread.

But Kryssie can't have it both ways.  All of a sudden now she's angry about having to put her body on display

Bruce:  Come on over here and kill it, Neeley.

And she did. Bruce loved her energy and the way the sun hit her hair on the poses.

Jason's picture shoot was quick.  It's not his first time at the rodeo.

Bruce:  Jason.  Nice to see you again.  A little less tongue, please.

Jason:  But that's my sass!

Scott took a test shot and they had to make adjustments for his skin tone.  This probably wasn't Scott's biggest dream come true, but he was a good sport about it and did as he was told without bitching about it.

As opposed to Kryssie, who is obviously in a shit mood on the sidelines.

This lady had to go out by Scott and hold up a palette of colors.  Whatever the reason was, Bruce took a second to look and immediately knew what to do.  (I love to see people work who know how to do their jobs.)

Bruce:  Push that lady in the water.  Ha ha ha.

Shane got in position and immediately did his thing with pointing and smiling.  Shane has modeled before, so he knows what's up.

One of the girls yelled out that Shane is a "butt model", so he turned and assumed the butt position.

Bruce, laughing:  There you go.

The topic of Shane's hair came up, and he ran off to the side to get his man bun holder.  It took him about 2 seconds to fasten all that hair up on top of his head.

Bruce: Yeah!  I like it.

Bruce, to an assistant:  Is this the last one?  What time is it?

Shane:  Kryssie.  You still have Kryssie.

Bruce:  Oh yeah.  Okay.

Then it was Kryssie's turn.  She was confused about what to wear.  The female PA told Kryssie to take her black pants off.

Kryssie:  But all of this is illegal (meaning her tats).

Female PA:  Then just leave the cardigan on with the suit. It looks cute.

Kryssie, with a tone in her voice:  Yeah, cute.  I got this big fucking cut on my leg.

Bruce:  Don't worry about that.  Who cut her? (joking)

Kryssie:  I did.  I'm not used to having nails.

(Kryssie, Bruce doesn't give a fuck.  He just wants to finish this since his rate is probably drastically reduced.  There may not even be film in the camera.  It's not a real show!)

Bruce: When we get going, we're going to whale right through this.

(Freudian slip?  Or is Bruce getting back at her for being so difficult?)

The cameras show us Cornbread on the sidelines, proud of who he is. And the thing is, Krissie looks good here...her body is probably as good or better than the typical American woman of her age (31).   But in this crowd the ratios are all off.

Her sexy pose involved sliding her glasses down her nose in two different directions.  She has a damn album coming out, and she's used to being onstage in a band.  Someone should have yelled out for her to pretend she's singing or something.

Because that would have given her more personality, right?  Oh, somebody did mention her band.

Kryssie, in a hateful tone:  This is NOT what I would wear with my band.

She looks like she's standing in the line with the slow cashier at the A&P with this pose.  I'm disappointed in her...she could have really hammed it up out there and made it fun.

No pun intended.  But as much as she likes to talk about sex, she sure fizzled out in this photo shoot. And here is an example of how she continually makes unwanted comments about the other girls' bodies.  Yesterday Shelby came in the room to attend the Safety Ceremony, and this conversation took place.

Kryssie:  Wow.  Your boobs look great today.

Shelby:  Thank you.

Kryssie:  No, thank YOU.

(The guys learned to refrain from saying things like this to strangers YEARS ago, didn't they?)

After that they did some group poses, with some people having to get in the pool, or at least parts of them.  Danielle thought the water was cold, obviously.

One-by-one Bruce told each person where to stand as he tried to stage the scene. Whitney rarely talks in big group situations like this, but you can tell she's always watching.  She's a good listener, which might help her in the game.

Whitney may need all the help she can get, because she seems to be on America's bad side now, after aligning so closely with Monte.  In fact, I plan to do my best to make sure both of them are Have Nots next week.  She's guilty by association.

Alex was sitting on Monte's shoulders, and Whitney was on Shane's shoulders.  I never heard the guys complain, but they had to stand there like that for a LONG time.

Whitney, later:  My thighs were hurting.  I can only imagine how your shoulders felt.

Bruce asked Shelby to "sit on the blue ball" and put her feet in the water and Shelby gave him some lip about that.  Then Bruce asked Jason to sit on the overturned orange bucket.

Shelby:  Why can't I sit on a bucket?

I don't like Shane with his hair down.  I think it makes him look stupid, as in dumb, not uncool.  I much prefer the man bun, or even a short haircut.  He doesn't need all that.

(As opposed to Malcolm on Survivor...he looks GREAT either way.)

Note that Kryssie also had issues with these poses...she was asked to sit on the side of the pool but made a stink about not getting her cardigan wet.

Bruce, probably in his mind:  Shut up you loudmouth.  I don't give a fuck.  I'm on a discounted rate here.

At the end Bruce had everybody raise their arms up and cheer.  Bodies everywhere, huh?

I guess Shelby sat on the overturned orange bucket at some point.  As they finished up Justin was horsing around and Bruce kept shooting, encouraging him to keep doing what he was doing.  Justin picked up one of the girls and kind of threw her over on her feet on the side of the pool, and Bruce liked it.

As they walked away Bruce kept shooting, telling them to keep going, keep walking.

Then it was over, and everyone stood quietly, waiting to go back in the house.  All of the tension in the game seemed to be back, in full force.

In the bedroom, Kryssie was the topic of discussion, specifically her negativity bringing everybody down.  Then she came in the room saying that she hopes "all of the pageantry is over".

Jason:  Pageantry?

Kryssie:  All of the pictures and fakeness.  That's what I hate.

She's also upset about the female PA telling her to "wear the cardigan if it makes her feel comfortable".  And also that she didn't have time to shave her legs beforehand.  After she left the room Jason told the girls he was tired of trying to prop Kryssie up all the time...she's very sensitive and needs constant attention regarding her many issues.

Sorry about the picture below Jason.  I couldn't resist.


  1. Wasn't there an earthquake before during a season?

  2. There was an earthquake during BB10!

  3. Scott killed the photo shoot, looks like Austin Powers. Yes there has been an earthquake.

  4. Uhhh you forgot the earthquake in BB10 when Jesse immediately removed his shirt good lawd!!!

  5. Okay glad you're on it. There is just something about Krissie, or Kristy as Shane said in DR ha ha! Cant put my finger on it tho..


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