Monday, October 31, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Lots to Catch Up On. #BBOTT

I hate posting when I'm so behind.  It's so much easier to post in real time.  This is a tough season because the live feeds never stop....the action just keeps right on going.  And the whole fan situation is TOXIC.  I can't imagine how some of the worst offenders get along in their daily lives, or what type of jobs they have.  Because I don't understand how you can be such a DICK and still get by in life. Even just tweeting live feed updates can be a problem, because people LASH OUT and spew hatred if they don't like the information.

There are people I like in the house, and there are people I don't like, and there are some of each in both alliances.  I don't automatically assume that the system is rigged if things don't happen as I want them to, and I don't fly into a rage if someone is says something negative about someone else.

Sticks and stones, people.  And The Golden Rule, too.  Or didn't your parents teach you about that?

Anyway, this picture was taken a million years ago, last Wednesday, just after Neeley blew the fuck up at Scott, hollering that he should keep her name out of his mouth.  I understood her frustration, but her delivery was way, way WAY too much.  Some of the Ball Smashers were even saying they were "afraid" of Neeley now.

But Scott stayed cool the whole time Neeley was screaming at him, although he talked back to her in an assertive manner, of course.  That's why I say that Scott is breaking the whole BB Nerd Stereotype.  He is confident, caustic, and a little crazy.  And not apologetic about any of that.  

It takes a special kind of creature to be a debt collector...that's got to be even harder than cold-calling someone as a salesperson.  Not only do people NOT want to talk to you, they actually HATE you and aren't afraid to let you know it.  I have a friend who had some issues with an old Discover credit card account she stopped making payments on.  She said she spent WEEKS talking to a debt collector and wanted to know what I thought about the deal the Debt Guy was pitching her....basically to write a check for a portion of it and they would forgive the rest of the balance.  I asked her to get the plan in writing, but the Debt Guy REFUSED to do that, and he also REFUSED to conference me in on the conversation.  And the Debt Guy didn't even give his real seemed so damn shady to me.  But then again, charging a bunch of crap you don't need on a credit card you don't pay for is shady, too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 24th- 25th - PoV Competition #BBOTT

You've probably heard about Justin being afraid of Neele's witch hat.  In New Orleans there are a lot of people who believe in voodoo, or ghosts, and this is perpetuated by some of the tourist spots in the French Quarter, as well as tours of cemeteries, etc.  Because the city is located at or below sea level, all burials have to be above-ground, which seems to add to the overall drama.  (I'm certainly no expert on this topic, but this is what I've seen on TV, so it must be true.)  I also visited one of the famous voodoo stores on Bourbon Street---one of my coworkers refused to go inside with me...he stood outside on the curb.

Anyway, here is a striking picture of Neeley in her Witch Hat, sitting next to Justin.  Justin is really tempted to cross alliance lines this week by voting out Neeley, instead of Scott.  Justin is convinced that Neeley is going to target him soon, but some of these ideas are being inflated by the Ball Smashers, who once again have put together a coordinated effort to get through the week unscathed.

But if Justin does indeed vote out Neeley tomorrow night, the Witch Hat will certainly have something to do with it.  So, I hope wearing the hat is worth it for Neeley.

The sisters keep meeting in the storage room for lengthy conversations.  How long are they going to get away with this?  If nothing else, the other Ball Smashers will think they are sharing secrets, even if they do seem OBLIVIOUS to the fact that minus a few of the surface details, these girls look exactly like sisters who look alike.

And they are so comfortable now, they spend this precious time bickering with each other.

Alex:  I don't know what you're saying, because you keep saying the word "like" in every sentence.

Morgan: I am so damn pissed at you right now, I might vote out Scott just because you don't want me to.

(No, she's not.  This is an empty threat.)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Guest Post - A Reader's Visit to James' Party, Sponsored by Bullies Reality

I have special treat for you guys today....a BB fan and reader of my website attended the party thrown by Bullies Reality in James' hometown.  That is Tim Levasseur, the founder and president of Bullies Reality on the far right of this picture, with his wife Krissy next to him and Rodney Lavoie Jr. in the middle wearing the white T-shirt.  Rodney is listed on the Bullies Reality website as the Director, which would be an officer-level position at a typical corporate entity.

For the rest of this post, everything you read is a first-hand account from the front lines of the two events.  If I chime in with my comments, the text will be red.  Like this.

And we all know I can't shut up.  So here we go.

When I had the opportunity to meet some reality show people within a couple hours from my home, I had to make the drive.  I’d spent plenty of time there and had a place to stay.  It’s a mid-size Texas town of 100,000 with all the chain restaurants a couple of Wal-marts.  It has some of the friendliest people you will ever meet but seems like an odd place for a reality star gathering other than the fact that it’s home to James from Big Brother.  I think the city’s only other recent notable is the band Bowling for Soup.
So we hit the road and made it to the site for the first event, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop around 12:15.  

 I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I would consider the crowd moderate, and we waited in line about 30 minutes before we got into a room with everyone and were told we had five minutes to meet whomever we wanted.  It was very awkward to walk in and see all those you’ve spent time watching on TV or the feeds.  Right in front of me were Mike from Survivor and Meg from Big Brother.  Mike was like, “get over here,” introduced himself and started talking.

(FYI:  Mike Holloway is a recent winner of Survivor 30 who started dating Meg after meeting her at another reality event.)

Meg is taller and, believe it or not, prettier than on TV.  Mike is sporting the man bun.  He kiddingly said he was trying to be Joe, but he then told us how when he was in third grade, there was a girl with leukemia that lost her hair and the girls in his class made fun of her.  He felt terrible, and as soon as he could, he started growing his hair long and cutting and donating it to a charity.

 General thoughts on those I met:

*  Mike is very charismatic and friendly.  You are just drawn to him immediately.  Nothing like how I felt about him after watching the show.  It’s easy to see him and Meg together which before meeting him I thought they made an odd pair. 

*  James and Natalie are exactly like they were on the feeds.  They are just so damn nice and genuine. 

*  Liz and Julia are incredibly fun and friendly.  They were clowning around with everyone there. They are the life of the party.

*  Are James and Natalie a real couple?  Who knows.  They certainly seem to care about each other and have chemistry.  It looked to me like there was something there.  James did seem a little quiet, but they’ve had a crazy schedule since leaving the house.

*  Rodney and Sierra were very friendly.

(Both Rodney Lavoie and Sierra Dawn Thomas were contestants on Survivor 30.  Sierra will also appear on the upcoming season of Survivor, airing early in 2017.  And Sierra is one tall drink of water.)

Will Sims was pretty quiet but very nice.  His wife was there, and she told us that it took a long time to get to the Survivor site in Nicaragua for the family visit.  She said that he was allowed to tell her how he did on the show because she had to sign a confidentiality agreement as well.  I always thought they couldn’t discuss anything with their family.

(Will is also part of the Survivor 30 cast. That is some juicy Survivor scoop, actually.)

After our five minutes, we went into the restaurant and ate lunch.  Afterward, I saw that the line had died down and so I wanted to go back again.  This time we were allowed in and we didn’t have a time limit.  I got a picture with James and Natalie and spent a decent amount of time talking to Jackie.  I always liked Jackie on the Amazing Race and Big Brother.  We talked for quite a bit.  I kept thinking others would want time with her, but she wanted to visit, and no one else seemed irritated I was hogging her time.  She told me that Jason Roy had planned to be there, but, well, he’s pre-occupied. 

I asked about the house.  She said you can see the cameras along the top and that it does have a ceiling similar to a regular house but it is higher.  I thought it might look more like a television set.  She said it was very bright in there with the lights.  I asked if it smelled bad with all those people living in there, and she said no, that Becky kept the place pretty clean, but that dishes did tend to pile up.  She confirmed that it was very boring.  We took a couple pictures, but I didn’t want to dominate her time, but it was very cool to just be visiting with her. She’s as awesome in person as on the show.

That night’s event was held at a country bar.  I don’t know about everywhere else, but here they are huge.  They were supposed to arrive at 10, but it was 11 before everyone showed up.  They had an elevated roped off area where everyone sat.  

This is Meg chatting with a Nolan...I believe that is Liz Nolan.

(Meg's left leg looks like she just played Survivor, but of course she didn't. What the hell happened there?)

I believe this is the aforementioned "roped off area" where the reality stars congregated.  The "VIP Area", apparently.

This is Sierra and Jackie, of course. And Jackie is still a stunner.

Liz and Meg again.

I always loved the Twins.  They have such a great energy and love for life-ah.

They arrived, stood up on the stage, looked around and in minutes, Liz and Julia jumped off the stage and were on the dance floor.  You know, I think about 90% of the people there that night had no idea who these people were.  Most of the reality stars hit the dance floor and just kind of blended in.  They would stop and take pictures with anyone that asked, but it was too loud to have much of a conversation.  Still you might be dancing and next to you would be Meg and Mike.

James hit the dance floor.

This is Tiffany Chantal on the left, who I think is one of Natalie's friends from The Amazing Race, next to Rodney Lavioe and Jackie Iberra, of course.

This is Will Sims II and Tiffany Chantal.  Will's wife is on the far left.

A glimpse of James here, probably looking at his phone.

And because this is 2016, everyone is staring at their smart phone.  Of course. 

That is Tim Levasseur's hand holding up the phone on the left.

And here is Tim again, lurking on the sidelines.

They had a girl sing that was very good. Vivian Hicks.  I’m not sure the relation to the group, but she was very good.

At the club, everyone was very well behaved.  Damn!  I even saw Rodney turn down a shot someone offered him!  These are reality people, there are supposed to be fights and smashed furniture!

So I’ve seen talk about Bullies Reality here and on Reddit about just what is it and how it was founded.  I read an article that they refer to it as a foundation.  Which if they are, they would be a 501(c)(3).  I’m not sure what they are, but they did present a check for $5,000 to the families of a couple of girls that were involved in a shooting walking home from school.  All the donations requested, and it was very low pressure, were requested in the name of the charity for the girls.

(Bullies Reality was formed on December 3, 2015 as a Texas Corporation.  An IRS representative stated on October 11, 2016 that there is "no record of tax-exempt status" for the Company.)

Judging from the crowds, when you figure in travel for everyone, I doubt they made that much in revenue to cover donations and expenses so I think someone is kicking in some money.  I thought this was a very well run event and a treat for a town that doesn’t get this kind of event very often. (Usually you have to drive to Dallas.)  What it looked like to me was a group of people that were having a blast hanging out.  I told my friend that I would like to on a Reality show just so I could join this group.    Either way, they seem to be having fun and doing some good along the way.


Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 21st - 23rd #BBOTT

Some of these picture are so old I can't remember which day I took them.  The first two are from Thursday morning, I think, when Whitney answered the phone after she heard it ringing.

It was Neeley, calling from Kryssie's HoH room, inviting everyone to come up and visit whenever they wished.  Whitney was very polite on the phone and later said it "felt like a real phone call".

Whitney:  I guess we have to go up there now...I'm gonna wait a few minutes though.

No one was exactly chomping at the bit to go upstairs and begin the weekly butt-kissing routine, but they knew they had to do it.

Later Kryssie and Jason were complaining about how cluttered the refrigerator is again, just about a week after Jason cleared it out.  Kryssie found two ketchup bottles open and decided to "marry" the two bottles.

Kryssie:  It's the restaurant employee in me...I have to do it.

(In high school I was a server in a steakhouse, and we had to consolidate the glass ketchup bottles every night at closing time. Apparently if you get even a drop of water in the bottle, it can make the ketchup go bad and the bottle can end up exploding later  Maybe that was a myth, but it was a rule we lived by.  I grew up in a college town so everyone except me and my BFFs who worked at the steakhouse was a college student.  This was basically Intro to Partying 101.  And that's all I have to say about that.)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guest Post - A Fan Visited J's Seafood Dock Today and had a Delicious Experience, Ya Dig? #BBOTT

Hey there! Here at J's Seafood Dock in the heart of New Orleans checking out the experience. The restaurant is in the French Market section of the the city.

The service is definitely awesome! The "bad motha shucka" in my photo is out here shucking oysters all day long singing songs just like Justin would be. He's singing nonstop to his group of customers in the same tone of voice its remarkable!

The food is definitely great as well. Crawfish is out of season but they were still serving crawfish tails which was average along with the sauce. We also ordered a shrimp boat -- fried shrimp on top of garlic bread. The main attraction for us would definitely be those crawfish beignets! The creamy sauce mixed with the spice of the dough creates some kind of kick that's out of this world.

Overall this was just a good time. And I got a t shirt too! Go team Justin -Zack St.Ours


Here is a picture of the delicious crawfish beignets that Zack devoured today.  Usually beignets are a sweet item, but J's Seafood Dock thinks outside of the box, apparently.

Justin doesn't even need to ask us if we dig, because of course we do.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 19th - Live Eviction & HoH #BBOTT

Last night's weekly "full episode" was once again well over an hour long, with no commercial breaks and very little padding.  The weekly episodes begin at the end of last week's episode, in this case with Monte's eviction.  Every week I find myself wondering what CBS' plans are with these BBOTT episodes.  I'm sure they will offer them on the CBS All Access website indefinitely, but I also wonder if they will package the series for TV broadcast overseas somewhere, in countries that are not as uptight about the cursing and other miscellaneous adult content.  (Because they are just letting the F-Bombs fly on these packaged episodes.)

For example, on the Bitch Bible podcast (LOVE IT.), Jackie said that right now they are showing season #3 of the Real Housewives of Orange County on TV in England.  Personally I think BBOTT is a better representation of America than that tired Bravo show, but whatever.

As last night's episode ended, the PoV ceremony had just ended, and then we saw the house guests gathered in the living room, where Scott announced it was now time for the nominees to address the group.

First up is Neeley.  Now, what the hell is this?  After all of the pre-season boasting about her many wigs she would be wearing this summer, THIS is the look Neeley chose to wear for her first time on the block.  Unfortunately she donned the wig during the airing of the full episode, which was broadcast on all four camera views, so we missed seeing that process.  And we missed hearing any feedback that might have been tossed around or murmured among the cast about this look.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 18th & 19th #BBOTT

The big story of last night's live DR sessions was Shane.  He was a MESS and barely answered even one of the questions, which appear to scroll on a screen in front of them, or maybe there is a typed list of questions...not sure about the format.  If Shane was being interviewed on MTV about his latest album or something, we'd all assume that Shane was high or drunk.  But he wasn't, and he's not, even though he probably wishes he was, right about now.

The live DR questions are all the same for everyone, except for additional questions specifically for the HoH and the nominees.  The first question is the same for everybody----what obstacles have you faced since your last live DR session?

This was the first clue that something was wrong. Shane started off by saying "I have done nothing since then", clarifying that he has had no game conversations because Scott is the HoH, and Shane doesn't like Scott.  He ended up saying that Question #1 was too hard, after admitting that he had "many obstacles", and moved on.  I'm not sure that he answered any of the questions.  He had to stop several times, obviously struggling to contain his emotions, trying not to cry.

It was both fascinating and unwatchable.  I was cringing, watching it.  Shane seemed on the verge of a breakdown the entire time.  When asked what alliances he was a part of, he said the only one was the Jamboree, and his true alliance is to Danielle, his "one and only".  He said that the day had been the worst of the season for him, and finally thanked to his family and friends and just got up and left.  He went to the London Room and sat alone, with his head in his hands, sobbing.

(Yesterday was the PoV meeting where he was put on the block next to Danielle and Neeley.)

He certainly looked down yesterday afternoon, when he admitted that he knew that he and Danielle would be separated by the vote, one of them evicted this week.  In his DR session last night, Shane insisted that he would be the one who stays in the house.  But I think Shane is wrong.   I think that America will vote to evict Danielle, which will result in Scott breaking the tie to evict Shane.

How will Shane react to that?  With rage?  With a torrent of tears?  I'm hoping someone gives him a heads up about it.  This isn't the type of blindside that we're all clamoring for.  At least, not the type that I'd like to see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 18th #BBOTT

In the wee hours of the morning, Scott approached Jason when they were alone in the backyard with a secret deal to form a group to work together going forward.  The group would include Scott, Jason, Alex and Justin.  I think Neeley is involved with the idea, too, but Jason said it would be a difficult job to reel her in, since she seems to be so committed to Kryssie.

Justin walked outside during the conversation and agreed to the plan.  In my opinion, he's in the best spot because no one expects Justin to do any real campaigning or game talk.  He can just bop around and vote with the group, sliding all the way to the finale.

Jason was alone for a few minutes later, and told the cameras that he hates to turn on people, but he refused to do that in BB17, and went home before jury.  He wants to win the money this time.

And let's face it, he doesn't need Jury votes this time in the end to win.  Which is why I think Alex and Scott will evict him before he gets to the Finale.  Neither of them are stupid.

On his way to bed Jason stopped to fold his clothes that he took out of the dryer.  Justin said he'd be happy to help.

Justin:  I might not fold your drawers, though. Are these your pants?  Damn.  I can't even fit an arm into one of the legs!

Jason:  This laundry makes me want to smoke another cigarette.

Justin: I'm sorry I keep smoking your cigarettes.

Jason: It's okay.  Once they're gone, I'm quitting.  They gonna give me nicotine patches to help me, and I can't afford that at home, so it's good.

(I'm trying to imagine Jason not smoking in the BB house, and maybe spending time inside the house.  On Tuesday afternoon (today) he opened the last pack of the third carton of cigarettes he brought with him.  He has one more carton left, which would have lasted another 10 days, but now that he's going to share with Scott, with probable donations to Justin and maybe Shane if he stays this week, I'm thinking Jason will be out of smokes by next Tuesday.)

Big Brother had to repeat the wake up message several times this morning.  No one seemed that excited about getting up this morning.

Shane came in to brush his teeth and didn't say a word to the girls, that I could see.  He's not exactly Mr. Personality in there.  He knows he might go on the block, so I think this would be a great time for him to exchange pleasantries.  Shane needs to learn to fake it, if he doesn't feel it.  We all have to do that sometimes, don't we?

This is Neeley swishing the Scope around her mouth, while Justin takes a hit off the bottle.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 15th-17th #BBOTT

I think this first set of pictures is from Friday night.  Justin was entertaining Kryssie as she ate her sandwich. In his live DR session,  Justin told us that his first loyalties are to Jason, Kryssie, and Neeley, but he's definitely playing both sides of the house.

There are little people made out of aluminum foil that Justin created.  I think someone or something knocked into one of them, injuring it, and it needs to lean over now.  Justin has quite a lot of artistic talent in many areas.

Whitney does a good job of blending in with the other side, and I'm sure she's a nice girl and all, but she's playing the game, too.  She watches Big Brother, she knows how things usually go.  The Plastics, now calling themselves the Ball Crushers, want to vote all of the guys out first.

I saw Whitney's boyfriend Winston on Twitter and he's very cute, and seems very supportive of her. It looks like he is a single dad, but I can't remember Whitney talking about that.  I don't think Winston minds, though.  He seemed pretty open, posting pictures of his daughter front and center.

At midnight the Have Not week was over, and Morgan immediately started eating a piece of pizza with Alex.  It must have been tough to be the only Have Not, after Monte left and Scott won HoH.  And this year it doesn't look like there is going to be any additional Have Not foods every week.

No Baguettes & Beans, or Squirrel Nuts & Seeds. No nothing except slop and the same old condiments and food accessories (like pickles and olives) that are traditionally used by the Have Nots.

Justin made a sandwich for Morgan, putting down three slices of bacon in a pan.  Morgan has been VERY flirty with Justin since Monte left, often greeting him with lingering, full body hugs.  In her live DR session she admitted she was going to start flirting with him to get on his good side. I like that she admits it.  She's kind of the surprise sister to me....I think she might be a more dangerous player than Alex is, because she's stealthy about it.

Morgan's boyfriend is named Conner, and I don't think he signed the release form, because whenever she mentions him the cameras shift.  He plays basketball right now in Japan.  Neelty was talking about how Morgan was hanging on Justin and asked if anyone knew about Conner's ethnicity. I didn't hear a solid response, but I guess Neeley was wondering if Morgan was open to a mixed relationship.

I think Morgan is open to playing the game, and winning.  So good for her.

The sisters have to really be careful when they speak to each other. Their secret seems like it's going to stay that way---they are probably so relaxed about it that it doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.  It must be so hard not to say something that might tip it off, like talking about a shared memory or mentioning their parents or something.

I think their alliance members are going to be angry when they find out.  Julie told Monte right at the end of his interview, so he didn't have a chance to say much about the twist, but I bet he has feelings about it now.  Especially if he's seen the girls make fun of him. And they do that.  A lot.

Morgan's bacon cooks on the stove.  I haven't heard them mention ants this season yet.  Scott told them they they must be doing a good job keeping things clean since there were no ant sightings yet.

But I'm guessing that Production did a big Bug Bomb or something.  You have to kill the queen of the ant bed, I think, to make the ant colony disappear.

That new thing in the pan is an egg that Justin just flipped over.  It was rather disgusting to watch, but it's easy to pretend it's something else now.  It looks like a crabcake, doesn't it?

I don't think Shelby likes the look of it, either.  Shelby's resting face isn't exactly made for TV.  She scrunches up her face constantly and often appears to be scowling or extremely disgusted with what's going on.  But it's just her facial expressions.  I don't think she's even aware of it, because if she was she would try to stop doing it, because not only is she on camera all the time, she's playing a social game.

I don't think she can be a trial lawyer, unless she can control those facial expressions.  Or maybe that would make her a good trial lawyer.  Not sure about that.  I guess it would depend on the situation, but I don't think the judges would look kindly on it.