Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 9 #BB18

Wil is back after skipping a week, and unfortunately he didn't miss much in that week.  Since the season is really dragging at this point, I have a few suggestions for Wil to fill up at least one episode.

*  A jury house segment - I'm sure there is plenty to work with there, particularly since Wil is so skilled at portraying Paulie's arrogance

*  A segment showing the pre-jurors watching from home. -  We can see the likes of Frank and Bronte watching the show, and what about Jozea?  There should be PLENTY of material to work with here.

*  Or even a segment with former BB players watching from home - the possibilities are endless!  What about Rachel and Elissa watching?  Ian Terry?  Or even Janelle or Mike Boogie?

Anyhoo, this week it's really The Nicole Show, and she's out of ideas, too.  And Big Meech has a few things to say, too.

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