Friday, September 2, 2016

Victor Got a Game. And Now Everyone Has a Game. #BB18

Just after midnight, Victor was ready to explore his new HoH room.  There was a brief Diary Room leak while we heard a woman tell Victor to have "lots of energy when he leaves', and to "count to ten" upstairs before opening the door, and it will unlock on the 1st or 2nd try.

Victor:  Yes, Madame Lindsey. Thank you!

So polite, this new HoH.  Victor has probably met Lindsey before, since he's likely quite familiar with the staff and crew after being evicted TWICE.  He said that after being evicted last time, he just held his arms outstretched and "they" took off his red shirt and put on his gray competition shirt, like a model changing clothes backstage at a runway show.

(That is my analogy, not Victor's.)

Everyone gathered at the top of the stairs, waiting to get inside.  Victor is still wearing his costume from the HoH competition---apparently they were all "foxes in the hen house".  I didn't even realize they all had "tails' on the live show, but they did.   And Victor is also wearing a shirt here, so you know it's a special occasion.

As usual, everyone crowded around to gawk at the pictures.  Victor tells them that the clean-shaven picture was taken in 2014.  I think it might be Victor at his college graduation with his father, who seemed like a great guy in the family segment on CBS last night.

Note that only Paul and Victor have had family segments on the CBS show so far.  James has been assuming that he got a family segment weeks ago, telling Natalie that since they filmed his segment in Texas last season, they probably filmed in South Carolina this season.

Nope.  Not yet, anyway.  I thought it was kind of funny that right after the little family greeting videos that the house guests saw last night, Julie had to clarify who the woman was in James's video waving and saying "hi" to "Daddy" with two children.

Not that Natalie would care. That might have given her a convenient "out", actually, because James has started pushing her to make plans after the season, and asking her a lot of pesky questions that she doesn't seem to want to answer.

Natalie says "cute"....."cute"......and then "cute" about all of the pictures.  Across the room Paul is overjoyed at the CD that Victor got.

Paul:  What a Time to Be Alive by Drake and Future!  Fuck yeah bro!

Victor is happy about that, too, but continues being a gracious host to all of his HoH guests.

Paul:  You got Lagunitas!  And dominoes!

Before you have to ask, these are Lagunitas, but I'm not sure which flavor Victor got.  I'm guessing the IPA, but it could have been "Aunt Sally".  Who knows.

I heard Victor later say he'd never heard of this type of beer before, but Paul says it is the best.  Victor inspected the label and said the alcohol content was 8.8%, but FISH cut him off just as he was finishing his sentence.

When Victor won HoH the first time, he famously chugged a whole six-pack, but he said Production asked him not to do that the second time. But this third HoH reign?  I think Victor has earned the right to chug whatever he wants for adding some much-needed competitive energy to the back half of this season.

Paul, taking inventory:  Fool got hooked up!  Kit Kats, Zappos chips, sunglasses, Axe Body Wash and Shampoo, and deodorant.

(The "Apollo" scent, I think.)

Paul:  I'll be using these 100%.

They looked in the mini HoH fridge and said Victor really got hooked up there, too.  There is a lot of meat like ham, chicken breasts, and also a ribeye steak.  Victor also got vanilla ice cream and a number of sports drinks.

Nicole:  What's in that box Vic?

Paul, imitating Brad Pitt in the movie "Seven":  What's in the box Vic?  What's in the box?

Victor:  That's the dominoes.

Nicole:  Dominoes?  WE HAVE A GAME NOW!

Natalie:  I was just telling James that I wish we had a board game.

Victor sat down to read his letter and said it was a short one from his dad.

Here are some tidbits from Victor's letter:

*  Life is short, so enjoy every minute.
*  Create pleasant and lasting memories of this experience.
*  Keep your eyes on the target.
*  Mom and Dad visited St. Augustine to attend a job training for him and visited family along the way.

Victor:  The letter is just like my dad.  Short, sweet and to-the-point.

I liked it on the CBS episode where Vic's dad said "let's all watch The Beast" or something like that as the group settled in to watch Victor on TV.

(If someone in casting is not putting together offers for Victor to be in action movies, or even a damn soap opera, then they need to put down their hash pipe and get busy.  Preferably these entertainment projects would be filming in Atlanta. Thank you.)

Corey scrutinizes the domino game rules.  At this point any reading materials they get are read, re-read, and analyzed by everyone repeatedly.  Nicole wants to play "chicken foot" so Victor takes the dominoes set over to the coffee table and spreads out the pieces, explaining the basics to the group.

Victor says the traditional game is played in teams of two, with four players at a time.  Victor and Nicole, and James and Corey are the first two teams to play.

Paul has already strapped on the headphones and is grooving hard on the music.  He later exclaimed that this is what he needed, some hard music and rap to get him going.

Victor: In Puerto Rico we play dominoes all the time.  At my college, in the game room we just played pool and dominoes.  We'd listen to music, drink beers, and play dominoes.  You'd get on a roll with your partner and just play for hours, beating team after team.

(I've no doubt Heath Luman is using the domino format to craft new comps for future BB seasons----it could add a new twist to the now-too-familiar "dice comp".)

James:  People play dominoes all the time in prison, too. It's how they bet their canteen money.

At this point the whole cast is still in the HoH room, but the mood is comparatively light since they have a game to play now, and a valid reason to stay in the room.  Victor has consistently been polite to people, and respectful of them, even as he tells them the truth about his motives, and their chances with him.

Victor has played a clean game, observing the rules and not taking things to a negative personal level. It's kind of amazing to remember that Natalie shredded him in her first good-bye message, saying he was disrespectful to women.  Victor said that he had to defend himself against that in every interview he had, and it made him sick to think his mother saw that on TV.

I think we all understand how Vic felt about that now, after meeting his family and getting to know him as we have this summer.  Even if Victor loses the game, I think he still won his own game this season.  Good things happen to good people, and Victor's life will not be an accident or a lucky break.  He will be proud to earn all of his good fortune, and will be gracious about it.

James knows he's going on the block, and later tried to convince Victor not to put Natalie on the block beside him.  Victor is going to do exactly that, of course, and let James know that Natalie is not his target, and she can win the PoV and save herself.

James also tried to throw Nicole and Corey under the bus, saying he had a Final Four with them, and made a bunch of lame excuses for why he voted Victor out just last week.  Victor thanked him for the explanation, but didn't budge on what he plans to do.

Of course.  Although Victor was kind to James, he does not feel a shred of guilt over what he plans to do this week.  I've said it before, but Victor would have to borrow fucks to have zero fucks.

Nicole was very competitive playing dominoes, winning several games with Victor as her partner.  Paul tagged into the game and took Corey's place, and after he and James won two straight games Nicole had a mini hissy fit and quit playing.

In good fun, of course.

Prepare to hear a lot of domino clicking and clacking as they play for the rest of the season, and "shuffle" the pieces between games.

Paul called the phone booth downstairs, saying he would shit if someone picked it up, since the entire cast is in the HoH room or in the Diary Room (Natalie).
Paul:  Remember when we were all locked in up here and the phone rang once?

As expected, Natalie is the Big Victim here this week, already crying and whining about not winning the HoH comp.  She displayed ZERO sensitivity to James, whimpering that "after he goes she won't have any numbers to work with".

Is James supposed to cry about that?  He's probably hoping she gets booted right after he does, so he can try to get some time with her in the Jury House.  James has already done the math on that, too, because during the domino game he was telling everyone that the next person evicted will get only one week in the Jury House before they all move to a hotel to be sequestered in preparation for the Finale.

Victor does a little dancing as he enjoys his music.  Earlier they told Nicole that the music would be too hard for her and she agreed after listening to a few seconds of it.

Paul:  That's Future...the rapper who Big Meech passed up on banging that time.

James:  Ha ha.  Future tried to bone Big Meech.

(Michelle told a story about meeting him somewhere...maybe at a Disney event and how he propositioned her or something.)

Eventually Victor was alone in his HoH suite, and addressed us briefly.

Victor:  He who laughs last, laughs best.  I'm not laughing yet, but remember that America.  They can try to get me out, I can be El Douchbaggo, but I'm not going anywhere.


  1. Victor has fought so hard to stay in this game he deserves to win. I love his honesty and the fact that he has always remained a class-act when voted out. He has made this season exciting and worth watching. In my opinion, he is the best contestant in the entire history of Big Brother. Sorry Dr. Will, you're second now.

    1. Absolutely, Victor should be "The Victor" People like him deserve the very best. He added class to Big Brother.Would love to see him win.

    2. I totally agree and I hope he gets America's Favorite Player!

    3. I liked Vic but actually he was not that great at the game he got evicted twice. Is social game sucked it is not about comp wins. I find him rude bossy I use to like him but saying he would punch a woman in the throat joke or not is wrong he has said this a few times. He does not respect women

  2. I have grown to love Victor and no one deserves to win over him, including Paul! And sign me up for any show he ends up on! No matter what, Victor is a winner! Great blog by the way! And thanks for helping shine the light on Vic 's assets!

    1. I agree! Nobody has worked harder than he has and had a better attitude. Dude does it all!

  3. I wanted to thank you SO much for your blog, taking time out to do it for us to enjoy. I don't think you should be an accountant, you should be a WRTIER! Or maybe write a book on accounting theory or whatever that makes finance actually FUN for those who are interested or studying it. You are hilarious!!! I never can help myself, when I am reading your blog, wherever I am, I just can't contain the giggles. That's so awesome!!! Not only that but I think you give BB production great ideas too (like I said you are the "creative type" & they may even fear for their jobs, HA)!

    ...I wanted to add one thing about your Michelle comments yesterday, her stuffing her mouth 24/7 (even taking food into bed under the covers with her for when she pops out she can stuff her mouth)...And Michelle is supposed to be a DIETITIAN? Nobody ever mentions that! I wonder who her clients will be in the world? Like maybe people who want to learn how to eat unhealthy and gain weight? She really did herself no favors in attracting future clients with her binging and backlashing day in day out. She's too emotionally unstable to counsel anyone in any health related career field!

    And can someone PLEASE tell me exactly WHAT Michelle shouted to Nicole last night before leaving the house? CBS blocked out so much of Michelle's rant, I am dying to know! Could you hear it on live feeds or no? I read on Joker's that Michelle said Nicole F***ED her way to the top!!! Is that true? If so, woah!

    Thanks again for the great blog!!!

    1. As she walked to the door, I think she said something like "...and I'm Dan Gheesling's cousin-in-law!"
      It was all a bit too rehearsed for me, especially the kiss, but I liked how she threw the inflatable toy in the crowd. Now I hope I never have to hear her cry or watch her eat a kiwi again.

    2. She said she 'floated her way to the top". I think Nicole misheard her. There were a lot of other things bleeped out tho.

  4. Great article. Victor has been a tremendous game player. Made some mistakes in the beginning,he learned from them and moved on.. Does not attack personally, polite and friendly to everybody no matter what they throw at him. Class player, nice to know they still exist. It's been a while since BB has had one. I do not understand why anyone can think the Michelle deserves any space. Worst player of all times. Slept 15-18 hours a day, put down everybody. Disgusting manners, Total waste of time.

  5. Thank You for probably the best written blog this season, totally honest and right on the money! It has troubled me this whole season how CBS BB in essence ignored Victor and played up the jocks and princesses. Finally they have woken up and realized they actually have one of the best, most eloquent players in their grasp. Victor has made absolutely Big Brother history - Wake Up America, Wake Up.

  6. I have to tag along and express how I too have become a real Victor fan. He made the show worth watching. Being older, I find people in his age group very often to be very self serving, arrogant, forgetful of basic manners to others and lacking the thankfulness for what life has given them. He let me know all is not lost for our future. I know, you can't only blame the kids, the upbringing makes a big difference. When parents shower everything on their kids they do them no good unless they are showering them with love and the knowledge that material things do not make a happy person. Victor's parents deserve to be very proud of him and of themselves.

  7. Victor for the win!

  8. I love this guy!!!! There's so many accolades to attribute to Victor & in my opinion, endless.. He's 'real' & his family are amazing.....


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