Saturday, September 10, 2016

Turns Out the Final Five Was the End of the Road for the Final Four. #BB18

On Thursday night, after the HoH competition, all of the competitors were in A LOT of pain, particularly Paul, who took too many hard falls to count on that slippery slope.  Paul did invent a new way to navigate the course, though, by dropping on his butt after filling his scoop of butter and sliding right down to the other end of the lane.

Nicole later said she'd never seen that method before.  And she also said the slope of the hill was much steeper when she played this competition in BB16.

Nicole:  All of us needed to see the medic after that comp.

(You can see evidence of that here, where Cody was the lone house guest who sat on the sidelines and watched everyone else slip and slide around.  And also here, where Caleb needed help getting down the hallway.  I actually thought Caleb would need crutches, but he was tough enough to recover on his own, without the help of Frankie Grande.)

So after the competition Paul took a bubble bath in the HoH room to sooth his aching back and bones.  I can't remember seeing anyone take a bubble bath this season, so Paul may be the first one to try it.  I think the fact that the HoH bathroom no longer has a proper door on it might have had an impact on the bathtub usage.  Just a guess.

At this time, Paul and Victor knew that one of them would go on the block this week, sitting next to James who was the intended target of the Final Four.  But it turns out that Corey, the HoH, had other plans.

On Friday Corey nominated Victor and Paul for eviction.  He and Nicole had this planned even before Corey pulled out the HoH win, and they pulled James in on it, too.  Corey and Nicole started talking about taking James to the final three with them as soon as last week's nominations were locked in after the PoV ceremony.  After the nomination ceremony ended today, Victor and Paul went to the London Room together.

Paul: I knew it.  I knew it.  I should have won that HoH comp, Vic.  I'm sorry about that.

Victor:  Wreak havoc?

Paul:  Nah.

Victor:  Well, I'm not going to be as friendly to them, because I wouldn't have done that to them.  It just sucks that I'm sitting on the block with you.

Paul says it's a game move, and Victor should let it go, but Victor says he can't do that.

Victor:  It's easy for you to say that, because I'm the one who was HoH and decided to pair up with them.

Paul wants to blame James for this, but Victor says James was playing alone, so it made perfect sense for James to approach NiCorey for a deal.  He says that Nicole and Corey are the ones who are turning on them, not James.  Paul claims he's going to give James shit this week, anyway.

(Which is actually smart for Paul, so NiCorey can think that he will target James if he stays in the game this week.  Paul is a logical thinker, so he knows this.  Paul teaches kids to play chess, and is a formidable chess player himself, so he knows all about plotting and planning moves.)

The guys sit in the Nairobi Room to address the live feeders, but they didn't tell us anything we didn't already know.

Victor:  Well, we got boned again.  Got boned again for trusting people.

They both vow that whoever stays is going to go hard to win the next HoH comp, and put Nicole and Corey on the block together.

(Yep, as predicted James will just skate on by......)

Meanwhile Corey, Nicole and James were up in the HoH room, where they only celebrated for about a minute before Nicole started talking about how "scared" she was to go downstairs.  James reassured them that the Big Brother community knew this move needed to be made.  (We did.  We do.)

Corey says he's sorry that he had to do it, but he did have to do it, and it's a game move, and they'll respect it.  James, who was downstairs with Paul and Victor for a few minutes, said that Paul understood, and Victor did, too.

James: Victor's a little mad, but I think he's sad too.

Nicole: He really thought that we were the Final Four. I know 100% that he would have never put us up.

James acted like he was scared to go down to the kitchen, too, but of course he really isn't.  This season James played the role of someone who wasn't playing at all, always reacting to everyone else's moves.  Last season he spent a lot of time laying around, but he did make a few aggressive moves, and certainly wasn't afraid of anybody. But of course he left the game much earlier last season than he will this season.

(Remember when Clay stepped to James, and James stepped right back?  James wasn't afraid of Clay at all.  See the bottom part of this post from last year.  They all had a lot more fun last year, with all of the various group activities and meals. There was not much fun to be had this season, although they did seem to eat fewer eggs, so there's that.  For me at least.)

This is a close up of an omelet that James made shortly after nominations.  I've already lost my appetite for the next two meals, just looking at it and imagining the smell.

James had the good sense to cover up that view with a big blob of shredded cheese.

Paul and Victor decided that Paul would to up and make nice with NiCorey.

Victor: I'm not going up there anymore to take a shower.  Can you get my body wash and bring it down here please?  (ha ha)

As planned, Paul paid the visit, and told NiCorey that Victor wasn't mad, he's just sad about the betrayal, and to give him some time before talking to him about it.

Paul:  I realize it was a good move, and Vic does, too, but he's sad right now.  Give him time.  He always says that I'm his social game...his social game sucks.  He just wants to win, win, win his way to the end.

Corey:  I know.  That's why it doesn't make sense not to split you guys up.

Paul asked a few times if the relationship (and alliance) was salvageable, but I'm sure he noticed that he never got a concrete response.  Paul said that Corey would probably need to invite Victor up to the HoH, because he wouldn't be coming upstairs on his own.

Paul:  He told me to get his body wash.  (ha ha)

Nicole slithered down to the kitchen where she witnessed Victor talking to James about his lunch and appeared to ignore her.  Nicole grabbed cereal, milk and a banana and scampered back upstairs where presumably she could eat without being in fear for her life.

Nicole:  Victor just ignored me.

So Corey leaned over the railing and asked Victor to join them upstairs.  They had an intense meeting, with Victor stating that he never would have put them on the block, but Corey held his ground,  saying the move had to happen, even if it had to happen one week earlier than Victor had anticipated.

Victor:  We'll still be friends out there.  But in here it's still the game, and I feel betrayed.  I really thought the Final Four was something.  You could have told me beforehand....instead of just blindsiding me like that.

Corey pointed out several times that Victor blindsided him by putting him on the block next to Paulie.

Victor:  But I've been HoH for like, three times since then!

Victor told them that of course he's going to fight hard for that PoV, and if he stays this week he's letting them know now that he's coming for them.  Victor and Paul have discussed making some sort of plea with James in case he wins the PoV, because if James won the PoV and used it to save one of them, Corey would have no choice but to nominate Nicole, and then they could vote her out with their two votes.

Victor:  But do you think James would want to compete against us or against them?  You're high if you think that would work.

(This biggest issue here is the fact that the eviction is probably going to take place on Tuesday, so they will lose precious time to scramble and negotiate new deals.  This should be the week of the "secret" eviction, with the live feeds being shut down from about 5:00 PM BBT on Tuesday, and returning after the west coast airing of the CBS episode on Wednesday.)

(But I have to say that the live feed shutdown is usually publicized a few days in advance, and I've seen no warning about it yet on the BBLF screen.  Right now the news crawl is touting the new BBOTT live feeds, rather than a warning about next week.)

Let's chat about Corey for a second....I have seen a different version of Corey Brooks in the last few weeks.  Corey is a competitor, and it seems like playing in that Black Box competition really lit a fire under him.  He kept saying that he loved it, and would have happily kept competing for two more hours if allowed to, and he obviously tore up that MacGyver Escape the Room competition.  As an athlete Corey really thrives when there is physicality involved.  And Corey has been demonstrating that he understands the politics of the game as well.

When it comes to the game, Corey seems to have virtually no emotions about having to cut people's throats. As a college athlete, he probably had to compete against people he knows all of the time.  And not just players on the opposing teams, but the players on his own team.  Corey has talked several time this summer about how he was on the bottom of the list of star pitchers on his baseball team.  Corey was good, but two other guys that he competed for pitching time with are now playing in the big leagues.  But they're all still friends anyway.

Here's an example of Corey having a good understanding of what's going on:

Nicole: It just makes me sad to think that they're in the DR crying about the nominations.

Corey: Well, it's either that, or them in there laughing about me being an idiot for not nominating them.


So I think Corey is going to do what he needs to do to win.  I think he would even cut Nicole if he had to...but I'm not sure who Corey thinks he could beat in the Jury, if not Nicole.  I think James would beat Corey, right?  But wouldn't Corey beat Nicole if he went to the end with her, winning the half million dollars?

(I've been trying to imagine what Nicole's Final Two speech to the Jury would be....she's not the most articulate person.  I'm nervous just thinking about it.)

I've heard Nicole say that "going out third is great" while discussing it with James, with the reasoning that you get to just walk right out to the Jury on stage, instead of being stuck in the Jury House. (Nicole has been TERRIFIED of going to the Jury House because she is afraid of being confronted, and she would certainly get her share of confrontation in there.)

Now, if Corey ends up putting Nicole on the block this week, to stick with the guys, he could really make a name for himself in this game.  But unfortunately the odds of that seem low at the moment. But there's no need to get to worked up about anything until we know the results of the PoV later today.


Corey did a lot of talking about his friend Micheal Wacha, star pitcher of the Saint Louis Cardinals, sharing all sorts of details that you might not want your friend to blab about while he's on camera.

The post is also kind of fun because this was the week before Victor was evicted the first time, and the house guests were salty about Victor being greedy when it came to the booze allocation.  He likes to chug, apparently.


  1. Confused Head says: It's only appropriate that in a season of shitheads, a shithead wins.

    1. gerritv, you are being way too kind by just calling them shitheads.

  2. Well, DUH! I mean these 2 bros should have been discussing this and all the angles LAST week!!! It was soooooo OBVIOUS that this was what was going to happen once Nicole & Corey started switching the eviction plan from James to Natalie. Plus James & Nicole DO have a preshow alliance, BBTooms is right on about that (I believe). If Victor and Paul lose in the game now, they deserve to. They should have planned and schemed more, been more suspicious, ran through all the angles, campaigned, whatever you are SUPPOSED to do in BB!

    By the way Feed Watcher, did you know that WACHA is Andy Cohen's rescue dog's name (his beloved beagle mix)? He named him after Michael Wacha! (fun fact)

    1. That BBToom/pre-show alliance actually came from a comment on this blog and I don't believe it at all. James has put Nicole in some bad situations. When he switched the vote to get out Z, had Corey not won the HOH for DE, there is a decent chance that Nicole would have went home. It was the house against her/Paulie/Corey. Then when they went after Paulie the next time, James was right there with them encouraging everyone to go after Nicole & Corey. If Vic or Paul won that HOH over Nat, Nicole would have been gone. James has done too many things against Nic for them to have really had a pre-show deal IMO.

  3. Feed Watcher, who are you rooting for now?

    1. Assuming Victour leaves, I guess Nicole would be my choice to win.

      I still haven't forgotten about how cruel Paul was to Bridgette that week Frank was evicted. You know, when he and Paulie (and Da'Vonne) devised that plan to make Bridgette think Frank turned against her, just so Bridgette would spill the beans on NiCorey.

      A lot of good that did Paul now, right?

  4. Once again I completely agree saying that Corey has changed in the past few weeks in to someone that is possibly a beast mode type, into a selective 'chill mode' type when needed....


  5. Well at this rate, I rather the bearded one win over the dud. Victor can go out with his head held high, he made BB history and holds a record. It's an achievement in itself.

  6. Agreed Ms. Celina. = It's an achievement in itself..

  7. I'm rooting for Paul or Vic for the final winner, or that's whom I'm rootin for (at the moment) anyhows..


    1. lol you're like me. Who I root for can change, depending on who is in the house and if they are more or less the underdog, versus what they have done all season long.

  8. I turned on the BBAD last night for five minutes and couldn't stand the sight of Nicole, Corey, or James, so I had to turn it off for good this year. How can you be for someone who spent 80% of the game in bed with someone else they just met on TV and those who were friends before the game began and made a monitary agreement to take each other to the end. How fair of a game is that? Cory looked out of it most of the game and only came to life the last few weeks, screwed around the first 80%, the production gave him some help winning the needed POV and HOH to get to the end. This has been the most boring, production touched session I can remember. I think Nicole and James should have been evicted when their "previous to game" alliance was discovered. I know Victor is gone for sure he won't be allowed to win POV and neither will Paul. This season didn't start out with a fair playing field and got worse as it went on.

  9. Considering the make up of the jury I think they will vote for the non vet returnee Corey. Paul will certainly know of the close friendship of Nichole and James and blab to the others.

  10. Victor is the only likeable person left. I hope Paul wins because he needs the money the least. It would be a fitting end to this shitshow of a season. The odds aren't in his favor, though.
    I hope if Corey wins he dumps Nicole immediately--on the stage, even. Haha. I liked BB 15's cast more than this final crew, and I couldn't stand them.

  11. I believe Corey must have decided he "needed" his medication, which I believe is Adderall, which is an amphetamine given for ADD and often used and abused by college students for performance enhancement. He went from "in a daze" blob to a blathering, laughing, night of the party guy over night. Did you see him last few nights telling stories at the table and laughing away at himself while the other tried to laugh or sat bored to death. Even Nicole looked bored, like please shut up for a while. I don't know why that medication is so over prescribed for young people, but as he has already told Paul and Victor he can get it and more whenever he needs it and has a prescription. This all stinks and so does this season. I hope Paul can pull this out but it's almost not possible at this point. So the winner will be Nicole, James or Corey, it sickens my stomach to think this and makes me want this show to tank.

  12. I think it is absolutely insane how unsafe that comp is...they should have kneepads and elbow pads, someone is going to bust a kneecap!

  13. as a special education teacher who has had a lot of students who were on ADHD meds, my impression of the Corey that we have seen the vast majority of the season is the one who appears medicated. Maybe Corey is a slow bloomer and it took him this long to get comfortable enough to be more sociable, etc, or perhaps he does better with small groups, which obviously the house population has become.

  14. Adderall is an amphetamine. I had a younger cousin who was prescribed this, when he didn't take it he was like the early Corey and when he took it he was like the new Corey. Corey talked with Paul and Victor about deciding not to take the drug at the beginning of the show. I guess he decided he needed it at the end as the drug does enhance performance. Even Nicole complained during the last week or so that Corey was going to the production room very often.


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